FV: Chapter 105

What caught his eye were a lot of presents. Some were wrapped with beautiful bows while some were unwrapped and he could see what was in the box or bag.

Ji Leyu looked at Lin Fei in surprise. He looked doubtfully at Lin Fei and said in disbelief, “There are gifts.”

Lin Fei, “???”

Lin Fei got out of bed. He took a look at his Christmas stocking and sure enough, there were gifts.

This was…

He figured it out almost instantly. There was no Santa Claus in this world. Even if there was, they had no chimney in their house and Santa Claus couldn’t enter at all. It definitely wouldn’t be Santa Claus who placed this here. It could only be Lin Luoqing or Ji Yuxiao.

It was a Christmas gift from both of them to him and Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu probably realized as well and he muttered, “Did Dad give it to us? But didn’t he give it last night?”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt that such a development wasn’t within his expectation.

He was thinking about how to skirt over this matter when he heard a noise. The door opened and Lin Luoqing walked in.

“You’re awake.” He looked at the two children standing beside the bed, holding their Christmas stockings and looking at their gifts. He said in a good mood, “You got up quite early today.”

Ji Leyu quickly grabbed the Christmas stocking and asked, “Dad, did you quietly put this next to our bed?”

Lin Luoqing chuckled. “Do you like it? Surprise! Merry Christmas to the two of you!”

Ji Leyu’s heart was about to fly with joy and he couldn’t help nodding, “I like it.”

He finished speaking and couldn’t help asking curiously, “But Dad, didn’t you already give us a gift last night?”

Lin Luoqing was confused. ‘??? Eh?’

Lin Luoqing looked at Ji Leyu in a puzzled manner.

Ji Leyu nodded. “It is that crystal ball and that little tiger.”

He looked at the desk and Lin Luoqing followed his gaze before understanding his words. However, if he remembered correctly, wasn’t this the little ornament he bought for Lin Fei when he just came to this world?

At that time, he saw that Lin Fei’s desk was empty and there were no gadgets on the shelf. Therefore, he bought batches of dolls, ornaments and toys.

He thought that other children had it and their family’s Fei Fei must also have it.

His family’s Fei Fei had no interest in these and put them in the cabinet without taking them out, but Lin Luoqing still remembered that when he chose this crystal ball, he fell in love with the wooden house inside that felt very homely. He hoped that Lin Fei would feel the warmth of home when he was here.

Lin Luoqing silently turned to look at Lin Fei. Lin Fei was embarrassed for a moment. He shook his head slightly and there was an instinctive request in his eyes, as if hoping Lin Luoqing wouldn’t expose him.

Lin Luoqing naturally wouldn’t go against his will and said, “Oh, this is different. This is a small snack for you while this morning’s gift is the main meal. This way won’t you receive a gift twice?”

He looked at Ji Leyu and Ji Leyu nodded. “Thank you, Dad.”

“You’re welcome,” Lin Luoqing said with a smile. “Hurry and brush your teeth and wash your face. You have to try on clothes when you come back. I bought a lot of clothes for the two of you. I will have to wait until evening to see the effect.”

“Yes.” Ji Leyu laughed.

Seeing this, Lin Luoqing didn’t say much and went downstairs to eat today’s breakfast.

It was only then that Lin Fei let out a sigh of relief. He felt it was too risky. He was almost exposed.

If he had known that Lin Luoqing had prepared gifts, he wouldn’t have given Ji Leyu a gift. It was good but he was the one who was almost embarrassed.

Lin Fei wasn’t afraid that Ji Leyu would know the crystal ball last night was given by him. This wasn’t a bad thing in itself. He was just embarrassed. It was too embarrassing!

Pretending to be his uncle to give a gift to his brother just because he didn’t want his brother to be unhappy—this was really shameful for someone like him who usually avoided others when giving gifts and liked to give it alone.

Lin Fei dragged his oversized Christmas stocking and silently left Ji Leyu’s bedroom.

Aunt Zhang made fried dough sticks and soy milk today. Lin Luoqing liked it and ate several small fried dough sticks before leaving to send the two children to school.

Along the way, Ji Leyu was very clingy to him. His little feet kicked and kicked and he looked very happy.

Once at the school, Ji Leyu and Lin Fei got out of the car. Lin Luoqing asked Luo Jia to drive back, planning to go back and sleep again.

Lin Fei passed through the gift incident without any risk. He relaxed and didn’t think about the gift again.

He arrived at the classroom, took out his books and sat down. Then Ji Leyu suddenly approached him.

Lin Fei didn’t care much. He just thought Ji Leyu wanted to cling to him again. Unexpectedly, Ji Leyu said, “Brother, you gave me that crystal ball, not your uncle, right?”

