FV: Chapter 146

In the end, Ji Leyu still had Lin Fei check his homework.

He took out his workbook like it was a treasure and placed it in front of Lin Fei. “Here.”

Lin Fei looked at it. It was rare for Ji Leyu to write so seriously. His words weren’t crooked but stayed in the grid in a good manner.

“Not bad,” he praised.

Ji Leyu immediately laughed, hugging him and shaking him. “Yes, I’m so good.”

Lin Fei looked at his smug face and didn’t say anything.

Lin Luoqing finished telling Ji Yuxiao about Chen Ming. Then he looked at the time and planned to give Lin Fei a bath.

He walked to Lin Fei’s room and saw Ji Leyu leaning against Lin Fei’s body, reading a book with him.

The moment Lin Luoqing saw Lin Fei, he remembered Lin Fei’s words, ‘I can just have my uncle,’ as well as Chen Ming’s sarcasm and accusations.

He should actually explain to Lin Fei what the original owner did. Even if Lin Fei didn’t mind any longer, he should find a reason to officially explain it, so that Lin Fei knew Lin Luoqing loved him and had always loved him.

He hoped that Lin Fei’s world would be pure and beautiful. He also hoped that Lin Fei would feel that he was always liked. His uncle might’ve indeed done terrible things but Lin Luoqing didn’t want Lin Fei to think that the original owner didn’t like him. He wanted Lin Fei to feel that he was very good, popular and likable. This way, Lin Fei could face the world brightly.

Lin Fei was too young and had thin feelings for the world. Lin Luoqing hoped that his world could be better.

Lin Luoqing also hoped that Lin Fei could have some solace when he remembers this unpleasant past in the future.

He thought so and walked over. Ji Leyu looked back at him, smiled and called out, “Dad.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing touched his head. “Xiao Yu, your father is looking for you.”

Ji Leyu was puzzled. “Huh? What’s going on?”

“You will know when you go.”

“Yes.” Ji Leyu nodded.

Lin Luoqing saw him stand up and walk out. He quickly sent a WeChat message to Ji Yuxiao. [I asked Xiao Yu to go to you. Please help me stall him for a while.]

Ji Yuxiao thought, ‘…My wife is really good at using people.’

Sure enough, after a while, he saw Ji Leyu push open the door and run to him with a smile. “Dad, were you looking for me?”

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao touched his head and started to care about his little nephew.

Lin Luoqing sat next to Lin Fei and looked at Lin Fei quietly. As he watched he saw Lin Fei turn around to look at him. “You have something to say to me.”

It was a declarative sentence, not an interrogative sentence.

Lin Luoqing nodded.

Lin Fei added a bookmark to the page and waited to hear him speak.

Lin Luoqing coughed and tried to organize his language. “Fei Fei, do you still blame me for not treating you well before?”

Lin Fei shook his head. “You apologized before.”

Lin Luoqing sighed with relief. “Yes, but…”

His voice lowered and filled with an imperceptible weakness. “In fact, I didn’t want to bully you at that time. I just wasn’t used to having a child all of a sudden.”

He tried to make his lie more reasonable. “I never raised a child before and work wasn’t going well for a while. My mood wasn’t good so I sometimes couldn’t control my emotions. I inevitably did something I didn’t like. In fact, I regret it and I also feel quite guilty. I’m sorry, Fei Fei.”

Lin Fei was very generous. “It’s okay. It is all past.”

“But I actually like you.” Lin Luoqing was anxious. “I’ve always liked you. You might not have been able to see it, but I also liked you at that time. Really.”

Lin Fei nodded. He now believed that Lin Luoqing liked him.

“I’m sorry,” Lin Luoqing said again. “I definitely won’t make the same mistake in the future.”

“Yes.” Lin Fei nodded.

Lin Luoqing looked at his immature little face and touched his head. “You are a very good child and there are many people who like you. Your mother, me, your uncle and even your father who came to see you today, we all like you. You are very likable, you know?”

Lin Fei had no concept of this and didn’t feel that he needed to be likable.

Lin Luoqing saw his ignorant eyes and said with a smile. “This world is very good. There are many people who love you in this world. I might’ve done some things that hurt you before, but I actually like you in my heart. We all like you. In the future, you will meet other people who like you. Many, many people.”

If possible, Lin Luoqing hoped that his world would be brilliant. Every flower he passed by would bloom and everyone he met would like him.

He hoped that Lin Fei would love the world and that Lin Fei could feel that the people around him loved him. He hoped that Lin Fei’s world only had pearls and diamonds.

“You will have a great future,” he said.

Lin Fei looked at him calmly without saying anything.

He actually hadn’t blame Lin Luoqing for a long time.

Those past memories had long been packed by him and put aside, clearly separated from his present life.

At that time, he hadn’t cared about Lin Luoqing or liked Lin Luoqing. Therefore, he didn’t feel sad because of it. He looked down on Lin Luoqing but didn’t bother to waste time on him.

The one he liked was Lin Luoqing, who would respect him and take care of him. This Lin Luoqing might be very clingy, but he was patient with Lin Fei. He praised Lin Fei with every word and always wanted to be close to him.

If the current Lin Luoqing hurt him, he would be disappointed and uncomfortable. But if it was the past Lin Luoqing, he had no feelings for this person emotionally and naturally wouldn’t have any emotional fluctuations.

Lin Fei had never been a person who liked to calculate things and be entangled over things. He followed his own heart and walked forward without looking back. So if he forgave then he forgave. If he said that the past was the past then he wouldn’t look back to turn over old accounts, nor did he feel the need to do this.

