FV: Chapter 141

Ji Leyu, “???!!!”

Ji Leyu looked up in surprise. In front of him was an uncle he didn’t know.

He hurriedly looked at Lin Fei. Lin Fei had no expression on his face. His handsome little face was as cold as usual. He didn’t change his expression even after hearing such shocking words. He didn’t even look up at the other person as he pulled Ji Leyu to the side.

Seeing this, Chen Ming quickly walked over and stopped him. “Fei Fei, I really am your father. Your mother’s name is Lin Luoxi, right?”

Lin Fei walked to the other side.

Chen Ming was forced to stop him again.

Lin Fei finally raised his head reluctantly and said in a cold voice, “You are blocking my way.”

Chen Ming was about to speak but Luo Jia had already come over.

He saw someone stopping Lin Fei and Ji Leyu from the car and immediately got out of the car alertly, walking over quickly.

Luo Jia reached out and pushed Chen Ming aside. He bent down and picked up one child in each hand, walking on long legs toward the car.

Chen Ming was caught off guard and was pushed away by him. He was stunned for a moment. Then once he recovered, he immediately chased after Luo Jia.

Luo Jia stuffed the two children into the car and closed the door. Then he saw Chen Ming chasing after him again.

“I am Chen Ming, Lin Fei’s father. You must be Lin Luoqing’s driver. I came to Lin Fei today because I have something to say to him. I hope you can let us sit down and talk alone.”

Sit down alone? He was dreaming.

Luo Jia ignored him.

Seeing that this person didn’t believe him, Chen Ming handed over a business card.

Luo Jia took a look. Okay, he was the CEO of some electrical company.

“I don’t buy appliances.” He put the business card in his pocket, pulled Chen Ming away and walked to the driver’s seat.

Chen Ming was helpless as he chased after this person. “It isn’t for you to buy electrical appliances. I need to talk to my son.”

Luo Jia got into the car, locked the door directly and started the car.

Chen Ming saw him leaving directly without saying anything and secretly cursed in anger. What type of thing was this person?!

It was worthy of being the driver invited by Lin Luoqing. He was as unreliable as Lin Luoqing!

The moment he thought of his son following Lin Luoqing and being abused by him, he just felt that Lin Luoqing wasn’t a person. His feelings weren’t on his son and it wasn’t known how distressed he was.

In addition, didn’t Lin Luoxi know what a dog her brother was? She actually dared to entrust the child to him?

These siblings weren’t reliable!

When it was critical, it still depended on him this father!

He pitied his little son, who had suffered so much.

Chen Ming originally wanted to come directly to see Lin Fei and then go see Lin Luoqing after chatting with Lin Fei. He would take back Lin Luoxi’s inheritance and Lin Fei’s guardianship. Now he was blocked by Lin Luoqing’s driver and he couldn’t talk to Lin Fei, so he had to contact Lin Luoqing first.

He took out his phone to find the number of Lin Luoqing that Lin Luoxi had previously given him and he called it.

However, a mechanical female voice came from the phone. “Sorry, the number you have called has been turned off. Please call again later. Sorry…”

Chen Ming, “……”

Chen Ming had to search for the WeChat account attached to this number and send a friend request.

Ji Leyu sat in the car and fidgeted.

He looked at Lin Fei from time to time. Finally, he couldn’t bear it any longer and asked in a low voice, “Is that your father?”

Lin Fei’s voice was indifferent. “My father died a long time ago.”

“But he said he is your father. He also knows that your name is Lin Fei and your mother’s name is Lin Luoxi.”

Lin Fei’s eyes were full of disdain. “That is how he lied to you. When traffickers deceive children, they will use the children’s mother or father as an excuse.”

“Really?” Ji Leyu was suspicious.

Lin Fei was helpless. “Watch more news and fewer cartoons.”

Ji Leyu was relieved. It wasn’t Lin Fei’s real father so he wouldn’t steal Lin Fei from him. Lin Fei was still his.

He hugged Lin Fei and leaned against his shoulders.

“Brother, you belong to our family.” His tone was soft. “You can’t go with others.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt that he was thinking too much.

