FV: Chapter 149

Lin Luoqing was instantly ashamed. “Who wants to hold a wedding with you? You are thinking too beautifully.”

Ji Yuxiao raised an eyebrow. “Oh? My wife on my marriage certificate doesn’t want to hold a wedding with me? Then who do you want to hold a wedding with?”

Lin Luoqing lowered his head and didn’t speak.

Ji Yuxiao looked at the other person and felt that he was very young and cute. He was 18 or 19 years old and still sincere and bright. One wave of his hand was like a bright sun.

He lowered his head and was about to kiss Lin Luoqing. Then he heard Ji Leyu’s soft voice, “Dad, I helped you bring it up…”

The word ‘up’ hadn’t finished being spoken when Ji Leyu saw the scene in front of him. He wanted to reach up to cover his eyes, but he found that he was still holding a fruit plate in his hand. Therefore, he directly turned around and showed his back to the two of them.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao had to pause and sit up straight.

Lin Luoqing was so ashamed that he stood up quickly. He walked to the other side and picked up his pillow. “I’m going to sleep with Fei Fei tonight.”

Ji Yuxiao saw his blushing face and nodded. Lin Fei rarely called Lin Luoqing ‘Dad’ and it was normal for Lin Luoqing to want to sleep with him. “Go ahead.”

“I want to sleep with Brother Fei Fei tonight.” Ji Leyu wanted to raise a hand as he spoke. Unfortunately, his hands were occupied and he could only raise the fruit plate in his hand.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao looked at his wife. “Then can I sleep with Fei Fei today?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Okay, it hadn’t been only a day or two that his son was popular. Let’s sleep together. In any case, they were all a family and a family should sleep together!

“Then I’ll go and bring Fei Fei here.”

Once he finished speaking, he remembered that Ji Leyu still didn’t know anything. He said with a smile, “Xiao Yu, in the future, Fei Fei will call me Dad like you.”

Ji Leyu was pleasantly surprised. “Really?”

It was great. If Lin Fei called Lin Luoqing ‘Dad’ then he had a father and he was also with his father. Then there was naturally no need to talk to other fathers.

“Great,” Ji Leyu said happily.

Lin Luoqing laughed again. “Do you think it is good as well?”

Ji Leyu nodded uncontrollably. “This way, Brother will always stay in our house.”

“He would’ve stayed in our house forever,” Lin Luoqing comforted him. “No matter what he calls me, he will stay at our house.”

Ji Leyu’s eyes curved as he nodded. “Yes.”

“Then I’ll call Fei Fei over,” Lin Luoqing looked at him and said.

Ji Leyu kept responding until Lin Luoqing left. Then he walked to Ji Yuxiao’s bedside table and put down the fruit plate in his hand. He took off his shoes and sat next to Ji Yuxiao.

“Dad, I know why my brother suddenly wanted to call Dad by Dad.”

“Why?” Ji Yuxiao asked him.

“I just told him that he can also call his uncle by Dad. A Dad isn’t just the father and mother who gives birth to you. Adults who are very good to you can also be called Dad.”

Ji Yuxiao pinched his face. “You understand it quite well.”

Ji Leyu approached his arms and said sweetly, “Because Dad is very good to me. Dad is the best person in the world to me.”

Ji Yuxiao listened to his words and kissed his forehead. “Dad will always be good to you.”

He said, “Dad will always like you the most. Even if your brother calls me Dad in the future, I will still love you the most. Of course, I also love your brother. You are both my little babies.”

Ji Leyu had never been jealous of Lin Fei. Perhaps it was because Lin Fei knew his secret and treated him very well, or maybe it was because he liked Lin Fei himself so he didn’t mind that Ji Yuxiao liked Lin Fei.

However, what he cared about most was Ji Yuxiao. So he laughed happily when hearing Ji Yuxiao say this.

Ji Yuxiao pinched his face and looked at him in a gentle and pampering manner.

There was suddenly another child in the family who called him Dad. His Ji Leyu was so well-behaved and cheerful that he agreed with this matter. However, Ji Yuxiao was afraid there would be a slight awkwardness in Ji Leyu’s heart so he emphasized this and told Ji Leyu that he loved Ji Leyu the most.

