FV: Chapter 151

Compared with the happiness and pleasure on their side, the atmosphere between Father Lin and Chen Feng could be described as cold.

Father Lin looked at the woman in front of him and said angrily, “What’s going on with Lin Fei’s biological father? Say, when did you know about it? Why did you let him go to Luoqing and Fei Fei?”

Chen Feng pretended to be innocent and pitiful. “I-I don’t know anything.”

“You are still pretending!” Father Lin pointed, scolding her. “Ji Yuxiao told me that you found Lin Fei’s biological father and you wanted to use him to threaten Luoqing.”

“When did you become like this? You actually threatened people? Chen Feng, we sleep together every day but I don’t even know who Lin Fei’s biological father is. You are actually hiding so much from me! What do you want to do?”

Chen Feng was aggrieved. “I didn’t. If Ji Yuxiao says it, will you just believe him? Why would you rather believe Ji Yuxiao than me?”

“Why? Aren’t you embarrassed to ask me why? Can Ji Yuxiao frame you? He found Lin Fei’s biological father to lie to me?”

“Luoqing called me, crying that he won’t go home in the future and won’t interact with me. He asked you to let him and Lin Fei go. Is he also lying to me? Did they join hands to make up Lin Fei’s biological father to deceive me?!”

“It wasn’t me.”

“You still aren’t admitting it.” Father Lin nodded. “Okay. I see you have changed. You aren’t the simple and kind self when you followed me at the beginning. You also have your own ideas. You don’t want me to give Luojing’s shares to Luoqing, do you?”

“Okay then.” Father Lin looked at her, eyes full of anger. “Since you and Luojing have such thoughts and neither of you will listen to me, not even looking at the situation of my company, you can forget it. I will take back all the shares in Luojing’s hands and give them to Luoqing! In any case, the two of you are so powerful now. You won’t listen to me so why do you want my things?”

The shocked Chen Feng threw herself on Father Lin. She grabbed his arm and said, “What nonsense are you saying? How can this be? What will Luojing think?”

“Like I care what he thinks?!”

Lin Bo thought about how he was ridiculed by Ji Yuxiao for being unable to control his wife and son and felt embarrassed. “Don’t the two of you have your own ideas? Aren’t I unable to control you? Then I won’t care about you!”

He said angrily, “I work hard all day to earn money to support the family. In the end, you don’t listen to a word I say or what I think. Why don’t you think about my thoughts?”

“Husband,” Chen Feng called out to him softly.

Father Lin shook her hand away. “In any case, I didn’t officially transfer the shares to Luojing previously. It is just right. Once the time comes, I will directly transfer them to Luoqing. One step is omitted and there is less to do.”

“No.” Chen Feng couldn’t accept it. “Lin Bo, you promised me that you wouldn’t give Lin Luoqing shares! You can’t lie to me!”

“That was before!” Father Lin stared at the person in front of him and felt bitter. “I used to think that you loved me the most. Therefore, I loved you, cared about you and loved Xiao Jing the most. Now I can see that Luoqing is the person in this family who listens to me the most and wants my approval the most!”

“I threw him out but he didn’t hold grudges and begged me every day to recognize me back. Later, he married Ji Yuxiao and didn’t feel any resentment about the past. He was willing to go home to see me. Even if you threatened him, he didn’t want to say bad things about you. Is he doing it for you? No, he is doing it for me! He was afraid that it would be difficult for me to be stuck between you and him, so he took the initiative to say that he won’t come back in the future. He took the initiative to back down so I won’t be embarrassed. He is the one who really listens to me, respects me and treats me as a father!”

If Lin Luoqing heard this then he would probably applaud on the spot!

He just wanted to say these words to lead Ji Yuxiao to appear. Then Ji Yuxiao would strike accurately. He didn’t expect that Father Lin actually interpreted his own meanings. Perhaps he had drunk too much tea over the years that he couldn’t help thinking too much.

It is worthy of you, Lin Bo!

Chen Feng didn’t expect that there would be such a big reversal after so many years.

