FV: Chapter 147

Lin Fei looked at him and listened obediently.

Lin Luoqing was a bit speechless but he still opened his mouth with difficulty. “What I just said to you was a lie. I hope you will think that this world is good and everyone will like you. I hope that your world is bright and full of unknowns and joys. But how can the world be like this? You have met bad people, people like your grandfather. There are many people in the world who just won’t like you. It isn’t that you are bad. It is that they don’t like you. There is no way and no reason. The world is like this. It doesn’t make sense.”

Lin Fei nodded. He already knew the truth and never cared whether the whole world liked him or not, whether it was reasonable or not.

Lin Luoqing saw him nodding and felt even sadder.

Lin Fei knew everything. He had been through so much and had such a calm and indifferent personality. How could he really feel that everyone in the world loved him?

He didn’t believe that there would be only pearls, diamonds and roses in this world. Even so, he listened quietly when Lin Luoqing said those words and didn’t refute them.

This was Lin Fei’s gentleness. He wouldn’t say anything. He would just do it quietly. If a person found out, got close to him and expressed their liking then he would be awkwardly happy. If a person didn’t find out and didn’t like him, he wouldn’t say anything or blame them. He wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

He was obviously still young but he had already explored a set of ways for him to live in harmony with the world.

If there was no one to protect him then he would protect himself.

So when it came to flowers, he only liked the cacti that didn’t need water, could withstand drought and had thorns.

He never wanted to rely on anyone. He just wanted to grow up strong and grow into a tree that covered the sky.

Lin Luoqing felt even more uncomfortable. He opened his mouth again, his voice low and slow. “Your father isn’t a good person. He lied to your mother. He came to you now because he has no children and he wants you to fulfill his wish to have children. However, he is already married and has his own family. If you go back with him, you will be in an awkward situation. He doesn’t care about this at all, so he actually doesn’t love you very much.”

Lin Fei still nodded without caring at all.

“I didn’t want you to think that your father doesn’t love you. After all, this is your own father. That is why I said he loves you too, but he doesn’t at all. I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay,” Lin Fei said gently. “I don’t like him so whether he is good or not has nothing to do with me.”

He said, “I know you are doing it for my own good. I don’t blame you.”

Lin Luoqing’s throat was sore. He stared at the eyes of the child in front of him. Lin Fei’s eyes were clean, without a trace of impurities. This cleanliness made him lower his head. “And your uncle.”

“Your uncle actually doesn’t like you very much…”

He spoke with great difficulty  and tears welled up in his eyes. “He bullied you, scolded you and hit you. He didn’t think about your mood at all. He also didn’t think about how you were just a child and didn’t do anything wrong. Why did he treat you like that? He didn’t like you that much and he wasn’t a good person.”

Lin Fei didn’t understand why Lin Luoqing was saying this about himself. However, he saw that Lin Luoqing was about to cry so he reached out to wipe his tears. “I don’t blame you. I know you like me.”

Lin Luoqing held his hand and gripped it tightly. “Of course, I like you. But… But…”

His voice was vague and embarrassed. “But I’m not your uncle. Lin Fei, you know, I’m not your uncle. I have never been your uncle.”

Once he said this, it seemed that he had finally said what he always wanted to say. Tears instantly fell into the back of Lin Fei’s hand, wet, hot and scalding. It was so hot that Lin Fei didn’t understand what he was talking about and why he was crying.

He stared at Lin Luoqing, ignorant and confused. Even so, he reached out the hand that wasn’t held by Lin Luoqing and carefully wiped the tears on his face.

He wanted to coax Lin Luoqing to stop crying, but before he could speak, he saw Lin Luoqing wipe his tears, raise his eyes and smile at him. Then Lin Luoqing asked him, “Are you very confused?”

He explained, “Let me tell you this. I’m not originally from this world. You can understand it this way. You and the other people you have seen, including your uncle, you all live in the forest. I am different. I lived in the sea. One day, I suddenly woke up and became your uncle. I was no longer in the sea, but in the forest where you lived. So I’m not your uncle. I don’t know where your uncle went. I’m sorry.”

Lin Fei was a bit confused. He blinked and blinked again, carefully thinking about what Lin Luoqing had said.

Lin Luoqing wasn’t his uncle?

How could that be?

But he looked so sad and he cried. He shouldn’t be lying to Lin Fei.

Who was he then?

Since when was he not his uncle?

Would he continue to live in the forest in the future?

Would he return to the sea?

Suddenly, Lin Fei remembered something and asked Lin Luoqing, “Then the day you woke up, was it the day you said that I should hit back whoever hit me? I said it was you and I wanted to hit you?”

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected him to guess it right away and nodded in surprise. “You are so smart.”

Lin Fei was very calm. He wasn’t that calm in his heart but he still had a calm expression on his face. “It is because from that day, you started to be different from the past.”

“I’m sorry,” Lin Luoqing said in a low voice. “I didn’t want to squeeze out your uncle, but I became him as soon as I woke up. Still, I like you very much, really. I didn’t dare tell you this before because you are still young and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to explain this matter to you and that you wouldn’t believe me. That is why I didn’t tell you. But I really like you, much more than your uncle.”

Lin Fei listened, somewhat doubtful and somewhat believing it.

The changes before and after in Lin Luoqing were indeed too great. Previously, he had given up on Lin Luoqing and felt he couldn’t be saved. Suddenly, from that day, Lin Luoqing changed as a person. At first, he thought Lin Luoqing was dying. Then he found this wasn’t the case and didn’t think much of it. It was because he liked the changed Lin Luoqing, so he hoped Lin Luoqing would always be the same.

Unexpectedly, it was really a change of person.

“Will you wake up again and change back?” He asked.

