FV: Chapter 131

Chen Feng was still eating calmly. She didn’t expect that when she was drinking water, Ji Yuxiao actually opened his mouth to ask for shares and she almost choked on the water. She immediately protested. “No.”

Ji Yuxiao was surprised. “Auntie, do you think that what I said is wrong?”

Once Chen Feng finished speaking, she realized that she shouldn’t have spoken so quickly. She reluctantly said, “Yuxiao, this type of thing is really big and it can’t be decided so casually.”

Father Lin also said, “Yes, Yuxiao. This matter can’t be said casually.”

Ji Yuxiao sneered. “You also know that this is a big thing. It is such a big thing that Qingqing doesn’t have the qualifications to participate in it. This is what you call liking? They are both your sons but one has shares while the other has no shares. Anyone who looks at it will think you really love Lin Luojing, right? It seems that we aren’t worthy of it and we can’t afford your liking.”

“Yuxiao, your words…” Father Lin was embarrassed.

Lin Luoqing also hurriedly persuaded him. “Forget it, Yuxiao. My father likes me but things like shares are too difficult. I don’t know anything and it is useless for me to take it.”

“Did you hear that?” Ji Yuxiao looked at Father Lin. “It is already like this and he is still thinking about you. He is reviewing his own mistakes, loves you so much and admires you so much. Yet you are treating him like this?”

Ji Yuxiao sighed. “I will never allow my beloved to suffer such grievances. Qingqing has a good temper and can endure it, but I can’t. I won’t eat this meal. If you are willing to give shares to Qingqing in the future then we can talk about other things. If you don’t want to, we can just pretend we don’t know each other and won’t communicate with each other.”

Lin Luoqing said anxiously, “How can this work? Yuxiao, don’t be like this. This is my father. Dad, you persuade him quickly.”

Father Lin heard this and hurriedly said, “Yes, Yuxiao. Don’t be like this. Everyone is family. Why should we not know each other and stop communicating with each other?”

Ji Yuxiao sneered and ignored this person. He pushed his wheelchair and prepared to leave.

Lin Luoqing hurried to stop him.

Ji Yuxiao took him into his arms and said affectionately, “Why are you so stupid?”

Lin Luoqing put on a good expression. “After all, it is my own father.”

“Fool.” Ji Yuxiao stroked his head. “Don’t worry. As long as I am here, even your own father can’t bully you.”


Ji Yuxiao raised a hand and pressed it against his lips. “Don’t say it. You are just too kind.”

Chen Feng, “……”

Chen Feng didn’t just want to vomit, she also wanted to vomit on Ji Yuxiao’s face since he dare ask for some shares!

Why didn’t he look at Lin Luoqing to see if he deserves it?!

Father Lin was different. He felt that he was very familiar with Ji Yuxiao now. This dog person didn’t recognize his relatives and only recognized Lin Luoqing. Don’t talk to him about family affection and reason. Where were these things in his head? He just wanted to fall in love!

Father Lin took a deep breath yet couldn’t say anything.

On the contrary, Ji Leyu nodded heartily in agreement. Yes, his aunt was too kind and needed the protection of himself and his uncle.

Ji Leyu quickly jumped off the chair and wanted to go with Ji Yuxiao. However, he couldn’t bear to disturb his uncle and aunt, so he just watched obediently and didn’t speak.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei once again held his forehead in his heart and he couldn’t bear to look closely.

He said coldly, “Let’s go?”

Father Lin, “???”

No, why don’t you sit obediently at this time? What are you talking about?

“Fei Fei, children shouldn’t interrupt when adults are talking.” Father Lin educated him.

Ji Leyu heard this and looked up at him, asking in a soft voice, “Grandpa, what are shares?”

Father Lin, “……”

Father Lin smiled and coaxed him. “You won’t understand. You will understand when you grow up.”

Ji Leyu nodded before asking, “Are shares good or bad?”

“Of course, they are good.”

“Then why not give it to Dad?” Ji Leyu looked innocent. “My dad will give me good things. Grandpa, aren’t you Dad’s father? Why not give it to Dad?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing silently gave Ji Leyu a thumbs up. ‘Son, you are really capable!’

He stood up from Ji Yuxiao’s arms and said in a low voice, “Xiao Yu, don’t say anymore.”

Ji Yuxiao snorted. “Even children understand this logic, but you don’t understand. Uncle, say, how can I believe that you like Qingqing?”

Ji Leyu tilted his head and followed his words. “So Grandpa doesn’t like Dad?”

“Of course not.” Father Lin quickly denied it.

“Then give the good things to my dad.” Ji Leyu smiled. “Grandpa, when will you give it?”

Father Lin, ‘??? When did I agree?’

Chen Feng spoke again in a dissatisfied manner, “Xiao Yu, don’t talk nonsense. Adults are talking so children shouldn’t interrupt.”

“Auntie, you seem very unwilling?” Ji Yuxiao looked at her. “Xiao Yu is speaking casually but you can’t wait to stop him. Why? You also don’t  want Qingqing to have shares?”

