FV: Chapter 116

Of course, Ji Yuxiao showed it to him. “Once I have time later, I’ll make you a plate of scrambled eggs with tomatoes.”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

“Isn’t there already time? You are only making me scrambled eggs with tomatoes?”

How come he seemed to be talking about an Australian lobster that was the size of two babies?

Ji Yuxiao thought, ‘Um… how can I tell you, my dear wife, that your husband can only cook three dishes and the best one is scrambled eggs with tomatoes?’

Ji Yuxiao smiled and was silent. He chose to let this matter be buried in his heart for the time being.

The fried sauce and scrambled eggs with tomatoes were ready. The noodles could be cooked.

The moment Ji Leyu heard this, he immediately said positively, “I’ll go and get the water.”

Then he ran over and picked up the pot.

Lin Luoqing was afraid he wouldn’t be able to move the pot after filling it with water, so he took the pot and gave him a basin. “First, fill up the water in this and then pour it into the pot.”

Ji Leyu nodded repeatedly. He filled up half the basin, stepped on a stool and poured it into the pot. Then he asked, “Do you need more?”

“Get this much more.”

Ji Leyu immediately filled up half the basin again.

Lin Luoqing turned on the fire.

Lin Fei waited for a while. He saw the large and small bubbles on the surface of the water and turned to look at Lin Luoqing. “It is time to cook the noodles.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing touched his head.

Lin Fei jumped off the small bench, grabbed the noodles and carefully put them in.

Lin Luoqing estimated the amount for the four of them and gave a reminder. “That is enough.”’

Lin Fei didn’t grab any more noodles. He picked up the chopsticks and stirred them in the pot, waiting for the noodles to cook.

Ji Leyu saw that he wasn’t moving and asked him, “Is it over?”

“Yes.” Lin Fei nodded.

Ji Leyu, “???”

“It’s so simple!”


Ji Leyu felt he had learned it. No, he was born to be able to do it. Who couldn’t put noodles in a pot?

“I can cook noodles too.”

“Then you are great.” Lin Luoqing stood behind them and looked at them.

The satisfied Ji Leyu stepped on a small stool to watch the changes in the pot.

Lin Luoqing saw the noodles were ready, fished one out and tasted it. He also let Lin Fei and Ji Leyu taste it, making sure they didn’t feel it was too hard. Then he took out the noodles.

He put the noodles in the bowl and added green onions. Lin Fei and Ji Leyu were still small and couldn’t eat too spicy. Lin Luoqing only put a bit of chili oil in them to enhance the taste. After that, he heated the oil and splashed it on the noodles.

Ji Leyu listened to the sound and curiously stood on tiptoe to watch.

Lin Fei saw that he seemed interested, so he leaned close to his ear to say calmly, “Oil isn’t allowed. It isn’t just water, fire and knives. Oil is included.”

Ji Leyu, “???!!!”

Ji Leyu, “……”

Was he like this in Lin Fei’s heart?!

Ji Leyu felt that he was too wronged. “I won’t use this.”

“Yes.” Lin Fei still looked calm.

Ji Leyu wrinkled his nose and snorted. He had obviously been very good recently and hadn’t done anything bad. Lin Fei was wronging him!

“Touch,” he said justifiably.

Lin Fei raised a hand and touched his head very skillfully. “Good boy.”

“You also know that I am good~” Ji Leyu spoke softly, with some dissatisfaction and sweetness.

Lin Fei thought, ‘…Yes, he has been pretty good lately.’

Lin Fei touched his head again. “Yes.”

“Here.” Lin Luoqing turned around and gave the two small bowls in his hand to Lin Fei and Ji Leyu.

The two children took it carefully and walked out with the bowls.

Lin Luoqing also carried his and Ji Yuxiao’s bowls out of the kitchen.

He poured the fried sauce and tomato scrambled eggs into everyone’s bowls one by one. He helped the two children mix them well before starting to mix it for himself.

Perhaps it was because they participated in the cooking process or because this meal was made by Lin Luoqing, but Ji Leyu and Lin Fei ate a lot. They finished two small bowls before putting down their bowls.

“It is delicious. Better than any other noodles I’ve eaten.” Ji Leyu’s mouth was sweet.

Lin Fei also felt that the taste was very good. It was better than what he had cooked before.

Seeing that they liked it, Lin Luoqing was happy in his heart. He turned to Ji Yuxiao and waited for his evaluation.

“It is good,” Ji Yuxiao said. “It seems we can continue to do this next time.”

“Uhuh.” Ji Leyu nodded cooperatively.

Lin Luoqing responded with a laugh. He actually hadn’t cooked much with his family before. He felt a bit sorry when he watched TV and saw a similar plot. Now that it had come true, it was indeed very interesting and warm.

“Then we’ll try it together next time.”

“Good.” Ji Leyu responded positively again.

