FV: Chapter 107

Wu Xinyuan didn’t dare let Lin Luoqing go to see Chen Liwei alone. He waited in his office with Lin Luoqing. Then once Chen Liwei returned to the company, he went to Chen Liwei’s office with Lin Luoqing.

Chen Liwei saw him and was a bit impatient. “What are you doing here? Don’t tell me it is because of that Shi Zheng’s business?”

Wu Xinyuan was helpless. “CEO Chen, didn’t we agree on it before?”

“Before was before, now is now. That’s it. You can go. I am still busy.

Lin Luoqing saw that he didn’t want to talk any longer and got straight to the point. “CEO Chen, is it because of Pan Xiangjie?”

The moment he said this, Chen Lin Luwei finally looked at him. He thought about it and asked, “Lin Luoqing?”

Lin Luoqing nodded. “That is me. CEO Chen, it is nice to meet you.”

“Hmm.” Chen Liwei replied indifferently.

He still had an impression of Lin Luoqing. Wu Xinyuan had shown him the photos when signing him and Lin Luoqing looked good. He was the type that young girls would like, so Chen Liwei remembered him.

“Signing isn’t just a matter of grabbing someone and signing them. Take you as an example. You look good and you are young. You can definitely make money for the company. This was why I had no opinions when Wu Xinyuan wanted to sign you. However, Shi Zheng obviously isn’t the type who will be liked by young girls and he is older than you. I don’t think he is necessary. Xiao Wu signed him but I don’t acknowledge him. Then don’t give him resources first and stop the loss in time, understood?”

“But you already agreed before, right?” Lin Luoqing asked him. “Besides, an actor doesn’t just look at the face but acting skills. Shi Zheng’s acting skills are good. You can learn more about it.”

“It isn’t necessary,” Chen Liwei cut him off. “If his acting skills are so good then he would’ve become popular a long time ago. Would he be acting as an extra for five years?”

“That isn’t the case. You know that in this circle, what you need to be popular isn’t just acting skills. It is also luck and opportunity. He hasn’t been popular before but it is just…”

“Yes yes,” Chen Liwei interrupted him. “Do you know this circle better than me? Lin Luoqing, you are an artist. Just act well and don’t worry about other things. You aren’t an agent or a boss. Why care so much about the company’s other artists? Don’t stretch your hands out too long and try to control so much! Don’t forget, this company paid the breach of contract fees for you with your former company and you haven’t earned it back yet!”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing looked at him. “CEO Chen, so you’ve made up your mind to ban Shi Zheng, right? It is just because Pan Xiangjie doesn’t like him.”

“Why do you keep talking about Xiao Jie?” Chen Liwei was dissatisfied. “In addition, Xiao Jie is your senior in terms of seniority and he is older than you in terms of age. You are also in the same company. You are slandering your senior like this. Do you think it is appropriate?”

Then he asked Wu Xinyuan, “How are you looking after your artist? He is so rude. If he goes out like this and talks to other people like this, what will they think about Xingyi? Isn’t this smearing the company?”

Lin Luoqing laughed. “CEO Chen, you don’t have to put such a big thing on me. You just need to tell me. If Pan Xiangjie doesn’t like a person then you don’t like him either? If Pan Xiangjie doesn’t want to let a person enter Xingyi, you don’t care if the other person is talented or promising? You will go back on your word, even though you have promised before?”

“Lin Luoqing, it is best to figure out your identity. It isn’t your place to question me like this, right?”

“So what I said is right, CEO Chen?”

Chen Liwei sneered and looked at Wu Xinyuan. “Does he have any activities lately? Suspend his activities for three months and let him reflect on it. He shouldn’t be impudent and show no manners.”

Wu Xinyuan, “……”

Wu Xinyuan said honestly, “I don’t have this power.”

“I’ll give you this power,” Chen Liwei said.

“I’m afraid you also don’t have that power.” Wu Xinyuan looked at him.

Chen Liwei smiled. “Why? Is he the son of the king of heaven? I don’t have the right? If I can’t dispose of artists in my own company, what power do I have?”

“He is President Ji’s person.” Wu Xinyuan was helpless. “President Ji asked me to sign him and the itinerary and everything else has to be reported to him as soon as possible. If you want to suspend his activities for three months then you had better go directly to President Ji and say it. I don’t have such guts.”

Chen Liwei, “???!!!”

Chen Liwei stared at Lin Luoqing in surprise and disbelief.

He turned to look at Wu Xinyuan again and asked him, “Which President Ji?”

