FV: Chapter 102

Lin Luoqing was sitting on the bed and holding his phone to check the products on all the major official websites.

He actually hadn’t thought about what to buy for Ji Yuxiao. He planned to see his options first. Then once the time came, he would buy one that was suitable. He was scrolling when he heard a knock on the door. Immediately afterward, Lin Fei came in.

Lin Luoqing smiled and teased him, “You came to see me as soon as we separated? Why? Did you miss me?”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei’s eyes were filled with 30% disgust, 30% helplessness and 40% ‘as long as you are happy.’

Lin Fei walked up to him and held out the thing in his hand. “Here you go.”

Lin Luoqing saw the cardboard box in his hand and smiled.

He had guessed at the dinner table that Lin Fei would give him an apple, but Lin Fei hadn’t given it. At that time, he wondered if Lin Fei would secretly give it to him after returning to the room later.

After all, Lin Fei didn’t like to be ostentatious in terms of gift-giving.

It was really difficult for him to give things in front of everyone like Ji Leyu.

Sure enough, Lin Fei came to him not long after he returned to his room.

“Thank you, I’m really happy,” Lin Luoqing said sincerely.

Lin Fei nodded. “Now you have it too.”

“Yes, now I have it too.” Lin Luoqing smiled and looked at him, thinking he was really gentle and cute.

He wanted to kiss again!

Lin Fei gave out the apple and was satisfied. “Then I’ll go back.”

“You are leaving so soon?” Lin Luoqing pinched his face. “You just came.”

“I haven’t finished reading the book or my homework,” Lin Fei said indifferently. “I can’t stay with you for long.”

Lin Luoqing saw his serious little appearance and felt that he was like a little adult. He rubbed Lin Fei’s head. “Okay, I won’t delay your reading. Read well and help Xiao Yu with his homework. I’ll give you both a bath later.”


He didn’t speak, which was tacit consent. He glanced at Lin Luoqing and said, “I’m leaving.”

There was a slight inquiry in his words.

Lin Luoqing nodded and waved at him. “Go back. I’ll find you later.”

Lin Fei turned and left the bedroom.

He reached the staircase and remembered what Ji Leyu had said before. He went down the stairs, grabbed two bananas and headed back to the bedroom.

Ji Leyu was doing his homework. When Ji Yuling and Cheng Wei were still alive, they taught him some additional first-grade courses. Therefore, he wasn’t lacking much despite missing half a semester.

Lin Fei gave him a banana and looked at his homework book closely. He saw that Ji Leyu answered it correctly and sat back in place.

“Why are you so slow?” Ji Leyu wondered while peeling the banana. “I’ve answered several questions.”

“Yes,” Lin Fei replied calmly.

Ji Leyu was just speaking casually. He finished speaking and started to eat the banana in his hand.

Lin Fei didn’t really want to eat a banana. He saw that Ji Leyu liked it and gave Ji Leyu his one.

Ji Leyu took it and said sweetly, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Fei read his book. He felt that everything was done and he could finally read the book well.

Ah, it really wasn’t easy. Fortunately, there were only four people in the family.

At around 9:40, Lin Luoqing came over and prepared to give them both a bath.

Lin Fei and Ji Leyu hadn’t been bathed by him for a long time and missed it for a while.

“Dad, we washed by ourselves while you were gone.” Ji Leyu asked for credit.

“Then you are both very good.”

Ji Leyu smiled and his eyes became crescent moons.

“How long are you staying this time?” Lin Fei asked him curiously. “When is the next time you are going to work?”

“Not for a while.” Lin Luoqing looked at him. “I probably won’t go out until after the Spring Festival, so I can accompany you for a month or two.”

“Really?” Ji Leyu raised a handful of foam excitedly. Lin Fei avoided it in disgust and didn’t say anything.

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing nodded.

Ji Leyu was happy.

“This year, we can celebrate the New Year together.” Last year, he still had his father and mother with him. He might not be able to spend this New Year with his parents but he could spend it with his two fathers. There was also one more Lin Fei. It was much better than he thought at the beginning.

Ji Leyu reached out his foamy hands to hug Lin Luoqing, but Lin Fei grabbed him. “You are wet.”

Ji Leyu realized this was indeed the case. Lin Luoqing’s pajamas would be wet if he held Lin Luoqing like this. Therefore, he simply turned and hugged Lin Fei. In any case, Lin Fei was already wet.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei’s face showed the familiar disgust and helplessness that he usually directed at Lin Luoqing.

Lin Luoqing was amused by the two of them. ‘So cute,’ he thought. ‘My two babies are really cute.’

After taking a bath, Lin Fei and Ji Leyu went to Ji Yuxiao and Lin Luoqing’s bedroom. Ji Yuxiao had already taken a bath and was sitting in bed, waiting for their arrival.

Ji Leyu quickly climbed onto the bed. He looked at the four people, including him, on the bed and felt that it had been a long time since they slept together.

He was young after all. For him, a week was a long time, let alone a few months.