After eating, Ji Yuxiao asked Lin Luoqing to accompany the two children. He was ready to go to the kitchen to wash dishes.

Lin Luoqing wasn’t relieved about him going alone and followed him into the kitchen.

Ji Yuxiao was helpless. “Can I not even wash dishes?”

“Let me help you.” Lin Luoqing put on an apron. “It is faster with two people. Besides, the kitchen still has to be cleaned up. You can’t finish it alone.”

“Moreover—” Lin Luoqing turned to look at him. “If we finish cleaning early then we can accompany Fei Fei and Xiao Yu to watch TV.”

Ji Yuxiao nodded. Okay, his wife had a lot of reasons and they were all high-sounded. How could he expose it?

They could only wash the dishes together.

Ji Yuxiao smiled and picked up the bowl. One was in charge of cleaning and the other was in charge of drying.

Two people cleaning up together was indeed much faster than one person. Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao soon almost finished cleaning up.

Ji Leyu sat on the sofa and called out to them. “Dad, have you finished cleaning up yet? Do you want me to help?”

“No need,” Lin Luoqing replied. “We’re almost done.”

He washed some fruit and brought it out with Ji Yuxiao. Then he sat next to Lin Fei to watch TV with him and Ji Leyu.

As the night darkened, they watched TV while talking and laughing. It felt quite warm. Once the show ended, Lin Luoqing turned off the TV and pushed Ji Yuxiao upstairs.

Ji Leyu walked beside Lin Luoqing, took his hand and asked him, “Dad, can we sleep together today?”

“Tomorrow,” Lin Luoqing said gently. “Tomorrow is the first day of the new year and the four of us will sleep together.”

“Okay.” Ji Leyu didn’t care too much. He never cared too much when Ji Yuxiao, Lin Luoqing and Lin Fei were home.

He walked to the door of his room, waved to Lin Luoqing and entered his bedroom.

Lin Fei also went back to his bedroom.

Lin Luoqing pushed Ji Yuxiao toward their bedroom.

The closer he got to the bedroom, the faster his heart was beating. He was a bit nervous and impulsive.

Then the moment his eyes fell on Ji Yuxiao, the nervousness and impulses faded and was replaced by firmness.

Sooner or later, the two of them would have to take this step. Based on Ji Yuxiao’s shame and sense of responsibility, who knew how long he would have to wait if he let Ji Yuxiao take the initiative to progress to this step?

He didn’t care if Ji Yuxiao’s legs were fine or not, nor did he care whether Ji Yuxiao wanted to fulfill their marriage obligations with him.

He wanted to make Ji Yuxiao feel at ease and also wanted to make himself feel at ease.

Ji Yuxiao refused to touch him, not just due to embarrassment. It was more because he wanted to leave Lin Luoqing a way out.

He was afraid that Lin Luoqing would regret it in the future, would be unwilling and would feel wronged. Therefore, Ji Yuxiao didn’t touch him. Ji Yuxiao wanted to give him enough time to have a deeper relationship after he recovered.

However, Lin Luoqing didn’t want to wait. He didn’t think he would regret it or feel wronged. So why waste time?

Ji Yuxiao was always thinking about him. After they got married, Ji Yuxiao helped him change companies, gave him the greatest preferential treatment when signing the contract and now single-handedly sent him to the position of CEO of Xingyi.

Ji Yuxiao thought too much for him. Lin Luoqing also wanted to think about him a bit more.

He pushed Ji Yuxiao back to the room. Ji Yuxiao looked at the time and told him, “I’m going to take a shower.”

Lin Luoqing nodded. He took advantage of this time to quickly go to the guest bedroom next door to take a shower.

He wiped his body clean, walked out of the bathroom and chose a black dressing gown made of silk that he seldom wore. The upper part had a flying red-crowned crane embroidered in gold thread. It made him look dignified and distant.

His skin was already white. After taking a shower, he looked even whiter under the black dressing gown, like falling snow.

Lin Luoqing took a deep breath in the mirror, got ready and went back to the room.

Ji Yuxiao came out of the shower and saw Lin Luoqing sitting on the bed. For once, Lin Luoqing wasn’t wearing a two piece pajama set. He wore an inky black dressing gown that was brilliant under the light, illuminating the golden red-crowned crane. He looked beautiful and cold.

“The dressing gown is quite nice,” Ji Yuxiao said. “It suits you very well.”

Lin Luoqing chose it because a dressing gown was much better than pajama pants. It scattered as soon as the strap was pulled. He hadn’t expected Ji Yuxiao to like it.

This was great! God helped him!

“Really?” Lin Luoqing asked softly.

He felt that his voice was a bit tight and his mouth seemed dry, but he had obviously just drunk water. He nervously clutched the thing in his hand as he stared at Ji Yuxiao, his face slowly turning red.