Lin Luoqing was curious, “CEO Chen, how many President Jis do you know?”

Chen Liwei was instantly a bit embarrassed. Don’t blame him for asking. He had recently contacted Ji Mu and subconsciously thought it was Ji Mu. However, there was the chairman Ji Zhenhong, not to mention Ji Zhenhong’s two sons who were also called President Ji.

“President Ji Yuxiao,” Wu Xinyuan replied.

Chen Liwei was stunned for a moment. He looked at Wu Xinyuan and wondered why he didn’t know about this. Then he soon figured it out.

He had just hooked up with Ji Mu when Lin Luoqing signed the contract and was busy turning to Ji Mu to consolidate his power. He didn’t pay much attention to the affairs of the company.

He knew that Wu Xinyuan had signed Lin Luoqing and he had an impression of Lin Luoqing due to his excellent appearance. However, the company signed so many new people every year. The agent was the one responsible for investigating, planning and dealing with the corresponding affairs. He just needed to look at the company’s performance for the year and the results of the artists under each agent.

If the CEO needed to be responsible for everything then why have so many employees?

Therefore, he didn’t pay much attention to it and didn’t ask much. He thought Wu Xinyuan was completing work tasks like before. Who would’ve expected that this person had such an identity?

Chen Liwei’s expression immediately changed. “Xiao Wu, you should’ve said earlier. This is a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. Luoqing, do you think Shi Zheng is good? Then do it according to the previous plan. Xiao Wu, don’t ban him and arrange a few tasks for him. Let him join the crew as soon as possible.”

Wu Xinyuan thought, ‘…You are changing your face too quickly!’

Lin Luoqing heard these words and laughed. “So now you are willing again? Just because I am President Ji’s person, if I like it then you like it too? Then I don’t like Pan Xiangjie. Can you ban him? It won’t be long, just three years.”

Chen Liwei knew he was doing it on purpose after hearing these words. Chen Liwei just demanded to suspend his activities for three months, so Lin Luoqing said to do it to Pan Xiangjie for three years. This was clearly embarrassing him.

“Luoqing, there must be a misunderstanding between you and Xiao Jie. How about I be the host and invite you to a meal with Xiao Jie so he can compensate you?”

“I won’t eat. Compensation is okay but don’t pay it to me. Let him pay Shi Zheng,” Lin Luoqing said calmly.

“That isn’t necessary. Shi Zheng received no losses.”

“CEO, you seem to think I am making trouble for no reason. Then forget it. I am leaving.”

Chen Liwei hurriedly called out to him. “Wait wait, I’ll call Xiao Jie and ask him to apologize to Shi Zheng, okay?”

“CEO Chen, you might as well make the phone call and apologize yourself. Just say that you made a mistake and you are very satisfied with him.”

“Okay.” Chen Liwei gritted his teeth.

Lin Luoqing stopped. He saw Chen Liwei take out his phone and asked Wu Xinyuan, “What is his phone number?”

Wu Xinyuan tapped on his phone and read out a string of numbers. Chen Liwei called the number while looking at Lin Luoqing, his heart full of unhappiness.

Ji Yuxiao was nothing but his surname was Ji. He was Ji Yuling’s younger brother. Ji Yuxiao hadn’t contributed to the company when Ji Yuling was alive. Now that Ji Yuling was dead, he didn’t manage the company either. Chen Liwei had been working hard to deal with every matter to do with Xingyi and now Ji Yuxiao’s person dared to make him apologize. It was really using powerful connections to intimidate people, using his position to bully others.

However, Chen Liwei had long understood the truth of being able to bend and stretch. An apology wasn’t a big deal. In any case, the real power was in his hands. If he couldn’t do anything obviously then couldn’t he do it secretly?

At that time, it was still up to him to decide.

He waited for the call to connect before saying with a smile, “Shi Zheng? It is me. CEO Chen of Xingyi. I made a mistake before and said something to Xiao Wu that shouldn’t be said. Don’t take it to heart. Soon, I will ask Xiao Wu to arrange resources for you. Your acting skills are good and you should perform well when you go to the crew. Don’t let down the company’s hard work.”

Shi Zheng, “???”

Shi Zheng was a bit confused. He looked at his phone and asked doubtfully, “Are you sure you are talking to me?”

“Who else?” Chen Liwei said with a smile. “Of course, it is you. Perform well. The company is optimistic about you.”

Shi Zheng, “……”

Shi Zheng thought this was too much. Obviously, CEO Chen had made things difficult for him before due to his little lover. Now it changed to the company was optimistic about him? What happened in just three hours?

