FV: Chapter 138

It took Ji Yuxiao a while before he was finally pushed out by the nurse.

Wei Junhe immediately rushed over. “How is it?”

Lin Luoqing silently added in his heart, ‘Is it a boy or a girl?’

“It’s fine,” Ji Yuxiao said calmly.

“Why did it take so long today?”

“There were a few more tests.” Ji Yuxiao still had a casual expression.

Wei Junhe listened to him say this and was relieved.

“That’s good. I was afraid your condition had worsened.”

Ji Yuxiao looked at him provocatively. “How are you speaking?”

Wei Junhe laughed. “Okay, the check-up is over so I’ll invite you and Sister-in-law to eat together. Let’s go.”

Ji Yuxiao looked at Lin Luoqing. Lin Luoqing was looking at him. He saw Ji Yuxiao’s glance and smiled slightly, gentle and beautiful.

Ji Yuxiao also smiled. “Let’s go and eat.”


It wasn’t until they finished eating and Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao got into the car that Lin Luoqing asked, “Why did you suddenly do a few more checks this time? Is there something uncomfortable?”

“A little bit.” Ji Yuxiao nodded.

The surprised Lin Luoqing immediately grabbed Ji Yuxiao’s arm and asked with concern, “Where? What happened? Have you been too tired lately?”

As he spoke, he looked toward Ji Yuxiao’s legs, anxious and at a loss.

“Did the doctor say what the family members should do? Should I do something?”

Ji Yuxiao saw his anxious and worried look and hugged him. “You just have to be the same as before.”

“How can that be? What if you get worse?”

“What if it is a good thing?”

Lin Luoqing, “????”

Lin Luoqing deeply doubted that Ji Yuxiao didn’t just injure his legs. He also had a bad brain!

How else could such a thing be said?

“Do you have any plans that I don’t know about?” he asked.

Ji Yuxiao was amused by the doubt in his eyes and the expression of ‘are you okay?’ He said, “Isn’t it a good thing that I feel uncomfortable?”

“Good thing?” Lin Luoqing was confused. “Is it still a good thing?”

“Otherwise? Isn’t it a bad thing if I don’t feel anything?”

Lin Luoqing opened his mouth and wanted to refute it. Then he suddenly realized something and closed his mouth, staring at the other person in shock.


He stared at Ji Yuxiao in disbelief. What did he just say? He could feel it?


“You… you can feel it?”

Ji Yuxiao raised his index finger to his lips. “Shh.”

“A bit, very slightly. If it wasn’t for the doctor’s carefulness, I wouldn’t have noticed.” His voice was soft and the smile on his face was also soft.

“Doesn’t that mean…” Lin Luoqing was pleasantly surprised.

Ji Yuxiao smiled and nodded. “So you don’t have to worry. You just need to be the same as before.”

Lin Luoqing was overjoyed and the smile on his face could hardly be suppressed.

This was great! This was great! Ji Yuxiao could feel something. It was only very little and very slight,y but feeling something was a good thing. There was a feeling that there was hope to stand back up again.

He raised his head in surprise and kissed Ji Yuxiao’s face, his eyes shining brightly like the stars. “Great, great. This is really great.”

After that, Lin Luoqing hugged him and leaned into his arms.

He was so happy that his entire body was filled with obvious joy. Ji Yuxiao was infected by his joy and couldn’t help feeling a bit happier.

He had been pleasantly surprised when hearing the doctor’s words at the hospital, but now seeing the excitement in Lin Luoqing’s eyes, he felt joy stretch out endlessly and extend to the bottom of his heart.

He finally had a chance to stand up and hug his lover.

“But you can’t tell anyone else about it,” Ji Yuxiao said in a low voice. “This includes Wu Xinyuan and others.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded. “Don’t worry, I know. I won’t tell anyone.”

“I know.” Ji Yuxiao kissed him on the forehead.

His Qingqing had always been a very smart person, never talking too much or asking more questions. He only stood by Ji Yuxiao’s side, accompanying him, believing in him and supporting him.

Ji Yuxiao silently hugged the person in his arms. No matter how bad things were, once things got bad to a certain extent, they naturally wouldn’t get worse. So luck should favor him to some extent.

He laughed slowly. Today was really a good day.

Seeing the two of them coming, Ji Leyu immediately ran up to them and asked in a concerned manner, “Dad, are you feeling better?”

He remembered the time when Ji Yuxiao went to the doctor very well. Every time Ji Yuxiao came back, he had to ask. Every time, Ji Yuxiao would comfort him and say he was better. Ji Yuxiao didn’t know if he believed it but he laughed happily after hearing it.

This time, it was rare for Ji Yuxiao not to comfort him but to tell him sincerely, “It is better.”

Ji Leyu smiled again.

