FV: Chapter 133

Ji Yuxiao didn’t rush back to his room but went to his brother’s room first.

Ji Yuling’s room was very clean and it looked the same as when he was still there before.

Ji Yuxiao pushed the wheelchair and passed by his desk, bedside table and closet. Everything in the past was vivid in his mind and he could remember how the two of them argued and talked in this room, how Ji Yuling couldn’t do anything to him and helplessly indulged him.

He picked up the photo on the desk, which had been taken by them together not long after Ji Leyu was born.

In the photo, the man was handsome and the woman was beautiful. Ji Leyu was small and held by his sister-in-law. He didn’t cry or make trouble. He just stared curiously at the camera with big eyes.

They were happy then, but now it was all the past.

Lin Luoqing was by his side, quietly watching.

The night was very quiet. Ji Yuxiao felt that it was exceptionally quiet.

New Year’s Day was obviously a good day but there was no excitement at all. Why was there no one setting off fireworks? There also wasn’t the sound of firecrackers.

They obviously had it last year, but now there was nothing.

He sighed, put the photo back on the desk and looked reluctantly at the familiar room.

Ji Leyu took Lin Fei into his room and introduced him. “This is my room.”

Lin Fei looked at it in an expressionless manner. “Oh.”

Ji Leyu actually wasn’t very happy. He missed his parents. Every year, they would come back together. Every time he returned here, his parents would be by his side.

“My parents’ room is next door to mine,” he said softly.

Lin Fei turned to look at him, raised a hand and touched his head.

Ji Leyu said in a low voice, “But this year, we can’t celebrate the new year together.”

Lin Fei touched his head again, generally comforting him.

Ji Leyu didn’t speak any longer. After a long time, he turned and plunged into Lin Fei’s arms. “Hug.”

Lin Fei hugged him, hoping that his mother and Ji Leyu’s parents could live well in heaven.

He was hugging Ji Leyu when he suddenly heard footsteps. It wasn’t Lin Luoqing’s footsteps, so he let go of Ji Leyu and looked toward the door vigilantly.

It was Father Ji who came. He was surprised for a moment when he saw Lin Fei in Ji Leyu’s room, but he didn’t show it.

“Xiao Yu, look at what Grandpa is holding?” He held a small chocolate cake. “You like this the most, don’t you?”

Then he walked up to Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu really liked to eat sweets. He saw the cake this time and wanted to eat it. “Thank you, Grandpa.”

“You’re welcome,” Father Ji said with a smile.

“Grandpa has prepared other delicious food for you in my bedroom. You can go there with Grandpa.”

“Brother too,” Ji Leyu pulled Lin Fei.

“Okay,” Father Ji smiled.

“Then I’ll go and tell Dad,” Ji Leyu said.

“No need, I’ve already told your Dad.” Father Ji coaxed him. “Let’s go.”

Ji Leyu didn’t doubt him and followed him to the bedroom.

Lin Fei also walked in with them.

Father Ji left Lin Fei in the bedroom and took Ji Leyu to the small study connected to the bedroom.

“Wait here. I have a few things to say to Xiao Yu.” He put down the cake in his hand and appeased Lin Fei.

Lin Fei nodded and sat down on the small sofa in the bedroom.

Ji Leyu was puzzled. Was there something that Lin Fei couldn’t listen to? He had to let Lin Fei stay?

Father Ji put the dessert that had been prepared a long time ago on the small table and sat down. “Come, Lele. These are all prepared for you by me.”

Ji Leyu sat opposite him. He saw the variety of desserts on the table and thought that Lin Fei only had one cake on his side. He planned to eat half of it and leave half for Lin Fei.

He took a puff to eat. Father Ji kindly prepared yogurt for him.

Ji Leyu was even more confused but he didn’t speak.

Father Ji looked at him lovingly and said softly, “Lele, you haven’t seen Grandpa for a long time.”

“I’m at school.” Ji Leyu tilted his head and replied.

“Even then you have to come. If you don’t come then Grandpa will miss you.”

“Uhuh.” Ji Leyu was perfunctory.

“Lele, look. This house is so big and Grandpa lives alone. I am so pitiful.”

