FV: Chapter 129

At noon the next day, Lin Luoqing finished eating and went to Father Lin’s house with Ji Yuxiao and the two children.

Father Lin and Chen Feng had been waiting for them a long time. Lin Luojing had also been specially educated by Father Lin in advance so that he wouldn’t talk nonsense.

The moment Lin Luoqing entered through the door, he saw Father Lin’s smiling face. “Luo Luo is back.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…This is really enthusiastic.’

He responded with a smile, pretending to be a loving son. “Dad, I miss you so much.”

“Dad misses you too,” Father Lin said with a smile.

He finished speaking and looked at Ji Yuxiao with a smile. “Yuxiao, how have you been lately?”

“I’m okay,” Ji Yuxiao replied in a lukewarm manner.

Ji Leyu raised his head and looked at the person in front of him. He thought in his heart, ‘So this is Lin Fei’s grandfather.’

He was looking at him when he saw Father Lin looking over. Their eyes met and Father Lin could tell instantly that this was Ji Yuxiao’s nephew. He looked too much like Ji Yuxiao.

He immediately bent down and looked at Ji Leyu in a loving manner, “You are Xiao Yu, right? I am your grandfather.”

Ji Leyu said sweetly, “Grandpa.”

“Oh, you are so good.” Father Lin patted his head.

It wasn’t until he finished talking to Ji Leyu that he finally noticed Lin Fei.

Lin Fei was Father Lin’s grandson. It was impossible for Father Lin to say he had no feelings for Lin Fei, but it was also impossible to say how many feelings he had.

Lin Luoxi had a son when she was unmarried. Father Lin scolded her for this, but at the time, Lin Luoxi had already been driven out of the house and didn’t dangle in front of his eyes. Therefore, Father Lin’s anger wasn’t particularly serious. He was even thankful that he had kicked Lin Luoxi out a long time ago, or his reputation would’ve been affected.

Later, Lin Luoxi begged him for Lin Fei’s schooling, hoping he could lend her money. Father Lin took the opportunity to scold her again.

He didn’t know who Lin Fei’s biological father was and he didn’t care, just like he didn’t care about Lin Fei. Still, in the end, Lin Fei was his grandson with his blood running through his body. Therefore, Father Lin looked at him with a bit more emotion than looking at a stranger.

The number of times he had seen Lin Fei was not much. Now that he suddenly saw Lin Fei, he realized that the child had grown so big. He looked quite like Lin Luoxi and Lin Luoqing, but also a bit like Father Lin. This caused Father Lin’s feelings to be complicated for a while.

Lin Luoqing pushed Ji Yuxiao into the room and sat down on the sofa. Lin Fei and Ji Leyu sat next to him.

Perhaps it was to prevent any trouble but Lin Luojing didn’t come down at this time. There were only Father Lin and Chen Feng in the room.

Chen Feng saw that Ji Leyu looked white, tender, innocent and cute. In addition, he was Ji Yuxiao’s nephew. This made her grab the snacks on the table and handed it to him in a pleasant manner. “Have you eaten? Here, these snacks are for you.”

Ji Leyu took it and politely thanked her. However, he just said the words and didn’t eat the snacks.

Chen Feng felt he was quite obedient and was even more willing to please him.

Lin Luoqing watched her keep talking to Ji Leyu while ignoring Lin Fei, and he thought that what she was doing was quite obvious.

Father Lin didn’t feel there was anything wrong with what his wife did. This was Ji Yuxiao’s current son and he had to be treated well. His wife was thoughtful. It would be great if Lin Luojing could be as gentle and thoughtful as his mother, understanding the current situation and knowing when to advance or retreat.

Ji Leyu watched her hand over one snack after another and wondered in his heart, ‘Why are they giving it to me and not Lin Fei? Isn’t Lin Fei their grandson?’

Didn’t they like Lin Fei?