Chen Feng smiled awkwardly. “How can that be? Yuxiao, I just think children shouldn’t care so much.”

“So you argued with a child? You don’t let the child talk?”

Chen Feng, “……”

Ji Leyu blinked innocently. “Did I say something wrong?”

“No,” Ji Yuxiao told him softly. “Let’s go, Xiao Yu. Dad will take you out to eat.”

“Aren’t we eating with Grandpa?” Ji Leyu looked reluctant.

Father Lin also said, “Yes, the meal is ready. We should eat together.”

“Forget it. Since you don’t like Qingqing, there is no point in staying here. Xiao Yu, let’s go.”

“Oh.” Ji Leyu nodded and turned to Father Lin. “Grandpa, if you don’t like Dad then I don’t like you either.”

Father Lin, “……”

Father Lin felt it was hard to argue.

He said dryly, “No, Xiao Yu, I like your dad.”

He finished speaking and looked at Lin Luoqing. “Luoqing, you know that Dad loves you, right?”

Lin Luoqing looked sad. He nodded and said in a low voice, “Dad, you and Aunt eat first. We will leave first.”

As if he was hurt, he turned around to push Ji Yuxiao. Ji Leyu pulled Lin Fei and went out with him.

Father Lin waited until they were all gone before falling weakly onto the seat. He thought in his heart, ‘What is going on?!’

How could they talk and somehow reach the topic of asking for shares?

Chen Feng looked at him, heart full of worry. She absolutely couldn’t let Lin Luoqing get any shares.


Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao went out and got into the car. Lin Fei noticed that the moment they left the Lin house, the sadness on Lin Luoqing’s face disappeared and was replaced by a relaxed and happy expression.

Lin Fei, “……”

What was going on with him today?!

So strange.

Lin Luoqing was completely unaware of Lin Fei’s troubles. He asked Lin Fei and Ji Leyu what they wanted to eat and took them to a hot pot restaurant.

Ji Leyu ate very happily. Lin Luoqing watched him and thought in his heart, ‘This time, didn’t he go to bother Lin Luojing?’

It was really strange.

He didn’t think that Lin Luojing’s fall was caused by Ji Leyu. It was too small and wasn’t at all like Ji Leyu’s style. In addition, Lin Fei was present. Ji Leyu wouldn’t pick a time when Lin Fei was present to act.

It seemed that his temper had really improved a lot recently.

Lin Luoqing was relieved and gave Ji Leyu a piece of beef. Ji Leyu looked at him and said sweetly, “Thank you, Dad.”

“You’re welcome.”

At the same time, Chen Feng fell at the bathroom door with a bang. She stood up and felt like she was badly hurt. She turned around and shouted at the maid at home, “Aunt Wang, what is going on here? Why is it so slippery?”

Aunt Wang immediately took a mop and rushed over. “I’ll clean it now.”

“Do you need me to remind you about this?” Chen Feng said angrily.

She entered the bathroom angrily. She was always worried about the shares. She knew that she shouldn’t have let Lin Luoqing marry Ji Yuxiao. It was a mistake, she made a mistake!

Father Lin was also worried about the shares. Things had reached this point. He had paid so much. If they said not to talk to each other any longer then Father Lin would never allow it, but he was really reluctant to give some of his own shares to Lin Luoqing. Then he could only give a part of Lin Luojing’s shares.

He struggled for a long time but in the end, he couldn’t make a decision. Therefore, he went upstairs and taught Lin Luojing another lesson.

This barbecued pork!

If it wasn’t for him, why would he need to give Lin Luoqing another ten million yuan? He deserved to be beaten!

“Your pocket money for this month is gone. It isn’t just this month, but also next month and the month after. Reflect on yourself!” Father Lin was angry.

Lin Luojing, “???”

Lin Luojing felt he was too wronged today!

He hadn’t gone out all day and didn’t go downstairs for most of the day. Once he finally went downstairs, he fell down. As a result, his father didn’t comfort him and came to hit him!

Was this his father?

Lin Luojing felt that he was simply more wronged than Dou E. (TL: From the Chinese play, The Injustice of Dou E. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Injustice_to_Dou_E)

The three members of the Lin family were anxious and worried. Meanwhile, Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao had already returned home in a happy mood, ready to rest.

Lin Fei waited until Lin Luoqing came to give him a bath before finally saying to him, “You and my uncle weren’t the same as usual at Grandfather’s house today.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Wasn’t this a bit embarrassing?

Lin Luoqing smiled and hid his embarrassment as he explained, “This is to deceive your grandfather. Adults are very complicated and will lie to another person because of some things. Your grandfather didn’t take care of your mother and you before, so I lied to him. Don’t learn from me. This is bad behavior.”

Lin Fei nodded.

Then he asked, “What are shares?”

Lin Luoqing was stumped by this question and wondered how to explain it to him. “Your grandfather is the boss of a company and the company is a place to make money. With shares, you have a share of the money the company makes and you can decide what the company does and doesn’t do. You will understand more when you grow up.”

