FV: Chapter 155

Chen Feng and Lin Luojing had been worried ever since they heard Father Lin telling them not to go out because he had something to say. They didn’t know what he wanted to say.

She had planned to use pillow talk when sharing the bed at night to say a few soft words. This way, Father Lin would stop being angry and would tell her what he wanted to say tomorrow. However, Father Lin didn’t let her enter the room at all.

This was the only time Father Lin hadn’t let her enter the room since the two of them hooked up. Chen Feng begged outside the door bitterly for a long time, tears streaming down her eyes. However, she didn’t get any response except for an angry rebuke.

She was afraid that Lin Luojing would see how she was driven out the door and didn’t dare to move. She cried and begged for a while. Then she went to the guest room and continued to cry in the guest room.

She cried all night until her eyes were swollen. She didn’t apply eggs to them but deliberately kept them, hoping that Father Lin would see them the next day and soften up.

It was a pity that Father Lin was currently tired of her. He saw her swollen eyes from crying and became even angrier!

What was she crying about?

Did she think that his words to her were wrong?

She still had the face to cry?

So unrepentant!

He watched coldly as he sat on the sofa and waited for the arrival of Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao.

Lin Luoqing arrived and saw the three of them sitting in the living room with different expressions. Father Lin was obviously suppressing his anger and ready to make a big move. Chen Feng glanced at Father Lin with sorrow from time to time while Lin Luojing fidgeted with some anger and resentment.

Seeing him coming, the expressions of the three people were even more different.

Father Lin instantly smiled and it felt like he was seeing his own son!

Chen Feng’s eyes widened and tears filled them.

Lin Luojing’s eyes were full of doubts, followed by disdain and unwillingness.

It could really be called a family of three. There were three people on three sides and they were all different.

“Luoqing is here.” Father Lin stood up with a smile and walked to them.

Lin Luoqing also smiled. “Dad.”

“Come come, sit down.” Father Lin motioned for him and Ji Yuxiao to come over.

Lin Luoqing walked over and sat on the sofa where Father Lin was sitting. Ji Yuxiao didn’t sit on the sofa. He was too lazy and simply sat in his wheelchair.

Father Lin looked at Lin Luoqing, his eyes loving. “Long time no see. Luoqing, have you lost weight?”

“No.” Lin Luoqing smiled. “Dad, have you lost weight?”

“If Dad loses weight then it must be for a reason,” Father Lin said deliberately.

Lin Luoqing heard this and immediately lowered his eyes. “It is me who isn’t good. I’m sorry, Dad.”

Father Lin saw his active way of admitting his mistake and became even more satisfied. Look, this was the appearance of understanding and obedience. As soon as he said something, Lin Luoqing couldn’t wait to examine whether it was his fault and if he hadn’t done well. This was what a child should look like!

It was unlike Lin Luojing, who would talk back!

In addition, there was his mother. She still didn’t realize why she was wrong and was just sitting there crying. Why was she crying?

He was too accommodating towards her!

“Dad didn’t mean you,” Father Lin said gently. “Dad is talking about someone else.”

After he finished speaking, he glanced at Chen Feng and Lin Luojing. He almost named them directly.

Chen Feng, “……”

Lin Luojing thought, ‘…You should just report my ID number.’

Chen Feng quickly smiled and said obediently, “Husband, I know I was wrong.”

Father Lin ignored her. He now only wanted to regain face in front of Ji Yuxiao and prove that he was the head of the family, with no one disobeying him. He was too lazy to deal with Chen Feng.

Chen Feng saw him ignoring her while holding Lin Luoqing’s hand affectionately and couldn’t help thinking about what he said yesterday. She immediately grabbed her skirt and felt more and more apprehensive in her heart. Why did he call Lin Luoqing back at this time?

He wasn’t really planning to give the shares to Lin Luoqing, right?

Previously, he always told Lin Luojing that he would wait until Lin Luojing graduated and joined the company. Lin Luoqing might’ve graduated but he hadn’t joined Boyuan. Father Lin wouldn’t give it to him at this time, right?

