FV: Chapter 104

Ji Leyu happily took it, opened the box and took out the crystal ball inside.

The crystal ball was clear. White snowflakes fell on the ground, the roof of the cabin and on the kitten. Ji Leyu turned the crystal ball and saw the cabin light up and the kitten jumped on the snow. It was snowing heavily but the cabin looked very warm.

It was just like his home.

Ji Leyu held it and his heart was full of joy.

He asked, “Where is your uncle?”

“Your father called him.”

“My father was here as well?”

Lin Fei nodded without changing his expression. “Maybe they have something to say.”

Ji Leyu immediately understood. “My father must’ve bought a gift for your uncle, so he will take advantage of tonight to give it to him.”

Lin Fei responded casually, “Maybe.”

Ji Leyu looked at the crystal ball in front of him and felt a spring breeze had blown through his heart, causing flowers to bloom. He said, “I thought he didn’t buy a gift.”

“So are you happy now?”

Ji Leyu nodded without hesitation. His eyes curved as he said, “I used to receive gifts every year.”

He was delicate yet righteous.

“I still want to receive gifts,” he whispered.

He wanted to receive it as if nothing had changed. It was still the same as before, still his familiar home.

Ji Leyu happily turned the crystal ball again and told Lin Fei, “It is so beautiful.”

His eyes were shining. It was obviously just an ordinary crystal ball but he couldn’t put it down. It was as if it was something rare and precious.

To put it bluntly, Ji Leyu didn’t care what gift he received and how much it was worth. It didn’t matter if it was as big as him or a small crystal ball. He just wanted a gift, a feeling of peace of mind.

So even if it was just a flower, a coin or a not-so-expensive crystal ball, he was happy. He liked it and was very satisfied.

Ji Leyu tilted his head to look at his crystal ball. Finally, he looked away at Lin Fei’s box. “What gift did you receive?”

Lin Fei calmly opened it. It was a stupid little tiger.

“It’s so cute,” Ji Leyu said softly.

Lin Fei also felt it was quite cute. He nodded and touched the little tiger’s head.

“Now you have a Christmas present too,” Ji Leyu said.

“Yes,” Lin Fei replied.

‘It is so good,’ Ji Leyu thought. ‘Lin Fei also has a gift. We both have gifts. This is really a happy Christmas.’

“Let’s sleep.” He took Lin Fei’s hand.

“Go brush your teeth first,” Lin Fei reminded him.

Ji Leyu nodded. He pulled Lin Fei to the bathroom together and brushed his teeth. Then he laid down on the bed.

He turned off the light. The light of the log cabin hadn’t turned off yet and it shone in the dark night, warm and like a small lamp.

Ji Leyu had a dream. In the dream, his family of four lived in a small wooden house. They ate together while the firewood lit his face and made him turn red, burning the beast in his heart step by step.

Lin Fei slept with Ji Leyu but Lin Luoqing hadn’t slept yet.

He stuffed the gifts for Lin Fei and Ji Leyu into the oversized Christmas stockings and sat on the bed, watching his loot.

Ji Yuxiao watched it. He was silent for a long time before asking, “Don’t you think you bought too much?”

“There is no way,” Lin Luoqing said helplessly. “I entered the children’s clothing section and thought this one was cute and that one was also cute. A small jacket must be very handsome on Fei Fei while the small shark will be very cute on Xiao Yu. It was only when I finished buying and swiped my card that I realized I didn’t have enough hands, but it was too late.”

Ji Yuxiao thought, ‘…Very worthy of you, a dear father!’

Lin Luoqing thought of something and looked at Ji Yuxiao mysteriously. “Today is Christmas.”


“It will be New Year’s Day in a few days.”


“It is a new year.”

“That’s right.”

“So…” Lin Luoqing looked at him. “Close your eyes.”

Ji Yuxiao was happy.

The fact that he said this meant there was obviously a gift ready to be given to him.

He closed his eyes. Lin Luoqing saw the slightly raised lips but wasn’t willing to let Ji Yuxiao down. He took out the gift prepared for him from the bag he brought back at noon today.

“You can open your eyes.”

Ji Yuxiao opened his eyes and saw a small box in front of him.

He picked it up and looked at it. It seemed like a watch.

Ji Yuxiao glanced at Lin Luoqing and slowly opened the box. He saw the exquisitely designed dial inside.

 It was already night so the dial was colored dark blue with faint starlight. The clouds on the dial were hidden in the night because the night was too thick.

Ji Yuxiao couldn’t help smiling. He took out the watch and looked at it carefully.

“It looks good. I like it,” he said sincerely.