“Then Lele will often come to see Grandpa in the future.” Ji Leyu continued to pretend to be perfunctory.

Father Ji laughed and said, “Then Lele, don’t go back tomorrow. Let’s stay at Grandpa’s house for a while.”

Ji Leyu shook his head. “I want to be with Dad.”

“Do you only care about Dad and not Grandpa?” Father Ji said deliberately.

Ji Leyu thought, ‘…Or else?’

However, there was still a sweet smile on his face. “I care.”

“Then stay with Grandpa.”

“But Dad is a patient. Patients need more care.” Ji Leyu looked innocent.

Father Ji watched him and was silent for a moment. Then he told Ji Leyu, “However, your father has Uncle Lin now. He doesn’t need your concern any longer. He just needs Uncle Lin to care about him.”

JI Leyu listened to these words and for a moment, his blinking rate slowed down.

He looked at his grandfather without speaking.

Father Ji continued, “Your father liked you the most before, but not anymore. He now has Uncle Lin, so the one he loves the most is Uncle Lin. Your birth father, I mean, Yuling, everything he left behind should be yours, but your father gave what should belong to you to Lin Luoqing.”

“Xingyi is just a small company. You might not understand what a company is and how important it is, but Lele, these things are originally yours!”

He looked at Ji Leyu and said word by word, “Now it doesn’t belong to you. It was taken away by your father and sent out as a gift just to please Lin Luoqing. In the future, he will give other things to Lin Luoqing and Lin Fei that belong to your parents. At that time, all the things left by your parents will be gone and you will have nothing. You won’t have anything of theirs to remember them by.”

Ji Leyu put down his hands holding the puff. His fingers were cold as he remembered what Ji Huai once said. “What do you know?. As the saying goes, if there is a stepmother then there will be a stepfather. Not to mention, your two fathers aren’t your biological fathers. You don’t know how much your father likes him. In the future, I’m afraid that everything will be for him and he won’t care about you.”

He watched Father Ji’s mouth open and close and the words he said constantly overlapped with Ji Huai’s voice in his mind. Finally, he heard Father Ji say, “Do you like Lin Fei quite a lot? Since you were a child, you have been a young master and haven’t suffered any hardships. You don’t know the importance of money. Meanwhile, Lin Fei is a child with deep thoughts. Who knows what he is thinking? You are so innocent. How can you be his opponent? He and his uncle, one is against you and the other is against your father. Once the time comes, all the inheritance left by your parents will be sent to them by Yuxiao while you stupidly think they are good. If your parents see it, they will definitely be distressed to death.”

He stared at Ji Leyu, who showed fear and uneasiness due to these words. He seemed to be trembling a bit, eyes staring at him in a heavy manner. The amber color that lit up his pupils was dim.

He asked, “So what do I do?”

“Don’t be afraid, Baby.” Father Ji comforted him. “It’s okay, you still have Grandpa. Yuling is my son and I can’t watch your uncle give your father’s inheritance to others like this. As long as you are willing, come back to live with Grandpa and I will ask your uncle to hand over your father’s inheritance. These things that your parents left you will still belong to you. It only belongs to you, not to others. They won’t belong to Lin Luoqing and Lin Fei.”

Ji Leyu didn’t speak.

There was coldness in his heart as he stared at the person in front of him. He felt strange and terrible.

This was his uncle’s real father, as well as his father’s father. How could he say this?

Ji Leyu didn’t care that when Ji Xin fell into the water, Father Ji didn’t believe him and asked Ji Zhong what happened. It was because Father Ji wasn’t his father in the first place and Ji Leyu had no feelings for him. He was only willing to maintain the illusion of being well-behaved in front of him because he was his grandfather.

Now his grandfather was blaming his uncle and saying his uncle shouldn’t do this. He said that his uncle took away what belonged to Ji Leyu and stole what his parents had left behind, even though his father gave everything to his uncle.

Ji Leyu didn’t care about these things either.

So why say this to him?

Did his grandfather not love his uncle? Wasn’t his grandfather his uncle’s dad? Shouldn’t dads love their children? Did his dad’s father not love his father?

Ji Leyu didn’t understand it. He just felt uncomfortable. How uncomfortable would his uncle be if he knew what his father said and that his father didn’t love him?

