FV: Chapter 130

Father Lin had a difficulty and painful talk with Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao for a while. Then it was time for dinner and Lin Luojing finally came down from upstairs to have dinner with them.

He sat on a chair and looked at Lin Luoqing who was opposite him. He couldn’t help becoming more and more annoyed, the more he looked at Lin Luoqing and stood up to go to the toilet.

Father Lin saw him moving and reprimanded him out of fear that he would do something to upset Ji Yuxiao. “What are you doing?”

Lin Luojing, “……”

He was just going to the toilet. Did he need to report this too?

Was he so nervous about Lin Luoqing?!

Lin Luojing gritted his teeth. “I am going to the toilet.”

Ji Leyu heard this and seemed to have thought of something. He leaned close to Lin Fei’s ear. “Is it okay to let him take a fall?”

Lin Fei looked at him but Ji Leyu had already jumped off the chair. “Dad, I’m going to wash my hands.”

Lin Fei also hurriedly followed. Ji Leyu was a bit helpless. “Falling isn’t a big deal.”

Why still follow him?

Lin Fei didn’t speak but he didn’t stop it. This was regarded as acquiescing to his behavior.

Ji Leyu sighed and thought that Lin Luojing really got off cheaply. Forget it, who made him listen to his brother?

He deliberately pushed Lin Fei and ran in the direction of the bathroom with a smile.

Lin Fei was helpless and had to chase him.

Ji Yuxiao watched from a distance and couldn’t help laughing. They really were children. They had to go together to wash their hands.

Lin Luoqing didn’t take it seriously. Ji Leyu would go wash his hands before eating at home. Besides, Lin Fei was following. Ji Leyu wouldn’t do anything unseemly under Lin Fei’s nose, right?

Definitely not.

He watched as Ji Leyu quickly ran around the corner and leaned against the back of the chair, waiting for them to come back to dinner.

Ji Leyu had already used the toilet here before, so he knew this was a bathroom that separated the wet and dry areas.

He turned the tap and started to wash his hands. Lin Fei watched him and also washed his hands.

As they were washing, Lin Luojing walked in and went straight into the toilet.

Ji Leyu saw him closing the door and walked over. He took out a small bottle from his pocket and poured out the oil in the bottle.

Lin Fei saw the way he didn’t change his face or have a faster heartbeat. There was no panic and it felt like he really wasn’t afraid of being discovered at all.

Ji Leyu washed his hands again after finishing and stood in front of the mirror making faces, waiting for Lin Luojing to fall when he came out.

He didn’t have to wait long. Lin Luoqing soon opened the toilet door. The moment he came out, he was caught off guard and slipped. He fell directly to the ground and screamed miserably.

Ji Leyu seemed to be frightened. He looked back and his voice was timid. “Uncle, are you okay?”

Lin Luojing glared at him and said angrily, “I don’t need you to care.”

Ji Leyu looked soft and easy to bully. He received the fierce words and seemed a bit afraid. He hugged Lin Fei who was beside him.

Lin Luojing stood up angrily and washed his hands, feeling that he had no luck.

Seeing him leave, Lin Fei turned to look at Ji Leyu. Ji Leyu had put away his fake scared expression and looked relaxed and happy.

“Let’s go as well.” He had got what he wanted and was satisfied.

Lin Fei reminded him. “The floor hasn’t been wiped clean.

“It’s fine.”

“It will be discovered,” Lin Fei reminded again.

“I’m just a child who came to visit by chance.” Ji Leyu blinked innocently. “What does this have to do with me?”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei helplessly found that he was right.

Who would doubt Ji Leyu? He was still so young and he looked well-behaved and cute. Lin Fei hadn’t suspect him at all until seeing it with his own eyes.

Ji Leyu pulled him. “Let’s go, let’s go. We should go back. Dad will be worried if we take too long.”

Lin Fei was afraid that Lin Luoqing would come to find them and he wouldn’t be able to explain  it clearly when the time came, so he could only walk back with Ji Leyu.

He didn’t have any feelings for the Lin Family so he didn’t care.

Ji Leyu had actually planned to clean up the aftermath. He had always only targeted and took revenge on those who provoked him, just like last time with Ji Huai. He tore off the tape to prevent others from falling.

Yet the moment he entered through the door today, he felt that Father Lin and Chen Feng didn’t seem to like Lin Fei. They didn’t like Lin Fei so he didn’t like them either. What did it matter if they fell or not?

Ji Leyu wanted them to fall, so he didn’t bother cleaning up the aftermath.

Brother Fei Fei was really good. How could anyone not like him?

It was really annoying.

Lin Luoqing saw Lin Luojing limping and covering his buttocks on the way back. He asked in his heart, ‘What’s wrong?’

He seemed to have heard Lin Luojing scream just now. What happened?

He was afraid that Ji Leyu had done something, so he tentatively asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t need you to care.” Lin Luojing had hurt his buttocks. The moment he heard Lin Luoqing say this, he opened his mouth and started a fight.