She looked at her husband anxiously, her hand holding the skirt tighter and tighter.

No, it couldn’t be. Chen Feng comforted herself. She knew her husband and he definitely wouldn’t take out the shares so readily and neatly.

Absolutely not!

However, in the next second, she heard Father Lin say gently, “Since everyone is here today, I will tell you all. Luoqing is old enough and it is time for him to work in the company. However, considering that he has his own job and can’t get out of it, I won’t arrange a position for him. I will give him 10% of the shares as encouragement. Luoqing, when you do anything in the future then you can think more about the company and your father.”

Lin Luoqing pretended to be surprised. “Dad, how can this be? This is too valuable. I can’t accept it.”

Father Lin saw that he still refused and thought in his heart that his son was really simple and unpretentious. It was unlike Chen Feng, who demanded that he not give Lin Luojing’s shares away as if it would kill her. Too vain!

Did he want Chen Feng’s life?

Chen Feng immediately retorted, “No way. The 10% shares were clearly promised to Luojing before. Why should they be given to Luoqing?”

Father Lin snorted coldly. “It is my company and my shares. Do you have the right to speak?”

He looked at Chen Feng and said coldly, “Look at your greedy and vain appearance. It is really ugly. Then look at Luoqing. He doesn’t want it!”

Little white lotus Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing exuded the fragrance of a white lotus. “Dad, don’t say that. Auntie is doing this for my younger brother. You should quickly take it back. This isn’t appropriate.”

“You should be less pretentious, Lin Luoqing.” Lin Luojing couldn’t stand to see his cheap, well-behaved look and said angrily, “You are very proud and very happy now. My shares are gone and they have all entered your hands. You must be happy!”

“And you.” Lin Luojing stood up and looked at Father Lin. “Dad, are you crazy? What did you tell me before? I haven’t graduated and I’m not mature enough. I haven’t entered the company. I have to graduate and enter the company to get my shares. Now when it comes to him, it doesn’t matter if he enters the company or not. What is this? A double standard? You really say one thing and do another!”

Father Lin, “!!!”

Father Lin stared at his son in shock.

How dare he say that?

He dared he talk like this in front of Ji Yuxiao and Lin Luoqing?!

Was he shameless?

Father Lin was angry and was about to educate Lin Luojing fiercely, but he heard Lin Luoqing speak first.

“Xiao Jing, how can you talk to Dad like this? He is your father! You are too unfilial!”

‘That’s right!’ Father Lin agreed in his heart. Lin Luoqing was still sensible and obedient. Lin Luoqing knew how to feel sorry for him.

Lin Luojing sneered. “Stop pretending here. Now that Dad is leaning toward you, are you happy? Are you satisfied? Why are you so shameless? Previously, Dad drove you away from the house and you still had to go home like a dog. Don’t you know that you aren’t welcome in this home? Everything here has nothing to do with you.”

“Bast*rd!” Father Lin saw Lin Luoqing shrink back for a moment as if remembering his sad past, his pain and his fear. Father Lin raised his hand to grab the ashtray from the table and threw it at Lin Luojing.

Lin Luojing couldn’t dodge. His forehead was instantly cut and blood flowed out. It was so frightening that Chen Feng covered her mouth and exclaimed.

Lin Luojing stared at Father Lin in disbelief, unable to believe that his father would hit him like this for Lin Luoqing.

In particular, it was right in front of Lin Luoqing.

“How did you talk to your brother?” Father Lin reprimanded him. “Apologize to your brother!”

“I won’t!” Lin Luojing replied angrily.

“Okay.” Father Lin nodded. “It seems I can’t control you.”

“From today onwards, you will get out of the Lin family for me. Once you know that you are wrong then you can come back. Get lost!”

Lin Luojing was stunned in place and didn’t speak.

Father Lin pointed to the doorway. “Aren’t you getting lost?”

Lin Luojing was stunned and he seemed to have returned to his childhood in an instant.