How could his grandfather say this to him?

How could this be said?

Ji Leyu didn’t know what to say and didn’t touch the food again.

He just stared at Father Ji quietly. His grandfather without the aura of love was so annoying and simply ugly.

Ji Leyu stood up and walked out.

Father Ji only thought that he couldn’t accept that the Ji Yuxiao he liked wasn’t as wonderful as he thought, so Father Ji didn’t stop him. He just walked in front of Ji Leyu and said to him, “Lele, think about it. Once you think about it, call Grandpa. No matter what, Grandpa loves you and loves your parents. Grandpa will help you.”

Ji Leyu felt disgusted. He wished there was a big pool or sea in front of him so he could push this person in front of him down as soon as he stretched out his hand.

He lowered his head and didn’t speak.

Father Ji reached out to touch his head but he avoided it. Father Ji just thought he was uncomfortable and didn’t think much about it. He said, “Don’t tell your uncle about what I told you today. Once your uncle knows about it, Grandpa won’t be able to help you.”

Ji Leyu nodded. Of course, he couldn’t tell Ji Yuxiao. How could he tell Ji Yuxiao?

If Ji Yuxiao knew, how uncomfortable would he be? How could Ji Leyu make him uncomfortable?

His uncle was so nice to him. He liked Ji Leyu so much, so Ji Leyu wouldn’t say anything. Then Ji Yuxiao wouldn’t know that his father didn’t like him and was upset because of it.

Ji Leyu pushed open the door and walked out.

Lin Fei watched him come out and saw that his head was lowered, as if he was unhappy. What happened inside?

Why did he become unhappy again after staying with his grandfather for a while?

He put down the fork he used to eat the cake and stood up.

Ji Leyu also came over and said to him, “Let’s go.”

Once he finished speaking, he didn’t take Lin Fei’s hand intimately like when he came. He left alone with his head hanging.

Father Ji watched it and thought in his heart that Ji Leyu still cared, otherwise he wouldn’t be like this, ignoring Lin Fei and not leaving hand in hand with him.

In the end, he was a child. Father Ji just had to provoke him under the banner of it being good for him and mention his parents. Then Ji Leyu would always be worried and afraid. He would listen to Father Ji’s words and eventually come to him.

Father Ji watched Ji Leyu leave the room with satisfaction. He thought in his heart that after a while, he would talk to Ji Leyu again and Ji Leyu should agree at that time.

Lin Fei followed Ji Leyu. He watched Ji Leyu lower his head all the way, not speaking and only walking in silence. Lin Fei asked him, “What’s wrong with you?”

Ji Leyu turned to look at him.

Lin Fei’s face was cold and indifferent. He didn’t seem to have any concerns or worries. Just like Father Ji said, his mind was deep and it was hard to tell what he was thinking.

However, Ji Leyu knew he was thinking, ‘Why is he unhappy again?’

This was why he asked, ‘What’s wrong with you?’

Everyone thought Lin Fei was hard to get in contact with. They felt that Lin Fei didn’t like to talk and that he didn’t like to play with everyone. Even his classmates said, “He looks  hard to make friends with.”

In fact, Lin Fei’s mind was much cleaner than his. Ji Leyu’s real mind was deep and the one whose mind couldn’t be seen was him, not Lin Fei.

“Brother, what are you thinking about now?” Ji Leyu asked him.

Lin Fei didn’t understand why he suddenly asked this. Then he heard Ji Leyu ask him, “Why did you ask me what is wrong?”

“You don’t look happy,” Lin Fei said indifferently.

Ji Leyu laughed. He thought so. Lin Fei’s mind had always been much cleaner than his.

He looked at Lin Fei. The smile in his eyes slowly deepened and his amber eyes were like crushed honey candy as he said, “Brother, what to do? They don’t seem to know that I am the worst one. They are so stupid.”

Lin Fei frowned and said sensitively, “What did your grandfather say to you?”

Ji Leyu looked at the staircase in front of him. It was long and it must hurt to fall down.

“If he was in front of me right now, I would probably push him off here.” His tone was light and soft, with a small laugh that made people shudder.

“Unfortunately, he isn’t in front of me.”

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