Lin Fei, “!!!”

Lin Fei’s heart was overwhelmed but his face was calm. Not only could no panic be seen but there was even a bit of indifference.

“He gave it to you,” he said calmly, sounding very convincing.

Ji Leyu didn’t believe it. “When I asked Dad this morning, Dad didn’t answer immediately. He was a bit confused. Later, he looked at my table and didn’t answer directly. He looked at you and then he said he gave it to me.”

Lin Fei thought, ‘…You are quite attentive. You can notice this!’

“So you gave it to me because I said yesterday that I wanted a gift. You saw that Dad didn’t seem to have prepared it and gave me one yourself, right?”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei refused to admit it. “I didn’t.”

“It is definitely the case.” Ji Leyu vowed. “You were afraid I wouldn’t be happy and gave it to me, right?”

Lin Fei, “……”

“Shouldn’t you be reading?” He turned to look at Ji Leyu. “Did you memorize the ancient poems from the past two days? I’ll check it. Recite it for me now.”

Ji Leyu saw his stubborn appearance of refusing to admit it and hugged him. He kept rubbing against Lin Fei, coquettish like a small animal.

“Fei Fei, you are good. Why are you so good?”

Ever since he figured this out while washing up, he wished he could rush to Lin Fei and hug him. He was too good. How could he be so good? He was simply the best brother in the world.

Lin Fei pushed him away in disdain. Ji Leyu immediately hugged him tightly, not letting himself be pushed away. Lin Fei was helpless. He felt that Ji Leyu was too clingy and coquettish.

“Touch.” Ji Leyu raised his head, his tone soft and his eyes clear.

Lin Fei raised his hand and touched his head. ”You are good.”

Ji Leyu nodded and said softly, “I’ll listen to you in everything in the future.”

“Yes.” Lin Fei replied indifferently. No joy or anger could be seen.

Ji Leyu laughed and hugged him tighter.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei sighed helplessly in his heart. In the end, he was still exposed. Fortunately, he wasn’t so embarrassed as long as he didn’t admit it!

Lin Fei quietly let him hug for a while. Ji Leyu hugged enough and then started reading again.

Lin Luoqing returned home and saw that Ji Yuxiao was still sleeping. He changed into pajamas, lay down next to Ji Yuxiao and slowly fell asleep holding him.

It wasn’t until noon that the two of them woke up again.

Lin Luoqing told him about Lin Fei and Ji Leyu and asked him, “Aren’t they quite cute?”

He smiled softly. “The relationship between children is really sincere and moving.”

Ji Yuxiao also felt this was the case. “I didn’t expect that Fei Fei would give Xiao Yu a Christmas gift. It must be Xiao Yu who wanted it. Fei Fei was afraid we didn’t prepare it for him and he would be sad when the time came, so Fei Fei gave it for us.”

“I also think so. Otherwise, he wouldn’t say that I gave it.” Lin Luoqing sighed again. “Our babies are so cute.”

Ji Yuxiao smiled and pinched his face. “You are cute too.”

“I’m not a baby.” Lin Luoqing took down his hand.

Ji Yuxiao took advantage of the situation to hold him, pulling him over and kissing him. “Why aren’t you? You are a big baby. A big baby is also a baby.”

Lin Luoqing smiled. “I want to thank you for not calling me a big treasured baby.”

“It is pretty much the same,” Ji Yuxiao said warmly.

Lin Luoqing looked at him with a smile. There was a slight sweetness in his heart.

After Christmas, Wu Xinyuan finally finished spending time with his wife and children and was ready to officially sign a contract with Shi Zheng.

He had let Shi Zheng see the electronic contract before and told him many things. Shi Zheng had read it one by one and there were no problems. He was ready to go through the formal signing.

“Then do it tomorrow,” Wu Xinyuan said. “I’ll pick you up when the time comes. Then we will go to the company together to get the contract and sign it.”

“Okay,” Shi Zheng agreed.

Wu Xinyuan told Lin Luoqing about this. Once Lin Luoqing heard it, he immediately said, “I’ll go with you tomorrow.”

“It just so happens that I haven’t been to the company much. Tomorrow, the children will go to school. I will take advantage of when they are in school to go to the company. Then I can pick them up from school when I go back.”

“Okay. I’ll pick you up tomorrow first and then we’ll pick up Shi Zheng.

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded. “I will tell Yuxiao about this, so you don’t have to tell him specifically.

“Okay.” Wu Xinyuan finished speaking and hung up the phone.

Lin Luoqing had told Ji Yuxiao about this.