Ji Yuxiao saw his almost flushed face. It couldn’t be that he blushed because Ji Yuxiao praised him, right?

“Is it too hot at home? Should I turn down the temperature a bit?”

Lin Luoqing shook his head and didn’t speak.

He blinked and blinked again. Finally, he took a breath, looked at the other person and opened his mouth as his heart trembled.

His heart was beating so fast that he was almost unable to open his mouth. However, his words were very clear and every word entered Ji Yuxiao’s ears. “Ji Yuxiao, we have been married for almost half a year. Today is the last day of the year and it will soon be next year. I want to have a deeper, closer, more unique and irreplaceable relationship with you next year.”

“I know you are embarrassed. It’s okay. As long as I can’t see then you won’t be so embarrassed. So I won’t look.”

He finished speaking and slowly raised the thing in his hand. Ji Yuxiao could clearly see that what he had been holding was a black satin cloth.

Ji Yuxiao instantly understood what he wanted to do. He hadn’t expected Lin Luoqing to do this and quickly said, “Luoqing, listen to me.”

However, Lin Luoqing no longer listened. He covered his eyes with the satin, wrapped his hands behind his head and tied a knot.

He tied a dead knot. He couldn’t untie it himself and he didn’t want to untie it.

Ji Yuxiao hadn’t expected his movements to be so fast, as if to show his determination. Ji Yuxiao swallowed down the rest of the words in his mouth and was unable to speak.

He looked at the young man in front of him. Lin Luoqing was sitting quietly on their bed.

He was dressed in black and only his neck and cheeks were white and clean. It was like fine porcelain or spotless snow.

His face was still red, as if a bit shy. But his eyes were covered with black satin, covering his porcelain white face that was stained red. He was seductive and charming.

He sat very upright, his back straight and his head raised. He faced Ji Yuxiao, calm yet nervous.

Lin Luoqing waited like a sacrifice for his answer, but he was also like a newlywed, waiting for him to approach.

Ji Yuxiao had never felt that his mood was so complicated. He looked at Lin Luoqing over and over again. Words rose to his lips but he swallowed them back.

For the first time, he didn’t know what to say. It seemed that it was wrong to say anything, but it was even more wrong not to say anything.

He could only push the wheelchair to Lin Luoqing, quiet and silent.

Lin Luoqing felt his approach and was nervous and apprehensive. He clenched his hands uneasily, not knowing what Ji Yuxiao looked like now.

Ji Yuxiao should agree, right?

He was already like this.

However, Ji Yuxiao never spoke. Was it because of too much responsibility?

Lin Luoqing didn’t quite understand it. His eyes were covered by satin and he couldn’t see the person in front of him, let alone Ji Yuxiao’s expression. He didn’t know anything and could only hope that Ji Yuxiao would agree.

He was thinking up to here when he felt his hand being held. Ji Yuxiao took his hand and held it gently.

His hand was very warm. Lin Luoqing held his hand and asked him tentatively, “Is it okay?”

Ji Yuxiao didn’t speak.

He lowered his eyes and quietly looked at Lin Luoqing’s hand. His hand was very white, slender and delicate. It seemed to be carved from jade and there were no traces of any flaws.

His face was more beautiful than his hands.

It was especially the case in such a situation. His handsome face was covered by black satin and he was like the seductive dark night, attracting people to step in.

He tied all his emotions to that satin and closed his eyes out of his own initiative, delivering himself wholeheartedly. He seemed to be saying that Ji Yuxiao could do whatever he wanted in the dark night, because the starlight had been covered by himself.

Ji Yuxiao held his hand for a long time before telling him, “There is no need. Luoqing, there is no need to do this step.”

“But I want to,” Lin Luoqing said softly and squeezed Ji Yuxiao’s hand in a stubborn manner.

“If you are worried that you will be sorry for me in the future then you should love me well.”

“If you are worried that I will regret it or feel wronged in the future, you should love me more and love me well.”

“Let me know that you are my best choice and that I won’t have a better choice than you, so I can’t do without you at all. Ji Yuxiao, aren’t you very proud? Then why not be a bit more proud? As long as you love me enough and love me more than anyone else, how can I feel wronged or feel regret? Can’t you do it?”

Ji Yuxiao listened to these words and his heart started beating faster. He stared at the person in front of him. Lin Luoqing was young and immature yet gentle and tough. He was obviously very fragile and no one would feel intimidated when seeing him, but he was extremely powerful. He could sit in front of Ji Yuxiao blindfolded and deliver himself without any hesitation.

Ji Yuxiao reached out and touched his face, rubbing it in a gentle and treasured manner.

Lin Luoqing rubbed against the palm of his hand, obedient and beautiful.

“Hold me. I’ve been waiting for you for so long. You should hug me or I will be uncomfortable.”

His voice was light and soft, lingering. He was like a spoiled child.

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