FV: Chapter 106

At noon the next day, Lin Luoqing had just finished lunch when Wu Xinyuan came.

Lin Luoqing told Ji Yuxiao, got into the car and went to find Shi Zheng with Wu Xinyuan.

Shi Zheng had already been waiting for them at home. He received a call from Wu Xinyuan, went downstairs and walked to Wu Xinyuan’s car.

Lin Luoqing opened the window and waved to him, “Hello, Brother Zheng.”

Shi Zheng was surprised. “Why are you here?”

“I’ll go to the company to take a look,” Lin Luoqing said. “I haven’t been to the company much.”

He signed everything at home and then went straight to filming. This was the first time he went to inspect his family’s property.

Shi Zheng didn’t think much when he heard this and nodded. Then he got into the car.

Wu Xinyuan had already told CEO Chen Liwei about Shi Zheng before. He was an agent and had the right to sign on people. Shi Zheng’s image was good and he paid the breach of contract fees himself. The company didn’t have to pay extra money for him. Therefore, Chen Liwei had no opinion. He just looked at it and agreed.

After driving for around 40 minutes, the car stopped at the parking lot of the building where Xingyi was located.

Lin Luoqing, Wu Xinyuan and Shi Zheng got out of the car together and walked toward the elevator in the underground parking lot.

They got into the elevator together. Once it reached the first floor, the elevator stopped and someone walked in.

The man’s eyebrows were a bit flamboyant. His bangs were so long that they almost covered his eyelashes. He looked up and glanced at them. Then he asked with surprise. “Shi Zheng.”

Shi Zheng looked at him in a slightly puzzled manner. This was…?

It was just that he didn’t show his doubts on his face. He quickly recalled it in his mind while politely saying, “Hello.”

The other person scoffed. “Hello? I’m fine, but what are you doing here?”

Then he saw Wu Xinyuan and asked him, “Brother Wu, did you bring him here?”

Wu Xinyuan hadn’t expected to meet this little goblin here. He nodded slightly in response.

“Why did you bring him here? Is there some relationship between the two of you that I don’t know about?”

Wu Xinyuan frowned. “Talk less nonsense. This is my newly signed artist.”

The other person heard this and burst out laughing. “You signed him? Wu Xinyuan, are you out of your mind? Signing such an extra, do you think you have no place to spend Xingyi’s money?”

He turned to look at Shi Zheng, acting like Xingyi’s lady boss. “I think you should forget it. He is like this and signing him to Xingyi will just shame Xingyi. Throw him back where he came from.”

Shi Zheng looked at him and finally remembered who he was from his raised eyebrows.

Pan Xiangjie, a star he met while filming two years ago.

To be honest, Shi Zheng had already forgotten about him because he didn’t think the events of that year were a big deal. It was nothing more than Pan Xiangjie bullying a girl in the crew in winter. He couldn’t bear it and kindly helped her. Unexpectedly, Pan Xiangjie held a grudge against him because of this. He said he had something to do with the girl and made things difficult for him.

He hadn’t paid much attention. He took the money after filming his own part and left.

He did the work of a supporting role and was an unknown supporting role. He had suffered countless times in the past five years. If he remembered everyone who troubled him then he would’ve become depressed a long time ago.

The entertainment industry had always been about power and the crew was like a small society. The director and leading actors stood in the first layer while the unknown extras and small supporting actors stood at the bottom. If their luck was bad then even the staff would direct their anger on them.

Shi Zheng was used to it and wouldn’t hold grudges after so long.

He just hadn’t expected that after two years, Pan Xiangjie would still remember him. It was really difficult for him to be the leading actor of that year.

But was he also from Xingyi?

Shi Zheng was a bit surprised. He vaguely remembered the crew saying that the reason why Pan Xiangjie was so arrogant and domineering was because he was the company’s favorite. It was said that he had some ulterior relationship with the company’s boss. This meant he should be very close to the boss of Xingyi. There would probably be trouble with Shi Zheng’s contract signing.

Wu Xinyuan listened to Pan Xiangjie’s words and ignored him.

Pan Xiangjie was still waiting for him to respond, but several seconds passed without him getting the result he wanted. He asked in a dissatisfied manner, “Wu Xinyuan, are you mute?”