Luo Jia paid attention to the movements of the two of them while driving. He looked in the rearview mirror and his eyes swept over Lin Fei’s face. He thought of the man who claimed to be Lin Fei’s father.

In fact, if he looked closely then he could indeed see that Lin Fei’s outline was somewhat similar to the other person.

His eyes were very delicate, similar to Lin Luoqing and his mother Lin Luoxi. This was normal. The son was like the mother and the nephew was like the uncle.

They both had delicate eyes but Ji Leyu gave people the initial feeling of beauty, like a doll. Meanwhile, Lin Fei made people feel handsome and cool and that he would definitely be a handsome guy in the future. The main reason was due to his outline.

Ji Leyu’s eyes were beautiful like his father, Ji Yuling, and Ji Yuxiao. However, his outline followed his mother and was softer. Therefore, he was exquisite and beautiful.

Lin Fei was different. His outline was different from Lin Luoxi and Lin Luoqing. It wasn’t like anyone in the Lin family, but was like Chen Ming. This was why he was exquisite and handsome.

Luo Jia’s heart sank. He decided to talk to Ji Yuxiao about this matter after going back.

It might really be Lin Fei’s biological father but he appeared suddenly after so many years. Who knew if he really loved the child or had ulterior motives?

He quickly drove Lin Fei and Ji Leyu home. He had the two of them change into sportswear for training while he went to the study to find Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao was a bit surprised after hearing his words. He had just been told by Lin Luoqing a while ago that it wasn’t known if Lin Fei’s father was really dead or if it was just an excuse. Ji Yuxiao hadn’t expected Lin Fei’s father to show up so quickly.

“This is the business card he gave me.” Luo Jia handed over the business card. “Look and check it out. It is true that you didn’t know about him before, but now that you know it, see if it is okay for him to recognize the child. If he has other intentions then don’t let him appear in front of the child.”

“I know.” Ji Yuxiao took it, his expression complicated.

Lin Fei’s father suddenly appeared at this time. He didn’t appear earlier or later, but at this time. Was it just a coincidence?

“Then I’ll go and train the two children,” Luo Jia said.

“Go ahead.” Ji Yuxiao told him. “Don’t train them too hard. They are still children.”

“I know, I know.” Luo Jia waved his hand and walked out.

Ji Yuxiao quickly instructed his assistant to check this Chen Ming.

Lin Luoqing got off the plane, turned on his phone and saw several missed calls.

They were all the same number, but it wasn’t a number he was familiar with. Therefore, he didn’t care about it and just thought it was a wrong number.

Lin Luoqing opened WeChat, wanting to report to Ji Yuxiao that he was safe and that he had arrived. Then the moment he opened it, he found that he had an additional friend request. There was a note below it: [I am Chen Ming, Lin Fei’s father.]

Lin Luoqing, “????!!!!”

Lin Luoqing stared at these words in surprise. He dug for the name Chen Ming in his mind and after a long time, he finally pulled out such a person from the memories of the original owner.

Chen Ming—Lin Luoxi’s ex-boyfriend. The original owner had met him once and exchanged phone numbers. Later, Lin Luoxi broke up with him and the original owner deleted his number. His sister had broken up with Chen Ming and this person had nothing to do with him. It was useless to keep it.

Therefore, Lin Fei turned out… to be his child?

Lin Luoqing was too surprised.

He always thought that Lin Fei’s father was dead. Unexpectedly, he wasn’t dead and suddenly appeared?

What was he doing now?

Did he want custody of Lin Fei?

He was dreaming!

Lin Luoqing subconsciously refused. He had managed to raise his little Fei Fei so well and healthy. It was even to the point where Fei Fei would kiss him awkwardly. He wouldn’t be separated from Fei Fei.

Then Lin Luoqing thought about it again. The other person was Lin Fei’s biological father after all. Perhaps he also liked Lin Fei very much. It wasn’t an excessive request if he wanted to reunite with Lin Fei?

However, Lin Luoxi didn’t want them to be reunited!

He didn’t know why they broke up at the time but Lin Luo Luoxi entrusted Lin Fei to the original owner before dying rather than Chen Ming. She told the original owner and Lin Fei that Lin Fei’s father was dead. In other words, she made it clear that she didn’t want Lin Fei to go to his father.

