FV: Chapter 143

“Can it be the same?” Lin Luoqing smiled.

He looked at Lin Fei in his arms. Lin Fei’s face was tender, with baby fat from not being grown yet. He was cute yet handsome. Even if he had a cold face, it made people want to like him.

“One last time. Do you really not want to see him?”

Lin Fei nodded. “I listen to my mother. My mother said he died so he is dead.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing didn’t know what mood he was in now. He seemed a bit helpless but also a bit relieved. He had already guessed that according to Lin Fei’s personality, it was estimated that he wouldn’t care about Chen Ming or want to go back with him.

However, he said so coldly that his father was dead and he didn’t want to see him at all. This was really a bit unexpected for Lin Luoqing.

But this was indeed Lin Fei’s character. He had always been dismissive of people he didn’t care about and didn’t feel he needed to waste time on them.

Zhang Xiaosong came to him to apologize and was made to stand downstairs, but he was so proud that he didn’t bother going down the stairs.

Now his biological father was looking for him and he didn’t feel the need to waste time meeting him.

He had his own personality and it was extremely distinct. Lin Luoqing didn’t intend to let him change it and naturally wouldn’t interfere in his decision.

“Then I’ll go and see him tomorrow. I will make it clear to him so he doesn’t go to your school to look for you again,” Lin Luoqing said.

Lin Fei heard Lin Luoqing was going to see his father and showed some fluctuations. “Why are you still going to see him?”

“I have to make it clear to him or he will appear in front of you and look for you.”

“Do you have to go?”

Lin Luoqing nodded.

“Then I’ll go with you.”

Lin Luoqing was puzzled. “Didn’t you say that you don’t want to see him?”

“But you are going to see him.”

If the other person was really his own father and Lin Luoqing was just an uncle, then in comparison, Lin Luoqing would suffer a loss.

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected Lin Fei to go because he was going to go. Lin Fei wasn’t worried about him, right?

No, he was an adult!

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing agreed. “Then wait until tomorrow afternoon when you finish school. We will go and see him together.”

“Then Xiao Yu will definitely want to go,” Lin Fei said.

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘This…’

“Do you want him to go?” He asked Lin Fei.

“I don’t care,” Lin Fei answered calmly.

“Then let him go home first.” Lin Luoqing pondered on it. He was really worried that Lin Fei’s father would say something bad and Ji Leyu would note him down in his death notebook!

In the end, this was Lin Fei’s father. He couldn’t watch him die and not save him.

Lin Luoqing sighed. Alas, this was really troublesome.

Lin Luoqing and Lin Fei finished talking and went back to Ji Yuxiao’s study. It was only then that Ji Yuxiao let Ji Leyu return.

“How was the talk?” Ji Yuxiao asked with concern.

“It is good. Fei Fei doesn’t want to see him, but heard I was going to see him tomorrow. Therefore, Fei Fei said he wanted to go with me.”

“Then it seems he doesn’t want to recognize Chen Ming as his father?”

“Yes, he said that his father is dead. His mother said he is dead so he is dead.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “This is indeed his personality.”

He had already seen from Zhang Xiaosong’s incident last time that Lin Fei was different from most children. He had too unique a personality and was too thoughtful.

“That’s good. We can continue to take care of Fei Fei, which is great.”

Lin Luoqing also felt this. After all, Chen Ming was unreliable at first glance.

“Okay. Now that the matter of Fei Fei has come to an end, let’s talk about your matter. How did your audition go?”

“It was okay,” Lin Luoqing answered.

The content of his audition wasn’t difficult. In addition, he had a youthful appearance and looked really young, so he fit the character setting. The only problem was that he wasn’t popular enough. Therefore, the director didn’t say much and just said he acted well.

“The rest is left to fate,” Lin Luoqing said. “Brother Wu said he would help me find a way, but there is nothing that can be done about popularity. I am also looking at it very openly. It is best if I can act, but I won’t force it if I can’t act.”

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “I believe you can.”

“There is no way. Still, I’m not in a hurry. In the end, my career is just beginning. There is still time,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile.

Compared to this, he was more concerned about meeting Chen Ming tomorrow.

No, he had to prepare something. If it couldn’t be resolved at once, wouldn’t it mean he would have to go and see Chen Ming a second time?

There was no need for this. It was already a waste of his time to go and see Chen Ming once.

“I’ll meet Chen Ming tomorrow night and eat outside along the way. You don’t have to wait for me.”

“Okay. Do you want me to accompany you?” Ji Yuxiao asked.

“No, I can go alone. Fei Fei is there. If you also go, won’t it be giving him too much face?”