Ji Leyu was originally an only child and he now had no biological parents. He was inevitably sensitive. As his adoptive father, Ji Yuxiao should at least let him feel that he would always be the most favored in the family.

Ji Leyu looked at him, rubbing against his chin and smiled sweetly. “Then Dad, you have to be good all the time. You must always be good so you can always love me.”

“Okay.” Ji Yuxiao rubbed his forehead.

Lin Luoqing returned to Lin Fei’s room and saw Lin Fei sitting on the bed and looking at the tablet while waiting for him. He was looking up an explanation of the term ‘world’ as if wanting to understand what Lin Luoqing meant by going from another world to this world.

Lin Luoqing walked over and tilted his head to look at the child. Lin Fei looked up at him and asked him, “Are you going to sleep together?”

Lin Luoqing nodded. “But Xiao Yu and your father also want to sleep with you. The two of them also like you very much and I can’t refuse. So let’s sleep together.”

Lin Fei was already accustomed to the four of them sleeping together, so he didn’t say anything. He hummed in agreement and got out of bed.

Lin Luoqing took his hand and led him to the door.

He was still very happy in his heart and his steps were light. He could almost fly.

“In a few days, I’ll take you out to play,” he said. “Don’t you like museums? Let’s change to another museum this time.”

“Okay,” Lin Fei agreed.

Lin Luoqing looked at him and bent down to pick him up.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “I just want to hold you. I endured it for a while but I couldn’t hold back.”

He smiled a bit shyly, his eyes clear.

Lin Fei saw his somewhat silly smile and silently sighed in his heart. ‘He is really clingy, so clingy.’

If he really left Lin Luoqing one day then Lin Luoqing would definitely cry again.

Lin Fei remembered that in the beginning, he actually wanted to leave Lin Luoqing. He wanted to leave Lin Luoqing when he grew up.

He didn’t know when it started but he gradually didn’t want to leave Lin Luoqing.

Perhaps it was because Lin Luoqing gave him a flower pot and he had his own flower pot. This allowed him to take root so he didn’t have to be blown away by the wind.

He finally didn’t seem like a dandelion.

Lin Fei thought of this and the corners of his lips unknowingly curved up.

He hugged Lin Luoqing’s shoulders gently and carefully.

He thought it was amazing that he got the flower pot Lin Luoqing gave him. Lin Luoqing gave him a pot, not from this world but another world.

Lin Fei didn’t know what the real world was, how there could be two worlds or how Lin Luoqing could get from that world to this world, but because he wasn’t originally from here, the flower pot he gave was even more precious.

If Lin Luoqing hadn’t come, he probably wouldn’t have a flower pot, right?

Then he would still be a dandelion. It wasn’t bad but there would be regrets.

After all, he still wanted to put down roots.

The young Lin Fei was still young in the end. He would have ignorant expectations because he didn’t know enough about the world and he would long for a place to take root. However, the adult Lin Fei in the novel had long given up this hope that had been buried deep in his heart.

He floated in the world like duckweed, looking at everything coldly, without emotions or expectations. He lived in a serious manner but treated the world like he was a passerby. He had no attachment to anything in the world.

He was responsible for his life and never wasted it. He did everything he wanted to do, but only because he was alive.

Lin Luoqing carried Lin Fei into the bedroom he shared with Ji Yuxiao and put Lin Fei on the bed.

Ji Leyu immediately rushed over and asked him, “Brother, are you willing to call Uncle by Dad?”

He asked, “Do you think my words from before are right?”

‘Of course not,’ Lin Fei thought in his heart. However, he had promised Lin Luoqing that he wouldn’t tell others that Lin Luoqing wasn’t from this world. Therefore, he didn’t answer and Ji Leyu took this as acquiescence.

He immediately became proud. “Then you will be the same as me in the future. We will call our uncles Dad and Dad.”

Lin Fei refused. “I won’t.”

“Why?” Ji Leyu wondered.

Ji Yuxiao also asked, “Yes, Fei Fei. Why not?”

He had already agreed to call Lin Luoqing ‘Dad’ so why wasn’t he willing to call Ji Yuxiao ‘Dad’?


Wasn’t he good enough?

Why else wouldn’t Lin Fei want to?