“If you do this, Pan Xiangjie will be upset, right?” Shi Zheng reminded him.

“How can that be? Xiao Jie isn’t the type of person who doesn’t understand things. There is a misunderstanding between you and I already understand it. I will let him apologize to you soon.”

Shi Zheng, “??????”

Shi Zheng silently looked out the window. Sure enough, it was still the world he was familiar with. Pan Xiangjie apologizing to him? Was this a joke?

However, he received a call from Pan Xiangjie not long after. Pan Xiangjie reluctantly said, “I’m sorry, I was wrong before.”

Shi Zheng, “……”

Shi Zheng felt so incredulous that he could only say, “Oh.”

“Then I’ll hang up,” Pan Xiangjie said.

Then he hung up in front of Lin Luoqing. He looked unwilling but tried not to show it.

Lin Luoqing was satisfied. “Then I’ll go first.”

“Why don’t we have a meal together?” Chen Liwei asked.

“No need,” Lin Luoqing refused.

He opened the door and walked out of Chen Liwei’s office with Wu Xinyuan.

Seeing him close the door, Pan Xiangjie immediately turned to Chen Liwei in an aggrieved manner. “What is this for? You made me apologize to Shi Zheng? Oh my god, I am about to vomit. Why should I apologize to him? Is he worthy of looking at me?”

“Okay.” Chen Liwei’s face wasn’t very good. “Leave it at this for now. He is Ji Yuxiao’s person and we have to give him face.”

“Who is Ji Yuxiao?” Pan Xiangjie asked him.

“Ji Yuling’s younger brother, one of the shareholders of the company.”

“Then is he powerful or is the Ji Mu you contacted before more powerful?”

“Of course, it is Ji Mu. He holds more shares in the group than Ji Yuxiao and is currently in charge of the group. Besides, Ji Yuxiao hasn’t cared about anything since the car accident and is obviously not comparable to Ji Mu, who is obviously on the rise now.”

“Then do we still need to care about his face?”

“Are you talking nonsense? His surname is Ji and we aren’t surnamed Ji.”

“You are the one who made great contributions to Xingyi. Xingyi wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you. Xingyi should be yours.”

Chen Liwei also thought so. He looked at his little lover and comforted him. “It’s okay. Once this passes and they relax, I have my own way to deal with them. Don’t make things too big in case they suspect something.”

“I know.” Pan Xiangjie said obediently. “I will wait for you to vent my anger.”

Lin Luoqing and Wu Xinyuan left Chen Liwei’s office. The moment they got off the elevator, they received a call from Shi Zheng.

“Luoqing, did you go to find CEO Chen after I left?”

Shi Zheng thought about it and felt that this matter was too magical. The only explanation was that someone went to Chen Liwei and made Chen Liwei change his mind.

He originally suspected it was Wu Xinyuan. Then later, he felt it wasn’t like Wu Xinyuan and was more like Lin Luoqing.

From beginning to end, it was Lin Luoqing who wanted to sign him more than Wu Xinyuan. That was why he rehearsed with Shi Zheng again and again. Lin Luoqing was the one who personally told him about the signing and went to Xingyi together with him today.

There was no artist who didn’t want their agent to only be responsible for themselves. After all, the resources of an agent were limited. If given to one artist then the other artist couldn’t get it.

Meanwhile, Lin Luoqing was very positive about signing him from beginning to end and didn’t hesitate to share an agent with him.

Of course, Shi Zheng didn’t think that Lin Luoqing was so enthusiastic and active because Lin Luoqing liked him. He felt that Lin Luoqing wanted to give him a stage and let him see his own value. Lin Luoqing chose Wu Xinyuan because he was more reassured about Wu Xinyuan.

However, if this was what he wanted and Wu Xinyuan agreed, didn’t it mean he occupied the dominant position in the relationship between him and Wu Xinyuan?

If Lin Luoqing had a successful career and three Best Actor awards then he would naturally be the dominant one in the relationship between him and Wu Xinyuan. However, he was a newly signed artist of Wu Xinyuan and had no results. How could Wu Xinyuan listen to him?

The only possibility was that under the familiar identity of an actor, Lin Luoqing had another identity. This identity was one that Wu Xinyuan must listen to.

Shi Zheng thought of Ji Yuxiao almost immediately. He was just an ordinary person and naturally couldn’t know Ji Yuxiao’s true identity, but Xingyi was under the Ji Group. He had found this out when doing his homework. Ji Yuxiao happened to have the surname Ji.

