FV: Chapter 114

Lin Luoqing laughed and there was indescribable joy in his heart.

For the first time, he felt like he might really be able to sit in this position.

This wasn’t his strong point, but he seemed to have handled it well. Right now, Xingyi was still the same as before. Everyone wouldn’t leave and Chen Liwei could only leave by himself.

Ji Yuxiao watched him lower his head, secretly feeling happy. Then he approached and deliberately whispered, “Hey.”

Lin Luoqing was taken aback. He rubbed his ear and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Someone is secretly entertaining himself and I can’t stand it. I want to ask him what he is thinking. Can it be shared with me?”

Lin Luoqing chuckled. “It’s nothing. I just felt like I’m not as bad as I thought.”

Ji Yuxiao reached out and grabbed his shoulder. “Isn’t that nonsense? Do you think I am really a local prince of King You of Zhou and I used money to buy you happiness? Of course, I let you do it because you are suitable.”

Lin Luoqing nodded while feeling a bit sweet in his heart.

He stared at Ji Yuxiao. His heart was like a boat on the sea, gently swaying with the waves.

Lin Luoqing leaned in and kissed him. Then he quickly moved away and stared at Ji Yuxiao with bright eyes, as if there was a hidden spark.

Ji Yuxiao saw it and felt his heart skip a beat.

He instinctively approached the person in front of him, held his shoulders and kissed him.

Lin Luoqing hugged him and felt his kiss, an unconcealed smile on his face.

The moonlight was gentle and the world was just right.

The next morning, Lin Luoqing went to Xingyi on time.

He called Alice in and told her to contact the five people in turn.

Cheng Xian was the first to come. His contract expired at the end of February next year. Lin Luoqing read his contract while occasionally raising his eyes and silently observing the other person.

Cheng Xian was obviously a bit nervous. He clasped his hands together and his eyes were lowered. He didn’t dare to look directly at Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing closed the contract in his hand and said indifferently, “I heard that you want to leave with Chen Liwei. Why not do this? I will grant your wish. It hasn’t reached the end of your contract but you can go. The company won’t pursue it.”

Before Cheng Xian came, he was still wondering if Lin Luoqing knew about him and Chen Liwei. He didn’t expect Lin Luoqing to say this directly to him a few minutes after sitting down.

He was instantly a bit anxious. “CEO Lin, I didn’t mean this. This matter must be a rumor. You have to believe me.”

Lin Luoqing pretended to be surprised. “So you don’t want to go with Chen Liwei?”

“Of course. I’ve always been an artist of Xingyi and I definitely want to stay with Xingyi.”

Lin Luoqing chuckled. “Do I look so stupid?”

Cheng Xian, “……”

Cheng Xian, who really thought he would be fooled, was instantly overwhelmed.

“You wanted to leave with Chen Liwei before, but now you are saying such things in front of me. Something should’ve happened in between, right?” Lin Luoqing asked with a smile.

Cheng Xian didn’t speak.

Lin Luoqing didn’t force him. “If you don’t want to say it then I won’t ask. Come and sign the contract.”

Cheng Xian, “???!!!”

His eyes widened in shock and he stared at Lin Luoqing with surprise and doubt.

Lin Luoqing still had an indifferent expression. “This is the first and last time. You have always been an artist of Xingyi and you haven’t done anything to the company over the years. I can forgive you this time. However, if there is a next time, the company won’t willingly tolerate employees who have a second heart, understand?”

Cheng Xian nodded quickly and couldn’t help making excuses for himself. “I was obsessed with nonsense for a while and listened to Chen Liwei’s ghostly words. CEO Lin, I really didn’t mean it.”

“I know.” Lin Luoqing gave a warning and knew he should feed a date. “People go to high places while water flows to low places. You want to have a better future and this isn’t an excessive request. Chen Liwei has always been good at promoting benefits. It is normal for you to be encouraged by him. I won’t pursue this matter. The name Xingyi comes from ‘glowing star.’ I really hope you can become a shining star.”

He smiled at Cheng Xian. “You can take a look at the new contract first. If there are no problems then sign it.”

Cheng Xian heard these words and finally sighed with relief in his heart. He let go of his worry and couldn’t help being a bit moved. Fortunately, Lin Luoqing was willing to let him stay in Xingyi or he would really be in a dilemma.

Cheng Xian looked at him and hesitated. “CEO Lin, are you serious about your words that what should be mine is still mine?”

“Of course,” Lin Luoqing replied with a smile. “I know what you are worried about, but there is no need. What is the use of banning you and freezing your resources except to make the company less money? I won’t do this type of loss-making deal.”

Cheng Xian nodded.

It was only then that he walked to Lin Luoqing’s desk, picked up the contract and read it seriously.

Throughout the day, Lin Luoqing met with the five people who were about to leave in turn. He hit them one by one and signed new contracts with them.

He asked Alice to help him file all of it and then left work.

Chen Liwei heard that Lin Luoqing had seen Cheng Xian and the others and his heart immediately became tense. He tried calling Cheng Xian.

