FV: Chapter 156 Part 1

Chen Feng was caught off guard by such a blow and tears came again.

She still wanted to say something but Lin Luojing stopped her. “Let’s go up first.”

Chen Feng heard her son’s voice and realized that she was hit in front of her son. Her heart became even sadder, but she didn’t want to lose face in front of her son. Therefore, she didn’t say anything else and went upstairs with Lin Luojing.

Seeing the two of them leaving, Father Lin felt relieved. He raised an eyebrow, looked at Ji Yuxiao proudly and told him, “Now the two of them are well-behaved.”

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “That’s right. Uncle, you have the demeanor of the head of the family.”

Lin Luoqing pretended to be worried. “In this way, will my aunt and younger brother be angry with me and bully me again?”

“They dare!” Father Lin’s eyes widened. “If they dare to bully you again, just tell me and see if I don’t teach them a lesson.”

“Dad~” Lin Luoqing had tears in his eyes and an admiring expression on his face.

Father Lin patted him on the shoulder. Look, he just gave Lin Luoqing a verbal promise and Lin Luoqing was moved like this. It was unlike Lin Luojing, the thankless ingrate. He was so kind to Lin Luojing and gave him so much, but this person was disobedient and unfilial!

Sure enough, sons had to be compared to produce filial sons!

“Don’t worry, Dad will protect you in the future,” Father Lin vowed.

Lin Luoqing nodded and persuaded him softly, “But Dad, don’t be too angry with my aunt and younger brother. My younger brother is different from me. I only have you as a relative and I naturally long for your care. Meanwhile, my younger brother is different. He has Auntie and will naturally think more about his mother. It is inevitable to ignore you. Auntie is the same. Which mother doesn’t love her child? She gives most of her love to my younger brother. Don’t care about it so much. This is the so-called mother and son connection. So Dad, don’t be too angry.”

How could Father Lin not be angry?!

Only three people were living in the house. If the mother and son were connected then did that make him an outsider?

The extra one?

What type of joke was this? He gave money to both of them!

It was abominable that they actually joined forces to calculate against him at this time.

Lin Luoqing was right. His mother and sister were dead and Ji Yuxiao was from the Ji family. Lin Fei was a child so couldn’t Lin Luoqing only rely on him, his father?

How could Lin Luoqing not like him, care about him and listen to him in exchange for his affection?

It wasn’t like Lin Luojing, who wore the same pair of pants with his mother every day and didn’t remember he had a father.

Father Lin snorted and his eyes became more loving when he looked at Lin Luoqing again.

Lin Luoqing might be a bit stupid and have no backbone, but what type of backbone did a son need against his father? It was better to be obedient, sensible and filial!

Besides, it was good that he was stupid. He would better listen when he was stupid. Lin Luojing was so smart but he was useless.

Father Lin became more and more satisfied with this son. He picked up the document bag on the table and handed it to Lin Luoqing. “This is for you. You will have to worry more about Boyuan’s affairs in the future.”

Lin Luoqing quickly refused. “I can’t.”

“Just take it.” Father Lin stuffed the documents bag into Lin Luoqing’s hands.

Lin Luoqing took it helplessly. He looked at his father and his voice choked up again. “Dad~”

Father Lin waved his hand. “Okay, your mother and sister are gone. As your father, I naturally have to take care of you a bit more.”

“If my mother and sister see Dad like this, they will be very happy.”

Father Lin heard these words and felt a rare trace of guilt in his heart.

If he hadn’t driven Lin Luoxi out of the house then she wouldn’t have been running around to make money, let alone died of illness in the end.

He sighed and didn’t speak.

Lin Luoqing had received the shares and the sarcastic words were almost over. He was ready to leave.

“Dad, you should rest well. I am going first. I am going to film again in a few days, so I have to meet my agent today.”

“Why are you going to film again?” Father Lin frowned.

“I’m an actor so I have to,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile.


Father Lin originally wasn’t relying on him so he immediately shifted the conversation to Ji Yuxiao. “Then Luoqing can go to film. Yuxiao, you should care more about Boyuan. If there are any suitable projects, don’t forget Boyuan.”

“Of course,” Ji Yuxiao said with a smile. “Uncle, you have given Luoqing shares so helping you is helping Luoqing. Boyuan making money is Luoqing making money. Fertile water can’t flow to the fields of outsiders. I still understand this truth.”

Father Lin was satisfied. What he wanted matched Ji Yuxiao’s words.

Sure enough, Ji Yuxiao would help him as long as Lin Luoqing was given shares.

Wasn’t this more cost-effective than giving it to Lin Luojing, his unfilial son?

Father Lin looked at Ji Yuxiao with a smile and exchanged a few more pleasantries with him. Then he sent them out.

Lin Luoqing finished acting as a filial son. The moment he got in the car, he opened the documents bag and asked Ji Yuxiao to check the documents inside. “Are there any problems?”

Ji Yuxiao checked it and put the documents back in. “There are no problems. You are now a shareholder of Boyuan.”

“Yay,” Lin Luoqing said happily.

Ji Yuxiao saw his happy expression and chuckled. “This is just the beginning. Next, you should devour him and replace him.”

Lin Luoqing said, “…This is an area I don’t understand.”

“It’s okay.” Ji Yuxiao patted his head. “I will arrange the rest. You just need to attend and perform at that time.”