Ji Yuxiao put down his chopsticks with a ‘snap’ and looked up at the other person.

Father Lin was shocked in his heart and instantly scolded, “How can you talk like that to your brother? Your brother is caring about you but you talk to him like that? Aren’t you going to apologize for your brother?”

Lin Luojing was simply too wronged. “Why should I apologize? What did I do wrong?”

“Forget it.” Chen Feng smoothed things over. “We are all a family. Talk nicely if there’s any problem. Xiao Jing, what’s wrong?”

“It’s okay, I fell down,” Lin Luojing said in a muffled voice.

Chen Feng was concerned. “How old are you that you can still fall down? Sit down.”

Lin Luojing sat down.

Lin Luoqing heard him say it was just a fall and thought that Ji Leyu shouldn’t have done it. After all, based on the extent that Ji Leyu cared for Ji Yuxiao, it wouldn’t be as simple as a fall if he made his move. His legs might be damaged so he could never say the word ‘cripple’ again in the future.

This was the style of Ji Leyu.

He sighed with relief. Then he saw Ji Leyu and Lin Fei walking toward this side in an intimate manner.

“Did you wash your hands?” He asked.

Ji Leyu nodded and sat down next to Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao along with Lin Fei.

He reached out and showed his hands to Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao very obediently. “I washed it cleanly.”

Ji Yuxiao patted his head. “Yes.”

Seeing this, Father Lin added a few pieces of meat to Ji Leyu to flatter him.”Come, Baby. You can eat this. It is sweet and you children will like it.”

Ji Leyu immediately laughed. “Thank you, Grandpa.”

“You’re welcome,” Father Lin said with a smile.

Ji Leyu’s tone was soft, like cotton candy. “Grandpa, you are so good. Why is Uncle so fierce?”

Once he finished speaking, he glanced at Lin Luojing with a bit of fear. Then he immediately withdrew his gaze.

Ji Yuxiao’s eyes became cold the moment he heard this.

“What’s wrong with him?” He asked Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu was aggrieved. “He was just fierce to me. Just now, I was washing my hands. He fell and I asked him if he was okay. Then he was fierce to me.”

Ji Yuxiao originally looked at the Lin family of three unpleasantly. The moment he heard Ji Leyu say this, he immediately sneered at Lin Luojing. “You are quite capable. You even bully a child.”

Lin Luojing, “……”

Lin Luojing hadn’t expected Ji Leyu to tell Ji Yuxiao about this and explained helplessly, “I didn’t mean it. I just fell down and was in a bad mood. My tone ended up being a bit bad.”

“If you are in a bad mood, you can be fierce to others? Young Master Lin, you are really incredible. It is like you are the center of the world!”

He finished speaking and looked at Father Lin. “Originally, Qing Qing said it was rare to meet and wanted to have dinner with you. I had no opinion. Now, let’s forget it. Young Master Lin has a big temper. I’m afraid he won’t feel well soon and then I don’t know who he will bully at that time.”

Hearing this, Father Lin quickly tried to persuade him, “It is Xiao Jing’s fault in this matter. Yuxiao, don’t be angry. I will ask Xiao Jing to apologize to Xiao Yu.”

He finished speaking and calmed Ji Leyu again. “Xiao Yu, don’t be afraid. Your uncle has no malice. He likes you.”

Ji Leyu still looked aggrieved. “Really?”

“Of course.”

Father Lin finished speaking and immediately turned to roar at his son. “What are you doing all stunned? Aren’t you going to apologize to Xiao Yu?”

Lin Luojing, “!!!”

Lin Luojing saw Ji Leyu’s appearance and felt aggrieved in his heart. He was a big man apologizing to a child. What was this?!

Didn’t he want face?

He stood up and said, “I won’t eat. I am going back to my room.”

“You stop right there and apologize to Xiao Yu!” Father Lin said angrily.

Lin Luojing ignored him and walked directly upstairs.

Father Lin was so angry that he wanted to hit his son. However, he couldn’t do this because Ji Yuxiao was still here. He could only say to Ji Yuxiao, “Don’t be angry, Yuxiao. Tonight, I will teach him a good lesson.”

Ji Leyu blinked and called out to him simply and innocently. “Grandpa.”

Father Lin quickly replied, “Hey, what’s wrong Baby?”

“Does Uncle hate my dad?”

“How so?” Father Lin smiled and said. “Baby, you are still young so you don’t understand.”

“But—” Ji Leyu frowned and had a puzzled expression on his face. “Two days ago, we met at the mall and he was very cruel to my dad. His friend asked my dad if he was having a miserable life and they were ready to hit my dad.”

Lin Luoqing, “!!!!”

Lin Luoqing never expected him to say this in this tone.

He did it on purpose. It must be on purpose. Other children might do it unintentionally but Ji Leyu was absolutely doing it intentionally!