However, Cheng Xian didn’t want to answer at this time. He directly rejected it and blocked him, also blacklisting his WeChat.

The other four were similar.

Chen Liwei saw their attitude and felt panic.

He comforted himself that it didn’t matter. He was ready to abandon the five of them. As long as Su Tong was still his, he had won. He would be the victor in this battle.

He quickly called Su Tong and asked if he had thought about it and when Su Tong would leave with him.

Su Tong’s tone was as lazy as ever. “I’m still thinking about it. Don’t be in a hurry.”

“How can I not be in a hurry? Xiao Tong, you know my sincerity to you. Why are you still thinking about it?”

“It is troublesome to make choices. Don’t you know I have a phobia of making choices? Wait.”

“Then you have to give me a time frame, right? If you are like this, how can I rest assured?”

Su Tong seemed irritated by his urging. “Hurry hurry, you only know to rush me. I don’t want to do this if you are like this. I’m not leaving. You go by yourself. I’m so annoyed.”

He directly hung up the phone.

Chen Liwei hadn’t expected him to say this and hurriedly called back, but Su Tong no longer answered.

He sent a WeChat message to Lin Luoqing: [I rejected him. He is really annoying me.]

Lin Luoqing coaxed him with a few words. Su Tong listened and became refreshed again.

Lin Luoqing asked him for Chen Liwei’s phone number and called it.

Chen Liwei answered faster than expected. “Hello.”

“It’s me, Lin Luoqing.”

Chen Liwei was instantly silent.

“Don’t waste your time.” Lin Luoqing looked at the scenery outside the window and smiled. “No one will go with you. Just leave by yourself. If you want to take Pan Xiangjie, I don’t mind helping you pay his breach of contract fee.”

“What do you know?” Chen Liwei didn’t admit defeat. “It isn’t certain who will win or lose!”

“Do you mean Su Tong? Then I can tell you that he just sent me a WeChat message saying that you are too annoying. In contrast, he is willing to stay in Xingyi.”

Chen Liwei, “???!!!”

Chen Liwei couldn’t believe it. How could he be annoying? He had put in so much effort and was even ready to give up on other people. However, Su Tong gave up on him due to such a childish reason!

How could this be?

It shouldn’t be like this!

“Impossible! I don’t believe it!”

“Then you can go and ask Su Tong if he is willing to talk to you.”

“Lin Luoqing!” Chen Liwei cried out angrily.

“Don’t think in vain. Since you are leaving, just leave freely. If you think you are more capable than me, you should make achievements in other places rather than just staring at me and wanting to win against me. You look down on me so much. Isn’t it natural for you to win against me? It isn’t interesting, not to mention that you have now lost. Isn’t it just slapping yourself in the face?”

“If this gets out, how will you find a company in the future?”

Lin Luoqing finished speaking and hung up.

He felt that Chen Liwei was really clever and became a victim of his own cleverness. He completely missed the best time to leave.

If he left when Ji Yuxiao had fired him then everything would be in his favor.

At that time, no one was optimistic about Lin Luoqing and Chen Liwei could smear him at will. Now they had fought a round of battle and he won while Chen Liwei lost. He wasn’t even as good as a newly promoted unpopular star with no management experience. Then who would believe he was capable and would be willing to hire him?

At the very least, none of the big entertainment companies would want him.

So why bother?

Lin Luoqing shook his head and leaned against the window, his heart full of ease.

He seemed to have finally finished a battle and his heart was unburdened. He let the spring breeze blow by comfortably.

Tomorrow would be December 31st, the last day of the year. It was great that he had someone to spend the year with. He could welcome the new year with people he cared about.

Lin Luoqing closed his eyes and took a nap.

December 31st just happened to be a Saturday and no one had to go to work or to school. They didn’t have to get up early the next day, so they rarely went to bed late.

Lin Luoqing was excited when he woke up in the morning.

He looked at Ji Yuxiao, who had already woken up and was lying on the bed and looking at his phone, waiting for Lin Luoqing to wake up. Lin Luoqing greeted him with a smile, “Good morning.”

“Good morning,” Ji Yuxiao chuckled.

Lin Luoqing approached him and rubbed against his waist. Ji Yuxiao was directly rubbed and almost gave a live performance of what it meant to slowly rise.

“Do you have to stimulate me so much at a dangerous moment in the morning?”

Lin Luoqing raised his head and smiled, saying slyly, “This is called stimulation?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao saw his fox-like appearance and felt it was dangerous.

He didn’t hesitate to reach out and pat Lin Luoqing’s buttocks. “Don’t think about something you shouldn’t think about. Since you have woken up, go and wash your face. It is almost time to eat.”

Lin Luoqing saw his defensive expression and thought that it didn’t matter. Night was his real home field and he wasn’t in a hurry now.

He sat up with a smile. He couldn’t help quickly kissing Ji Yuxiao on the face before happily getting out of bed.

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Why did he somehow feel like his wife was especially excited today?