“I am an agent. I don’t need to report to you who I want to sign.”

Pan Xiangjie had lived arrogantly in recent years. He heard such words and suddenly laughed. “Yo, you are so capable. Does CEO Chen know?”

Wu Xinyuan heard him bring up Chen Liwei and asked sensitively, “What do you mean?”

“It isn’t interesting,” Pan Xiangjie said calmly. “I just plan to tell CEO Chen that I don’t like him. Say, will he be able to continue staying in Xingyi once CEO Chen knows I don’t like him?”

Wu Xinyuan was angry. “Pan Xiangjie, your hands are stretching out too long. If you want to make trouble, make trouble with your agent, not with me.”

Pan Xiangjie laughed casually. “I am willing. I can do whatever I like. If you talk to me like this again, believe it or not, I will make you unable to stay in Xingyi any longer.”

“Incomprehensible.” Wu Xinyuan shook his head and walked out directly when the elevator doors opened.

Lin Luoqing hurriedly followed, but was stopped by Pan Xiangjie.

“Who are you?” Pan Xiangjie looked at him and said in an unkind tone.

He had long noticed Lin Luoqing. Compared with Shi Zheng’s tough looks, Lin Luoqing was more like the type that agents liked now. He was young and handsome, was in the same generation as Pan Xiangjie and could compete for resources with him. After all, he wasn’t bad looking.

Lin Luoqing smiled and introduced himself. “My name is Lin Luoqing. I am also Brother Wu’s artist.”

“Wu Xinyuan had signed a lot of people these days,” Pan Xiangjie said in a strangely sarcastic manner.

Lin Luoqing nodded while looking innocent. “Yes.”

Seeing that he didn’t follow, Wu Xinyuan turned around. He found that Lin Luoqing was stopped by Pan Xiangjie and quickly walked over to pull away Pan Xiangjie’s hand. Then he led Lin Luoqing toward his office.

“You can only keep one newly signed artist,” Pan Xiangjie put his hands into his pocket and said lazily. “Or keep neither. Think for yourself. I will call CEO Chen to clarify this matter later. I advise you to be sensible, understood?”

Wu Xinyuan gave him a dumbfounded expression but didn’t say anything.

What did he know? Even if Chen Liwei could intervene, how dare he interfere in Ji Yuxiao’s matters? Ridiculous!

Lin Luoqing listened to his words and asked Wu Xinyuan, “Who is he? Is he CEO Chen’s son? Why is he so arrogant? If I didn’t know better, I would think this company belongs to him.”

Wu Xinyuan sneered. “He isn’t CEO Chen’s son but he is much more powerful than his son. He is Chen Liwei’s little lover who wants to be a demon when he is idle. Several newcomers in the company have been bullied by him.”

Lin Luoqing was surprised. “CEO Chen still does this?”

“He didn’t do it before, but he started to think about it after staying for so long.”

Did Ji Yuxiao know before? Or did Ji Yuling know when he was still alive? Lin Luoqing wanted to ask but Shi Zheng was present and didn’t know Ji Yuxiao’s true identity. Therefore, he didn’t ask. He would bring it up again when Shi Zheng left.

As he thought of this, he glanced at Shi Zheng. He saw that Shi Zheng’s head was lowered like he was thinking about something.

“Brother Zheng, what are you thinking?” Lin Luoqing asked.

Shi Zheng looked up at him and hesitated. It wasn’t until he reached Wu Xinyuan’s office that he couldn’t help saying, “Or forget about it.”

Shi Zheng felt he was really unlucky or he wouldn’t have encountered such a matter just after he had hope for ascending. “He is the boss’ little lover and made it clear that he doesn’t want you to sign me. Even if you sign me now, the company won’t give me resources in the future and might embarrass you. Luoqing might even become involved. Let’s forget it.”

Shi Zheng wouldn’t care if it was just simple friction between colleagues, but Pan Xiangjie had such an identity.

Lin Luoqing and Wu Xinyuan were kind enough to help him. He didn’t want them to end up on the cold bench because of him. Shi Zheng thought about it and decided to forget it.

“There is no need to offend people who shouldn’t be offended because of me. Luoqing still has a good future and he shouldn’t be implicated by me.”

