FV: Chapter 14

They got home and Lin Luoqing was ready to cook. It was a rainy day and he planned to make hot pot to warm them up.

“Go read a book.” Lin Luoqing told Lin Fei. “Uncle will wash the dishes. Then we will eat hot pot later.” 

Lin Fei nodded and entered his room.

Lin Luoqing was washing the dishes when he heard the phone ring.

The called ID said ‘Xiao Ma’. Lin Luoqing remembered that this was one of the original owner’s friends.

He picked up and heard Xiao Ma say in a loud voice, “Luoqing, come quickly. “Young Master Tan is here.”

Lin Luoqing, ‘??? Young Master Tan?’

He had to search through his memory again. Then he remembered that this Young Master Tan was the person the original owner really liked and had been watching.

It was just that he had no interest in Young Master Tan so he refused. “No, I’m busy.”

“What are you busy with?” Xiao Ma smiled. “What can be more important than Young Master Tan?”

Lin Luoqing chuckled while thinking that this was too much.

“I’m hanging up.” He finished and hung up the phone.

Xiao Ma couldn’t believe that he could really refuse Young Master Tan’s temptation and called again. “What are you doing? It is rare for Young Master Tan to come today. Don’t you want to see him? I’m telling you, once something is missed, it won’t appear again.”

“I don’t want to,” Lin Luoqing said casually. “I’m not interested in Young Master Tan now.”

Xiao Ma sneered. “Here you go again. Every time he gets close to someone else, you say you don’t like him any longer. How many times has this happened?”

“It is true this time.” Lin Luoqing smiled. “So you don’t have to talk to me about him in the future.”

Xiao Ma didn’t believe it. “In any case, Young Master Shao will be here tonight. I have made it clear to you. Don’t say that I’m not loyal in the future.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing hung up the phone. He thought about the future. His future was to be a father to Ji Leyu, the big villain.

Wasn’t this more exciting than Young Master Tan?

Lin Luoqing quickly washed the vegetables, cut potato slices and sweet potatoes and took out the beef rolls.

He put the pot on the dining table, put the hot pot base in and poured water. Then he called Lin Fei.

Lin Fei looked at the hot pot in front of him and felt that he was a bit hungry.

Lin Luoqing mixed some sesame dipping sauce for him and the two of them sat at the table to eat.

“Wait a while to finish your homework and remember to pack your things. If it doesn’t rain tomorrow, I’ll pick you up and we’ll move right after school.”

Lin Fei was surprised. “You will also come to pick me up tomorrow?”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing was calm. “Uncle hasn’t been busy recently. If I have time then I’ll pick you up and drop you off at school.”

‘However, you didn’t pick me up when you had time before,’ Lin Fei thought.

He looked at Lin Luoqing and his eyes were once again the familiar fan-shaped statistical chart.

Lin Luoqing was used to it and put a piece of beef into his bowl. “Eat meat.”

Lin Fei took a bite and gave a slight hiss. “Spicy.”

Lin Luoqing looked at him with a smile. “You dislike me again.”

He said this but he was only teasing Lin Fei. Once he had enough of the teasing, he handed over his bowl. “Give it to me.”

Lin Fei looked at him before lowering his head to pick up the meat in the bowl. Just as Lin Luoqing thought this child was going to give it to him, Lin Fei simply turned his chopsticks and stuffed it directly into his mouth.

“I can eat spicy too,” Lin Fei declared in an unconvinced manner.

Lin Luoqing was amused by this childish behavior. He opened a bottle of yogurt for him and put the beef from the clear soup pot into the child’s bowl.

Lin Fei ate and ate. He looked curiously at the red oil pot on his side and tentatively took some food.

“Be careful,” Lin Luoqing reminded him.

“I’m not afraid.” Lin Fei dipped it in the sesame sauce and the corner of his mouth slightly curved up.

Lin Luoqing thought Lin Fei was quite cute so he allowed it.

They finished eating and started to organize their things.

Lin Fei didn’t have much luggage. He had moved from his mother’s place to Lin Luoqing’s place. Now that he was moving somewhere else, he still packed just his small suitcase and school bag.

Lin Luoqing’s luggage was similar to his. He wasn’t the original owner and naturally had no feelings for most of the things. He just packed some clothes and newly bought necessities.

He was cleaning up when he heard thunder outside. The rain also hadn’t stopped. Lin Luoqing turned his head to look at the window. Would the rain stop tomorrow?

Meanwhile, Ji Yuxiao finished checking Ji Leyu’s homework and returned to his bedroom to hear thunder.

The sound upset him.

His head hurt so much that his mood became restless.

Ji Yuxiao knew it was time for him to sleep. It had been nearly 50 hours since he last slept. His body was reminding him that he needed sleep and rest but he just couldn’t sleep.

Ji Yuxiao pushed the wheelchair to the balcony of the bedroom. He stared at the rain outside and slowly lit a cigarette.

The first time he lost sleep, he had been confused about why this was happening.

Until one day, he remembered that it was because he previously started to reject sleep.

At that time, he had just been discharged from the hospital. Every time he closed his eyes, he seemed to return to the scene of the car accident. His brother was protecting his wife in the passenger seat and he hugged her so tightly that he pressed her under his chest, hoping he could protect her. It was just that she lay in his arms forever and never opened her eyes again.