It was a child she gave birth to and she gave the best to her child despite so much suffering. He couldn’t go against Lin Luoxi’s wishes.

The most important thing was that Lin Luoqing was thinking about Lin Fei. Based on Lin Fei’s personality, he probably wouldn’t pay attention to this father who appeared out of nowhere.

Lin Luoqing thought up to here and wasn’t upset at all.

If his biological father was really a good person and liked Lin Fei, he should respect Lin Fei’s character. If he could be good to Lin Fei then he could come and see Lin Fei. However, he couldn’t force Lin Fei to do anything.

If his father wasn’t a good person and wanted to force Lin Fei to go back with him, regardless of Lin Fei’s thoughts, there was no need to care about his father. Lin Luoqing would just drive him out.

Lin Luoqing thought so and his mind was much clearer. His thoughts weren’t important and Chen Ming’s thoughts weren’t important. Lin Fei’s thoughts and Lin Luoxi’s thoughts were the most important things.

One of them was the person concerned and the other was the mother who gave birth to her child after many hardships. Only the two of them had the right to decide.

Lin Luoqing sent a WeChat message to Ji Yuxiao, saying he had got off the plane and was about to head home.

Ji Yuxiao replied quickly: [Okay, be careful on the road.]

He put down his phone. He thought that when Lin Luoqing came back, he would tell Lin Luoqing about Lin Fei’s biological father. He hoped that Lin Luoqing could bear it.

Lin Luoqing sat in the car and called Chen Ming.

“Hello.” Chen Ming saw that it was him and immediately picked up. He opened his mouth and didn’t forget to complain. “You actually turned on your phone.”

“What’s the matter?” Lin Luoqing asked knowingly.

“Lin Fei is my child.” Chen Ming was very determined. “Your sister entrusted him to you before she died but you don’t like him and you aren’t good to him. It is better to let me take him. In any case, he is my son. It is better for him to be with me than with his uncle, right?”

Lin Luoqing heard the sentence, ‘You don’t like him and you aren’t good for him’ and asked sensitively, “Who told you that I’m not good to him?”

How could he know this? He hadn’t seen it with his own eyes.

“You don’t need to know this. Since you don’t like him, isn’t it a good thing for you if I take him away?”

Lin Luoqing sneered. “It seems that someone really told you. Say, who let you come?”

“I said that this isn’t something you need to know. Lin Luoqing, you are a star and you definitely don’t want to be on the social news. Give Lin Fei to me. It is good for you, me and Lin Fei. If I was you, I would agree immediately.”

“Is that all you want to say to me?” Lin Luoqing asked him.

“Otherwise?” Chen Ming felt he had already given Lin Luoqing a lot of face. “You abused my son but I won’t care about this. As long as you are willing to return Fei Fei to me, I will be benevolent and righteous.”

Lin Luoqing listened to these words. If Chen Ming insisted on caring about the bad things that the original owner did to Lin Fei then he might feel that this father was a bit like a father. However, Chen Ming didn’t care. He just wanted Lin Fei. He wasn’t at all like a father who cared about his child.

“Let me guess, did Chen Feng tell you?”

Those who could know that the original owner treated Lin Fei badly could only be people who had contact with the original owner. Among them, Chen Feng was the most likely.

“Don’t talk about this. Tell me if you are willing to give Fei Fei to me.”

Lin Luoqing laughed again and said in a soft tone, “You know about Lin Fei from her and can’t wait to come to me to ask for Lin Fei. Why do you want Lin Fei? For love? For the good of the child? Or for yourself? Chen Ming, my sister said that Lin Fei’s father is dead. You should explain it to me first. Why would my sister say such things? What did you do to her? Why did she secretly leave Lin Fei to me behind your back? Why did she break up with you? Why did she say you were dead? Don’t you think it is ridiculous to ask for Lin Fei without explaining anything?”

Chen Ming felt weak and irritable as soon as he heard this person mention Lin Luoxi and the past.

