FV: Chapter 128

Ji Leyu blinked and slowly took out a bottle of glue from his drawer.

“They say this glue sticks very well. Tell me, can it stick people’s mouths together?” He looked at Lin Fei curiously, his beautiful phoenix eyes full of pure innocence.

However, the words he spoke were filled with an evil energy.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei inwardly held his forehead. “Put it back.”

Ji Leyu wasn’t willing and pouted. “He talks in such an annoying manner and shouldn’t speak. He can’t talk if his lips are stuck together.”

Lin Fei repeated, “Put it back.”

Ji Leyu’s mouth deflated and he put away the glue in dissatisfaction. He had planned to add it into Lin Luojing’s water. He didn’t know if it could stick that person’s mouth shut, but he could try.

Maybe it would stick.

“He won’t be able to speak if his mouth is glued shut. It’s not like he will die,” Ji Leyu defended himself.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei said indifferently, “No.”

Ji Leyu was forced to pull out a small box from the drawer. “Then this is okay, right?”

Lin Fei looked down. “What is this?”

Ji Leyu opened the box. Inside the box was very thin, broken glass.

“I’ll give him a little less,” he said.

Lin Fei, “……”

“Where are you going to put it?”

“Just in his meal.” Ji Leyu’s voice was soft and sticky. There was a childish, milky taste like milk candy. “Once he eats it, his mouth should hurt right?”

Lin Fei, “……”

Have you been thinking about this all day long?

It’s no wonder why you don’t have the heart to study!


“It won’t kill someone either,” Ji Leyu argued. “It isn’t water, fire, knives, or anything else. It’ll just bleed a bit. Sometimes I bleed when I fall. It is nothing.”

“No,” Lin Fei said again.

Ji Leyu felt that this person asked for a lot. He took out another small box. “Then this should be okay, right?”

Lin Fei thought, ‘…How many treasures do you have that I don’t know about?’

Lin Fei felt that he didn’t need to look at it and pulled Ji Leyu up. “You don’t need to do your homework tonight.”

Ji Leyu was ecstatic. “Really?”

“Go and watch ‘Ideology and Morality’.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

“I’ve seen it.”

Lin Fei was very skeptical of this. He felt that Ji Leyu must not have taken the ‘Ideology and Morality’ class well!

“Then you can watch it again.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Lin Fei helped him put away the small box on the table and put it back in the drawer.

Ji Leyu looked at him and said in a low voice, “You see, if I tell you what I’m going to do in advance, then you won’t allow me to do anything.”

“Because you are doing something wrong.”

“However, he also did something wrong,” Ji Leyu’s eloquence was good.

“Did you really want to go to the toilet at the mall?” Lin Fei asked him.

Ji Leyu didn’t speak.

“What did you want to do?”

Ji Leyu was silent for a moment.

“Say it quickly,” Lin Fei urged.

“It’s nothing,” Ji Leyu answered softly. “They were going to take the escalator. If I ran over, I could’ve hit them and made them fall.”

Lin Fei, “……”

“Escalators are dangerous, don’t you know that?”

Ji Leyu obviously didn’t know very much. “Isn’t it just a moving staircase?”

“Of course not. Escalators are more dangerous than stairs. You aren’t allowed to have such thoughts in the future.”


He seemed to be hit by Lin Fei’s refusal and disapproval. He was a bit depressed as he lowered his head without speaking.

Lin Fei looked at him, thought about it, and touched him on the head. “You are good.”

Ji Leyu looked up at him and said with rare honesty, “But I’m not good at all.”

“Then be good.”

Ji Leyu was reluctant as he said, “I hate him.”

“You can scold him, hit him, or do other things, but none of these things are allowed.”

“Then what can I do?” Ji Leyu asked him.

Lin Fei didn’t know how to answer for a moment.

He had a completely different personality from Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu would take revenge. If someone he cared about was hurt, he would remember it for over ten years and get revenge. Meanwhile, Lin Fei was proud and distant. He looked at everyone from a distance and didn’t care or bother wasting time or energy on them.

Lin Fei’s world was a world where he didn’t care about the people in his world. He only needed to grow by himself, grow his own thorns, and protect himself.

In contrast, Ji Leyu’s world was a world where no one could touch his reverse scale. He didn’t allow anyone to touch it. If anyone touched it, he would tear off his disguise of good behavior and stab the other person with a thorn.

They shouldn’t have any intersection and should live in their own worlds.

Lin Fei couldn’t understand or care about Ji Leyu.

As long as Lin Fei didn’t actively provoke him, Ji Leyu wouldn’t retaliate against Lin Fei.

It was just like in the novel.

Now due to Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao’s marriage, they accidentally lived under the same roof.