She shook her head and shouted, “Xiao Jing treats you as a father.”

“If he really treats me as a father then how can he not listen to me? How can he bully his brother again and again and provoke Ji Yuxiao?”

“Ji Yuxiao, Ji Yuxiao, Ji Yuxiao, it is all because of him! Without him, our family wouldn’t have become like this. He and Lin Luoqing must have colluded to put on a show for us.”

“Nonsense. With Luoqing’s brain, can he put on a show? I think you are the one who is acting.”

Chen Feng was angry. “He can’t do it but can’t Ji Yuxiao?”

Lin Bo laughed. “What does he want by putting on a show? Our family doesn’t have enough for him to even plug his teeth.”

“He just wants to help Luoqing relieve his anger!”

“Luoqing is devoted to me and wants to recognize me as a father. He won’t let Ji Yuxiao play these little tricks. On the contrary, you never forget to slander Luoqing. Chen Feng, you have really disappointed me.”

Lin Bo shook his head and walked toward the study.

Chen Feng looked at his back and gritted her teeth, but there was nothing she could do.

At this time, she didn’t dare tell Ji Yuxiao that Lin Luoqing had asked her for three million before getting married, out of fear that Father Lin would blame her again and Lin Luojing really would have nothing left.

She sat on the sofa sadly and started to cry. After a while, she complained about Chen Ming. If she knew he was useless, she wouldn’t have looked for him. Now it was good. Lin Fei was still Lin Luoqing’s son and her own son’s shares almost belonged to Lin Luoqing.

What was this? It was simply too unreasonable.

Chen Feng lowered her head and cried pitifully.

Meanwhile, Lin Fei was reading.

To be precise, he was reading the story ‘Daughter of the Sea’ from Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales.

He still remembered Lin Luoqing saying that he used to live at the bottom of the sea. Later, he said it was a metaphor but Lin Fei couldn’t help thinking. If Lin Luoqing lived in the sea, wouldn’t he be a merman?

He looked at the mermaid in the illustration. The mermaid princess had long, curly blonde hair. This wasn’t like Lin Luoqing at all. He was a man. If he was a merman then he couldn’t be the mermaid princess. He was the merman prince.

Lin Fei quickly read the story in the book and sighed with relief. The mermaid princess didn’t marry the prince but Lin Luoqing was already married to Ji Yuxiao. Then he could live safely with them, right?

He didn’t know what type of world Lin Luoqing’s world was like. There was no him in the world but was there Ji Yuxiao or Ji Leyu?

Was there his mother?

Lin Fei’s heart was full of curiosity.

Once the school bell rang, Lin Fei packed his bag and walked out with Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu took his hand and shook it happily. He just experienced Lin Fei’s father appearing in the past few days and the fear of Lin Fei being snatched away. He was in the state of being extremely clingy to Lin Fei. So when he thought that Lin Fei wouldn’t leave him, he couldn’t wait to jump up twice on the spot.

The two of them left the school gate. Before they could reach Luo Jia’s car, they were stopped.

“Xiao Yu.” The person was wearing glasses and looked polite. “Your grandfather is sick and had me pick you up to go see him. Do you remember me? We’ve met before.”

Ji Leyu looked at him and had a vague impression, but he didn’t want to care about Father Ji. Therefore, he didn’t speak and pulled Lin Fei to walk on the other side.

Seeing this, the man immediately chased after him and reached out to grab Ji Leyu’s shoulder.

Lin Fei quickly pulled Ji Leyu behind him and stared up at this person.

He didn’t know the person in front of him and he didn’t like Father Ji, so his eyes were merciless. They were full of strength and coldness.

The other person hadn’t expected to see such a look in the eyes of a child and was a bit surprised for a while. His hand couldn’t help freezing in place.

Lin Fei was already standing in front of Ji Leyu.

“Get out of the way,” he said coldly.

The moment these words fell, a clear voice came from behind the man. “He told you to get out of the way. Didn’t you hear him?”