They died in the car accident. He protected Ji Leyu in his arms but had to watch his brother and sister-in-law die in front of him in the same car he was riding.

Ji Yuxiao woke up from his dream again and again, sweating and soaking his clothes.

Therefore, he started to refuse to sleep. He didn’t want to go back to the scene of the car accident and torture himself over and over again, immersing himself in repressed emotions.

He was successful, so successful that he never dreamed of the car accident again because he couldn’t sleep at all.

He couldn’t sleep.

He couldn’t sleep at all unless he forced it with medicine.

Of course, Ji Yuxiao knew that the medicine was also poison. In particular, sleeping pills were addictive and he couldn’t take too much. He carefully controlled it and only indulged himself to take medicine when he was on the verge of a critical point due to his insomnia.

However, every time he took the medicine, he would have nightmares again and wouldn’t wake up. Even if he opened his eyes the next day, he would have a headache and be in a trance.

He knew he couldn’t go on like this. His body would collapse first before he could do what he needed to do.

Therefore, he actively cooperated with the treatment but it was useless. No matter whether it was a doctor or psychologist, they were helpless to deal with his illness.

Just as he was almost going to give up, he met Lin Luoqing.

He found that Lin Luoqing could actually make him fall asleep and it was a very peaceful sleep.

There were no nightmares and no ghost pressing him onto the bed. He woke up refreshed like he did before the car accident.

This wasn’t bad news so he didn’t hesitate to tie Lin Luoqing to his side.

Lin Luoqing came at the right time, not just for his insomnia but for other aspects.

His presence meant the image Ji Yuxiao had worked hard to build became more realistic.

Lin Luoqing really was a gift from Heaven.

Ji Yuxiao felt a bit calmer when he thought this and he wanted to see the other person.

He took out his phone and sent Lin Luoqing a WeChat message. [What are you doing?]

Lin Luoqing’s WeChat replies had always been timely. [Packing my luggage.]

[Is there a lot? Once the time comes, I will let Xiao Li pick you up.]

[It’s fine. There isn’t much. Thank you.]

[You’re welcome.]

There was another flash of thunder in the air, upsetting him. Therefore, he took the initiative to send a video invitation to Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing looked at the video call invitation with surprise. He thought about it and sat on the bed to pick it up.

Ji Yuxiao was wearing a black nightgown and his face was a bit pale. He leaned against his wheelchair, his expression lazy. He was like flowers in a mirror and the moon reflected in a lake, beautiful and illusory.

It was the first time Lin Luoqing had seen him like this and it wasn’t the same as his previous impression.

He thought about it before hesitantly saying, “Brother, do you still want to use a beauty filter in a video call with me?”

The male god’s airs were too strong. The whitening filter used made him almost whiter than the wall of his house. It wasn’t necessary!

“You are already very handsome to me. The most handsome man in the world is you. There is no need for you to use any additional filters.” He advised Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao never dreamed that the opening remarks of their video call would be like this and suddenly laughed.

Lin Luoqing was confused. “Why are you laughing? Am I wrong?”

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao nodded. “It is right but…”

He watched Lin Luoqing and said in a gentle tone, “Why do you think your male god will use a filter when making a video call with you?”

“Is it because you think about maintaining a perfect image when you see your male god so you put a filter on yourself?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing felt that this person was really thinking too much

However, Lin Luoqing was also relieved to see this person smile.

The second when the video call was connected, Ji Yuxiao looked vaguely ill under his lazy appearance.

Lin Luoqing had never seen him look like this. He was used to Ji Yuxiao’s confident and happy appearance when facing him, so he instinctively hoped that Ji Yuxiao would be happier.

—Just like now. He was back to his usual appearance.

“I don’t use filters. I look pretty good. What filters do I need?” Lin Luoqing declared proudly. “By the way, why did you suddenly find me for a video call?”

“Oh,” Ji Yuxiao replied calmly. “Isn’t there thunder?”

“What’s wrong with thunder?” Lin Luoqing teased him with a smile. “Surely someone who is so wise and mighty on the surface isn’t afraid of thunder, right?”

Ji Yuxiao heard the words and slowly smiled.

“No, I just remembered a sentence.”


The smile on Ji Yuxiao’s face deepened. “It is probably as quiet as a pillar of the sky, moving like a dragon in the abyss, powerful like vast thunder, fluttering like feathers and ascending like an immortal. It can be said to wish for life or death and we can’t stop ourselves!”

He stared at Lin Luoqing, his tone and eyes sincere. “My grades in classical Chinese weren’t very good. What does this mean? Is it used to describe quickness, accuracy or strength? Is it the action or sound? Can you explain it to me?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

He lowered his head in shame.

Your wife is offline!

The author has something to say:

Luoqing: Your wife is gone!

President Ji: I’m not afraid. I will coax him back in the next chapter~

President Ji’s daily route: eating, sleeping and teasing Qing Qing.

President Ji: Oh, there is no sleep. I can’t sleep without my wife so I can only continue to tease Qing Qing~

Luoqing: ??? Are you polite?

President Ji: ^_^

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