No one believed the words of a child, just like everything thought adults would comfort and be perfunctory to children. Therefore, Ji Yuxiao didn’t have to hide it from him because no one would believe him at all. Even Ji Leyu himself probably didn’t believe it.

Lin Luoqing spent the whole morning with Ji Yuxiao and was tired at this time. After sending Ji Yuxiao into the study, he went back to his bedroom to rest.

He slept for a while before waking up in a daze. Then he suddenly remembered that Ji Yuxiao’s legs were a bit better and sat on the bed and laughed.

His phone rang as he was laughing. Lin Luoqing looked down and saw it was Chen Feng calling.

He was in a good mood as he picked up. “Hello.”

The moment Chen Feng heard his voice, anger rose up. “Luoqing, what tricks do you want to play? You are now married to Ji Yuxiao and you are the CEO of Xingyi. Why are you still worried about the shares of the Lin family? Can’t you be content?”

Lin Luoqing said lazily, “It isn’t that I want it. The main thing is that Dad said he likes me and cares about me. Yuxiao feels that if he likes me and cares about me, he should give me shares. It isn’t that I said I wanted it.”

“Then go and persuade Ji Yuxiao to interfere less in our family’s affairs.”

“I persuaded him and he said okay. Since we aren’t involved then we shouldn’t have any contact in the future.”

Chen Feng sneered. “Lin Luoqing, don’t forget. You could marry Ji Yuxiao due to me and Luojing. You don’t appreciate the two of us and repay us. Instead, you still want to grab shares? Are you a person? If you do this again, I will tell Ji Yuxiao why you married him. Why did you ask me for three million before you got married?”

Lin Luoqing let out a low sigh. “Then you had better discuss it with my father first. I’m afraid that my father will be angry with you after he finds out.”

“You learned to threaten me with your father, have you? Good, good. Lin Luoqing, you’ve made up your mind to ask for the shares of the Lin family, right?”

“It isn’t me who said it. It is Yuxiao who thinks I should have it. Aunt, why don’t you understand?”

“Okay, Lin Luoqing. Just you wait!” Chen Feng finished speaking and hung up the phone.

She sat on the bed, her heart full of anger. Then Father Lin came to her at this time.

“I’ve thought about it. I will take out half of Luojing’s shares to give to Luoqing. This way, we can continue to communicate with Luoqing. Yuxiao can also help us connect with other companies. For example, Xingyi where Luoqing is now. We can use their stars and it isn’t a loss. Let’s do it.”

“No!” Chen Feng refused. “I said that Xiao Jing’s shares are Xiao Jing’s! You can’t move them!”

“Then do you want me to give my shares to Luoqing? Is that appropriate? I don’t care. Just use Xiao Jing’s!”

“Aren’t you afraid that Xiao Jing will be uncomfortable?” Chen Feng stood up and asked him in a loud voice.

Father Lin didn’t care. “The company will be given to him in the future and I will develop the company to be better. Isn’t this more beneficial to him? Doesn’t he even understand this?”

Chen Feng firmly disagreed. For so many years, she had succeeded in marrying into the Lin family. She drove out Lin Luoxi and Lin Luoqing, since she didn’t want to give them any benefits. Otherwise, wouldn’t her efforts be in vain?

Everything in the Lin family was hers and her son’s. Why should it be given to Lin Luoqing?!

“I don’t agree. If this is the case, I will go to Ji Yuxiao and tell him why Lin Luoqing married him. I will tell him that Lin Luoqing took three million from me before Lin Luoqing was willing to marry him!”

“You dare!” Father Lin’s anger rose!

“If you dare then try it. Then I will give all of Xiao Jing’s shares to Luoqing! I’m not dead yet and this family still belongs to me. What qualifications do you have to say this?”

Father Lin looked at the woman in front of him with disappointment. “How did you become like this? You aren’t like this before. You obviously used to be very gentle. Now that you are like this, you aren’t even as good as Yongxin!”

Qin Yongxin was Father Lin’s original wife and Lin Luoxi and Lin Luoqing’s mother.

Chen Feng heard him say this and instantly didn’t dare speak.

She still needed to rely on Father Lin now and naturally couldn’t bore him. Otherwise, he might cheat on her like he did on Qiu Yongxin.

Her tears fell. “Isn’t it just because I feel sorry for my son? Don’t be angry. I’ll think about it again.”

Father Lin glanced at her in disgust and left her with the sentence, “Then you should think about it. In any case, I have already made up my mind.”

Chen Feng watched him go and sat down on the bed again.

She clutched the sheets with both hands. Her heart was full of anger as she blamed Lin Luoqing. She completely blamed him! If it wasn’t for him, how could things have come to this point?

