FV: Chapter 139

By dinner time, a thick layer of snow had already fallen in the yard. Ji Leyu looked out the window and turned around happily to shout toward Lin Luoqing, “Dad, I want to build a snowman.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing agreed.

He put scarves and gloves on Ji Leyu and Lin Fei. Then he pushed Ji Yuxiao and accompanied the two children in the yard.

Ji Leyu actively took snow from the branches and leaves in the yard and made a small snowball. He pulled Lin Fei to start rolling the snowball.

Lin Luoqing helped them. Ji Yuxiao also broke two branches to prepare the materials to make hands for the snowman.

It was getting dark. The lights in the courtyard turned on and made it appear as bright as day. This light was reflected by the glistening white snow and shone brightly.

Ji Leyu continued making two round snowballs before finally finishing the snowman’s body and head. He picked up small stones to serve as eyes for the snowman and inserted the branches. He clapped his hands and looked at the snowman, his heart full of joy.

“Good.” Lin Luoqing told him.

“It isn’t good,” Ji Leyu said childishly. “This is the father snowman. There is also a mother snowman and baby snowman.”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “You have to build three snowmen.”

“Four snowmen.” Ji Leyu stretched out his hand and showed four fingers. Then he pointed to Lin Luoqing, Lin Fei, and Ji Yuxiao. “One, two, three…”

He counted himself last and smiled. “Four.”

Lin Luoqing understood. “You want to build a family of snowmen?”

Ji Leyu nodded and went to roll snowballs again after speaking.

Lin Luoqing felt that the child had a good heart, so he continued to group snowballs and accompanied Ji Leyu to build the snowmen.

It took a while for them to finally finish the four snowmen.

Ji Leyu took scarves and hats from the house. He put the scarves on the two big snowmen and hats on the two smaller ones.

“Dad, Dad, Brother, and me.” He pointed to the four snowmen in front of him, his voice soft and full of satisfaction.

Lin Luoqing couldn’t help laughing. He touched Ji Leyu’s head, and his heart was cute.

Even the ruthless villain had a childlike and cute childhood.

“I want to take a family portrait of the snowmen family.” Ji Leyu looked up at him.

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing took out his phone and took several photos for him.

After shooting, he called Aunt Zhang out so she could help them take a few photos with the snowmen family.

Ji Leyu looked at the group photo and smiled happily. His little hands clapped and clapped as he stared at the snowmen in front of him with a smile, watching them with a tilted head.

The courtyard of Ji Yuxiao’s villa was very large. There were four snowmen in the front yard. Lin Luoqing was afraid of hitting them during the snowball fight and making Ji Leyu feel uncomfortable, so he pulled Ji Leyu and Lin Fei into the backyard to have a snowball fight.

They naturally divided into groups. Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao were in a group, and Lin Fei and Ji Leyu were in a group. Ji Yuxiao didn’t hesitate to throw a snowball toward Ji Leyu. Ji Leyu quickly dodged and started to throw snowballs at Ji Yuxiao.

Lin Luoqing originally wanted to protect Ji Yuxiao. Then he watched Ji Yuxiao play with his wheelchair like he was racing a car. His operation of the wheelchair could be called very handsome, and the two children didn’t manage to hit him a lot.

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing silently joined the baby camp and faced Ji Yuxiao with Lin Fei and Ji Leyu.

Ji Yuxiao was shocked. “Why are you rebelling?”

Lin Luoqing laughed. “Hehe.”

He laughed and threw the snowball in his hand. Ji Yuxiao quickly bent down to dodge.

On this night, the yard was filled with laughter, and the white snow was full of messy footprints and wheel tracks.

The snowball fight didn’t end until Ji Yuxiao could no longer bear their attacks and raised his hand to surrender.

Ji Leyu had a lot of fun, and Lin Fei also had a rare smile on his little face.

Seeing them have fun, Lin Luoqing was very happy. He pulled them into the house to prepare a hot bubble bath so that the two babies didn’t freeze.

Lin Fei followed Lin Luoqing back and saw the snowmen standing neatly in the front yard.

Two big snowmen stood on both sides while the baby snowmen stood in the middle. There was heavy snow, and a thin layer of snow fell on the heads of the two father snowmen who didn’t have hats. Their heads became even bigger as a result.

Lin Fei thought about this. After returning to his room, he took two umbrellas out of his drawer.

He created a snow pier behind the father snowmen that allowed him to insert the umbrellas. Then he inserted the umbrellas into the snow pier.

The blue umbrellas instantly blocked the falling snowflakes. From a distance, they looked like a small house protecting the snowmen family.

Lin Fei was satisfied.

He helped pat the snow off of the heads of the father snowmen and returned to the house.