Lin Fei stared at the person in front of him. It wasn’t that Ji Leyu didn’t know that what he was doing was wrong. He knew he was doing something bad, but he didn’t feel the need to change.

Lin Fei couldn’t ask him to change. From the moment he saw Ji Leyu pushing Ji Xin into the water with his own eyes, he knew that Ji Leyu had different appearances. He was hypocritical, cunning, and ruthless.

He was born like this. It was just like how Lin Fei naturally disliked dealing with others. He couldn’t change his personality and didn’t want to change it.

Therefore, he could only be restrained.

Small knives could cut hands, but not if they were in its sheath.

“In the future, tell me in advance every time you do this type of thing,” he said softly.

“But you won’t agree to any of them.” Ji Leyu pouted. “Just like now.”

“Not necessarily.”

Ji Leyu looked up and stared at him. He pursed his lips and wanted to say something, but he eventually stayed silent. He was wronged.

In fact, he really wanted to say to Lin Fei, ‘I am like this. I have always been liked this. I’ve never been well-behaved from the beginning.’

He also wanted to ask, ‘Do you hate me now?’

However, he couldn’t say anything and couldn’t ask.

Adults like well-behaved children. Ji Leyu wanted to be the most well-behaved child in the hearts of the people he liked, so he was always obedient in front of his father, mother, and uncle. He was simple and ignorant, without a single bad thought in his mind.

However, he actually had a drawer full of bad intentions. He wasn’t a good child in the first place.

This was why he liked Lin Fei saying ‘you are good’ to him. It was as if he really would become good after hearing this.

“I’m definitely going to make him unhappy.” Ji Leyu lowered his head and didn’t look at Lin Fei. “He said bad things about my uncle. He can’t be fine and not pay for it.”

This was impossible. If he hadn’t found out about it, then it would’ve been okay if they didn’t meet. However, he had found out about it. How could he leave it alone?

Ji Leyu didn’t dare to look at Lin Fei. He lowered his head and stared at the ground, thinking that Lin Fei would be able to see his true face completely this time.

Lin Fei had run into him when he pushed Ji Xin, but this was the first time Lin Fei might’ve thought that Ji Leyu could change for the better. It was just that Ji Leyu wasn’t a good child from the start. He couldn’t be good. He was very bad, bad from the heart.

Lin Fei should have been very disappointed.

But this was Ji Leyu.

This was how he was.

He sat quietly and kicked his feet again and again.

A long time passed before he heard Lin Fei saying, “I’ll go with you.”

Ji Leyu was surprised.

Lin Fei indifferently told him, “I will go with you when the time comes. If you have any new ideas, tell me. You can do it if I agree.”

He said, “It is okay to pour water like you did on Zhang Xiaosong last time, but glue, glass, and escalators aren’t allowed. It won’t be allowed in the future.”

Ji Leyu blinked. “Then what if I can’t think of a new method at that time?”

“Wait until you think of another method later. Then tell me, and I will agree to go with you again.”

Lin Fei’s tone was calm. “Even if you never think of a suitable method now, you can go and beat him up once you grow up and become 18 years old. You can fight. I said that fighting is okay.”

Ji Leyu thought, ‘…18 years old!!!’

That was too long.

Ji Leyu stared at him in shock and thought about what he should do. He didn’t want to wait until he was 18!

“If it isn’t an escalator and just a staircase, is it okay to make him fall?” Ji Leyu asked.

“No, the stairs are also dangerous.”

“Just two steps.’

“That’s fine.” Lin Fei thought a person wouldn’t die or be seriously injured from this.

“So it has to be to this…” Ji Leyu couldn’t remember the word.

Lin Fei reminded him. “To this extent.”

“Spraying water and falling to this extent is okay.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu felt that his clever little brain was restricted.

But… Lin Fei was like this. Did this mean Lin Fei still liked him and didn’t hate him?

That was why Lin Fei was willing to talk to him about this.

He tentatively asked Lin Fei, “Am I very bad?”

Lin Fei nodded. “Yes.”

He had never seen a child with more evil in his heart than Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu, “!!!”

Ji Leyu hadn’t expected him to nod without hesitation. It was unbelievable!

He instantly puffed out his little face in a pitiful manner. Lin Fei actually thought he was bad!

Lin Fei actually thought he was bad!

He stared at Lin Fei with grievances in his eyes.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei was in a subtle mood when he was stared at by these shining eyes, which shone as if Ji Leyu was going to cry in the next second.

He did think Ji Leyu was really bad, but he couldn’t just watch Ji Leyu cry.

He thought about it and coaxed him. “But you are good.”

He touched Ji Leyu’s head. “Just be good.”