“Isn’t that easy?” Lin Luoqing patted his chest. “I am a professional in acting.”

“That’s true.”

It was rare for Ji Yuxiao to go out and Lin Luoqing was about to leave to film a drama, so Lin Luoqing specially asked Ji Yuxiao to advance the date of the follow-up check by a few days. This way, he could accompany him and leave with peace of mind.

Wei Junhe was worthy of being Ji Yuxiao’s close childhood friend. He skipped work and went with the two of them.

This time, the diagnosis time took a bit longer than before. Fortunately, Lin Luoqing and Wei Junhe were mentally prepared after the last time. They weren’t too anxious and patiently waited for Ji Yuxiao to come out.

“It isn’t bad,” the doctor told Ji Yuxiao. “The situation is better than when you came last time. If you continue like this, you can begin rehabilitation shortly.”

Ji Yuxiao was pleasantly surprised. He knew from the beginning that his injury wasn’t too serious and the possibility of recovery was high, but he never expected that he would usher in the dawn of hope so soon.

Finally, he could stand and hug Lin Luoqing.

He didn’t tell Lin Luoqing about this and planned to surprise him when the time came. He just said that he was in good condition and the doctor was very happy.

Lin Luoqing was relieved to hear that he was in a good condition and smiled warmly. For him, Ji Yuxiao’s situation being fine was already a very good thing. As long as he maintained this good condition, he would be cured sooner or later.

He took Ji Yuxiao back to the car, looked at the time and prepared to go home.

Lin Fei and Ji Leyu had returned ahead of them and were training with Luo Jia in the training room on the third floor.

Aunt Zhang was still cooking. Ji Yuxiao went to the study and Lin Luoqing sat with him in the study, reading the new drama script.

In the blink of an eye, three days passed and Lin Luoqing was finally going to join the crew.

He was very reluctant again and hugged Ji Yuxiao before parting.

“Wait until I get back,” he told Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao said with a smile, “Okay.”

Lin Luoqing stared at him and reluctantly pulled the luggage to walk out. He was just about to reach the end of the courtyard when he suddenly let go of the luggage in his hand. He ran back quickly, bent down and kissed Ji Yuxiao’s face. Then he ran back again.

He glanced back at Ji Yuxiao, his eyes curved as he smiled very beautifully. He raised his hand and waved. Then he raised his hand again, tilted his head and made a heart sign above his head.

The sun fell on his body and eyes and for a moment, it was like a clear sky.

Ji Yuxiao saw the sunshine jumping all over the other person’s body and his heart was full of attachment. If he could, he would keep Lin Luoqing here to love him privately. However, he also hoped for Lin Luoqing to have a broad future and infinite beauty.

Therefore, it was better for him to fly. He was born with wings. Why bother to restrain him?

The drama ‘Radiance’ had been filming for over a month. It was a drama being supported by the relevant departments so it was very reliable, from the director to the actors. The only unreliable one was Cao Rui, who suddenly terminated the contract. Fortunately, the crew had now found a suitable replacement and there were no problems.

Lin Luoqing was the emergency rescue person. The producer knew he was coming today and went to the hotel to pick him up.

“This is the hotel we have booked. Most of our investment in this drama is spent on the drama, so the hotel might not be as good as the ones you have stayed in before. Don’t mind it,” the producer explained politely.

Lin Luoqing shook his head. “It’s okay. This is already good.”

The producer knew that his ‘already good’ must be said out of politeness and smiled. He thought that this was a young man who was quite good at talking.

He had taken the room card early on so he led Lin Luoqing and his group to the room right away.

“Put your luggage away and eat first. Mr Lin, you can rest well tonight and wait until tomorrow to officially start work.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing had no objections.

He sent Ji Yuxiao a WeChat message, saying that he had arrived and was getting ready to eat.

Ji Yuxiao and the others had just finished eating. It was the first day Lin Luoqing left and the two children weren’t in high spirits. They talked a lot less during the meal.

Ji Yuxiao coaxed them. “He will be back in around 20 days.”

Ji Leyu exaggerated his words. “It is over 20 days! My winter vacation is only 30 days!”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao silently picked up some food with his chopsticks and gave it to his youngest son. Okay, his son should eat well.

Lin Luoqing smiled when he heard about the situation at home. He heard the producer call him so he told Ji Yuxiao he would come back. He put away his phone and went out with the producer.

The night was windy and the group ate barbecue together.

After coming back, Lin Luoqing hadn’t reached his room when he faintly heard crying.

He was a bit puzzled and a bit curious. Was someone crying?

Surely it wasn’t a ghost crying…

This hotel should be full of the crew members. This person was crying so much. Then had she encountered a problem?

Lin Luoqing walked along the corridor. Finally, in the stairwell, he saw a girl sitting on the stairs with her back to him. The crying came from her.

Lin Luoqing didn’t know whether to disturb her or not.

When people cried, they probably didn’t want to be seen, right?

However, people only cried when they encountered problems and felt bad. Had she encountered any problems?

He was hesitating over whether he should knock on the door of the stairwell and ask if the girl needed help when he heard a ringing phone.

The girl picked up, her voice low. “Hello.”

“Yes, I know. I’ll go back now.”

She stood up, grabbed her phone and ran downstairs.

Lin Luoqing saw that she was gone so he didn’t try to catch her. He turned around and walked back.

He hoped she could solve her sad matter as soon as possible.

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