FV: Chapter 136

Lin Fei nodded. He walked up to Ji Yuxiao and said without any emotion as usual. “Its mother didn’t like it and drove it away. It left.”

He said, “Not every mom and dad will like their children. Mom and dads who don’t like their children will treat them badly.”

“It isn’t that the ugly duckling is bad. It is that its parents are bad and it ended up being a swan. It is more beautiful than other small animals.”

Ji Yuxiao listened and patted his head. “Yes.”

Lin Fei didn’t know if he understood but he didn’t dare to explain clearly. Lin Fei could only repeat to him. “Not every mom and dad likes children. Some moms and dads don’t like their children.”

Ji Yuxiao only thought he was interested in this story. He hugged Lin Fei and told him, “But most parents like their children.”

Lin Fei, “……”

“Are your mom and dad like that too?” He asked tentatively.

He asked this question at this time. Ji Yuxiao immediately thought of his father but how could he say no in front of Lin Fei? How could he say that he felt his father didn’t love him, his brother or his mother? His father only loved himself.

All he could say was, “Yes.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt a headache.

Why did Ji Yuxiao still think his father liked him?

“Do you like your parents?”

Ji Yuxiao smiled, a bit sad and helpless.

“I like them,” he said.

He would never be able to say he didn’t like them to children like Lin Fei and Ji Leyu. They were too young and their world was beautiful and innocent. Ji Yuxiao couldn’t bear to destroy their world.

So whether he liked his parents or not, the answer could only be that he liked them.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei was desperate.

He sat in Ji Yuxiao’s arms but didn’t know how to speak. How could he let his uncle know that his father didn’t like him?

Ji Yuxiao would be very sad when he knew it.

Lin Fei thought and thought about it. In the end, he couldn’t bear to tell Ji Yuxiao the truth of the matter and silently went back to his room.

He held his little face while thinking about reminding Ji Yuxiao later.

After all, he already said too much today.

Lin Luoqing came back and heard Ji Yuxiao say that Lin Fei came to him today and asked to borrow ‘Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales’ but he didn’t have it, so he bought a copy for Lin Fei.

Lin Luoqing found it a bit strange. “I bought this book for him. Why did he ask to borrow it from you?”

“He said he couldn’t find it.” Ji Yuxiao didn’t take it seriously. “I guess he forgot where he put it. It is okay, it isn’t expensive. I directly bought him a hardcover version that has illustrations.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing thought it definitely wasn’t that simple. Lin Fei has always been a very orderly child, especially in terms of books. He wouldn’t forget his books when he moved houses. How could he suddenly lose one?

“Did he just tell you that he couldn’t find Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales?”

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao nodded. “He also told me the story of the Ugly Duckling.”

He was a bit worried when he said this. “Does he miss his father? That is why he said that not all parents would like their children. His mother should love him very much according to what he said. So does he miss his father?”

“Who is Fei Fei’s father? Is he still alive?” Ji Yuxiao asked curiously.

“I don’t know.” Lin Luoqing said truthfully. “My sister said he died and she also told Fei Fei that he was dead. However, Fei Fei was conceived by my sister when she wasn’t married. So is he truly dead or was it just an excuse? Nobody knows.”

Hearing this, Ji Yuxiao was silent for a moment.

After a long time, he asked, “Do you want to know?”

Lin Luoqing shook his head. If he should know then based on Lin Luoxi’s love for the original owner, she should’ve told the original owner a long time ago.

Besides, Lin Luoxi was pregnant and went through great pains to give birth to Lin Fei. Then when he asked about Lin Fei’s father, she only said he was dead. As for whether he was really dead or a fake death, he was already dead to Lin Luoxi.

It was the same for Lin Luoqing.

“My sister said he died. Then he is dead. I don’t need to know the situation of a dead person,” he said calmly.

Ji Yuxiao nodded and didn’t say anything else.

