FV: Chapter 144

Of course not!

It wasn’t easy for him to have a biological son. How could he give up?!

Chen Ming never agreed. “I don’t understand because I haven’t gotten along with him before. I believe that as long as we get along in the future, we will definitely understand each other, right?”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt that this person probably couldn’t understand him.

“Mr Chen, you still don’t understand?” Lin Luoqing was a bit tired. “The problem now is that he doesn’t want to understand you at all. He rejects you as a father and he doesn’t want you to appear in his life.”

“In the final analysis, it is because we don’t understand each other,” Chen Ming plausibly said. “He treats me as a stranger now, but we aren’t strangers. I am his father, his closest person. I am his only relative now!”

“That isn’t true. I am his uncle. In terms of blood relationship, I am also his relative,” Lin Luoqing said.

Chen Ming sneered. “Can an uncle and father be the same thing?”

“It is really different,” Lin Fei said indifferently. “I can just have my uncle.”

Chen Ming hadn’t expected him to say this and his expression changed instantly. “No, how can you say that? Have you forgotten how he abused you? He doesn’t love you at all. Why else would he have hit you?”

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected him to actually bring up the actions of the original owner and was a bit stunned for a while.

It had happened so long ago, but in the end, it had happened. For Lin Fei, no matter whether it was the original owner or Lin Luoqing, they were both still Lin Luoqing. He wouldn’t realize that they were two different people.

Would he feel sad?

He sat here and said that he only needed his uncle, but it was pointed out sharply that his uncle didn’t love him at all. How else could his uncle beat him?

Would Lin Fei remember those past events again?

Lin Luoqing recalled that Lin Fei had once wanted to leave the original owner but was too young.

Lin Luoqing didn’t dare look at Lin Fei for a moment. He was afraid Lin Fei would be hurt, stunned and even more afraid that Lin Fei would be at a loss.

He never thought that in this confrontation, Chen Ming’s first precise strike would come from him.

Lin Fei originally had no weaknesses, but now Lin Luoqing had become his stain and weakness.

Lin Luoqing panicked and looked at Lin Fei nervously.

Lin Fei’s expression was still as calm as ever. There were no fluctuations and it seemed that what Chen Ming said wasn’t worth mentioning at all.

“That is all in the past. He apologized and I forgave him. It is fine,” he said calmly.

However, Lin Luoqing couldn’t calm down.

These things weren’t done by him, but by the original owner. However, he did share the same body with the original owner. As long as the original owner did it and it was pushed on him, he couldn’t justify himself.

He sat next to Lin Fei as a protector, the person closest to Lin Fei, but he was the only one who had ever hurt Lin Fei.

How ridiculous was this in Chen Ming’s eyes?

Chen Ming obviously couldn’t accept his son’s generosity and educated him, “Fei fei you are too stupid. He hit you before and he will hit you in the future. You aren’t his son and he won’t love you at all. He might have his own children in the future and then he won’t love you even more.”

“I won’t have children, “Lin Luoqing hurriedly said. “It is enough to have Fei Fei.”

“Enough?” Chen Ming laughed. “What qualifications do you have to say he is enough? Lin Fei isn’t your son at all. He is my son. What qualifications do you have to steal my son and still speak here?”

Hearing his words, Lin Luoqing sneered. ‘Okay, if you want to break then I will have a good break with Chen Ming!’

He took out a pair of earphones from his bag, plugged them into his phone, selected a song and stuffed the earphones into Lin Fei’s ears. “Listen to children’s songs for a while.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Isn’t it just that you don’t want me to listen? You still have to make this excuse.

Lin Fei looked down at the book and listened to the song coming from the earphones. He didn’t care about the matter in front of him.

Lin Luoqing saw that he couldn’t hear and started speaking.

“You ask me why? Then I will tell you. It is because you didn’t want Fei Fei from the beginning. You told my sister to get rid of Fei Fei, just because you stepped on two boats. You obviously went on a blind date and didn’t break up with my sister, hanging onto my sister to prevent her from leaving. My sister got pregnant and worked hard to give birth to Fei Fei, raising Fei Fei. She said that you are dead so you are dead. Just because you have a family and wife now, you want to bring Fei Fei back? As what? An illegitimate child?”

Chen Ming hadn’t expected him to know so much and said angrily, “You checked me!”

