FV: Chapter 110

Ji Yuxiao handled it quickly. In one day, Chen Liwei packed up his things and left. Pan Xiangjie didn’t leave. His contract was still with Xingyi. He either had to pay the breach of contract fees or he would be left in the cold.

Pan Xiangjie couldn’t accept that he fell from the clouds in an instant. He pulled Chen Liwei and asked him, “What should I do? Brother Wei, I don’t want to be left in the cold and I don’t want to make money for Lin Luoqing.”

Chen Liwei was also in a bad mood.

He had been in the CEO position for many years. He had both credit and hard work. Now Ji Yuxiao erased his contributions with one sentence and successfully stole the fruits of his victory. It was too deceitful.

At this moment, he forgot he was also working for Xingyi. In the past few years, Xingyi’s development had been the same.

Chen Liwei took out his phone and called Ji Mu. “President Ji, I’m afraid I can’t work for you any longer in the future.”

“What’s wrong?” Ji Mu asked.

Chen Liwei smiled bitterly. “Ji Yuxiao came to Xingyi today and fired me.”

“Fired?!” Ji Mu was shocked. “When did this happen? Did Ji Yuxiao personally make the decision?”

“Yes,” Chen Liwei said miserably. “Do you think I haven’t done well enough over the years? I am loyal to the company while he doesn’t care about the life or death of the company at all. He just fired me like this and let his little lover become the CEO. Isn’t this nonsense?”

“Little lover?”

“It is that Lin Luoqing. He came out for Lin Luoqing like this. Isn’t it his little lover?”

Ji Mu, “……”

Ji Mu could tell that Chen Liwei probably didn’t have Ji Yuxiao’s WeChat at all since he didn’t know Lin Luoqing’s identity.

“That isn’t his little lover, it is his marriage partner. However, I advise you to keep your mouth shut. There aren’t many people who know about this. If you say something then Ji Yuxiao might do something.”

Chen Liwei hadn’t expected to hear these words and his eyes widened in shock. “Marriage partner?”


Ji Mu sighed. “The answer is love. Do you understand? It is true love.”

Chen Liwei, “……”

Chen Liwei felt he didn’t understand.

What was Ji Yuxiao’s identity and what was Lin Luoqing’s identity? The two of them could still get married?

What did Ji Yuxiao fancy about Lin Luoqing?

Just his face?

He got married for this reason and let Lin Luoqing be the CEO of his company. Who was crazier about love than him?

“Then he is too childish. Ignoring the company for love? What can Lin Luoqing do? What if he eventually brings down the company?”

Ji Mu hadn’t expected his cousin to fall in love to such an extent.

He was in a good mood. From childhood to adulthood, everyone praised the two brothers, Ji Yuling and Ji Yuxiao. One died and the other one had become like this. Then the Ji family might really fall into his hands in the future.

After all, he could make Lin Luoqing the CEO of Xingyi today. If he took over the Ji Group tomorrow, perhaps he could make Lin Luoqing the CEO of the Ji Group. How could the Ji family endure this? Even Ji Yuxiao’s own father, Ji Zhenhong wouldn’t agree.

“I see. I will deal with this matter. Go back first and don’t make noise about things that shouldn’t be made public.”

Ji Mu finished speaking and hung up the phone.

He thought about it and called Ji Yuxiao first.

Ji Yuxiao had already returned home at this time and was watering the cactus that Lin Fei had given him.

The phone rang. He picked it up and took a look, thinking that Chen Liwei really didn’t disappoint him.


“Xiao Xiao, what are you doing?” Ji Mu’s tone was full of helplessness. “Even if you aren’t satisfied with Chen Liwei and fired him, how can you let Lin Luoqing be the CEO? Aren’t you fooling around? How old is he and what can he do? What qualifications does he have to be the CEO of Xingyi?”

Ji Yuxiao poured the water calmly and said indifferently, “I am willing.”

“It isn’t about whether you are willing or not. You have to be responsible to the company and the shareholders, right?”

“I am Xingyi’s largest shareholder right now. If I am satisfied then the shareholders will be satisfied.”

Ji Mu, “……”

“Xiao Xiao, you are too emotional,” he commented.

Ji Yuxiao sneered. “Since when did it become your turn to judge me? I really gave you face.”

He hung up when he finished speaking.

He put aside the phone. If he guessed correctly, his father would call him soon.

Ji Yuxiao stopped watering the cactus and looked out the window at this thought.

The sun was very good and was very bright. It seemed warm outside but Ji Yuxiao had just returned from outside. Therefore, he knew that the warmth was fake and the cold was real.

Not every day when the sun was shining would be warm. More often than not, winter was winter. No matter how good and bright the sun, the sky was still cold.