Lin Luoqing heard these words and felt that he was really loyal. He had obviously terminated the contract and his company was gone. If he didn’t sign with Xingyi, it was unknown when he would find a new company that was willing to sign him. Even so, he was still thinking of them and didn’t want to burden them.

“It’s fine,” Lin Luoqing said calmly. “Sign the contract and don’t worry.”

Wu Xinyuan also said, “Yes, you don’t have to pay attention to him. Pan Xiangjie might have CEO Chen’s support but you don’t have to care. He can’t do anything to you.”

Shi Zheng thought they were thinking of him and didn’t dare to sign the contract.

How could this person not be able to do anything? He was the boss!

This was a polite statement.

He was about to speak when Wu Xinyuan’s phone rang. Wu Xinyuan looked down and saw that it was Chen Liwei calling. It was highly likely that Pan Xiangjie had already found him.

Wu Xinyuan was speechless again. He really couldn’t understand how a professional manager like Chen Liwei could be hooked by a little goblin like Pan Xiangjie.

Even if he looked good and could use some means, Chen Liwei shouldn’t blur the line between public and private matters for him. Did Chen Liwei really think this was his own company?

Wu Xinyuan answered the phone. “Hello, CEO Chen.”

“Xiao Wu, have you signed the Shi Zheng you asked to sign before?”

“It has been signed,” Wu Xinyuan said.

“Why did you sign him?” Chen Liwei was dissatisfied. “You take action quite quickly.”

“I told you before and you agreed. So I signed him.”

“That’s okay. Signing is signing. Don’t arrange jobs for him later. Leave him in the cold for a few years and let him go when the contract expires.”

Wu Xinyuan, “???”

“What does CEO Chen mean by that?”

“Just do as I say,” Chen Liwei said indifferently. “In any case, he isn’t an important artist. He was an extra before and it is normal for him to sit on the cold bench. If he isn’t satisfied, let him pay the breach of contract fees and leave.”

“CEO Chen, I…”

“I still have business. I’m hanging up.”

Wu Xinyuan heard him hang up the phone and was so angry that he wanted to open up this person’s head to check his brains. “What is this for?”

Shi Zheng saw him like this and knew the other person must be making things difficult. He hadn’t signed the contract yet and it was already like this. If he really signed it, there would definitely be no good fruit to eat in the future.

Lin Luoqing and Wu Xinyuan might want to help him but they weren’t the boss of the company. It was easy for them to be implicated by him, so forget it.

“Forget it, Brother Wu,” Shi Zheng persuaded him. “I understand your kindness, as well as Luoqing’s, but I can’t implicate you because of this. Let’s go and I will treat you to a meal.”

Wu Xinyuan looked at him and then at Lin Luoqing. There were some things he couldn’t say in front of Shi Zheng, so he could only send Shi Zheng home first.

Lin Luoqing waited until Shi Zheng left before asking Wu Xinyuan, “This is how CEO Chen does things?”

“He wasn’t like this before. He used to be very serious and responsible. So Mr Ji, I mean Ji Yuling, was already reassured when he was in charge of Xingyi. Then Pan Xiangjie entered the company and they got along. At that time, he wasn’t so presumptuous. Then Pan Xiangjie slowly caused more trouble and he took care of the aftermath. This allowed everyone to see some clues.”

“Did Yuxiao’s brother not take care of it?” Lin Luoqing asked.

“Do you mean Ji Yuling?” Wu Xinyuan glanced at him and explained. “There will be no fish when the water is clear. He has been in this position for so long and has made many contributions. It is naturally impossible to treat him like an ordinary employee. It is normal to give him some sweetness so he can continue to work for the company. It is the same for us agents. After working for a long time, the boss will turn a blind eye to some things because he knows our achievements and strengths. No one wanted to argue with Chen Liwei over trivial matters.”

“At that time, the CEO wasn’t as confused as he was now. Then Ji Yuling died and the president became Ji Yuxiao. He didn’t care much about Xingyi so Chen Liwei quickly became arrogant in the past half a year, as if Xingyi really became his company.”

Lin Luoqing nodded. He knew that Ji Yuxiao didn’t care about Xingyi. After all, he only asked for Xingyi from his father when he decided to marry Lin Luoqing. He had also been pretending to give up on himself so he never went to the company. However—

“Ji Yuxiao’s father doesn’t care about Xingyi?