Lin Luoqing looked at him. “I also don’t want Xiao Yu to go. If you go too, Xiao Yu will definitely want to go even more. Wait for me at home. Then I can let Xiao Yu go home early.”

“Okay.” Ji Yuxiao couldn’t help it. “If anything happens, call me directly.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

Ji Yuxiao reached out and hugged him. He let Lin Luoqing sit on his lap and kissed him on the face.

Lin Luoqing looked at him with a smile and slowly became intimate with him.

The next afternoon, Lin Luoqing specially asked Xiao Li to send him to school.

He picked up Lin Fei and Ji Leyu and coaxed Ji Leyu. “Dad and your brother are going to do an errand. You go home first. Your father is waiting for you at home.”

Ji Leyu was reluctant. “Let’s go together and then go home.”

“That won’t work. Then your dad will be waiting a long time. Xiao Yu, go back and help me accompany your dad first, okay?”

The moment he mentioned Ji Yuxiao, Ji Leyu didn’t insist so much. Still, he was full of doubt and wondered, “Then when will you come back?”

“We will go back soon. We will be back by the time you finish eating.”

“Aren’t we going to eat together?”

“No, you and your dad eat first. Don’t wait for me and your brother, okay?”

Ji Leyu was even more puzzled. He reluctantly got into the car, opened the window and said, “Then you and brother come back early.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing agreed.

He raised his hand and waved at Ji Leyu. He watched Luo Jia drive away and got into Xiao Li’s car.

Ji Leyu sat in the car while feeling uneasy.

Ever since he and Lin Fei took the car to school together, Lin Fei had never been separated from him except for the few days when Lin Fei didn’t go to school. Why did he suddenly have to go with Lin Luoqing now and why couldn’t Ji Leyu go with them?

He sensitively thought of the man who appeared yesterday who claimed to be Lin Fei’s father. Was he really a liar?

Was he actually Lin Fei’s father?

They didn’t bring Ji Leyu today. Were they going to see him?

Was Lin Fei going home with that man and leaving their house?

Ji Leyu raised his head and said to Luo Jia, “Uncle Luo, I don’t want to go home any longer. I want to go with Dad and Brother.”

“Xiao Yu, be good. Your father and brother will come back in a while.” Luo Jia comforted him.

“Will he really come back?” Ji Leyu looked ahead and muttered.

Would Lin Fei really come back?

Who would want to be separated from their father?

Children must be with their fathers.

However, he didn’t want Lin Fei to be with his father.

If only he and Lin Fei had the same father.

He was willing to let his father be Lin Fei’s father, so that Lin Fei wouldn’t have to be with other fathers.

Ji Leyu was a bit uncomfortable. He took out his phone to send a message to Lin Fei.

[Did you go to see your father?]

[Will you come back after meeting your father?]

[I will give my dad to you and you can call him Dad. Then ignore the other dads, okay?]

[You said you were going to accompany me.]

He lowered his eyes, his eyes sore.

[You can’t lie to me.]

You can’t be like the snowmen family and disappear when I can’t see you.

Even if your Dad is good, but… but…

Ji Leyu couldn’t express it. Who wouldn’t like their father?

Who could be more important than a father?

It was normal if Lin Fei wanted to leave. After all, this was his father. Ji Leyu wasn’t as important as his father.

He looked at the phone, his eyes lowered. His eyes were moist, as if it was soaked by rain and fog.

After a long time, the phone in his hand vibrated twice. Ji Leyu hurriedly took a look. It was Lin Fei who sent two messages to him.

Lin Fei said: [You are good.]

He added: [I will go back and hug you.]

Ji Leyu felt even more aggrieved in an instant, but he also seemed less aggrieved.

He replied: [Then come back early!]

Lin Fei: [Yes.]

Ji Leyu’s fingers silently moved to the voice call button. Finally, he couldn’t hold back and clicked on it.

Lin Fei picked up, his voice indifferent. “What’s wrong?”

Ji Leyu was a bit speechless for a while and could only call out in a low voice, “Brother.”

Lin Fei listened to his voice and imagined Ji Leyu’s usual wronged face in front of him. Ji Leyu’s small face was bulging, his eyebrows were raised and he looked aggrieved and pitiful.

He could pretend to be wronged even for things that obviously had nothing to do with him.

Ah, so clingy.

“Go back and do your homework. I’ll check it later.”

“Okay.” Ji Leyu was obedient. “When are you coming back?”

“I don’t know. It should be early.”

“Then I’ll wait for you to come back and eat together,” Ji Leyu tentatively said.

Lin Fei didn’t refuse. “Oh.”

It was only then that Ji Leyu’s heart felt a bit more at ease.