If his father didn’t call him then perhaps he could still make himself believe in this winter sunshine deception a bit. However, Father Ji’s call quickly came.

Ji Yuxiao smiled a bit sadly. Sure enough, a deception was a deception. No matter how good the disguise, it was still a deception.

He put the watering can away and calmly picked up the phone.

“What are you doing now? Why are you messing around?” The moment Father Ji saw that the call connected, he couldn’t help asking, “You actually let Lin Luoqing be the CEO of Xingyi! What are you thinking? Do you not care about Xingyi so much that you want Xingyi to go out of business?”

“I don’t care what you think and I don’t care who you find to take the CEO position later, but you can replace Lin Luoqing for me now. He can’t do it!”

Ji Yuxiao said casually, “I said he can do it.”

“Ji Yuxiao, are you crazy?” Father Ji said angrily. “Do you think I care about Xingyi? No, what I care about is your current behavior. Do you have no brains and are you completely seduced by this person? Do you do whatever he says? You are simply like his puppet!”

“Even his own father was unwilling to hand over the company to him. What about you? You gave him your company. Why are you so generous? Why don’t you give him the entire Ji Group?”

Ji Yuxiao’s tone was calm but his words caused Father Ji to vomit out three liters of blood. “If I take over the Ji family in the future then that is okay.”

“You are dreaming!” Father Ji cried out angrily. “If you are like this, I will give the group to Ji Mu. I won’t give it to you!”

“Look at you now, do you still have any sense? Who can believe that you can manage such a large group in the future? Who will dare to stand up to support you? Your legs are a waste and you are brainless. You have gone senseless  due to a man. Ji Yuxiao, you really surprise me.”

“So didn’t I quit the group early?” Ji Yuxiao said impatiently. “Don’t worry, I don’t have such great ambitions. I just want to guard my own land with Qing Qing. Don’t disturb us and we won’t bother you.”

Father Ji laughed at his words. “My son is actually only thinking of cowering in a corner. You really disappoint me.”

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao sounded like he didn’t care.

“Okay! Okay!” Father Ji nodded. “You are so good!”

He finished speaking and hung up the phone angrily.

Ji Yuxiao thought about it and called him back.

“Why are you still calling?” Father Ji said angrily.

“I’m here to warn you not to do something you shouldn’t do. You already have one son who died and you wouldn’t want the other one to be gone as well. If something happens to Luoqing or his nephew, no matter whether it is you or someone else, I will blame myself and go with him when the time comes. So don’t do unnecessary things.”

Father Ji hadn’t expected him to call specifically to say this and was so angry that he almost couldn’t breathe.

He hung up the phone directly and was so angry that he swept off all the documents and ornaments on the table.

Ji Mu was waiting outside the door. He heard this movement and smiled happily. He knew that Ji Zhenhong would be very angry when he heard this.

“The chairman seems to be in a bad mood so I’ll come back later,” he told the secretary.

The secretary nodded. He cautiously glanced at the closed door of the chairman’s office and secretly thought that based on this movement, he really seemed to be in a bad mood.

Ji Zhenhong lost his temper and pushed off many things before finally calming down.

If he still had some hopes for Ji Yuxiao and thought this was a temporary decadence, then now he was completely disappointed.

If he could give Xingyi to Lin Luoqing today to make Lin Luoqing smile then he could give the Ji Group to Lin Luoqing tomorrow so that Lin Luoqing wouldn’t leave.

He could no longer count on Ji Yuxiao or give him another chance. He had to find a way, a way to make everything less abrupt.

There was also Ji Yuling’s inheritance that was still in Ji Yuxiao’s hands. Ji Yuling’s shares couldn’t continue to remain in Ji Yuxiao’s hands or this variable would be too great.

He had to find a way to get it back. Ji Leyu, it could only be through Ji Leyu. Ji Leyu was the most justified excuse. It was only through Ji Leyu that Ji Yuxiao wouldn’t refuse or be guarded.

Ji Zhenhong sat in his office and slowly planned for the future. It was almost the New Year and time for father and son to reunite. It was time for Ji Leyu to return to his side.

Ji Yuxiao finished watering his cactus and watered Lin Luoqing’s cactus. Once it became cold, he moved the cacti to a sunny place on the balcony.

He looked at the cacti in front of him and thought it should be time.

“Keep an eye on my father and watch carefully. It doesn’t matter where he goes, what he does, who he meets and what he gives to whom. Everything must be carefully watched.”

“Yes.” The other person promised. “Based on your words, is your father going to do something soon?”

“It should be.” Ji Yuxiao leaned against the wheelchair.

The sunlight was dazzling but he still watched it stubbornly. The urn was ready. All that remained was the ‘owner’.