Lin Fei immediately put away the strength and coldness in his eyes and shifted his gaze slightly. Sure enough, it was Lin Luoqing and Luo Jia was with him.

Seeing him look over, Lin Luoqing pushed away the person in front of him and walked in front of Lin Fei and Ji Leyu. “Dad came to pick you up from school.”

As he spoke, he rubbed Lin Fei’s face and took his other hand. Then he turned around and found that the person sent by Father Ji was still standing there.

“You aren’t leaving yet?”

“Mr Lin, Mr Ji is sick and wants to see his grandson. You won’t refuse an old man’s wish, right?”

‘Then you really look down on me,’ Lin Luoqing thought in his heart.

“Is it any use for him to see his grandson when he is sick? He should go to a doctor. A child is weak and can’t stand an infection. What if he infects Xiao Yu and delays the child’s schooling? Mr Ji will definitely feel bad about it, right?”

Ji Zhenhong’s secretary, “???”

Was this something a daughter-in-law could say?

He was about to speak but before he could utter a word, Luo Jia had already grabbed him by the collar and pulled him aside.

Lin Luoqing pulled Lin Fei and Ji Leyu toward Luo Jia’s car.

The secretary struggled against Luo Jia’s grip in a dissatisfied manner. “Let me go.”

Luo Jia let go as he wished and turned and walked back toward the car.

The secretary followed, wanting to play the emotional card with Ji Leyu. But in the end, he couldn’t get around Luo Jia. Seeing Ji Leyu and Lin Luoqing get in the car together, the secretary gritted his teeth angrily.

“Just wait,” he viciously told Luo Jia.

Luo Jia nodded. “Yes, I’ll wait. By the way, I will remind you that the next time you want to pick up someone else’s child, you should speak to their father in advance. Understood?”

He finished speaking and walked to the car door. He pulled it open and got in.

The secretary was forced to call and report it to Father Ji. “Lin Luoqing came and didn’t let Xiao Yu go with me. I didn’t get him.”

Father Ji, “???!!!”

Father Ji laughed angrily. “Why is it him? Who is he to Xiao Yu? He is just a poor man. Isn’t he ashamed to interfere in the affairs of our Ji family? He is really too big-hearted!”

Father Ji hung up and wanted to call and scold Lin Luoqing, but he found that he didn’t have Lin Luoqing’s number.

He could only call Ji Leyu. The phone rang several times but Ji Leyu didn’t answer.

It must be Lin Luoqing next to him who was not letting his little grandson pick up the phone!

Father Ji was furious. Okay, was this person so afraid that his little grandson would want to see him? Then Father Ji had to see him!

Father Ji called the driver. “Prepare the car. I want to go out.”

He wanted to go directly to Ji Yuxiao’s house to see if Lin Luoqing still dared to stop him from meeting Ji Leyu!

This unscrupulous little star!

Lin Luoqing, the unscrupulous little star, was sitting in the car at this time, wondering whether Father Ji’s illness was real or fake. It must be fake and the purpose was Ji Leyu.

Thinking of this, he turned to look at Ji Leyu and educated him. “Xiao Yu, if you encounter this type of thing in the future, don’t be in a hurry to follow other people. Call your father first. If he agrees then you can agree.”

Ji Leyu replied obediently, “Yes.”

Lin Luoqing touched his head. “Now there are many bad people outside. In particular, you are so cute and have money at home. You have to be more careful, understood?”

“I understand.” Ji Leyu nodded. What could he not understand? He wouldn’t go with anyone. What did it have to do with him if his grandfather was sick? If his grandfather was really sick then he would be happy.

However, Ji Leyu naturally wouldn’t say these things to Lin Luoqing. He just leaned against Lin Luoqing’s arms and pretended to be obedient. “If I am taken away by bad people, I won’t be able to see Dad and Father. The teacher told me this and I know. So I won’t go with them.”

Lin Luoqing was relieved. He put his arms around Ji Leyu and kissed him on the forehead. “Yes, Xiao Yu is really smart.”

Lin Fei thought, ‘…Dad is so simple.’

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