Near the end of the year, Ji Yuxiao’s company had more things to do. Since he was working from home and couldn’t go to the company, this resulted in him staying in the study almost every day to deal with official business. He really had no time to accompany Lin Luoqing.

Therefore, he didn’t have any objections when he heard that Lin Luoqing planned to visit Xingyi tomorrow.

“Xingyi will be your company from now on. It is appropriate for you to go and take a look.” Ji Yuxiao closed the document and pinched the bridge of his nose. “If you don’t understand anything, ask Wu Xingyi. If you still don’t understand, come back and ask me.”

Lin Luoqing still felt very uncomfortable that Yuxiao wanted to give Xingyi to him. Compared to this, he accepted that Xingyi belonged to Ji Yuxiao. He was now married to Ji Yuxiao and he could be regarded as the second boss.

“Then I will go out tomorrow,” he said. “But I will come back early. I will try to come back with the children.”

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao smiled.

Lin Luoqing also smiled. He didn’t want to leave so he simply grabbed a book from Ji Yuxiao’s study and read it quietly.

Ji Yuxiao looked at him sitting on the sofa without saying a word. He was seemingly without a sense of existence, but it attracted Ji Yuxiao’s attention from time to time.

He didn’t speak but occasionally looked up at Lin Luoqing when he was tired from reading documents in order to relieve his fatigue.

It wasn’t until 3 o’clock when Ji Yuxiao was about to start a video conference that Lin Luoqing wondered whether he should leave.

“It isn’t necessary,” Ji Yuxiao refused. “You can continue to read your book. It will be over soon.

Lin Luoqing sat down again and continued to read.

He tried very hard to reduce his sense of existence and even turned the page gently. However, he became inattentive when he saw how the male and female protagonists met again and was amused by their words.

The sound of laughter was particularly noticeable in the silent air.

The person on the other side of the video conference instantly fell silent. Then he wondered, “Is there someone else around you?”

Lin Luoqing was a bit embarrassed. He looked up at Ji Yuxiao and mouthed, ‘I’m sorry.’

Ji Yuxiao smiled. “It’s okay.”

He told the other person, “My wife is here.”

“Sister-in-law is back? Sister-in-law finished filming? Hello, Sister-in-law. I am Brother Xiao’s junior. Sister-in-law, can you hear me?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”


“When can we meet for a meal?” A warm invitation came from the computer. “Sister-in-law, I was abroad when you and Brother Xiao got married and I didn’t have time to send you a wedding gift. I can make up for it now.”

“You are quite positive,” Ji Yuxiao said with a smile. “Let’s focus on work first and talk about eating when we are done. However, you can give the gift first.”

Lin Luoqing thought, ‘…I am sorry.’

A sad voice instantly came from the other end of the computer. “I got it.”

“If there are no other problems, let’s do it first according to your ideas. I’ll discuss the rest with Old Yang.”


Ji Yuxiao hung up and Lin Luoqing asked curiously, “Your junior?”

“Yes, he was at the same university as me and we later started a business together. He has a good brain and is good at communication. I will let him treat you to a meal another day.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded and didn’t ask much.

He read the book for a while. Then Luo Jia came and Lin Luoqing put down the book. He went downstairs to prepare to pick up Lin Fei and Ji Leyu.

Ji Leyu had been happy all day and he had to swing Lin Fei’s hand when coming home with him from school. Lin Fei was a bit puzzled by this high mood that lasted all day, but he didn’t care about most things. If Ji Leyu wanted to swing then he would let Ji Leyu hold his hand and swing it.

Ji Leyu was in a good mood and wanted to share the joy in his heart with others, so he ran upstairs to Ji Yuxiao’s study the moment he got home.

Ji Yuxiao saw him running in with a smile and asked him, “Why are you so happy?”

Ji Leyu smiled even sweeter. Then he walked over and hugged Ji Yuxiao.

Ji Yuxiao touched his head and asked softly, “What’s the matter? Did something good happen?”

Ji Leyu nodded.

He raised his head and looked at Ji Yuxiao, saying sweetly, “Dad, do you like Fei Fei?”

“I like him.” Ji Yuxiao looked at him. “Don’t you like him?”

Ji Leyu shook his head. He tilted it while saying in a soft tone, “I also like Fei Fei. He is so good.”

He looked at Ji Yuxiao and laughed again. Then he lay down in Ji Yuxiao’s arms.

He suddenly felt that this was very good. His uncle and aunt were both good. As for Lin Fei, he didn’t have a brother before. Now he had Lin Fei who would coax him and be good to him.

If only it could be like this for the rest of his life.

Ji Leyu prayed silently in his heart.

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