Lin Luoqing also liked it. He leaned over and pointed to the dial while explaining, “At 6 o’clock in the morning, it will turn to become light. The starlight will be gone but there will be sunlight.”

So fancy? Ji Yuxiao was surprised. He had always pursued the handsome and cool feeling when buying watches. This type of fancy watch was never within his purchase range and he hadn’t expected his wife to like this.

In that case, he should like the gift that Ji Yuxiao chose very much.

After all, the pendant was gorgeous.

“Speaking of which, I also have a gift for you.” Ji Yuxiao looked at him.

Lin Luoqing was pleasantly surprised. “Really? What is it?”

“This time, it is your turn to close your eyes.”

Lin Luoqing immediately closed his eyes while making curious guesses in his heart.

Ji Yuxiao turned the wheelchair and headed to the bedside table. He opened the drawer and took out the necklace he had put in there before taking a shower.

He moved back to Lin Luoqing, took his hand and put the necklace in it.

Lin Luoqing felt the weight on his palm and asked, “Can I open my eyes?”


Lin Luoqing silently opened one eye first and then opened the second eye, looking at the gift in his hand in joy.

He asked, “What is it?”

“Open it and you’ll know.”

Lin Luoqing opened it and saw the yellow pendant.

The crescent moon was curved and exuded a clear light. Green flower branches wrapped around it and the rose carved from white crystal was spotless, like a light dream.

He picked up the necklace and examined it carefully. There were layers of joy in his heart like ocean waves. Accompanied by the tide, it constantly hit his heart.

“Thank you,” Lin Luoqing looked at Ji Yuxiao. “It is very beautiful. I also like it.”

Ji Yuxiao reached out his hand and took the necklace. Then he approached Lin Luoqing and raised a hand to help him put it on.

The chain wasn’t long or short. The moon was stuck at his collarbone, as if sinking between the waves.

The design of this pendant was gorgeous. The target group was obviously women but it didn’t look obtrusive on Lin Luoqing. It made his appearance even more beautiful and no one would think it was vulgar.

“It is perfect for you,” Ji Yuxiao said. “It looks very good.”

“I think so too.”

Lin Luoqing gently twisted the pendant.

He looked at Ji Yuxiao and asked him, “Do you need me to help you put on the watch?”

Ji Yuxiao usually didn’t wear a watch when it was time to sleep. However, Lin Luoqing asked this and he naturally wouldn’t refuse.

Thus, he reached out and handed the watch to Lin Luoqing, revealing his wrist as well.

His skin was very white and his hands were very beautiful. It was very suitable for playing the piano or holding a pen. Lin Luoqing helped him put on the watch. The silver dial was very cold and made him look nobler.

Lin Luoqing looked at it and his heart inexplicably beat a bit faster.

It was late at night. The gifts were delivered and it seemed like it was time to go to bed.

There was a shallow urge in Lin Luoqing’s heart. It wasn’t throbbing. It was just an impulse, as if he wanted to do something on this tender day.

The more Lin Luoqing thought about it, the more the impulse in his heart became obvious. It was accompanied by his ever increasing heartbeat that deafened him.

The atmosphere instantly became ambiguous.

Ji Yuxiao watched Lin Luoqing stare at him without blinking. Before Lin Luoqing could open his mouth, he spoke first.

“Sleep,” he said. “Xiao Yu and Fei Fei should be fast asleep. You can go and give them the presents.”

Lin Luoqing’s heart fell. He was a bit lost but also relieved.

He nodded before picking up the two oversized Christmas stockings and heading out.

Ji Leyu was already asleep. Lin Luoqing approached the bed and found that Lin Fei was also on the bed.

It seemed that after he returned to his room, the brothers played for a while.

He smiled and placed Ji Leyu’s gift by his bedside. Then he went to the door, brought in the gift that was supposed to be placed in Lin Fei’s room and put it where Lin Fei was sleeping.

Now both of them could see it when they woke up tomorrow morning.

Lin Luoqing tiptoed out and closed the door.

He returned to the door of his and Ji Yuxiao’s bedroom when Lin Luoqing subconsciously froze.

He withdrew the hand that almost touched the doorknob and leaned against the wall. He held the pendant around his neck while thinking about how Ji Yuxiao looked when putting the necklace on him.

Ji Yuxiao was so close, his eyes focused and eyebrows drawn down. He was gentle and quiet in that moment.

It was almost New Year’s Eve. They should also take a step forward in the new year. He knew what Ji Yuxiao was worried about but it didn’t matter. Lin Luoqing had already thought of a way. He just needed to not see it and then Ji Yuxiao wouldn’t be embarrassed. It meant he only needed to close his eyes.