Or did Lin Fei feel that Ji Yuxiao wasn’t related to him by blood, so there was no need to call him Dad?

Ji Yuxiao was a bit anxious. He had just listened to Lin Luoqing and tacitly agreed that Lin Fei would also call him ‘Dad’. After all, when he called Lin Luoqing ‘Uncle’, he would also call Ji Yuxiao ‘Uncle.’ So now that Lin Luoqing had become ‘Dad’, shouldn’t he also become ‘Dad’?

Why didn’t he want to?

The more Ji Yuxiao thought about it, the more depressed he felt. He was just about to ask again when he heard Lin Fei’s voice which was as calm as ever. “I will call my uncle ‘Dad’ and your uncle ‘Father’. Is it okay?”

Lin Luoqing helped explain for Lin Fei. “He is afraid that we won’t be able to tell who he is calling if he calls us both ‘Dad’. So he said that he will call one of us Dad and the other will be called Father.”

Ji Yuxiao heard this and was finally relieved.

Great, as long as Lin Fei was willing to call him Father. He was almost scared to death.

He hugged Lin Fei onto his lap. “Okay, you can call me whatever you want.”

It was all the same anyway.

“Our Fei Fei is quite caring. You are afraid that your dad and I can’t tell the difference. Hahahaha, you are really smart.” He kissed Lin Fei.

Ji Leyu remembered that Ji Yuxiao had said similar things before but was used to saying ‘Dad’ and didn’t change it. No matter whether it was Ji Yuxiao or Lin Luoqing, he called them ‘Dad.’

“Then I will be like Brother from now on. I will call you Father in the future.” Ji Leyu changed his words.

Okay.” Ji Yuxiao smiled and rubbed his head.

Ji Leyu was happy. Now he and Lin Fei had the same dad and father. No one could take Lin Fei away.

He happily threw himself into Ji Yuxiao’s arms and hugged him tightly.

Ji Yuxiao looked at Lin Fei on his left and Ji Leyu on his right. Finally, he looked at Lin Luoqing, who was watching the three of them with a smile. He suddenly felt that the so-called home was probably like this.

He smiled at Lin Luoqing. Lin Luoqing also smiled back.

That night, the family of four was very happy. Lin Luoqing was even a bit too happy and couldn’t sleep. It wasn’t until the second half of the night that he finally hugged Lin Fei and slowly closed his eyes.

Early the next morning, he washed up and ate breakfast. Then he took his two children to school as usual.

Luo Jia drove over to pick them up and saw Lin Luoqing with a smile on his face as if a spring breeze was blowing.

“What happened? Why are you so happy today?”

“Nothing, nothing,” Lin Luoqing said modestly.

After being modest, he couldn’t help showing off. “From today onwards, I will be Fei Fei’s father.”

“Really?” Luo Jia was surprised. Then he thought about it. Ji Leyu called Ji Yuxiao his father. Then as long as Lin Luoqing adopted Lin Fei, it was normal for Lin Fei to call Lin Luoqing his father.


Lin Luoqing laughed again and he was indescribably bright.

After sending Lin Fei back, Lin Luoqing saw Xiao Li and didn’t forget to share this joy with him.

Xiao Li was very cheerful. “This is a good thing. Congratulations, Mr Lin.”

“No no no.” Lin Luoqing waved his hand in a hypocritical manner while the corners of his mouth rose uncontrollably.

He went to Aunt Zhang and asked her to make more of Lin Fei and Ji Leyu’s favorite foods for dinner. “I am his father now and I should care more about him.”

Aunt Zhang smiled. “Sir, you told me about this before breakfast. Have you forgotten? Besides, you cared about both of them before.”

“That is different,” Lin Luoqing plausibly said. “Can an uncle’s concern be the same as a father’s concern?”

Aunt Zhang wanted to laugh but she didn’t dare laugh too much. She felt that Lin Luoqing was currently like a person who had just become a father and couldn’t wait to let everyone know that he had a child. Therefore, it was best to congratulate him with a few more words.

“Okay, then I will make something Fei Fei likes today.”

“Good, good.” Lin Luoqing nodded. “Thank you for your hard work.”