Now they were lying together again!

He looked at Lin Luoqing, then Ji Yuxiao and then at Ji Yuxiao and Lin Luoqing together. Suddenly, he felt that he was at home.

There were still two adults, himself and now there was one more Lin Fei.

It seemed that nothing had changed, as if ‘home’ had always been there.

Ji Leyu smiled happily and leaned against Ji Yuxiao, his heart full of attachment.

The four of them lay down on the same bed and slept sweetly. The next morning, Lin Luoqing got up early to send Lin Fei and Ji Leyu to school.

Ji Leyu waved to say goodbye to him and Lin Fei also said softly, “See you in the evening.”

“Okay.” Lin Luoqing smiled.

He watched the two children enter the school. Then he asked Luo Jia to drive him to the entrance of the mall.

Christmas was followed by New Year’s Day. In order to welcome the holidays and promote consumption, many merchants held promotions. Therefore, there were more people at the mall than usual.

Fortunately, Lin Luoqing wasn’t popular at this time. He wore glasses and a mask and no one recognized him.

He looked at different counters for a long time before finally seeing a niche brand watch with an exquisite design.

The center of the watch dial was a cloud. From 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., the dial was silvery white and faintly seemed to have sunlight. From 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., the dial would turn dark blue and faintly seem to have starlight.

Lin Luoqing thought that this design was quite fun. Besides, Ji Yuxiao did have the habit of looking at a watch. It wouldn’t be bad to give him a watch so he would think of Lin Luoqing every time he checked the time. This way, he could think of Lin Luoqing anytime and anywhere.

Lin Luoqing tried it out before watching the cabinet store’s sister wrap it for him. Then he went to buy gifts for Lin Fei and Ji Leyu.

Compared to Ji Yuxiao, it was much easier to buy gifts for Lin Fei and Ji Leyu. Lin Luoqing also bought them a watch each and then bought a lot of clothes as he was passing by a children’s clothing area.

He carried a bunch of large and small bags as he left the mall, took a taxi and rushed back.

Ji Yuxiao had known as early as last night that Lin Luoqing was going to buy gifts for Lin Fei and Ji Leyu and even took the initiative to say, “I’ll go with you.”

As a result, Lin Luoqing stubbornly disagreed and refused. This made Ji Yuxiao feel that things weren’t right. Wasn’t it just buying gifts? Why didn’t Lin Luoqing want Ji Yuxiao to go with him?

Since when did Lin Luoqing refuse him so much?

Ji Yuxiao thought about it for a long time before suddenly realizing it. If Lin Luoqing was so insistent, it meant he wasn’t buying gifts for just Lin Fei and Ji Leyu. There would be other things, such as buying him a gift.

After realizing this, he didn’t insist. He was just curious about what type of gift Lin Luoqing would give him.

Therefore, when Lin Luoqing sent off the child and went to the mall, Ji Yuxiao also hurried to pick out his Christmas gift for Lin Luoqing.

Qu Yingzhe, Wei Junhe and Zhuang Yue followed him, watching him pick and choose all the way. He wasn’t satisfied with this one and couldn’t look at that one. They wondered, “Young Master, what do you want to buy?”

“Something that looks good, is suitable and is worthy of him.”

“Isn’t that you?” Zhuang Yue asked. “If you pack yourself and give yourself to him tonight, Sister-in-law will definitely be happy.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“You’ve been reading bad things recently, right?” He looked at this person with disgust. “Don’t read things you shouldn’t read or look at things you shouldn’t look at.”

Zhuang Yue was dissatisfied. “Am I wrong? What could be more good-looking, suitable and worthy of him?”

Ji Yuxiao thought, ‘…There is indeed nothing else.’

Wei Junhe listened to their words and secretly thought, ‘Don’t tell me they have been married for so long and they are still platonic?’

This wasn’t being platonic, it was simply a marathon. It was incredible.

“You and Sister-in-law, you haven’t… cough.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“I am asking you to help me choose a gift, not discuss my marriage. Understood?”

“You haven’t?” Zhuang Yue was shocked.

He glanced at Ji Yuxiao several times. “Xiao Ji, tell me the truth. Are you… that?”

Ji Yuxiao, “!!!”

Ji Yuxiao was so angry that he couldn’t wait to stand up and beat up this person.

“Throw him out for me,” he ordered Wei Junhe.

Zhuang Yue, “???!!!”

Wei Junhe quickly covered Zhuang Yue’s mouth. “How are you speaking? How can Xiao Ji not do it? He is so good!”

Zhuang Yue was confused, ‘??? I didn’t say he can’t do it? I was just talking about it with him. Why are you interfering? Obviously, you think he can’t do it!’

“Then what about him?” Zhuang Yue pulled off his hand. Before he could finish his sentence, his mouth was covered again. “If you can’t do it, can’t he do….?!”

Wei Junhe, “……”

Did Zhuang Yue not understand anything?

Wei Junhe was forced to say, “Love and respect, love and respect.”