The moment this thought came to him, he was even more disgusted with the people in front of him.

Therefore, he took the initiative to give the things in his hands to Lin Fei. “Brother, you eat.”

“I won’t eat.” Lin Fei remembered that his mother didn’t like his grandfather and Chen Feng. She had always been distant and repulsive to them.

Ji Leyu shook his head when he heard this and put the things in his hand on the table. “Then I won’t eat it either.”

His voice was soft. “If Brother doesn’t eat then I won’t eat either.”

Then he hugged one of Lin Fei’s arms and leaned on him affectionately.

Father Lin and Chen Feng hadn’t expected him to be like this at all. Two boys of this age living together. Lin Fei had such a personality while Ji Leyu was pampered. Their relationship wouldn’t be good even if they didn’t fight.

Who would like Lin Fei’s personality? He was stuffy, boring and it was like he was mute.

Why did Ji Leyu seem to be on good terms with him?

Chen Feng pouted with dissatisfaction. She felt that the child was simple and didn’t understand anything.

Lin Luoqing saw it and couldn’t help smiling.

He pretended to exchange a few words with Father Lin. Then he heard Father Lin ask, “This year is the first year of your marriage, right? Will you be spending the New Year in Yuxiao’s house?”

“Not necessarily,” Ji Yuxiao said coldly.

Father Lin only thought he was still angry with his father due to Lin Luoqing’s affairs, so he tried to persuade Ji Yuxiao. “How can a father and son have an overnight feud? Is there such a big mistake that you can’t go home for the Spring Festival? Once the time comes, you and Luoqing should go back together and have a good talk with your father. Then it will be fine.”

“I’m afraid it won’t be a good talk.” Ji Yuxiao still looked cold and indifferent.

Father Lin was puzzled. “Why not?”

Ji Yuxiao took Lin Luoqing’s hand and said deliberately, “I just made Qing Qing the CEO of my entertainment company a while ago and my father is angry again. He is probably sulking at home right now and said  he doesn’t want to see me.”

Father Lin, “??????”

Father Lin didn’t know this at all and said in shock, “You made Qing Qing the CEO? What CEO?”

“He is an actor. Of course, it is the CEO of the entertainment company. Otherwise, can he be the CEO of the group? I am quite willing but my father isn’t willing. I can only wrong him.”

“I’m sorry, Qing Qing.” He took Lin Luoqing’s hand with a sincere expression. “It is because I’m not good enough to give you a bigger stage. Don’t mind it.”

“It’s okay.” Lin Luoqing was very understanding. “I know that you love me and want to give me the best. This is already very good. I am satisfied with Xingyi.”

Ji Yuxiao was moved. “You are easily satisfied. You are too considerate and don’t think about yourself at all.”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Isn’t it because I like you too? I naturally have to think about you.”

Ji Yuxiao couldn’t help himself and looked at him affectionately.

Lin Luoqing was affectionate, as if no one else was there.

Father Lin, “……”

Chen Feng, “……”

The familiar feeling of wanting to vomit was here again!

Chen Feng quickly ate an orange to suppress her urge to vomit.

Father Lin was silent for a long time before accepting this terrible reality.

He knew that Lin Luoqing had changed to a new entertainment company, but he never expected that Ji Yuxiao would let Lin Luoqing be the CEO of the company!

Was this a lovesick brain?!

This was simply brainless!

No wonder why Ji Yuxiao’s father was so angry that he didn’t want to see Ji Yuxiao. Who would be willing?!

He wouldn’t be willing either!

This was especially the case regarding Lin Luoqing’s dog appearance. How did he look like a CEO?

He was more like a lobby manager of a hotel!

Wasn’t this nonsense?

Father Lin placed himself in Father Ji’s position and felt that his fist was already hard!

Unfilial son!


Incapable leader!

It is better to raise barbecue pork than to raise you!

“Yuxiao, isn’t your decision too sudden?” Father Lin tried to persuade him.