“Do you want them?” Lin Fei asked him.

“I don’t want them, but you should have them. Your grandfather’s company was created by him and your grandmother. There wasn’t Chen Feng’s and Lin Luojing’s share. It should’ve been left to your mother and then your mother would’ve left it to you. So you should have it.”

He helped Lin Fei with the foam and said gently, “Fei Fei, the things I get from your grandfather are all things that belong to you, not to me. However, you are still too young. I will help you keep it first. When you grow up, I will give it to you.”

Lin Fei was puzzled. “Why? My mother has it so you should have it as well. You are her brother.”

‘But I’m not her real brother,’ Lin Luoqing thought in his heart. Therefore, he didn’t want to take any more things that didn’t belong to him. Besides, it was good to leave it to Lin Fei. He would start a business in the future and it didn’t hurt to have more start-up capital.

“Then mine is for you too. It is still yours,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile.

He rubbed against Lin Fei’s forehead. “Our Fei Fei is actually a little rich man.”

Lin Fei dodged back in slight embarrassment. He still didn’t quite understand what shares were, but Lin Luoqing wanted them. Then if he had them in the future, he could give it to Lin Luoqing.

“Will my grandfather give it to you?” He wondered.

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing made a guess. Father Lin had already invested so much. How could he stop at this time? As long as he didn’t stop, he would have to continue to increase the weight. Alas, what a fat pig.

It was enough to slaughter him several times!

He helped Lin Fei take a bath, carried him to bed and kissed his forehead. “Good night.”

“Good night,” Lin Fei replied.

Lin Luoqing went back to his bedroom. The moment he went back, he found there was a WeChat message from Father Lin on his phone that was placed in his bedroom.

Lin Luoqing didn’t care. When killing pigs, he always needed to make pigs have a little sense of crisis. He would drag things out a bit more.

He patiently didn’t answer Father Lin’s calls or reply to Father Lin’s WeChat messages, but Father Lin couldn’t be patient.

Within a few days, he and Chen Feng quarreled over the shares.

Chen Feng was stunned when she heard him say that he would give half of Lin Luojing’s shares to Lin Luoqing. This was less acceptable to her than Father Lin giving Lin Luoqing a part of his own shares.


Why did he want to move his son’s shares?

That was his son’s thing!

Not his!

“I don’t agree. What will Xiao Jing think when you are like this? Do you mean to make him uncomfortable?”

“But if I don’t do this, I won’t be able to get along with Ji Yuxiao.”

“Then don’t be in contact with him.” Chen Feng advised him. “Let’s forget it. The previous money is wasted and we will just pretend we don’t know him.”

“How can that be?” Father Lin was unwilling. “He likes Luoqing so much and Luoqing has always cared about me. As long as I give the shares to Luoqing, Luoqing will definitely believe I really love him. He will be willing to help me speak in front of Ji Yuxiao and give me other benefits.”

“He has already made Luoqing the CEO of Xingyi. Doesn’t this mean he really loves Luoqing? As long as Luoqing is willing to recognize me as a father and help me, Yuxiao will definitely help me!”

“What if Luoqing doesn’t want to?”

“Impossible. Haven’t you seen that he is still calling me Dad and is longing for my love? He has been thinking about me since I threw him out and wants to come back. Even now, he hasn’t changed.

Chen Feng shook her head desperately. “This isn’t okay. It is too unfair to Luojing.”

“But if it ends, is it fair to me? I have paid so much and I can’t even get any money?”

Father Lin shook his head. “No, absolutely not!”

The two of them quarreled endlessly over this. Before they knew it, the Spring Festival arrived.

Ji Yuxiao received a call from Father Ji again on the eve of New Year’s Eve. “Tomorrow is the holiday. Remember to bring Xiao Yu back.”

Ji Yuxiao was silent for a moment as he stared at the thick night outside the window. Then he finally said in a deep voice, “I got it.”

This was probably the last time he would celebrate the new year with his father.

It would also be the last time Ji Leyu would be reunited with his grandfather.

He wasn’t sad for himself, he was sadder for Ji Leyu now.

Hearing his words, Father Ji was finally relieved. As long as they came back, he had a way to persuade Ji Leyu.

This time, he must keep Ji Leyu.

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1 year ago

As soon as Father Unit Ji became the #1 murder suspect, I imagined a dogsblood story about the illegitimate son of the white moonlight in Father Unit Ji’s heart, but only future chapters can show if I’m correct.

Typing this… I actually wonder if the illegitimate son is the murderer and FU Ji is covering up for him… Also it’s more likely to be a son because patriarchy.


3 months ago

Actually, when slaughtering pigs (or other livestock animals, also when hunting), you should try to avoid them experiencing any sense of crisis. They should be as calm, comfortable and relaxed as possible, otherwise their stress triggers a release of adrenaline into their system, resulting in foul-tasting, gamey meat. The more peacefully and painlessly they die, the better the resulting food. There’s something rather karmic about that.