“But…” He looked down at Ji Yuxiao. “Do you plan to wait for your legs to heal before becoming real husbands with Sister-in-law?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

“You talk a lot.”

“I will make a long story short. What if, and I am saying if, what if it is worse than we think and you won’t get better for five years? Do you plan to be platonic for five years?”

Ji Yuxiao used to think so, but now he was a bit troubled.

Lin Luoqing went out to film and indeed gained a lot of attention. It wasn’t only him. There were others interested in Lin Luoqing.

For the first time, he clearly realized that Lin Luoqing was indeed a very good and likable person. He wasn’t famous but people couldn’t help liking him due to his excellent character and work ethic.

So did he really want Lin Luoqing to spend his whole life with him?

Wouldn’t Lin Luoqing regret it?

Once he regretted it and they had done everything that should be done, would he regret it even more?

Ji Yuxiao didn’t want him to regret it.

No matter whether it was for himself or Lin Luoqing.

He was proud by nature and didn’t want to let himself be the source of Lin Luoqing’s regret.

Therefore, he wanted to give Lin Luoqing more time to meet more people, people who liked him. Then Lin Luoqing could decide if he really loved Ji Yuxiao the most.

It was just that…

JI Yuxiao felt irritable in his heart. He wasn’t a saint. He also had selfishness and it was serious selfishness. This meant he couldn’t help being irritable when he thought of Lin Luoqing liking others.

In the final analysis, it was because their marriage had too many ulterior motives.

He hadn’t felt anything when they got married and they both knew it. Now he might be feeling reluctance and affection, but he had no right to ask Lin Luoqing to give him equal reluctance and affection.

What’s more, he was still in this condition.

Ji Yuxiao looked at his legs and told Wei Junhe, “Let’s go to the hospital later.”

“Yes.” Wei Junhe immediately made arrangements.

He advised his friend, “I think Sister-in-law likes you a lot. You don’t have to worry too much.”

Qu Yingzhe, who had been carefully helping choose presents without interjecting, finally let out a ‘hmm’ at this time to show his agreement.

Ji Yuxiao smiled before asking, “Do you know what type of person has the least worries?”

Wei Jun asked, “What?”

“People who are heartless and don’t care about each other,” Ji Yuxiao answered calmly. “As long as I have some feelings for him, it is impossible for me to have no concerns about him.”

If he didn’t have feelings for Lin Luoqing, he wouldn’t be here today and asking others to help him buy a gift. He could ask his assistant to buy one and deliver it to his home.

It was due to feelings that people would worry about another person. Without feelings, who would care if the other person was happy, uncomfortable or would regret it later?

Ji Yuxiao pushed the wheelchair and continued to move forward.

Lin Luoqing returned home and found that Ji Yuxiao wasn’t there. He called Ji Yuxiao doubtfully and asked him, “Have you gone out?”

“Yes,” Ji Yuxiao replied. “I went to the hospital.”

“Is it the hospital we went to last time?” Lin Luoqing hurriedly asked. “Then I’ll go and find you.”

“No need,” Ji Yuxiao told him softly. “You rest well. I’ll be back in a while.”

Lin Luoqing was a bit worried about him. “Why did you suddenly go to the hospital? Are you uncomfortable?”

“No, Wei Junhe is free and has nothing to do. He asked me to accompany him so I stopped by to see how my legs are doing.”

“Then do you want to go for another physical examination?” Lin Luoqing was uneasy. The next year was getting closer and closer, and he still didn’t know why Ji Yuxiao died. “You go and do one. I will only feel at ease if you do so.”

Ji Yuxiao heard this and didn’t refuse. “Okay, I’ll do a physical examination as well.”

“Good.” Lin Luoqing was relieved. “Then come back early.”


Ji Yuxiao hung up. He looked at the dazzling shopping mall and continued to look for Lin Luoqing’s Christmas gift.

It wasn’t until he entered the fourth mall that Ji Yuxiao finally saw a necklace he liked.

The chain was a very ordinary white gold thin chain but the pendant was beautiful.

The moon made of topaz was clear and translucent. Green rose branches were wrapped around it and a white rose bloomed near the tip of the moon. It was clean and pure as it gently touched the moon as if kissing it or wanting to hug it.

Ji Yuxiao saw it and always thought of Lin Luoqing. He was always gentle and his body seemed to have a light about it. However, it wasn’t dazzling. It was as soft as the moonlight.

Ji Yuxiao also wanted to hug and kiss him but was afraid that his thorns would hurt him.

How could he have no worries? His injury was like the rose thorns. The closer they got, the more he realized his imperfections. They weren’t thorns in Lin Luoqing’s heart but in his own heart. Lin Luoqing didn’t care but he couldn’t be without worries.

Ji Yuxiao asked the employee to wrap the necklace and also bought a scarf, gloves and a hat for winter. He paid for it and left the mall.

Wen Junhe helped him carry the presents and pushed him to the car. They had lunch together before going to the hospital.

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