He could always think of a way to get close to Ji Yuxiao. If this road didn’t work, he would change the road and start again.

He had time and patience when it came to Ji Yuxiao.

Lin Luoqing thought of this and looked down at the pendant around his neck. He also wanted roses, he wanted Ji Yuxiao’s roses.

He opened the door and walked in, returning to the person he wanted to see.

“Did you put it away?” Ji Yuxiao was already sitting on the bed.

Lin Luoqing nodded, got on the bed and lay down beside him.

Seeing this, Ji Yuxiao moved himself to lie down.

Lin Luoqing hugged him.

“Sleep,” he said.

Ji Yuxiao raised a hand to turn off the light and hugged him.

The night was as cold as water but Ji Yuxiao’s embrace was very warm. Lin Luoqing leaned into his arms, clinging to him and kissing his chin.

Ji Yuxiao was helpless. “Didn’t you want to sleep?’

“What will you do if I don’t want to sleep?” Lin Luoqing deliberately asked.

Ji Yuxiao let out a low laugh and leaned close to his lips. “What do you think?”

As he spoke, he moved his mouth. He slowly grabbed Lin Luoqing’s lower lip and kissed him slowly.

He had long wanted to kiss Lin Luoqing. When he closed his eyes, he stood there so obediently. His eyes were closed and the corners of his eyes were slightly raised like a hook, hooking his heart.

Ji Yuxiao gently bit his lip and Lin Luoqing held his hand. He was like a tangling branch, a sticky flower as he immediately responded to the kiss, hooking Ji Yuxiao to continue falling into the depths.

Lin Luoqing hummed in his ears like a siren singing from afar. Ji Yuxiao didn’t want to be seduced by him and blocked out the voice, but he still inevitably entered the sea.

He heard the sound of the waves, the sound of the high tide and saw the light where the sea and the sky met.

Ji Yuxiao wiped his hands and helped Lin Luoqing wipe his hands.

He turned on the lamp. Lin Luoqing’s eyes were half closed as he leaned lazily against Ji Yuxiao. The pendant on his neck slid down due to his posture and landed on his fair shoulder, where a red hickey was particularly prominent. He was like a white rose that was dyed with some color and it was somewhat similar to Lin Luoqing’s face at this time.

Ji Yuxiao watched and uncontrollably kissed his cheek. Lin Luoqing slowly lifted his eyelids. His eyes were shining and there was a bit of laziness caused by sleepiness. It actually made him look a bit sultry.

“Sleep,” he said softly.

Ji Yuxiao felt the fire that had just been extinguished instantly rekindling. He coughed unnaturally, nodded and turned off the light.

He didn’t dare to get too close to Lin Luoqing, but Lin Luoqing had already hugged him tightly, nestled in his arms and closed his eyes.

Ji Yuxiao, who had always been able to sleep soundly with Lin Luoqing by his side, experienced rare insomnia in the first half of the night. He took some time to calm himself down before finally falling asleep slowly.

The moon and stars were sparse and the room was peaceful.

Early the next morning, Lin Luoqing was woken up by the alarm clock.

Lin Fei and Ji Leyu were also woken up by the alarm clock.

Lin Fei reached out to turn off the alarm clock, sat up and scooped up Ji Leyu along the way.

Ji Leyu tilted his head with closed eyes and said with a serious dislike of school, “I don’t want to go to school.”

Lin Fei was very cold and ruthless. “Get out of bed, wash your face and brush your teeth.”

Ji Leyu opened his eyes and looked at him in an aggrieved manner. The next second, he hugged Lin Fei and coquettishly rubbed his face against Lin Fei’s shoulder.

Lin Fei was already accustomed to him staging this type of drama every few days and skillfully touched his head to coax him. “Be good.”

Ji Leyu looked up pitifully. Then he suddenly saw something and his eyes widened in doubt. “What is that?”

He looked at it carefully. The more he looked, the more familiar it felt. “Christmas stockings? The big kind? But how can it be so big? It is such a big Christmas stocking?!”

Lin Fei also saw a strange object by Ji Leyu’s bed at this time. It seemed to be deformed because it was filled with too many things. However, judging by its color and shape, it was indeed an oversized Christmas stocking.

Lin Fei wondered where this came from.

It definitely couldn’t have been given to them by Santa Claus going down the chimney. There was no chimney in their house.

Ji Leyu didn’t wait for Lin Fei’s response. The moment he looked up, he saw Lin Fei staring behind him. He looked back and exclaimed, “There is also one here!”

Then he let go of Lin Fei, rolled over and got out of bed. He ran to open his Christmas stocking.

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