Ji Yuxiao suddenly felt a bit uncomfortable. No, perhaps it wasn’t sudden. He had been sad for a long time.

He thought he would be happy if he found his brother’s murderer, but now he felt that perhaps he wouldn’t be so happy.

He couldn’t be happy from the moment he found out many things.

However, he still had to find out who caused the car accident and the murderer behind it.

It was only this point that would never change.

The bait had been placed and it was time for the snake to come out of the hole.

Lin Luoqing stood downstairs and waited. Three minutes later, Shi Zheng came out of the building.

Lin Luoqing opened the door and got out of the car. Shi Zheng walked quickly toward him.

“Why didn’t you call me earlier? It is cold. Go upstairs first and we’ll talk inside the house.” Shi Zheng put his hands in his pockets.

Lin Luoqing nodded with a smile. “It is okay. It wasn’t cold in the car.”

He followed Shi Zheng into the building with Wu Xinyuan and got on the elevator.

Shi Zheng’s house wasn’t big. It was 90 square meters with three bedrooms and one living room. It was a very ordinary house.

“My parents used to live here. Then they got divorced and the house was given to my mother. My mother got married again and moved out, so the house was left to me.”

He spoke in a very open-minded manner without caring about their remarriage or showing dissatisfaction at them ignoring him. It was as if he was simply explaining why he lived here and why he was the only one living here.

Lin Luoqing felt that it was quite a relief. He had such a mentality in work and in life. It was no wonder he could succeed later.

“Brother Zheng, here. This is the contract between you and Xingyi.” Lin Luoqing smiled, took the documents bag from Wu Xinyuan and handed it over. “I have already stamped the seal. You just have to sign it.”

Shi Zheng heard the sentence ‘I have already stamped the seal’ and looked at him in a puzzled manner.

Lin Luoqing was a bit embarrassed as he said, “I am now the CEO of Xingyi.”

Shi Zheng, “!!!”

Shi Zheng was shocked. “What did you say?”

Lin Luoqing had to explain the matter to him. “So I am the CEO now.”

Shi Zheng slowed down for a while before finally digesting all the information.

“Ji Yuxiao is the boss of Xingyi?”


“You are married to him?”


“So you are the boss’ wife?”

“You can say that.”

“In addition, you are now the CEO of Xingyi.”

Lin Luoqing nodded.

Shi Zheng’s mood was complicated. “It is because of what happened between Pan Xiangjie and me.”

“It isn’t because of you.” Lin Luoqing explained out of fear that the other person would feel a psychological burden. “Pan Xiangjie is just the trigger and the real problem lies with Chen Liwei. He is the CEO of the company and can’t be so biased. He even harmed the interests of the company by ignoring his professional ethics for the sake of his lover. This is detrimental to the company’s future development, so he can’t continue to sit in that position.”

“Then Yuxiao wanted to give me another way out. He feels that I can consider the needs of both the artists and company, balancing the relationship between the two. That is why he pushed me up.”

“However, he also said he will hire a professional manager to manage the company and let me follow along. You don’t have to think too much. He is very reliable. You will know it later.”

Shi Zheng nodded. This matter had ended and it was useless for him to feel embarrassed. If Lin Luoqing had told him before the incident then he might have persuaded Lin Luoqing to not make such a big fuss for him. However, now Chen Liwei had stepped down and Lin Luoqing had risen up. It obviously wasn’t appropriate for him to let Lin Luoqing back down at this time.

Therefore, all he could do was work hard to live up to it.

“I’ll work hard.”

“I believe in you,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile. “But it is also good for me to become the CEO. Before, I was afraid that other agents wouldn’t be able to take you well, so I wanted you to follow Brother Wu. Now there is no need. Once the time comes, you will meet the company’s agents. See if there are any you think are good and I will pick a special one for you. This way, the agent can put all their energy on you and it will be better for your development.”

Shi Zheng listened and his heart was full of emotion.

“Oh, there is also your previous friend Zhao Yu. If he still wants to film, he can come to the company to audition. If his acting skills are good then the company can sign him as well,” Lin Luoqing added.

Shi Zheng hadn’t expected him to remember Zhao Yu and laughed. “Okay, I’ll ask him later. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Luoqing smiled softly. “Brother Zheng, I might not be the best boss but I will work hard to be a good boss. It isn’t just for the company but also for the artists. Therefore, I hope you will have a good future and I also believe you can have it. Today, you might think it is a good thing to sign with Xingyi but in the future, it might be Xingyi who feels honored to have you.”

“So—” Lin Luoqing stretched out his hand. “Happy cooperation.”

Shi Zheng stared into his piercing eyes and his heart was a bit excited. His eyes were a bit hot as he reached out to hold Lin Luoqing’s hand. His voice was gentle. “Happy cooperation.”

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