“Xingyi is special.” Wu Xinyuan said in a low voice. “It might be a subsidiary of the Ji Group but it was actually founded by Ji Yuling. He has 50% of the shares while the Ji Group doesn’t have many shares. Therefore, the group doesn’t pay much attention to this subsidiary.”

Lin Luoqing understood.

To put it bluntly, Xingyi was like a sparrow to a giant company like the Ji Group. It might be part of them but the Ji Group thought it was small and not worth bothering about.

Ji Yuxiao didn’t care because of the act he put on after the car accident.

In addition, Chen Liwei had done a good job when Ji Yuling was in charge. He might’ve raised a little lover but this wasn’t a big problem compared to his contribution to the company or his performance. Therefore, Ji Yuling didn’t pursue it much.

Now that Ji Yuling was gone, the Ji Group was too lazy to bother with it and Ji Yuxiao didn’t take care of it, there were no tigers in the mountains and Chen Liwei’s mind became more active. He wanted to become king.

“But…” Wu Xinyuan hesitated for a moment.

Lin Luoqing was curious. “What is it?”

“It isn’t a big deal. I just saw CEO Chen eating with the CEO of the Ji Group, Ji Mu. I don’t know if the group will intervene later. But at present, President Ji Yuling is gone and Chairman Ji and President Ji haven’t sent someone to take over. This means Chen Liwei is still in charge and feels like he has the final say.”

Chen Liwei and Ji Mu having a meal together? What did he think? Did he think Ji Mu was in charge now? So he wanted to win over Ji Mu to consolidate his position?

Lin Luoqing leaned back against the car seat while thinking about it.

At a red light, Wu Xinyuan stopped the car and turned to look at him. “Luoqing, Shi Zheng doesn’t know the relationship between you and President Ji and he doesn’t know your true identity. I didn’t dare to say some things. Now that he is gone, I will say it. I will go to Chen Liwei soon and tell him that it is President Ji who wants to sign Shi Zheng. He should have no more opinions.”

“There is no hurry.” Lin Luoqing shook his head. He was now a bit interested in this Chen Lin Luoqing and wanted to meet the so-called CEO Chen. He wanted to see what the highly paid CEO of their family looked like and if he could do a good job.

“I’ll go with you,” Lin Luoqing said. “I haven’t seen him yet. I will go meet him and ask him if President Ji knows he is so pretentious.”

Wu Xinyuan, “……”

Wu Xinyuan looked at his appearance of being ready to eat melons and thought in his heart, ‘This is probably the lady boss going on patrol—mingling with the people incognito.’

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1 year ago

The real lady boss in action vs a wannabe lady boss 😂.

1 year ago


3 months ago

I honestly rather despise Lin Luoqing. It really comes down to the fact that he absolutely has a ‘sugar daddy’ backer, but desperately doesn’t want anyone to know about it to the point of harming others rather than admit the truth.

My opinion
My opinion
3 months ago
Reply to  Silver

I don’t think so. Firstly, Lin Luoqing doesn’t even want the company at the first place. He only accept it because his husband is so eager to gift it to him. Secondly, from previous chapters, we can see that he is the type to eliminate bad people or prevent them to keep doing misdeed. Thirdly, it is his choices to keep things as a secret (it is his company after all), he can even manage to solve problem without needing to tell people he is the ladyboss,. So. why bother tell?

If giving your wife a company can be considered as being a sugar daddy, then a husband can’t give his wife a company as a gift?

2 months ago
Reply to  Silver

I think you skipped some important chapters. Lin Luoqing is avoiding usage of Ji Yuxiao’s identity because he doesn’t need it, he has his own moral code and ways to deal with problems. Ji Yuxiao understands that Luoqing sees their marriage as an ordinary marriage between individuals, not the social status. Besides, both of them see no need to make their relationship public, specially since it started with ulterior motives qnd not love.

2 months ago
Reply to  Silver

I had to reread the name twice to make sure you got the character right. Firstly, he and his husband are legally married and yet you wrote ‘sugar daddy’, secondly, he has his own reasons for not parading the fact that he is the ladyboss he’s not ‘desperately’ hiding the it, lastly, maybe I missed a couple of chapters so if I may ask. At what matter did LLQ hide his identity to the point of harming others?