FV: Chapter 148

Lin Luoqing kissed him for a while before finally recovering a bit from the ecstatic joy. He looked at Lin Fei gently.

There were still some tear stains on his face that had just been wiped but weren’t completely wiped away. They reflected his overly bright smile and made him look cute and vivid.

It was the first time Lin Fei had seen him cry and he felt a bit complicated in his heart.

He saw Lin Luoqing’s slightly reddened eyes and felt that Lin Luoqing didn’t look like a father at this time. He was like a child who would cry until his eyes were red.

He raised a hand to help Lin Luoqing wipe away the tears on his face. But the moment he touched Lin Luoqing’s face, Lin Luoqing reached out his hand in embarrassment and wiped it himself.

“I’ll go wash my face,” he told Lin Fei.

Then he remembered something and added, “I will take you to the bath. I just said I wanted to bathe you.”

Seeing that he had finally stopped crying, Lin Fei didn’t dare say anything out of fear that these red eyes would shed tears again.

For once, he didn’t say that he could wash himself and he opened his hands obediently.

This was the first time Lin Luoqing had seen him take the initiative to open his arms to ask for a hug. Lin Luoqing secretly thought that things were really different when he was a father. He happily picked up Lin Fei, deliberately shook him and said with a smile. “Let’s go and take a bath.”

Lin Fei, “……”

This person really was like a child.

Lin Luoqing cleaned his face so it wasn’t so obvious that he cried. Then he turned around and helped unbutton Lin Fei’s pajamas.

Lin Fei looked at his lowered face and asked curiously, “You aren’t my uncle so what is your name?”

“My name is Lin Luoqing.” Lin Luoqing looked up at him. “I share the name as your uncle.”

Lin Fei felt a bit strange. “Then what did you look like before?”

“Pretty much like this.”

Now Lin Fei was a bit surprised. “Then at the bottom of the sea where you stayed, was there another me?”

“Not really.” Lin Luoqing shook his head. He transmigrated into a novel, not a parallel world. How could there be another Lin Fei?

He smiled and touched Lin Fei’s little nose. “A cute and sensible child like you is rare in the world. You are the only one.”

Lin Fei was already accustomed to his behavior of seizing the opportunity to praise Lin Fei whenever there was the opportunity. He looked at Lin Luoqing’s smiling eyes and thought in his heart, ‘He really isn’t like the Lin Luoqing from before. How could that Lin Luoqing praise me? He only scolds me.’

The two of them were indeed very different.

But it was good that there wasn’t another Lin Fei there. Otherwise, he would’ve robbed another Lin Fei’s uncle, which would’ve been bad.

“Were you alone there?” He continued to ask.

“Kind of.” Lin Luoqing helped him undress and carried him into the bathtub.

His parents had passed away a long time ago and he had been living with relatives. In the end, a relative wasn’t his parents. It was already very good that the other person was willing to raise him. He naturally couldn’t ask the person for affection.

Lin Luoqing had experienced the feeling of living in someone else’s house and watching other people’s families be happy while not being able to fit in. This was why he asked Lin Fei if Lin Fei wanted to call him Dad after Ji Leyu called him Dad. He didn’t want Lin Fei to feel that way. However, Lin Fei had his own thinking and logic and said he didn’t have a father in the world.

Lin Luoqing originally gave up on the title of father and just wanted to be an uncle. This way, Lin Fei would nominally be his little nephew but was actually his son. Unexpectedly, Lin Fei actually replied on his own thinking and logic to give him the title of Dad.

It wasn’t the original owner but a separate him, the real him.

Lin Luoqing thought of this and his heart became even happier.

He couldn’t help kissing Lin Fei’s face again as he said fondly, “Dad’s little baby.”

Lin Fei was still a bit unfamiliar with the word Dad but Lin Luoqing was happy and the little magpie in his heart would also chirp twice. It wasn’t noisy but was very happy.

Thus, it was good that Lin Luoqing was happy.

He thought that Lin Luoqing was alone in that place. Meanwhile, there was him, Ji Yuxiao and Ji Leyu here. So Lin Luoqing should like it here more.