He was sitting on the stairs, watching Father Lin facing Lin Luoxi and Lin Luoqing. His face was full of impatience as he looked at Lin Luoxi, who had just grown up, and Lin Luoqing, who was crying. He told them, “Get out. You don’t need to come back in the future.”

Everything seemed to stand still at this moment.

The world turned upside down.

Lin Luoqing sat on the sofa while he stood in front of Father Lin. His father said to him, “Aren’t you getting lost?”

Lin Luojing was terrified at this moment. He clearly remembered that he hadn’t seen Lin Luoxi and Lin Luoqing at home since then.

Sometimes, Lin Luoqing would stand outside the door, crying and calling for his father, begging Father Lin to open the door for him and let him in.

However, Father Lin didn’t even take a look. He stood up and went back to his study or he watched TV with Chen Feng.

There were lively noises on the TV and laughter while Lin Luoqing stood outside the door, crying pitifully.

He didn’t care that it was his son standing outside.

It was just like how he didn’t care that it was his son currently standing in front of him.

At that time, Lin Luojing felt happy. This was originally his home. Why should there be outsiders?

He stood inside the door and laughed at Lin Luoqing, or rushed to chase him away.

Now, he was about to be kicked out and become the Lin Luoqing of the past.

Lin Luojing lowered his head and seemed to finally understand that his father actually didn’t love him that much. He didn’t love any of his children. The only one he loved was himself.

Chen Feng’s distressed tears fell and she called for the family doctor to come.

She took out a piece of tissue and carefully wiped the blood from her son’s head. Then she heard her son whisper, “I’m sorry.”

Chen Feng looked up and saw Lin Luojing looking at Lin Luoqing as he said, “I’m sorry, Brother. I was wrong.”

Then he looked at Father Lin and continued to apologize. “Dad, I’m sorry. It was me who was bad.”

Chen Feng’s tears fell again. How could he apologize to Lin Luoqing? Why did her son have to suffer such grievances?

Lin Luoqing was very happy.

He was a bit sad about Father Lin’s sentence ‘From today onwards, you will get out of the Lin family for me’ but he also felt that Father Lin was indeed a scumbag who only loved himself. However, in the end, Lin Luojing had mocked Lin Luoxi and Lin Fei before. Later, Lin Luoqing transmigrated to this world and Lin Luojing kept wanting to provoke trouble. Therefore, he didn’t feel much sympathy for this person.

In addition, Chen Feng wanted him to lose his child so she should also taste the pain related to her child. It was fair, right?

Lin Luoqing continued to pretend to be a little white flower. “It’s okay, I don’t blame you.”

“Dad, my younger brother has apologized. You can forgive him,” he told Father Lin.

If Father Lin really planned to drive Lin Luojing out then he might not continue to pretend to be a white lotus and instead happily enjoy the spectacle.

However, the second half of Father Lin’s sentence was ‘Once you know that you are wrong then you can come back.’ This was a treatment that the original owner and Lin Luoxi never enjoyed. It could be seen that Father Lin wasn’t that determined to drive out Lin Luojing. He just wanted to scare and warn Lin Luojing.

From this perspective, Lin Luojing had been raised by Father Lin for so many years and Father Lin’s feelings toward him were still deeper than his other two children.

Chen Feng heard Lin Luoqing’s words and turned to look at him.

She really didn’t understand why things had developed like this and why Lin Luoqing now had the upper hand.

She said with tears in her eyes, “If a person does things then they should be responsible. I was the one who looked for Chen Ming. Lin Luoqing, retaliate against me if you want revenge. Don’t steal Luojing’s things.”

“I didn’t,” Lin Luoqing spoke timidly. “Dad wanted to give it to me. I didn’t want it.”

Father Lin also defended him. “What stealing? I took the initiative to give it to Luoqing. What does it have to do with Luoqing? Didn’t you hear that Luoqing has always refused? He doesn’t want it.”

Lin Luoqing nodded like a chicken. “Yes.”

Chen Feng felt like she was going to have a heart attack.