“Probably not.” Lin Luoqing was also unsure. “I don’t know but I haven’t changed back so far.”

Lin Fei listened to him say so and was a bit worried. He didn’t want Lin Luoqing to change back. He hoped that Lin Luoqing would always be like this.

“Do you want me to change back?” Lin Luoqing asked him cautiously.

Lin Fei shook his head.

Lin Luoqing was delighted. “Then can I continue to be your uncle in the future?”

Lin Fei was rarely stunned by this question.

He accepted Lin Luoqing’s statement. According to Lin Luoqing’s statement, he wasn’t Lin Fei’s original uncle so he could no longer be Lin Fei’s uncle. His uncle was his mother’s younger brother ‘Lin Luoqing’, but the current Lin Luoqing wasn’t his mother’s brother.

Lin Fei shook his head.

“You aren’t my uncle,” he said seriously.

Lin Luoqing previously saw him shake his head and felt that Lin Fei should like him more and would be very happy to see Lin Luoqing become his new uncle. Therefore, Lin Luoqing hurriedly asked this question. He hadn’t expected Lin Fei to refuse and felt a bit of disbelief for a while.

He looked at Lin Fei for a long time before nodding in disappointment.

He understood that Lin Fei had such a calm and serious personality. Every label in his hand faithfully corresponded to everyone. He wasn’t ‘Lin Luoqing’ so he naturally couldn’t get the label of uncle.

“Then you can call me Uncle in the future.” Lin Luoqing tried hard to make himself look less lost. Being an uncle was very good. He would act as Lin Fei’s father’s brother, not his mother’s brother. Lin Luoqing comforted himself. (TL: Both Uncle, but the previous one that Lin Fei refused was mother’s younger brother. The one he is suggesting now is father’s younger brother.)

“But in front of Xiao Yu and your uncle, you can’t call me Uncle (father’s younger brother). You still have to call me Uncle (mother’s younger brother). Otherwise, the two of them will find it strange.”

Lin Fei was a bit reluctant.

He didn’t think he should call Lin Luoqing this either. A person he called this wouldn’t meet him every day or care about him. They wouldn’t miss him when not seeing him, nor would they be happy when seeing him.

However, Lin Luoqing was obviously very important to him.

He was different from others. If the day he let him hit back was counted as the first time they met then Lin Luoqing had actually been very good to him from the beginning when they met. Lin Luoqing liked to be intimate with him and occasionally wanted to kiss and hug him.

Lin Luoqing would buy him clothes, toys and books. Lin Luoqing would take care of him and accompany him. Even if Lin Fei ignored him, Lin Luoqing wouldn’t be angry and would patiently coax him and talk to him.

He taught Lin Fei a lot of principles and took him to see scenery he had never seen before.

A figure slowly appeared in Lin Fei’s mind. It was his mother.

Among the many people he met, only his mother loved him from the first time she met him. She cared about him, was close to him and loved to tease him. She might say things like, ‘Fei Fei, why don’t you play with other children? You will make others dislike you’, she still thought he was very good and loved him very much.

Lin Luoqing was actually very similar to his mother.

What he did was similar to what Lin Fei’s mother did, except that he seemed to indulge Lin Fei’s personality more than his mother.

A word suddenly appeared in Lin Fei’s mind. It was a word he had heard every day for the past two days, but he didn’t have any concept of it.

“But my uncle is very good to me. He is older than me and more reliable than me. He takes care of me, loves me and accompanies me.”

He remembered what Ji Leyu told him before.

Was this a father? Lin Fei wondered. If this was a father then Lin Luoqing was like his father.

Lin Luoqing was very similar to his mother and took care of Lin Fei like his mother. Lin Luoqing kept him company and told him stories and reasons. However, he wasn’t Lin Fei’s mother. Then he could only be the ‘father’ that corresponded with the word ‘mother.’

Lin Fei finally had the consciousness of the word ‘father’ on this day. The label of ‘father’ was automatically generated in his hand. He looked at the person in front of him and asked him tentatively, “Is it okay not to call you Uncle (father’s younger brother).”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing felt that he was going to cry again. Why didn’t both of them work? Then what would he be called? Lin Fei couldn’t call him by his name, right?

He was about to ask Lin Fei this question when he heard Lin Fei whisper, “Is it okay for me to call you Dad?”

“You aren’t my uncle (mother’s younger brother) so I can’t call you uncle. But you aren’t like my uncle (father’s younger brother) and I don’t want to call you that. Then can I call you Dad?”

Lin Luoqing, “!!!!!!”

Lin Luoqing looked at the child in front of him in shock and almost jumped up.

He was shocked for a long time before he finally reacted. He picked up Lin Fei and kept kissing him on the cheek.

“Yes yes.” Lin Luoqing was pleasantly surprised. “Fei Fei, why are you so good? Dad loves you. Dad will always love you the most.”

He finished speaking and kissed Lin Fei uncontrollably.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei was hugged tightly by him. He felt the soft touch that kept coming from his face and felt that his former uncle and current father was probably going crazy. Why else would he be hugging Lin Fei so tightly and kissing him endlessly?

He wasn’t like Lin Luoxi at this time. Of course, he wasn’t his mother in the first place and naturally wouldn’t be exactly the same as his mother.

Lin Fei was helpless. Was this a father?

He didn’t need a father that much!

The author has something to say:

Fei Fei’s first day with a father.

Fei Fei: I really don’t need a father.

Luoqing: Dad doesn’t agree. Dad doesn’t allow it. Returns are prohibited.

Fei Fei: …Oh.

Luoqing at this time: Ecstatic.

At this time, President Ji who was still helping his wife hold back his son.

TL: Advance chapters are available over on my Patreon. You can go check out the details on my Patreon page.

Proofreader: Wei

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