“It’s fine.” Ji Yuxiao didn’t care. “This is what Qing Qing likes.”

Father Lin thought, ‘…What did my son do to Ji Yuxiao? How can he confuse people like this?’

This was simply unscientific!

He looked at Lin Luoqing. “So you are now the CEO?”

Lin Luoqing nodded and said happily, “Yes, I’ve been working for almost a month.”

Father Lin, “……”

Father Lin thought that Ji Yuxiao might never be able to reconcile with his father in this life.

Then he thought about it again. If Lin Luoqing was now the CEO of Xingyi then he had the final say in Xingyi. In this case, couldn’t he use Xingyi and the artists of Xingyi? After all, stars were very popular these days.

Father Lin’s mind became active again as he looked at Lin Luoqing with a smile, “You haven’t been a CEO before and you don’t have experience, right? Why don’t you let me help you? This way, you can obtain results and Yuxiao’s decision won’t seem too careless. Then maybe his father won’t be angry.”

“No need,” Lin Luoqing refused. “In any case, it is just a small company and nothing major can happen.”

A small company???

Did he have a misunderstanding about small?

This wasn’t small!

He was just about to speak when he heard Ji Yuxiao say, “It doesn’t matter if it is gone. The worst case scenario is bankruptcy. I can just give you a new one when the time comes. If the old one doesn’t go then the new one won’t come. Perhaps you will like the new one more?”

Lin Luoqing excitedly asked, “Really?”

Ji Yuxiao nodded. “Don’t worry. Your husband still has this money.”

“Husband, you are amazing!” Lin Luoqing praised him.

Ji Yuxiao looked at him. “It is fine as long as you are happy. It is worth it even if your husband’s company goes bankrupt.”

Lin Luoqing kissed him without hesitation. “Don’t talk nonsense. How can you go bankrupt?”

Ji Leyu raised a hand to cover his eyes. He saw Lin Fei staring at the two of them in an expressionless manner and sensibly stretched out his other hand to help cover Lin Fei’s eyes.

Lin Fei was thinking, ‘…My uncles are acting really weird right now. Something isn’t quite right.’

Father Lin, “……”

Father Lin had a headache. He couldn’t go bankrupt. What would he do if he went bankrupt?

At this time, he didn’t think that Ji Yuxiao had a lovesick brain. This was too insulting to a lovesick brain. He felt that Ji Yuxiao was being emotionally manipulated, or he wouldn’t be so unwise!

If this continued, how could his father hand over the Ji Group to him and how could Father Lin cooperate with the Ji family?

“Yuxiao.” Father Lin tried to persuade him. “No matter how much you like Luoqing, you can’t let him be like this. He can’t be so dependent on you. You have money but there is no need to be so self-defeated. You are responsible for your company and your employees.”

Ji Yuxiao looked muddle-headed. “But I just want to be responsible for Qing Qing.”

“Then you can’t spoil him like this. It is just harming him. Sooner or later, something will happen to him.”

“No.” Ji Yuxiao was confident. “Even if I have to overthrow the whole world, I will arrange everything for him. For him, I am willing to be the enemy of the world. If he doesn’t exist then neither will I!”

Father Lin, “……”

Lin Luoqing wanted to cry. “Husband~~~”

Ji Yuxiao raised his chin. “Don’t cry. Your tears break my heart the most.”

There were tears in his eyes as Lin Luoqing turned to look at Father Lin. “Dad, I’m really touched. Are you touched? I’m so touched.”

Father Lin, “………”

Father Lin didn’t dare to be touched.

Chen Feng also didn’t dare to be touched. The orange in her hand almost couldn’t be eaten any longer. She felt like her stomach was so sour.

It was only Ji Leyu who stared intently and nodded desperately. He was touched, he was so touched. His uncle really loved his aunt. He was so touched!

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei lowered his head and couldn’t bear to look directly.

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