“You lived in the sea. So were you a mermaid before?” Lin Fei suddenly wondered.

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Of course not. This is a metaphor. You know what a metaphor is, right? You are still too young and I can’t explain the specifics to you. I can only use a metaphor. You will understand when you grow up.”

Lin Fei nodded and said in an unconvinced manner, “Then tell me specifically first and I will think slowly by myself. Maybe I can understand it now?”

He had always been smart, confident and proud. Otherwise, Lin Luoqing wouldn’t have rashly told the truth to a child.

Therefore, Lin Luoqing didn’t refuse but said seriously, “I was originally a person from another world. I woke up and became your uncle, a person of your world.”

Lin Fei was puzzled. “Are there two worlds?”

He was confused about the world. “What is the world? My mother died and people said she left the world. Then the people who don’t die are in the world and where we are staying is the world. Yet you are saying there is another world? So what is the world?”

“Baby.” Lin Luoqing looked at him and said sincerely, “Your father is an actor, not a scientist. If you ask me such a profound question, I can’t understand it.”

Lin Fei was a bit surprised but his tone was as calm as ever. “Don’t you understand it as an adult?”

“Just like adults also make mistakes, there are naturally many things that adults don’t understand. If you are curious, you can wait until you grow up. You can become a scientist and study the origin of the universe and the end of the world.”

Lin Fei nodded. “Oh.”

Lin Luoqing saw him saying ‘oh’ with a serious expression, like a little adult, and couldn’t help pinching his face and kissing him again.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Luoqing really liked to kiss him.

“By the way.” Lin Luoqing instructed him, “You can’t tell your uncle and Xiao Yu about this matter. I will tell them myself later, but you can’t say it now. Okay?”

“Okay,” Lin Fei agreed.

“You are really good.” Lin Luoqing said and kissed him again.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt he was about to be numb to these kisses.

Lin Luoqing bathed him, took him out and helped him get dressed in pajamas.

He looked at Lin Fei and a father’s love overwhelmed him. He was reluctant to leave.

“Should I sleep with you tonight?” Lin Luoqing hugged him and coaxed him.

Lin Fei didn’t have any opinions. “Okay.”

“Then I’ll go and talk to your uncle.”

Once he finished speaking, he laughed again as he realized something. “Now that you are calling me Dad, it seems you can’t call him Uncle any longer.”

Lin Fei nodded. He had already thought about what to call Ji Yuxiao. “I will call him Father in the future.”

Lin Luoqing, “???”

“You won’t call him Dad?”

“If you are both called Dad, can you tell who I am calling when both of you are present?”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘This…’

Lin Fei smiled, a bit proud. “You can’t tell, right?”

He had long found out from Ji Leyu’s usual relationship with Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao. They were both called Dad. It was fine when Ji Yuxiao and Lin Luoqing weren’t together, but when they were together, they couldn’t tell who Ji Leyu called and they would both go to see Ji Leyu.

‘Really stupid,’ Lin Fei thought. ‘My brother is really too stupid. A little fool.’

“I’m not a little fool like Ji Leyu. I will call you Dad and my uncle by Father. Then won’t you be able to tell the difference?”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…It is worthy of being the future overlord. He has just started to call me Dad and he has already arranged everything.’

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing nodded and listened to Little Overlord Lin. “Then I’ll go talk to your father and tell him that I want to sleep with you tonight.”

“Yes,” Lin Fei replied.

Lin Luoqing reluctantly hugged him again. He only let go after some time and walked toward his bedroom in a happy mood.

He walked to the door of his bedroom, pushed open the door and poked his head in. He slowly moved his body inside, his face full of joy. He stared at Ji Yuxiao, who was leaning against the headboard of the bed with a radiant expression.

Ji Yuxiao was puzzled. “What’s wrong with you?”

The smile on Lin Luoqing’s face deepened and he said, “I have good news, really good news.”

Ji Yuxiao was curious. “You passed the audition?”

“It is much more surprising than that.”

“What could be more surprising than you passing the audition?” Ji Yuxiao asked with a strange expression.

Lin Luoqing approached him with a smile. As he approached, his face was reflected in the light and Ji Yuxiao found that his eyes were slightly red.