He just wanted to help Lin Luoqing. Since Lin Luoqing didn’t want to know, he wouldn’t check these unnecessary things.

In any case, Lin Fei was living very happily in their house now. They might be called uncle but no matter whether it was him or Lin Luoqing, they treated Lin Fei as their own child.

Even Ji Leyu was much closer to him than other siblings.

Sometimes Ji Yuxiao looked at the two of them and thought of himself and his brother when they were young. However, his brother wasn’t as cold as Lin Fei and he wasn’t as well-behaved as Ji Leyu. Still, in the end, they were brothers who cared about each other very much.

This was very good. He was very satisfied with his current family and it wasn’t important whether Lin Fei’s father was dead or alive.

He was just a bit worried. “If Lin Fei’s father isn’t dead, does he know that Fei Fei exists? If he accidentally meets his father later, will he regret that he didn’t know his father for so many years?”

“He won’t.” Lin Luoqing remembered the confusion and guilt in Lin Fei’s eyes when he asked Lin Fei if Lin Fei wanted to call him Father.

Lin Fei grew up without a father and a father was blank and strange to him. Therefore, he didn’t feel like he needed his father.

He didn’t even know what a father was. He didn’t have this label and couldn’t give it to Lin Luoqing, which made him feel guilty.

So his world, at least for now, didn’t really need the existence of a father.

Moreover, Lin Luoxi loved Lin Fei so much that she would bow her head and beg her father to let Lin Fei go to the best school. Even so, she never said a word to the original owner about Lin Fei’s biological father. Before dying, she entrusted Lin Fei to the original owner rather than letting the original owner take him to his father.

It could be seen that either Lin Fei’s father was really dead or for Lin Luoxi, he was less reliable than her younger brother.

Maybe he hurt her too much or maybe he really wasn’t a good person.

Lin Luoqing didn’t know and he didn’t want to guess. He only knew that Lin Luoxi had entrusted Lin Fei to the original owner before she died. Lin Fei was alone in the novel until his last appearance and there was no so-called father.

Therefore, he wouldn’t go rashly against Lin Luoxi’s wishes as a mother, nor was he willing to give Lin Fei a father he was unfamiliar with and had no feelings for.

He could be Lin Fei’s father. Even if Lin Fei didn’t call him Father, he treated Lin Fei as his own child. Therefore, Lin Fei didn’t need another father. He was Lin Fei’s father.

Lin Luoqing changed the topic and asked Ji Yuxiao, “Did Fei Fei just tell you this?”

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao nodded. “He only told me about the ugly duckling.”

Lin Luoqing secretly wondered about it. Lin Fei wouldn’t lose a book and it was even more impossible to feel emotional about a father. So why did he say these words to Ji Yuxiao?

In the Ugly Duckling story, not everyone’s parents would like their children. Did he have any other meaning when saying it at this time?

He thought about it repeatedly. Suddenly, Lin Luoqing stared at Ji Yuxiao in disbelief.

Why did he go directly to Ji Yuxiao?

Did he really want to ask Ji Yuxiao to borrow ‘Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales’ or did he want to say these things to Ji Yuxiao?

If the ugly duckling was Ji Yuxiao and the duck’s mother was Father Ji. The duck’s mother didn’t like the ugly duckling so… Father Ji didn’t like Ji Yuxiao either?

Did Lin Fei know something?

That was why he hinted at Ji Yuxiao like this.

Lin Luoqing was a bit flustered. He looked at Ji Yuxiao and pretended to be calm. “Forget it, don’t think about it. I’ll go and give Fei Fei a bath.”

“Yes, you go,” Ji Yuxiao said with a smile. “I’ll buy him a little duck and a little swan online later, so he can play in the bathtub when he takes a bath in the future. He said today that it isn’t that the ugly duckling is bad, it is that the parents aren’t good. The little duckling finally became a little swan and looks much better than other small animals. Isn’t he quite childlike and cute?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing felt that Ji Yuxiao was really childlike and cute.