“You are good.” Lin Fei coaxed him.

Ji Leyu nodded, his voice soft. “Yes, I’m good.”

Lin Luoqing saw that Lin Fei had hung up the voice call and asked him, “Xiao Yu?”

Lin Fei nodded. “He knows about it and probably feels wronged.”

Lin Luoqing hadn’t expected Ji Leyu to be keen enough to guess, even though he hid it so tightly.

He sent a WeChat message to Ji Yuxiao, asking him to coax Ji Leyu when he came home.

“Will you talk to him for a long time?” Lin Fei asked him.

Lin Luoqing shook his head. “What’s wrong?”

Lin Fei shook his phone. “He asked me to go back early.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“Okay, I’ll try to talk to him as quickly as possible.”

Lin Fei nodded. “Yes.”

Xiao Li heard this and silently increased his speed. Soon, the car arrived at the hotel that was agreed upon.

Lin Luoqing took Lin Fei to a private room.

Chen Ming came a bit earlier than them. Once he saw Lin Fei, he immediately stood up in surprise. “Fei Fei, you are here.”

Lin Fei glanced at him, coldly and without any emotions. Then he looked at Lin Luoqing again.

Lin Luoqing pulled him to sit opposite Chen Ming and Chem Ming looked at Fei Fei with a smile. “Fei Fei, what do you want to eat? You can order whatever. Dad will pay for it.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei didn’t speak. He unzipped his bag and took out a book to read. The meaning was obvious. He didn’t want to order, let alone eat.

It was such a waste of time. He just wanted to go back early to eat with his clingy brother.

Chen Ming couldn’t understand his actions and asked doubtfully, “Fei Fei, look at what to eat first. Don’t worry about reading. You can read when you get home.”

“He doesn’t want to eat,” Lin Luoqing said. “Mr Chen, let’s get down to business. I talked about it with Fei Fei last night and he doesn’t want to go back with you and he doesn’t want to recognize you as his father. So we hope that you won’t appear in front of us in the future, okay?”

Chen Ming listened to his words and was shocked. “What did you say? How did you speak to him? You must’ve said it from your standpoint!”

He glared at Lin Luoqing. Then he looked at Lin Fei again and said in a gentle tone, “Don’t listen to him. I am your father and your only relative. Dad came to take you home this time.”

“My father is dead,” Lin Fei gave a rare reply to him.

Chen Ming hadn’t expected him to say this and was angry. “Lin Luoqing, is this how you have taught my son?”

“My mother said so.” Lin Fei’s tone was indifferent.

Chen Ming, “……”

Chen Ming said helplessly. “Your mother lied to you. Your mother was angry with me so she deliberately lied to you. I am indeed your father. If you don’t believe me, we can take a paternity test.”

“My mom said that my father is dead so my father is dead.” Lin Fei was indifferent.

“Why are you acting like this?” Chen Ming didn’t understand. “I told you that your mother lied to you. I am your father. Aren’t I in front of you right now?”

He asked, “After all these years, don’t you miss your father? You see that other children have fathers. If you don’t have a father, aren’t you uncomfortable? If it wasn’t for your mother hiding you and not telling me about your existence, Dad would’ve gone to you a long time ago. Dad loves you.”

Lin Fei’s face didn’t show any fluctuations and his voice was the same as before, without any ups and downs. “I don’t want to. It isn’t uncomfortable.”

Chen Ming, “……”

Chen Ming felt that there was something wrong with his son.

“Do you hate me? You must hate me for appearing so late and hate that I didn’t accompany you when you were younger. Please don’t blame me for this. I really didn’t know about your existence. Dad only learned a few days ago that I had a child like you.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei looked down to read, too lazy to talk nonsense with this person any longer.

In any case, the other person didn’t listen to him so he wouldn’t speak.

Chen Ming saw that Lin Fei didn’t speak again and wasn’t looking at him. Therefore, he said with worry, “Give me a chance. Dad will definitely make it up to you.”

Lin Fei still ignored him.

“Fei Fei, why aren’t you talking? Don’t read the book now. Don’t you know that reading books when talking to others is impolite behavior?”

Lin Fei still ignored him.

“Fei Fei…”

“He doesn’t want to talk to you,” Lin Luoqing said helplessly.

“He has been speaking but you didn’t listen to him. You just talked according to your own ideas. He feels that talking to you is a waste of time. Since you won’t listen, he won’t speak.”

Chen Ming, “???”

His son had such a personality?

“So did you see it?” Lin Luoqing looked at him. “You don’t know him at all and he doesn’t want to recognize you, let alone feel that he needs you as a father. So can you not appear in front of us in the future?”

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