Since when did Lin Luoqing seem to have changed into a different person? He was no longer stupid, reckless and unreasonable. Instead, he was calculative and step by step, he invaded the home that had long driven him out.

Chen Feng thought about her several meetings with Lin Luoqing. Finally, she remembered the time when she went to persuade Lin Luoqing. It seemed that from that time, he was no longer familiar to her.

He had changed too much and even his relationship with Lin Fei had changed.

She remembered that at the very beginning, Lin Luoqing didn’t like Lin Fei. She once went to find him and saw Lin Fei had some less obvious injuries on his body. Then the last time they met, Lin Luoqing showed great concern for Lin Fei. Lin Luojing also told her that when he met them at the mall, Lin Luoqing was buying clothes for Lin Fei and Ji Leyu.

What was the reason?

Chen Feng didn’t understand it. Lin Luojing had become shrewd so why was he nice to Lin Fei?

Was it because of Ji Leyu?

Ji Yuxiao’s family also had a child. He couldn’t abuse Lin Fei in case Ji Leyu became afraid of him.

Or was it because Ji Leyu liked Lin Fei? In order to please Ji Leyu, he also treated Lin Fei well?

In this way, Lin Fei was equivalent to a bridge between him and Ji Leyu.

Chen Feng remembered when Ji Leyu and Lin Fei came to the house that day. Lin Fei didn’t eat so Ji Leyu didn’t eat either. He held Lin Fei’s arm and affectionately called him Brother.

He should like Lin Fei. What if he knew that the brother he liked was abused by Lin Luoqing?

Or what if the brother he liked left him due to abuse by Lin Luoqing?

Then he would hate Lin Luoqing very much, right?

He was the person Ji Yuxiao protected with his life and was a child. Once there was a conflict between him and Lin Luoqing, Ji Yuxiao would definitely choose his son and give up on Lin Luoqing.

At that time, Lin Luoqing would no longer have Ji Yuxiao’s support and would naturally not be favored by Father Lin.

Chen Feng thought of this and sneered.

There were actually some things she didn’t want to reveal. After all, it had nothing to do with her and she was too lazy to care. However, since Lin Luoqing was unkind then don’t blame her for being unrighteous. It was time for him to suffer. He had been too comfortable in recent days.

Since Lin Luoqing didn’t want her to live a good life then she wouldn’t let Lin Luoqing live a good life.

Chen Feng opened a drawer, searched the box placed in the drawer and finally found a photo.

There was a man and a woman in the photo. The man’s appearance was quite good and the woman was even more beautiful. If one looked closely, one would find that the woman wasn’t someone else but Lin Luoxi.

Chen Feng gently turned over the photo and saw a string of numbers. She stored the numbers in her phone and put the photo back in the box.

Lin Luoqing hung up on Chen Feng’s call. Then he went to find Ji Yuxiao and sat with him in the study.

He was reading the script that Wu Xinyuan sent to him when it suddenly snowed. Lin Luoqing stood up and walked to the French windows. He looked out the window and soon saw Ji Leyu and Lin Fei in the yard.

Ji Leyu was wearing a bear jacket. He looked fluffy, smart and cute. Lin Fei wore a black, short down jacket and looked cool.

“It is snowing, it is really snowing.” Ji Leyu was pleasantly surprised.

Lin Fei replied casually, “Yes.”

“Then we can build a snowman.” Ji Leyu was happy.

Lin Fei looked at the ground that had just been soaked. “Wait a while.”

“Yes.” Ji Leyu was obviously very happy and reached out to catch the snowflakes in the sky. The moment the snowflakes fell into his hands, they turned into snow water and disappeared.

He continued to play for a while. It was only when his hands and neck were a bit cold that he went to Lin Fei. “Let’s go back.”

Feeling the coldness of his palms, Lin Fei didn’t say anything. He thought that when they came out to build a snowman later, they would have to wear gloves.

However, Ji Leyu was a bit surprised. “Brother, your hands are so warm.”

Then he simply put his other hand on Lin Fei. “Warm.”

Lin Fei was forced to take both of his hands. He put them in his hands, breathed on the palms and rubbed them together. “Remember to wear gloves next time.”

“Oh.” Ji Leyu obediently replied.

Lin Luoqing stood in front of the window of the study and watched it. He subconsciously felt the tranquility of the years.

“Wait a while until the snow gets thick. Then let’s take Fei Fei and Xiao Yu to the yard to play for a while?”

“Okay.” Ji Yuxiao didn’t refuse.

“The four of us can build a snowman together and have a snowball fight.” Lin Luoqing said with a smile. After speaking, he realized something and added, “If there is a snowball fight, I will protect you.”’

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“Perhaps you can learn what snow drifting is.”

Lin Luoqing, “???”

“Then I’m looking forward to it.”

“You’ll see it soon,” Ji Yuxiao said confidently.

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