Lin Fei was obviously afraid that he would think that he was bad that’s why Father Ji didn’t like him, so Lin Fei comforted him by saying that the ugly duckling wasn’t bad and looked better than other small animals.

It was a pity that Fei Fei tried his best but the target of the crazy hints was completely unaware. He only thought the child was cute.

Lin Luoqing silently sighed in his heart. Compared with Ji Leyu, who started to gain revenge since he was a child, and Lin Fei, who was mature and calm since he was a child, not caring about most things… Ji Yuxiao was really pure and cute.

Lin Luoqing looked at his husband, shook his head silently and left their bedroom.

Lin Fei was reading in the bedroom. He saw Lin Luoqing walking in and didn’t care. He just looked at his watch and saw that it was almost time to take a bath.

“I’ll finish reading this.”

Lin Luoqing nodded, sat beside him and looked at his side profile as he read quietly. After a while, Lin Luoqing asked him, “Hans Christian Andersen’s Fairy Tales can’t be found?”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei looked up at him.

Lin Luoqing was worried about Ji Yuxiao, so he got straight to the point rather than beating around the bush. “The ugly duckling is your uncle and the duck’s mother is your uncle’s father, right?”

Lin Fei was surprised. He always felt that Ji Yuxiao should be smarter than Lin Luoqing. However, Ji Yuxiao didn’t guess it but Lin Luoqing guessed it.

He pursed his lips and didn’t speak.

Lin Luoqing saw that he didn’t refute it and knew he had guessed correctly.

“How did you know?”

Lin Fei still didn’t speak.

“You can’t say? You promised someone else?” Lin Luoqing asked him. “Let me guess. It is Xiao Yu?”

Lin Fei remained silent.

‘That’s it,’ Lin Luoqing thought in his heart.

“Either you or Xiao Yu found out that your uncle’s father doesn’t like him, right?”

Lin Fei didn’t speak.

Lin Luoqing nodded before asking, “Then will your uncle be in danger?”

Lin Fei still remained silent.

“He shouldn’t be for a while, right?”

Lin Fei didn’t speak and didn’t refute it.

Lin Luoqing already understood. “You are afraid that your uncle will be in danger. You promised Xiao Yu that you wouldn’t tell him, so you went to tell him the story of the Ugly Duckling, right?”

He was answered by a calm silence.

Lin Luoqing smiled and rubbed Lin Fei’s head. “Yes, you didn’t say anything and I don’t know anything. Everything is my guess. I thought about it myself.”

Lin Fei still didn’t speak.

Lin Luoqing approached him, kissed him on the face and rubbed against his forehead. “You are so smart. Smart and caring. So good.”

Lin Fei lowered his eyes with a bit of embarrassment.

Lin Luoqing smiled and kissed him on the eyelids. Lin Fei looked over reflexively and saw Lin Luoqing smiling very gently.

“Thank you for telling your uncle the story of the Ugly Duckling. If the Ugly Duckling can also meet a smart and caring baby like you, it definitely won’t wander around in a pitiful manner. But the ugly duckling isn’t really an ugly duckling. It is a white swan, so your uncle will be fine.”

It was only then that Lin Fei let go of his worry, but he still didn’t say anything.

He promised Ji Leyu that he wouldn’t say it, so he wouldn’t say a word about it. His hint was just a hint. Lin Luoqing could guess but Lin Fei wouldn’t say anything.

However, it was good that Ji Yuxiao would be fine.

“It is time for me to go and take a bath,” Lin Fei said awkwardly.

Lin Luoqing immediately picked him up. “Okay, Uncle will wash you. I will wash you white, so that you can also be a little white swan.”

Lin Fei, “……”

He didn’t want to be a little swan. He wanted to be a little tiger that would grow up to be a dragon.

Lin Fei thought proudly while Lin Luoqing carried him to the bathroom.

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The image of Lin Fei playing with a little duckling and swan toy is too cute though!

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