He was originally already very white so this red was like a touch of rouge. The startled Ji Yuxiao quickly sat up straight and asked in surprise, “Did you cry?”

He was a bit anxious. “What happened?”

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected that Ji Yuxiao would see it after he washed his face. He was a bit ashamed in his heart and his face turned slightly red.

“Oh, don’t look at my eyes.” He was like a big child as he acted spoiled with those close to him. “Didn’t I cry with joy?”

This made Ji Yuxiao really curious. “What can make you cry with joy?”

The moment Lin Luoqing heard him ask this, the joy in his heart rose again. He looked at Ji Yuxiao’s face and became bright and innocent again.

He smiled happily and purely, as if he caught the clouds in the sky or caught the sun.

“Fei Fei said that from now on, I will be his father.”

He was a bit embarrassed when he spoke, but also uncontrollably happy. His voice seemed to be wrapped in sugar and some inexplicable shyness. He stared at Ji Yuxiao with shining eyes, as if waiting for his congratulations and applause.

Ji Yuxiao had never expected that the surprise would be this.

He had previously talked to Lin Luoqing about letting Lin Fei call them dad. Lin Luoqing said that Lin Fei had his own thinking and logic. He didn’t have a father in his consciousness so he couldn’t call them Dad. It wasn’t because he didn’t like them, but because he didn’t have this concept.

So later, no matter whether it was him or Lin Luoqing, they never mentioned this matter again.

In any case, they treated Lin Fei as their own child no matter the name. The title wasn’t that important.

Unexpectedly, Lin Fei would choose to call Lin Luoqing by ‘Dad’ after his own father appeared!

This was really a blessing in disguise and it was really rare.

Ji Yuxiao also became happy in an instant and he looked at Lin Luoqing joyfully, “Really? That’s great. It is great that he has agreed to let you be his father.”

Lin Luoqing also felt so. He threw himself into Ji Yuxiao’s arms and hugged him.

He was so happy. Just now in Lin Fei’s bedroom, he couldn’t suppress the joy in his heart and hugged Lin Fei and kissed him for a long time. Now he came back to share the good news with Ji Yuxiao and he was still excited. He couldn’t help rejoicing again.

He had really poured too much affection into Lin Fei. He liked this child who looked like him but had a completely different personality from him.

He liked it when Lin Fei was well-behaved and sensible, when Lin Fei disliked him with a paralyzed face, when Lin Fei awkwardly expressed his liking and when Lin Fei said ‘oh’ seriously.

Among all the children, his favorite was Lin Fei and he naturally wanted to be closer to Lin Fei.

Now Lin Fei took the initiative to give him the only label of ‘Dad’ in his hand. If Lin Luoqing hadn’t cried before then he probably would’ve shed tears at that time.

What did that feel like?

It was like he worked hard to raise a flower. When raising the flower, he knew that it might not bloom but he liked it. He didn’t need it to bloom. He just wanted to raise it simply. Then one day, it suddenly bloomed, fragrant, bright and dazzling.

Lin Fei didn’t have to bloom, but he liked Lin Luoqing and was willing to bloom for him.

Thus, Lin Luoqing was happy and moved by this. He cherished it even more.

He was so happy, really happy. No matter how restrained he was, he couldn’t restrain the joy in his heart.

He hugged Ji Yuxiao tightly, leaned against the other person’s shoulder and laughed silently.

Ji Yuxiao felt the joy in him and couldn’t help laughing. “This is indeed good news. Wait a few days and you can see where Fei Fei wants to go. Let’s take him to play together.”

“Let’s go to a museum.” Lin Luoqing said quickly. He withdrew from Ji Yuxiao’s shoulder and stared into Ji Yuxiao’s eyes. “He liked it the last time we took him. We can take him to another museum. He should like it. At that time, you can ask him first what museum he wants to go to and we will take him to see it.”

“Okay.” Ji Yuxiao smiled and stroked his eyes. “Just for this, you cried like this? Then if we have a wedding in the future, you must not cry for the entire wedding.”

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5 months ago

I love that Feifei is the first to know, and that finally he can realize how much Luoqing loved him from the start