So was Ji Leyu helping him complain  in order to get justice for him?

Lin Luoqing was dumbfounded for a moment. On the one hand, he felt that Ji Leyu was good at disguising at a young age and was worthy of being a future villain. On the other hand, he felt that Ji Leyu even wanted to complain  for him and was simply a thoughtful baby. 

It was so heartwarming!

He pretended to stop it at the right time. “Xiao Yu.”

He shook his head slightly and signaled for Ji Leyu not to say anything.

Ji Leyu thought he didn’t want Father Lin to know and quickly covered his mouth with his hand, whispering, “I’m sorry.”

“I-I just thought he didn’t like you, Dad. That is why he didn’t like me. I talked to him and he ignored me and was fierce to me.”

“It’s okay,” Lin Luoqing said gently. “It isn’t your fault he was fierce to you and don’t feel bad. Dad apologizes for him, okay?”

Ji Leyu shook his head. “Dad, you weren’t fierce to me so you don’t have to apologize. I’m not uncomfortable.”

He spoke while thinking that his father was really kind. It didn’t matter. Ji Leyu wasn’t kind and he could protect his father.

He thought this and secretly glanced at Father Lin. He said this and Father Lin shouldn’t have no reaction, right?

Father Lin already knew from Lin Luojing that they had encountered each other at the mall but Lin Luojing didn’t dare tell him the truth. So when Father Lin heard this, he felt his blood pressure skyrocket.

What type of son was he?!

His son blocked him!

He thought that Ji Yuxiao’s father raised him to have a lovesick brain who was no different than barbecued pork, but Lin Luojing dragged him down. Then wasn’t he similar to barbecued pork?

He lowered his eyes and flattered Ji Yuxiao. Wasn’t it to rely on Ji Yuxiao’s relationship with Lin Luoqing to let him cooperate with the Ji family?

Yet Lin Luojing wanted to hit Lin Luoqing in front of Ji Yuxiao!

No wonder why Ji Yuxiao didn’t want Lin Luoqing to come back and felt they didn’t love Lin Luoqing. If it was him then he definitely wouldn’t want to come back!

In addition, Ji Yuxiao had a lovesick brain! A lovesick brain which was being emotionally manipulated by Lin Luoqing!

Father Lin felt a sudden pain from his head. ‘My 10 million. Lin Luojing, you are really good!’

If he gave Lin Luojing any more money then he would be the barbecued pork!

“This must’ve been instigated by his friend. Xiao Yu, you are still young and you don’t understand. Once you grow up, you will understand. Your uncle likes your father, really,” he explained softly to JI Leyu.

Ji Leyu nodded innocently. “Oh, then I’ll come play with Uncle when I grow up.”

“Yes,” Father Lin replied.

He finished speaking and looked at Lin Luoqing. “Luo Luo, don’t mind it. I will teach your brother a lesson and I will definitely let him apologize to you.”

“It’s okay, Dad.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

“How is it okay? I think that something is very wrong.” Ji Yuxiao snorted coldly. “He wanted to bully you two days ago and today he wanted to bully Xiao Yu. I think that the day after tomorrow, he will directly hit me in the face. It is really amazing. Uncle Lin, you have a really good son.”

Father Lin’s headache was getting bigger.

“Yuxiao, I promise to teach him a lesson tonight. Don’t worry, I won’t let him continue to mess around like this!”

“Uncle, I don’t dare rest assured at your assurance. After all, you said before that you care about Qing Qing and that you like Qing Qing, but your son who you get along with day and night is like this about Qing Qing. You are together every day. How can I believe you like Qing Qing when you can raise a person who treats Qing Qing like this?”

Lin Luoqing pretended to stop him. “Yuxiao, stop talking.”

“Why can’t I talk? I like you so much and can’t bear to touch you. Meanwhile, he actually wanted to hit you in front of me. Is he worthy? Is it appropriate  as a younger brother?”

“It isn’t appropriate,” Father Lin said immediately.

“So you are just watching?”

“Didn’t I say that I will teach him a lesson tonight?”

“Uncle, do you know what the most painful lesson is?” Ji Yuxiao asked him.

“What is it?” Father Lin asked.

“It is to let him know that you care about his brother and value him. He isn’t worthy to be compared to his older brother, so he shouldn’t try to say or do anything in front of his brother.”

“Yes,” Father Lin nodded.

“So you should give the company’s shares to Qing Qing instead of him. If he doesn’t have shares while Qing Qing owns half of yours, how dare he do this?”

Lin Luoqing, “!!!!”

What did he hear?

Half of the shares?!

Ji Yuxiao, you are awesome!

Making such a big move as soon as you open your mouth!

It was he who lost. He only knew how to ask for money and didn’t know how to ask for shares. He was simply too childish!

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1 month ago

Leyu is the most thoughtful, cutest little baby. Also tbh he and his uncle really are related: JYX really knows how to scam people lolololol

Thank you so much for translating!!!

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