“So what if I checked what happened in the past? You jumped in front of me and wanted to take the child. Can’t I check you? Chen Ming, how do you want to take Fei Fei back? Say that he is your relative’s child and was adopted by you? Or say that you adopted him from a welfare home? From then on, he will call you Dad and the person you cheated on his mother with by ‘Mom’? You are thinking too beautifully. Have you ever considered my sister’s mood?”

“Your sister is dead,” Chen Ming said coldly. “I am his closest relative in this world and he deserves to be with me!”

“You are dreaming!”

“Lin Luoqing, you abused my son. I didn’t care about this because you took care of him, but you must know that I am his father. As long as I reveal this identity, I will be the justified one. In other words, I am on the right side if we go to court. Whose child doesn’t want to be with his father but wants to be with his uncle? In particular, an uncle who abuses him!”

Lin Luoqing listened to the abuse coming from this person’s mouth and felt his anger rising.

“Do you really think I won’t dare tell your wife what you did?”

“Tell her then.” Chen Ming spread out his hands. “Can she blame me when she is the one who can’t give birth? Since I have made up my mind to bring Fei Fei back, I’m not afraid of her knowing. So what if she knows? I didn’t let Lin Luoxi give birth. She was the one who wanted to give birth and I didn’t know about it. Now she is gone and left me a son. It is simply a gift specially given to me by heaven. I can’t refuse it!”

“Lin Luoqing, you are a star. You don’t want to make headlines for the first time for stealing someone’s son and abusing their son, right? What do you think public opinion will think of you? Your celebrity career will be over, right?”

Lin Luoqing gritted his teeth. He had never hated the original owner as much as he did now. No matter what he did later or how he made up for it, he couldn’t erase what the original owner had done. He couldn’t deny that these scars didn’t exist and that the original owner had never bullied Lin Fei.

Chen Ming looked at him in a smug manner. “You can’t fight me. You are a public figure but I’m not. I might’ve done something disappointing to his mother but I am his father. Say it a thousand ways, I am still his father. His mother is dead and I am his closest person. I should be with him. A father and son are like this. How can you compare with a father and son’s affection?”

“So Lin Fei’s thoughts don’t matter? He doesn’t want to recognize you and doesn’t want to go back to you. Aren’t you even going to think about this?”

“He is still a child and young. He will forget the pain, just like he forgave you for bullying him. I just need to be nice to him later and he will slowly accept me and be willing to call me Dad. After all, blood is thicker than water. The two of you don’t have such a thick blood kinship like us. We are father and son. What overnight feud can there be between a father and son?”

“Aren’t you afraid that your wife won’t be able to accept it and won’t be good to him?”

“Don’t worry. This is my family’s matter. I will handle it well. You are an outsider and you don’t need to worry about it.”

Lin Luoqing asked, “Have you made up your mind now?”

“That’s right.” Chen Ming looked at him. “Give me Fei Fei now and I will let the past go. I won’t say anything. Or I will see you in court. At that time, if I say something unpleasant, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“Lin Luoqing, I am giving you the choice. If you are a smart person, you should know the current affairs. Fei Fei is a child and doesn’t understand anything. You must understand it, right?”

Before Lin Luoqing came, he had never expected this conversation to be so difficult.

It wasn’t that Chen Ming was difficult to deal with. It was that the things the original owner once did hit the pain point.

He couldn’t whitewash the original owner’s actions. He might say that he loved Lin Fei and it was unintentional for a while, but Lin Fei really was hurt. He couldn’t overturn these things.

In addition, even if he overturned it, Chen Ming wouldn’t forget it. He would keep holding onto this and biting at this point, saying that Lin Luoqing didn’t love Lin Fei and that he wasn’t a qualified guardian.

He was Lin Fei’s biological father and had a natural advantage. He just had to hold onto this point and Lin Luoqing might not necessarily win custody of Lin Fei.

Therefore, Lin Luoqing didn’t want to fight in court with him.

He didn’t want Lin Fei to be reminded by his biological father again and again that he had been injured in court. These injuries didn’t easily disappear. He didn’t want Lin Fei’s wounds to be ripped open again for people to see.

Chen Ming didn’t care if Lin Fei was sad because of this, but he did.

He even felt guilty for what the original owner had done.

Thus, he would never go to court.

Privately, Chen Ming looked determined not to give in. Then Lin Luoqing could only use his last resort.

“You want to fight me in a lawsuit, don’t you?” Lin Luoqing looked at him. “Then you had better take a look at this and decide if you want to fight me.”