“So you really think I am bad?” Ji Leyu felt aggrieved and sour.

Lin Fei couldn’t say ‘No, you aren’t bad at all’ with a clear conscience, so he could only touch Ji Leyu’s head again.

“You aren’t so bad when you are obedient.”

Ji Leyu, “……”

“In any case, no one else knows you are bad.” Lin Fei’s tone softened. “I will keep this secret for you.”

“Then do you still like me?” Ji Leyu whispered, his eyes timid yet expectant.

Lin Fei felt that his words were very strange. “Haven’t I always known that you were bad?”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Ji Leyu didn’t know if he should be happy or unhappy for a moment.

He was unhappy because he always had such a bad image in his heart.

He was happy because Lin Fei didn’t seem to hate him.

Before he could figure it out, Lin Fei spoke again.

He still had that rare gentle tone as he coaxed Ji Leyu in a good voice, “I will like you if you are good.”

“Then I’ll be good.” Ji Leyu hurriedly raised his hand.

Lin Fei nodded. “Yes, you’ve always been very good.”

Ji Leyu was instantly coaxed by this sentence.

He was pleasantly surprised. “I’ve always been very good?”

Lin Fei nodded.

Ever since he started taking care of Ji Leyu, this person had indeed been very good.

Ji Leyu looked at him and nodded, his mood improved. Lin Fei felt he was good. Lin Fei obviously knew he was bad but still thought he was good. Lin Fei knew what he was like and thought he was good.

Ji Leyu was happy. He felt that he should have always had a good image in Lin Fei’s heart.

This was why Lin Fei was afraid he would be sad and gave him a Christmas gift. It was also why Lin Fei let him choose his favorite movie.

He couldn’t help acting spoiled with Lin Fei. “Hug.”

Lin Fei hugged him very gently, thinking that Ji Leyu wasn’t going to cry.

He hadn’t coaxed anyone who was crying yet. Fortunately, Ji Leyu didn’t really cry.

However, he was really squeamish, clingy, coquettish, and it was easy to make him cry. Just like the pot of roses he gave him, he needed to be carefully taken care of and couldn’t be left alone. Alas, this little squeamish crybaby.

Lin Fei promised Ji Leyu to accompany him, so he went to find Lin Luoqing and said that he would go with them when the time came.

Lin Luoqing was curious. “Why do you want to go? Didn’t you say you didn’t want to go there before?”

“I’m accompanying Ji Leyu,” Lin Fei said truthfully.

Lin Luoqing smiled softly. “Then you are kind to him.”

“He is good,” Lin Fei explained.

Lin Luoqing touched his head. “Okay. Then come with us. If you don’t like it, then just tell me and we’ll go home.”

“Yes,” Lin Fei replied.

Lin Luoqing took him to Ji Yuxiao’s study again. This way, he could see if there was anything he wanted to change in the study.

Lin Fei examined it very carefully and only made changes to three or four places. He obviously liked Ji Yuxiao’s study which could hold many bookcases.

“If I don’t need it in the future, I will give you this study,” Ji Yuxiao said with a smile.

Lin Fei shook his head while feeling that it was unnecessary. “No need, I already have my own study.”

“That’s right. Once the time comes, Uncle will give you a set of children’s versions of classics.”

“Then I will give you the hardcover versions of the classics, and you can read them when you grow up,” Lin Luoqing immediately added.

Lin Fei was very happy when he heard their words, and there was a slight joy in his heart.

He dreamed that night and his dream was of his study. He was sitting in front of the desk in his study. The desk was huge. Lin Fei felt that he could put many books and things on it and was very satisfied.

Since Lin Fei and Ji Leyu were going with them, Lin Luoqing told Father Lin in advance to take care of Lin Luojing and to not say anything that shouldn’t be said that would make the two children unhappy.

As he said this, he suddenly remembered what had happened in the mall the day before yesterday. Lin Luojing and his friends said that Ji Yuxiao was crippled in front of Ji Leyu and other nonsense. How could Ji Leyu let them both go according to his personality?

It was only then that he realized why Ji Leyu suddenly wanted to go back with him.

He didn’t really want to see Lin Fei’s grandfather. He wanted to get revenge for Ji Yuxiao, and he wanted to see Lin Luojing.

Now Lin Fei suddenly wanted to come with them. He was probably aware of Ji Leyu’s thoughts and wanted to watch over him.

Lin Luoqing sighed. His Fei Fei really didn’t have it easy.

And… how could he teach Ji Leyu that if someone scolded him, he should just scold him back rather than break their legs. Doing this  would change his method of retaliation from being unreasonable to reasonable.

It seemed that tomorrow, he would have to keep an eye on his troubled little son.

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