Shi Zheng didn’t guess too much. He had never been a person who was too curious. If the other person didn’t say it then they obviously had their own plans. He couldn’t cross the line to explore other people’s private affairs. He was just curious. Did Lin Luoqing go to find Chen Liwei, which was why Chen Liwei bowed to him?

Lin Luoqing nodded. “Yes. I’m sorry, Brother Zheng. I wronged you.”

“It’s okay. I was wondering why CEO Chen suddenly called me and said he was wrong. This was too unscientific. Pan Xiangjie even apologized to me, which is a miracle.”

Lin Luoqing chuckled. “Brother Zheng, wait a bit longer. I will personally pick you up in two days to go to Xingyi. You can rest assured. Your future will be at Xingyi.”

Shi Zheng listened to these words and vaguely felt that Lin Luoqing seemed to be preparing to do something. He didn’t ask anything else and only said, “Call me when you need me.”

“Yes, thank you Brother Zheng.”

“You are already calling me Brother Zheng. Why are you being polite?” Shi Zheng smiled.

He vaguely felt that he was about  to know Lin Luoqing’s other identity and Lin Luoqing seemed to be planning to tell him.

Wu Xinyuan looked at Lin Luoqing in a puzzled manner. “Why aren’t you going to him now to sign the contract? Chen Liwei agreed.”

“The real trump card must remain in my hands,” Lin Luoqing looked at him and said.

“What do you mean?”

“Do you believe that Chen Liwei will treat Shi Zheng well in the future?” Lin Luoqing asked him. “He bowed his head so much today and lost face in front of his little lover. Will he be uncaring about this? He won’t. He might not dare to retaliate against me but he will definitely dare to retaliate against Shi Zheng. I can’t watch Shi Zheng 24 hours a day and he won’t come to me to complain when he encounters a problem. Therefore, Chen Liwei is bound to play some tricks behind the scenes.”

Wu Xinyuan frowned. “I’ll pay attention.”

“No matter how much you pay attention, he is the CEO.”

Wu Xinyuan was shocked. He looked at Lin Luoqing as if he couldn’t believe it. “Are you trying to…”

Lin Luoqing didn’t speak. The reason why he didn’t reveal his identity when Pan Xiangjie was saying sarcastic things or did anything when Chen Liwei listened to Pan Xiangjie’s words and called Wu Xinyuan was in order to see Chen Liwei more clearly.

Pan Xiangjie was just a grasshopper attached to Chen Liwei. It was useless no matter how high he jumped. Chen Liwei was different. He was the person in charge of the company and Lin Luoqing couldn’t easily judge his character with just one phone call. Lin Luoqing had to meet him, communicate with him, get to know him and then make a decision.

Maybe he used to be really responsible and made contributions to Xingyi, but he wasn’t qualified anymore.

Such a person wasn’t suitable to manage Xingyi and naturally shouldn’t stay in Xingyi.

Therefore, Shi Zheng couldn’t sign a contract with Xingyi until Chen Liwei stepped down. This way, once Shi Zheng became popular in the future and others tried to calculate the timeline, they wouldn’t attribute him to the period when Chen Liwei was in power and crown Chen Liwei.

This wasn’t what Lin Luoqing wanted.

The sky was about to change and the trump card should naturally be left for the next round. Shi Zheng was his trump card, not someone else’s achievement.

Wu Xinyuan saw his serious expression. Then he took out a cigarette and lit it slowly.

He never expected that the usually gentle Lin Luoqing had such thoughts.

It was no wonder why he didn’t reveal his identity when Pan Xiangjie was embarrassing Shi Zheng or tell Shi Zheng that he could solve it when Chen Liwei tried to block Shi Zheng.

He didn’t want to simply solve Shi Zheng’s matter. He wanted to solve Chen Liwei, so as to eliminate future troubles and ensure that other Shi Zhengs wouldn’t encounter such troubles.

He couldn’t say it. There were too many things involved so it was better to wait until it was completely over before saying it.

For the first time, Wu Xinyuan thought that the person in front of him might not be as soft as he thought. Lin Luoqing could easily lift dumbbells that he thought were heavy. Lin Luoqing could easily go to the meeting alone and uproot things without hesitation after discovering the problem.

From a certain point of view, he was gentle and tough, which was really suitable for Ji Yuxiao.

The wind was blowing and the sky was full of black clouds. The mountain rain was about to come and wind would sweep through the building.

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