Chen Ming sneered coldly. He had already decided. He wanted Lin Fei so he didn’t care no matter what Lin Luoqing came up with.

He wouldn’t retreat even if his wife came today and sat in front of him.

Of course, Lin Luoqing didn’t take out Chen Ming’s wife. He just took out his marriage certificate. He turned to the page with his name and the photo and showed it to Chen Ming.

“I’m married. I don’t know if Chen Feng told you about this, but she must not have told you who I got married to, right?” Lin Luoqing laughed. “Do you know Ji Yuxiao? If you don’t know him, you should always know the Ji Group, right?”

“Lin Fei isn’t only my child. He is also Ji Yuxiao’s child. Are you sure you want to steal a child from Ji Yuxiao?” Lin Luoqing asked with a smile. “You don’t think you can grab someone from Ji Yuxiao, right?”

Chen Ming stared at him in astonishment before looking at the marriage certificate in front of him.

Lin Luoqing was very generous. “You have also received a marriage certificate and you can take a closer look to check if it is real. Is it the same as yours?”

Chen Ming stared at the marriage certificate in his hand. He couldn’t believe it in his heart but he had to admit that it was real.

He turned to the page with the photo again. Lin Luoqing’s name was written and there was a handsome man beside him in the photo. Chen Ming looked down and saw Ji Yuxiao’s name.

He knew about Ji Yuxiao. Last year, the two brothers of the Ji family suffered a car accident. Ji Yuling died on the spot and Ji Yuxiao’s legs were injured. Some people said he was too miserable. A good person had become a cripple. However, other people said his life was good. Now the oldest son had died, the fat meat that is the Ji Group would enter his mouth.

Chen Ming’s family wasn’t at the level of dealing with the Ji family, so he had only heard about it. He didn’t know the specific details. It was because he wasn’t clear about things that meant he knew the distance between the two of them better.

If Ji Yuxiao wanted to deal with him, it would be not much different from crushing an ant.

How could Lin Luoqing marry him?

How could he climb such a high branch?

Chen Ming found it too unbelievable. He had thought he had victory in hand. He was fearless no matter what Lin Luoqing said or did. As long as he held onto the fact that Lin Luoqing abused Lin Fei and that he was just a father wanting to get justice for his son, the law would definitely be on his side and public opinion would support him. Then he would definitely get Lin Fei to return to his side.

But now Lin Luoqing was married to Ji Yuxiao.

Even if there was trouble, there was Ji Yuxiao’s identity and he couldn’t take advantage of anything.

Not only that, even if he won, Ji Yuxiao definitely wouldn’t let him go. At that time, he didn’t know what he and his family would face.

Chen Ming was a person who valued profit. He could go on a blind date with someone he didn’t like for the sake of his interests and even break up with Lin Luoxi to marry the other person. This meant he wouldn’t do anything that compromised his interests too much.

Of course, Lin Fei was important. It was fine for him to fall out with his wife for Lin Fei. Who let her not be able to give birth? What was wrong with him wanting a child of his own?

But no matter how important Lin Fei was, he wasn’t as important as Chen Ming himself or the interests of their family. It obviously wasn’t a wise move to provoke Ji Yuxiao just to compete for Lin Fei.

In addition, Lin Fei lived with Ji Yuxiao now. Regardless of whether Lin Fei called him Uncle or Father, Ji Yuxiao definitely didn’t treat Lin Fei badly. As long as Lin Fei said something, it would be enough for the Chen family to live for most of their lives.

So Chen Ming didn’t need to snatch Lin Fei back at all. He could use Lin Fei as a link to have a relationship with Ji Yuxiao. He could use Lin Fei to catch the big tree that was the Ji Group.

In this way, he had a son and he had money. It was killing two birds with one stone.

Chen Ming thought of this and stopped secretly scolding Lin Luoqing in his heart for hugging a big thigh. He handed the marriage certificate back with a smile and said, “When did you get married? Why didn’t I hear about the Ji family holding a wedding?”

“Didn’t you see the date on the certificate just now?” Lin Luoqing was indifferent. “As for the wedding, this isn’t something for you to worry about.”

“Luoqing, I know that as Fei Fei’s uncle, you have put a lot of thought into him. So let’s do this. Fei Fei will live in your house in the future. When I miss him, I will go to your house to see him. That is okay, right?”

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