Lin Luoqing let Ji Leyu take a bath to warm up. Seeing Lin Fei return, he quickly grabbed Lin Fei as well. “You should also take a bubble bath so you don’t catch a cold.”

Lin Fei shook his head.

“Where did you go just now? Why couldn’t I find you in your room when I went there?” Lin Luoqing was curious.

“I went to deliver umbrellas to the father snowmen,” Lin Fei answered calmly.

Lin Luoqing was confused. ‘Huh?’

“Otherwise, the father snowmen might become big, fat men when we wake up tomorrow,” Lin Fei explained.

Lin Luoqing laughed. He felt that the world of children was really simple. Lin Fei worried that the snow would become heavier, and the snowmen would become fat.

So cute!

“Fei Fei is a really considerate little baby. I thank you on behalf of the father snowmen.” He laughed.

Lin Fei didn’t say anything. He actually knew that the snowmen didn’t feel anything. But perhaps it was because Ji Leyu had to stack four of them and there were two fathers and two children. This made Lin Fei feel like the snowmen represented their home, and he gave two umbrellas to the snowmen fathers.

‘It is a bit silly,’ Lin Fei thought. Therefore, he didn’t really want to respond to this sentence.

Lin Luoqing had always been used to him not talking. Seeing that he didn’t respond, Lin Luoqing didn’t care and told him, “Go and take a bath with Xiao Yu. He is still waiting for you.”

Lin Fei nodded and followed him to Ji Leyu’s bedroom.

It wasn’t until Lin Luoqing went downstairs after bathing that he saw the snowmen family being protected by the umbrellas in the yard.

The umbrellas were very big. They were probably the two largest umbrellas in Lin Fei’s room. One was on the left and the other one the right, inserted behind the snowmen and protecting the round snowmen family. Looking at it from a distance, it seemed like they were holding umbrellas and enjoying the pure white world together.

Fei Fei was really gentle.

Lin Luoqing picked up his phone and took a few photos of the snowmen family in front of him before walking back.

It was late at night. He turned off the lights while the snowmen family snuggled together and fell asleep.

Early the next morning, Ji Leyu went to see the snowmen in the yard. He found that the snow was still falling and the snowmen were still there, so he happily picked several flowers to decorate the snowmen.

Lin Luoqing patted his head before going to work. “I’ll play with you when I come back at night.”

“Yes. Goodbye, Dad.” Ji Leyu waved at him.

Lin Luoqing also waved to him and got into the car.

With the help of Qin Meng, the company’s affairs could be said to be proceeding step by step. As the CEO, Lin Luoqing had nothing to worry about. Therefore, Wu Xinyuan started to help him choose a script again.

He had just heard the news a few days ago that Director Li’s next work was about to start and the third male lead hadn’t been decided yet. Therefore, he specifically inquired about it and talked to Lin Luoqing about it.

“The box office of Director Li’s movies has always been good. If you can play the role of the third male lead, you can show your face in front of the audience and increase everyone’s impression of you. Moreover, the male protagonists of Director Li’s movies are generally big names. If you get along with them well, this can be regarded as a type of connection. The only disadvantage is that Director Li’s movies are mostly comedies. This will be your first movie, so I am hesitant to let you appear in this image in front of everyone.”

“I can try it.” Lin Luoqing didn’t object. “Let me look at the script. If the script is good, then I have no concerns. The role of an actor is to serve the character, not to mention that a comedy can invisibly narrow the distance with the audience and make them like me more. I won’t reject comedies.”

“Then I’ll send you the script first. It is said to be a public audition, but I don’t know if the role has already been decided. After all, the competition for Director Li’s movies is quite fierce. Let’s take a look first.”


Lin Luoqing opened the email and took a look. Perhaps it was because he wasn’t the official actor of the movie, but the content of the given script was very simple. It was a general summary of a funny adventure story of two uncles and a young man.

The role he needed to compete for, the third male lead of the movie, was a genius young man who was indifferent, mechanical, and meticulous when doing things. He had a serious cleanliness habit, high IQ, and low EQ.

The character was set to be 17 or 18 years old, so the selected actor couldn’t be too old. At the same time, the role required that the actor have good acting skills, or it would be easy to appear greasy and embarrassing.

The line between funny and embarrassing was thin, so it was difficult to choose a person of this age who had completely mastered the right acting skills.

Lin Luoqing was somewhat interested in this role and checked Director Li’s previous works on the Internet. Most of them had a high box office, and the evaluation was also very good. He was a stable commercial movie director.