“It isn’t hard, it isn’t hard work.” Aunt Zhang smiled. “As long as you like it.”

Lin Luoqing talked for a while but still wasn’t satisfied. Lin Fei considered him a father. How could such a big thing be limited to the relevant personnel of their family?

He wasn’t such a selfish person. His relatives and friends should know about it as well!

Thus, Lin Luoqing started to send messages on WeChat.

He sent a message to Wu Xinyuan: [Brother Wu, you have to call me Dad!]

Wu Xinyuan, who also had a child, sent sincere congratulations: [Is that so? It seems that you are doing very well as an uncle. Therefore, the child likes you very much and is willing to be close to you. That is why he is willing to call you Dad.]

Lin Luoqing felt that the other person’s words were too right, so he could see the truth at a glance. Wasn’t this worth rewarding?

Give him a salary increase next month!

He sent another WeChat message to Shi Zheng: [Brother Zheng, my nephew called me Dad. Hahahaha.]

Shi Zheng hurriedly replied to him: [That’s good. A child is the most innocent one. He knows who is good to him and who isn’t good to him. He knows in his heart that you are very good to him. He can feel it so he is willing to call you that.]

Look look, as expected of the future movie emperor. Based on this vision and this opinion, he must be sure to pick the right script. If he doesn’t win an award, who will win an award?

He sent another message to Su Tong: [Good news, my nephew called me Dad, hehe.]

Su Tong thought the good news was that he passed the audition. He hadn’t expected this. Then he thought about it. Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao both raised their nephews as their sons. In a sense, they were also a perfect match.

Su Tong: [Very good. Doesn’t Ji Leyu also call Ji Yuxiao by Dad? Now you both have a son. The family of four is complete.]

Lin Luoqing nodded. This person was truly a popular star. Look at this level of speech. He deserved to be popular!

Lin Luoqing happily held his phone and sent messages one after another.

In the morning, Li Hanhai, Yao Momo, Su Ying, Zhang Quan, Wu Jia and even Director Zhang knew that Lin Luoqing had a little nephew. This little nephew was particularly excellent, well-behaved and sensible. Now he called Lin Luoqing ‘Dad.’

Everyone, “……”

Was this the legendary silly dad syndrome? Their Teacher Xiao Lin usually looked quite smart. Why did he suddenly get this terminal illness?

Sure enough, the lethality of children was infinite.

For a time, everyone clamored to see photos of his little nephew, especially girls like Yao Momo and Wu Jia.

[Hurry up, let me take a look. I like cute children the most.]

[Teacher Xiao Lin’s nephew should look a lot like Teacher Xiao Lin, right? He is cute just thinking about it.]

[Teacher Xiao Lin, please post the photos. I’m so curious, starry eyes.]

Lin Luoqing felt that his family’s Fei Fei was handsome and good-looking, but he still didn’t send Lin Fei’s photo.

He only said: [It is a secret.]

Yao Momo lamented: [Wu wu wu, this is too appetizing.]

[I’m becoming more and more curious.]

[But congratulations to Teacher Xiao Lin. The little nephew is so cute. You must be very happy to be called Dad. Congratulations.]

[Red envelopes for your little nephew. When I’m not busy, I’ll go to you to play, Teacher Xiao Lin. I can then take a look at your little nephew as well.]

[Congratulations, congratulations. Blessings and blessings. Red envelopes, red envelopes.]

In an instant, the group was filled with red envelopes.

Lin Luoqing was too ashamed to accept their red envelopes. He smiled and sent them red envelopes as well. He thanked them several times before remembering a person.

How did he forget Chen Ming?

It was such a beautiful thing. How could he not inform Lin Fei’s father?

If it wasn’t for his appearance, how could he confess the truth to Lin Fei and how could Lin Fei call him Dad?

Lin Luoqing picked up his phone and called Chen Ming. He decided to let Chen Ming witness this beautiful father-son relationship.

“Hey, it’s me,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile. “I have good news for you.”

“What good news?” Chen Ming was excited. Was Lin Luoqing willing to raise Lin Fei together?

Lin Luoqing laughed very heartily. “Hahaha, Fei Fei called me Dad. He said I will be his Dad in the future. Hahahahaha.”

Are you polite?

How is this good news?!

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