Was it because it was the last day of the year?

As for being so happy?

Ji Yuxiao was inexplicably worried.

Lin Luoqing got out of bed, washed up and waited for Ji Yuxiao to finish washing. Then he went with him to call Lin Fei and Ji Leyu to go down to eat.

Aunt Zhang had already prepared the meal. Lin Luoqing thought that today was the last day of the year and said to her, “You can rest today, go back and spend two days with your children. Then come to work on Monday.”

Aunt Zhang said with a smile, “No need, Mr Lin. We don’t like to celebrate the new year at this age. I will go back when it is the Spring Festival.”

“It is okay. You usually work hard and can take a break in the next two days. I will give you a paid vacation.”

Hearing his words, Aunt Zhang agreed. “Then thank you, Mr Lin. I will be back on Sunday night.”

“Don’t worry. Rest well and come back on Monday.”

Aunt Zhang was moved and insisted on staying until they finished eating. She cleaned up before leaving.

Ji Yuxiao watched Aunt Zhang’s back as she left and turned to look at his wife. “Now that Aunt Zhang is gone, what about our dinner?”

Lin Luoqing said proudly. “You will know when evening comes.”

Ji Yuxiao heard his tone and asked curiously, “Why? Do you want to personally cook?”

Lin Luoqing was noncommittal. He just glanced over with eyes full of pride.

Ji Leyu let out a ‘wow.’ He held his little face and asked, “Dad, can you cook?”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing smiled. “Can you?”

Ji Leyu pouted. “I can’t.”

“However, I can help you.” He raised his little hand up high. “I will wash the vegetables.”

“Then you are very good.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

Ji Leyu nodded without any humility. His mother had said the same.

Ji Yuxiao saw that he really wanted to cook and couldn’t help looking forward to it. He hadn’t eaten Lin Luoqing’s cooking. In fact, he didn’t even know Lin Luoqing could cook.

Wait, why did he vaguely remember the report that investigated Lin Luoqing before? It said that he couldn’t even distinguish between the five grains and his limbs were uncoordinated.

Ji Yuxiao thought about it and suppressed his doubts again.

The report was so different from the current Lin Luoqing that it could no longer be used as a reference. However, there had never been such a big deviation in the things he checked. If Lin Luoqing had previously been pretending, why did he need to pretend?

Ji Yuxiao couldn’t think clearly and Lin Luoqing never told him. Lin Luoqing probably had his own secrets.

He hadn’t confessed his own secret to Lin Luoqing, so he naturally couldn’t ask Lin Luoqing to tell him. Therefore, Ji Yuxiao didn’t dwell on this matter for too long. Rather than thinking about this, he might as well think about what to eat tonight.

“Then I can also give you a hand,” Ji Yuxiao said.

Lin Luoqing glanced at him and felt very disdainful. “Can you cook?”

“Why do you look down on people so much? I can still do simple things.”

“For example?”

“Scrambled eggs with tomatoes.”

“Then you do this.” Lin Luoqing clapped.

He hadn’t eaten Ji Yuxiao’s cooking yet. He also wanted to try Ji Yuxiao’s cooking.

“Okay. I will cook for you tonight. Xiao Yu and Fei Fei will wash fruits. Everyone will work together and divide up the work. We will exchange the fruits of our labor in the evening.”

“Okay.” Ji Leyu was very cooperative.

Lin Fei said indifferently, “Oh.”

He thought for a while before saying to Ji Yuxiao, “I can cook noodles.”

Ji Leyu, “!!!”

Ji Leyu was shocked. “You know how to cook noodles?”

How could he still do this?

He was able to do too much!

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12 days ago

Okay now that this whole arc has passed. I can finally consolidate my feelings on it.

I dont’t like it. It smacks highly of nepotism. I mean if a company in real life kicked out a CEO for the founder’s spouse, everybody would be freaked out abt it. What are Lin Louqing’s qualifications for running a company as large as Xingyi? How will he know how much money to put into projects so they can succeed? How will he balance the cash inflow, outflow, and salaries? He doesn’t even hav experience leading a team, any team and suddenly he’s incharge of a humongous entertainment company? Seriously?

Also, Chen Wei is right, he grew Xingyi to its current size and they just chuck him out like he is trash. Also look at the hypocrisy from LL and JY. They criticise CW for listening only to his boyfriend and shortchanging other artists for him but JY does the same thing. If that older actor was in Xingyi, JY would have kicked him out as well. Now that would have been for a proper reason but it would have still been to please LL.

The thing that irks me was that this arc wasn’t necessary. The writer just wanted LL to be in charge of the company. He could have just signed on his friend with no issue and we could have seen his teamleading skills in the story and perhaps he could have started with leading his studio in the company.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like the story. I’m enjoying all the fluff but I think this was a misstep but the story is trying to make it seem right. Yh we know LL will be a great boss but that’s because the story says so. It’s still hypocritical and nepotistic.

Thanks rainbow for translating this chapter and this story. I’ve been really enjoying it so far.

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