His feelings were like a black and white grid with distinct color blocks. He only looked at the people and things on the white grid and never looked back at the people and things on the black grid.

His world was that simple and clear.

Therefore, Lin Fei didn’t feel that Lin Luoqing needed to apologize to him again. Lin Luoqing had already apologized for the past things and he had forgiven him. People would make mistakes and adults also made mistakes. This was what Lin Luoqing taught him and he felt it was very reasonable. He also remembered that he should forgive the adults who made mistakes. Then why keep thinking about these things?

“I didn’t listen to him and I’m not uncomfortable. You don’t have to worry,” Lin Fei said softly.

He guessed that the reason why Lin Luoqing mentioned this again should be related to the person they met this afternoon. The person said that Lin Luoqing bullied him and hit him, so Lin Luoqing didn’t like him. Lin Luoqing was probably afraid that Lin Fei would feel the same way, so he apologized again.

He kept wanting to say something in the car. Perhaps he wanted to say this.

“I won’t listen to him,” Lin Fei said seriously. “I will listen to you.”

Lin Luoqing felt like his heart was hit hard by something. It also seemed to be caressed by a gentle little hand, soft and gentle.

He subconsciously hugged Lin Fei tighter and his heart swelled and was warm.

Lin Fei saw him acting like this and felt a bit helpless.

He said not to go meet that person and Lin Luoqing still had to go see him. Then Lin Luoqing became really unhappy after seeing him.

He reached out and hugged Lin Luoqing, patting him on the shoulder reassuringly.

Lin Luoqing was a bit embarrassed by this action and quickly let go of his hands. “I’ll take you to have a bath.”

Lin Fei nodded.

Lin Luoqing picked him up and stared into his clear black and white eyes. “Fei Fei, you deserve to be liked by everyone.”

Lin Fei blinked with a childish innocence and the overly cold indifference that belonged to him.

He thought that he didn’t need everyone to like him. After all, he didn’t like everyone himself.

There were very few people he liked and many people he didn’t have feelings towards. What did it matter to him if others liked him or not?

Lin Luoqing looked at the calmness in his eyes and felt stripped in an instant.

He seemed unable to hide from Lin Fei’s clean and pure eyes. He also seemed to see his own hypocrisy and lies in these innocent and childlike eyes.

He was actually quite fake.

He hoped that Lin Fei would feel that the world was beautiful, that every flower he passed by was blooming and that everyone he met liked him. However, Lin Luoqing lied to him that his uncle liked him and that his father liked him.

How could the world really be like this?

There were always flowers that wouldn’t bloom when he passed by and always people that didn’t like him that much.

If there was someone in the world who liked him then there was also someone who didn’t like him. It was because liking and not liking someone wasn’t two-way that liking each other became more precious.

Lin Fei was so smart. It was impossible for him not to understand this truth. Even if he didn’t understand it now, he would understand in the future.

At that time, he would find that there were not that many people who liked him unreservedly from beginning to end.

He was obviously a very good child and had met many people, but there weren’t many people who really liked him and protected him.

His father wanted him in order to satisfy his own selfish desires.

His grandfather didn’t care about him.

He didn’t have a grandmother and his grandparents didn’t know he existed. Even if they did, they didn’t like him or want him because he was him.

Among his blood relatives, only his mother truly loved and cared for him.

However, he was obviously a very good child. He was so sensible that it was very distressing.

He should have a more genuine life without a trace of impurities.

Of course, Lin Luoqing could hide it from Lin Fei forever. As long as he didn’t say it, Lin Fei would never know that his uncle had changed. However, others could always poke at his wounds and laugh at him, saying that the uncle he liked had hurt him and didn’t love him at all.

Once again, they would open his wounds and expose them to the sun.

Once again, they would let there be a stain and weakness on his feelings.

Lin Fei was such a strong person that he shouldn’t bear this.

In addition, Lin Luoqing obviously liked Lin Fei very much. He had been trying to protect Lin Fei from beginning to end and didn’t want Lin Fei to be hurt.

He didn’t want to be Lin Fei’s stain and weakness.

He should let Lin Fei know.

Lin Fei should know that besides his mother, there was someone else who loved him without reservation.

“What’s wrong with you?” Lin Fei saw him slowly becoming sad and asked him.

Lin Luoqing held him and sat down quietly.

He looked at Lin Fei and didn’t say a word. Many words were blocked in his throat. He wanted to say something but didn’t dare to do so.

Lin Fei didn’t know the reason and asked him, “Aren’t we taking a bath?”

“Wash later,” Lin Luoqing said in a low voice.

Lin Fei saw his depressed appearance, touched his head and coaxed him. “You are good.”

He added, “We won’t see that person in the future. I won’t go see you and you won’t go see him either.”

Lin Luoqing felt sore in his heart. He shook his head and told Lin Fei, “It isn’t his problem.”

“What is it?” Lin Fei didn’t understand.

Lin Luoqing looked over at him. Those words came to his mouth again, but he didn’t know what to say.

Did he really want to tell Lin Fei?

What would Lin Fei think of him after knowing about it?

Would Lin Fei still be willing to call him Uncle?

Would he believe that Lin Luoqing’s words were the truth?

“Fei Fei.” Lin Luoqing put him on the chair and stared directly at him. Lin Luoqing had never felt so hesitant and worried. He even felt that it would be better if he really was Lin Luoqing’s own uncle. He definitely wouldn’t bully Lin Fei and would take care of him. Then Lin Fei wouldn’t have those painful encounters and Lin Luoqing wouldn’t need to hesitate at this time.

“In fact, there are some things I haven’t told you,” Lin Luoqing said in a low voice.

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