For this type of director, the advantage was that after shooting his movie, the box office would be high and their commercial value would naturally increase. The disadvantage was that since he was a mature commercial movie director, he liked the box office. So when looking at actors, he couldn’t just look at acting skills. He also had to consider their box office appeal.

Lin Luoqing was very confident in his acting skills, but he wasn’t popular or famous yet. He was obviously at a disadvantage when it came to box office appeal. This meant that Director Li might not necessarily choose him.

“Still, I can audition first,” Lin Luoqing said. “If the opportunity is in front of me, I should fight for it. It isn’t just me. Let Su Tong try auditioning. He is very popular and has a good image. Perhaps Director Li will like him more. I can’t let the fertile water flow to the field of outsiders. If I can’t get the role, it will be very good if Su Tong can get it.”

Wu Xinyuan thought, ‘…Being a leader is truly different. This ideological realm is obviously higher than ordinary actor agents.’

“Okay, if you are willing, then I have no objections. I also asked before. There should be no first and second male leads in this movie. It is set as a double male lead. In other words, both roles will invite first-tier actors. If you win this role, it doesn’t matter what the box office is. You will definitely be able to show your face a lot. However, due to this, there are a lot of actors auditioning for the role of the third male lead. I will help you out, but you should be mentally prepared. You should also let Su Tong be mentally prepared.”

“Yes, I know,” Lin Luoqing responded.

He hung up the phone and read Director Li’s script again. Then he contacted Su Tong to inform him of the news.

Su Tong hadn’t expected him to be really generous and give such a good resource to him.

“I see, thank you. If I win it, then I will treat you to dinner.”

“Then jiayou.”

“You as well.” Su Tong said helplessly, “It is better for you to think more about yourself.”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “If you make money, then I will also make money. So I will be very happy regardless of whether it is you or I who gets the role. If neither of us gets it, then I will probably cry.”

“Shut up, don’t have a crow’s mouth.”

“Okay, okay, okay.” Lin Luoqing snorted three times. “Then you read the script. I won’t bother you.”

Once he finished speaking, he hung up and went to read other scripts.

Once the script was almost all read and Lin Luoqing was about to go home from work, he found that the snow had stopped falling and people on the road had started to sweep the snow. He suddenly remembered their snowmen family. He didn’t know if they had melted?

If they had melted, then Ji Leyu and Lin Fei would probably feel quite sorry.

He returned home and instinctively looked toward the yard. The snowmen family had already started melting. Thin snow water oozed from under their bodies like the snowmen’s tears.

Lin Luoqing suddenly felt a bit sad. There were always good things in the world that wanted to be kept, but couldn’t be kept. It was like life, like the snowmen.

He hoped that Lin Fei and Ji Leyu wouldn’t be uncomfortable after seeing them melt.

Ji Leyu came downstairs to eat and also came out to look at the little snowmen in the yard. He found that the previously round snowmen family had started to melt. They no longer had their round look, nor the appearance he remembered at the beginning.

Ji Leyu suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable. He stood in front of the courtyard and watched quietly for a long time before returning to the house to eat with lowered eyes.

As expected, the sun came out the next day, and the snowmen family disappeared completely.

Only the umbrellas, scarves, and hats remaining in the yard proved that they were once there.

Aunt Zhang picked up the things, washed them, and returned them.

Ji Leyu looked at the hat in his hand. The hat was very new and red. He had specially picked it out for the little snowman, but they were all gone.

It was just like his former home.

Ji Leyu suddenly felt a bit nervous. He quickly ran to Lin Fei, staring at him intently.

Lin Fei felt his gaze. After a while, he looked up and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“The snowmen family is gone,” Ji Leyu said softly.

Lin Fei had known it a long time ago. This morning, Aunt Zhang had given him the umbrellas. Then he went out and saw the empty courtyard.

“Yes,” he said calmly without looking sad.

Ji Leyu saw his indifferent eyes and muttered, “Will our family also disappear one day?”

Lin Fei didn’t hear his words clearly. “What did you say?”

Ji Leyu just stared at him and remained silent.

The snowmen family was gone, and his original home was gone. He only had this home.

“Brother, you will always be with me, right?” Ji Leyu asked him.

Lin Fei nodded. He lived with Ji Leyu and would naturally accompany him forever.

“You won’t leave me and you won’t leave my uncle and your uncle?”

Lin Fei replied indifferently, “Yes.”

“That’s good,” Ji Leyu whispered.

He only had this one home, so they had to be together all the time.

He couldn’t leave his uncle. His uncle and aunt were married and naturally wouldn’t be separated. Then only Lin Fei could leave. Fortunately, Lin Fei said he wouldn’t leave either. Then they could all be together forever.

He sat next to Lin Fei, leaning on him and silently hugging him.

He must not let his home disappear again.

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