“Can’t you see that he is doing this on purpose?” She asked her husband. “He just wants to refuse but still receive it. Obviously, he wants it but he is pretending that he doesn’t want it and baiting you. If he doesn’t want it, he should directly transfer the shares to Luojing. Do you think he dares?”

Lin Bo was a toxic straight male and he obviously couldn’t see it. “I think you want it! Don’t you just want to let me give my shares to Luojing? Do you think I can’t see it? I’m telling you, I’m not that gullible!”

“You still have the nerve to slander Luoqing? You are really used to lying. What did you say when I asked you about Lin Fei’s biological father before? You said you didn’t know anything and you were wronged. You said that Yuxiao and Luoqing teamed up to frame you. Yet you admitted it now? Why don’t you continue saying that Yuxiao and Luoqing teamed up to frame you?”

“You are a liar! You lie to yourself and slander others. Chen Feng, why didn’t I find that you were so vicious before?”

Chen Feng, “……”

Chen Feng couldn’t argue.

Lin Luoqing couldn’t help letting out a ‘wow’ in his heart. His father was amazing! Full marks for logic! As expected of him! Don’t be fooled! Just maintain this line of thinking!

Lin Luoqing quickly pretended to be surprised. “Auntie, why? Why do you want to do this? I already told Dad that I don’t want anything. Why are you still lying to Dad? Do you feel that Dad is stupid? Or do you not care about Dad at all? Dad loves you so much and treats you so well. How can you treat him like this? Even if you think Dad is stupid and blind, that he is old and you don’t love him anymore, you can’t do this. Why don’t you just tell Dad clearly that you don’t take him seriously?”

Father Lin thought, ‘…Why do I always feel that there is something wrong with this?’

Ji Yuxiao spoke up at the right time, sounding very regretful. “Tsk tsk, poor uncle.”

The anger in Father Lin’s heart surged again. The last thing he wanted was to lose face in front of Ji Yuxiao as if he had no status at home. Therefore, he exclaimed angrily, “Why are you still standing here? Aren’t you getting lost? Do you want to stay here and continue to block my eyes?”

Chen Feng shook her head anxiously. “That’s not it. Husband, I love you.”

Lin Luoqing also nodded in agreement. “Yes, Dad. She might’ve lied to you, kept it from you and didn’t take you seriously, but she loves you.”

“She might think you are stupid and say one thing to you and do something else behind your back, but she loves you.”

“She might only care about those 10% shares and will admit it immediately now for those 10% shares, but she loves you!”

“Lin Luoqing, shut up for me. Why are you talking nonsense?” Chen Feng couldn’t wait to tear off his mouth.

Lin Luoqing blinked his clear and innocent eyes. “I’m talking nonsense? Then, Auntie, you don’t love my father?”

Lin Luoqing was taken aback and quickly turned to look at Father Lin. “I’m sorry, Dad. I thought she loved you. Who knew she didn’t? Alas, Auntie is a really good liar. She is too good at deceiving people. I didn’t know her. It turns out she doesn’t love you.”

Chen Feng, “……”

Chen Feng felt her vision darken and she almost fainted.

Father Lin was so angry that he threw a teacup over and hit her chin. “Aren’t you getting lost?”

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1 year ago

“White Lotus” Lin Luoqing: enjoying the show

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What I learned today:

Anyone can know the art of green tea and hide it like a white lotus, but only those with a brain can succeed.

Luoqing! You’re too much, man! 😆

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Why do the people here like to throw ash trays 😂😂

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They do!!! 😂😂😂

3 months ago

The more I read the more I feel bad about Luoxi. Poor girl had such a horrible short life, kicked out of the house while she just barely turned 18 with bad health and a little brother with a bad attitude to take of, cheated on by a playboy that had no intentions marry her, raised a son as a single mom and as cute as Fei Fei, he’s different from regular kids so she must’ve been stressed and worried if she was even raising him right. And then she died. 😢 Father Lin deserves a horrible death, even if Chen Feng might have manipulated him, all his actions are his own.