He actually knew that Lin Luoxi was pregnant back then and didn’t care. He only asked Lin Luoxi to abort the child. Then he went to find Lin Luoxi. Lin Luoxi looked haggard and said she had an abortion. He had believed it. After all, she didn’t look very good at that time, like she had just lost the baby.

He never thought that she never had the abortion and actually hid the fact that she gave birth to Lin Fei from him.

In addition, he never thought that after so many years, he would want a child. He went around in circles and actually returned to Lin Fei, a child who should’ve died a long time ago.

“Why do you care about this? Love is a matter of two people. No matter what happened between me and your sister, this is a matter between me and your sister. It can’t change the fact that Lin Fei is our child. Now his mother is dead and I am his closest relative, his only immediate relative. So I am going to take Lin Fei, even if it means a lawsuit, understood?”

Lin Luoqing understood. “It seems it is you who disappointed my sister. Then I’m sorry. My sister said that Lin Fei’s father is dead, so he is dead. It doesn’t matter who you are, unless you are also dead. Otherwise, don’t casually impersonate someone else’s father, understand?”

Lin Luoqing finished speaking and hung up the phone.

He wasn’t interested in Lin Fei’s biological father before and didn’t want to find out what happened back then. Lin Luoxi had given birth to Lin Fei alone out of wedlock. However, now the other person dared to appear in front of him and tried to grab Lin Fei from him with such a tough attitude. Then he naturally had to understand the past.

Lin Luoqing apologized to Lin Luoxi in his heart. No one wanted their private affairs to be known by others, but he must understand these things in order to better protect Lin Fei.

‘I won’t hand Lin Fei over to him. Now that I am your younger brother, I will take good care of him according to your entrustment. Don’t worry,’ he silently reassured Lin Luoxi in his heart.

At around 7 o’clock, Lin Luoqing arrived home.

It was just in time to eat. Ji Leyu and Lin Fei had finished training and they had already taken a bath. They changed into pajamas and sat down at the dining table.

Ji Leyu saw him return and excitedly shouted, “Dad.”

Lin Luoqing smiled, walked over and hugged him. Then he hugged Lin Fei as well and kissed them both on the face.

Luo Jia didn’t leave and had a meal with them.

After dinner, Luo Jia left and Lin Fei pulled Ji Leyu back to the bedroom to do homework.

It was only at this time that Ji Yuxiao called Lin Luoqing to the study and told him about Chen Ming.

“Here are some things that I found. Take a look.” Ji Yuxiao handed the A4 paper on the table to Lin Luoqing. “You don’t care much about him and don’t want to know about his past, but it is a matter regarding Fei Fei. I think it is better to know something.”

Lin Luoqing laughed suddenly as he felt that the two of them really had a tacit understanding. “To be honest, on the way back today, I wanted you to help me find out what happened between him and my sister in the past.”

“You also know about it?” Ji Yuxiao was surprised but soon nodded. “That’s right. If he was ignored then he will naturally find you to talk about Fei Fei.”

“Yes. His attitude is quite tough. He says that he is Fei Fei’s biological father and will take care of him, even if it means fighting a lawsuit.”

“He is dreaming.” Ji Yuxiao sneered. “How dare he fight a lawsuit with you. Even if he really dares to go to court, what reason does he have?”

Lin Luoqing listened to these words and secretly thought, ‘Chen Ming has quite a lot of reasons.’

“Then I’ll take a look first.” He raised the A4 paper in his hand.

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “I will go and have people check his previous relationship with your sister.”

This matter was related to Lin Luoxi. Ji Yuxiao deliberately avoided her when he had people check it before. After all, this was Lin Luoqing’s sister and Lin Fei’s mother. He was embarrassed to spy on the other person’s romance. However, now Lin Luoqing felt the need so he would find out a little bit.

In this way, he could better understand what type of person Lin Fei’s biological father was and what type of heart he had now.

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2 months ago

The way my heart dropped when Chen Ming appeared. I hope he and Chen Feng suffers for causing trouble for our lovely family.

But thank you so much for the update !

2 months ago

Feifei was really unlucky in the original novel; none of his living family members cared for him. :(((((( Well, he’s our MC’s child now, no take-backsies. This Chen Ming is really shameless….

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