FV: Chapter 101

Lin Fei leaned against Lin Luoqing’s arms and let Lin Luoqing hold him for a while. Finally, Lin Luoqing let go of him. “Go and give the gift to your uncle.”

Lin Fei got out of bed and looked back at him before leaving as if to see if he really wasn’t unhappy.

Lin Luoqing instantly laughed. “If you don’t leave, I will want to kiss you again.”

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei’s eyes showed the familiar disgust. He turned around and walked to the door. Lin Luoqing was about to lie on the bed and rest for a while when he saw Lin Fei open the door again and walk back awkwardly.

“Only once,” Lin Fei said in a low voice. He seemed 30% reluctant, 50% helpless and 20% indulgent.

Lin Luoqing laughed again.

Lin Fei became angry and embarrassed. He turned around to leave but was pulled back by Lin Luoqing and kissed hard on the face. 

“Fei Fei, you are really cute. Why are you so cute?” Lin Luoqing asked before kissing again.

Lin Fei thought, ‘…Didn’t I say only once?’

He expressed his doubts with his eyes. Lin Luoqing smiled and touched the side of his face. “You are so cute that I couldn’t hold back. I like you so much and naturally want to kiss you more. Isn’t it normal?”

Lin Fei listened to these straightforward words and thought that Lin Luoqing was as clingy as ever.

He silently sighed in his heart. Then he left Lin Luoqing and Ji Yuxiao’s bedroom and walked toward his own bedroom.

He had only come here to discuss with Lin Luoqing and didn’t bring the apple. Now that Lin Luoqing agreed, he went to his room and grabbed the apple the teacher had given him.

Ji Yuxiao was in the study listening to the head of the planning department report to him about the planning activities for the beginning of next year. He was halfway through when there was a knock on the door. The door opened and Lin Fei walked in.

“Are you busy?” Lin Fei asked him.

“I’m not busy,” Ji Yuxiao said. Then he told the department head on the other side of the video call, “Take a break.”

He paused the video and pushed the wheelchair toward Lin Fei.

Lin Fei saw him moving toward this side and quickly walked over. “I came to bring you an apple. I won’t bother you.”

“Apple?” Ji Yuxiao remembered that today was Christmas Eve.

He had always been less sensitive to holidays, especially after he was injured. He went out less often and stayed at home most of the time. Therefore, he became less sensitive to holidays.

Lin Fei walked up to him and handed over the box containing the apple. “This was given to me by the school teacher. I will give it to you.”

He wasn’t a child who was good at asking for credit for himself. He wouldn’t be like Ji Leyu, who said sweet blessings when giving gifts.

He hoped in his heart that Ji Yuxiao would be healthy, safe and no longer injured, just like he hoped that Ji Yuxiao could protect himself when giving Ji Yuxiao the cactus. However, he would only give the things and not say such words.

Ji Yuxiao took the beautifully packaged cardboard box and smiled. “You don’t want to keep it for yourself but have to give it away? It can be seen that you are indeed a sensible and kind child.”

Lin Fei wasn’t as natural in front of Ji Yuxiao as he was in front of Lin Luoqing, so he was a bit embarrassed when he heard this praise.

“Then I’ll go,” he said calmly.

Ji Yuxiao looked at the cardboard box in his hand and remembered something. “How many did your teacher give you?”

“One for each person.”

“Then won’t your uncle not have one if you give this to me?” Ji Yuxiao was worried. “Or perhaps you should give this to your uncle. I am already very happy knowing that you want to give this to me, but your uncle just came back today. He will be very happy if he can receive your apple.”

Lin Fei heard his words and replied calmly, “Uncle has it. Xiao Yu gave his apple to Uncle.”

Ji Yuxiao was a bit surprised when he heard this. His nephew was quite clever and rebelled quickly!

“I asked my uncle and he said I can give it to you. You can take it.” Lin Fei’s tone was very light. “This way, you both have it. One for each person.”

Ji Yuxiao laughed.

He recalled his usual self. There was suddenly another child in the family and he wanted Lin Fei to feel his liking. He was also afraid that Ji Leyu would feel that Ji Yuxiao didn’t like him after Lin Fei came here. So every time he gave a hug, he had to hug both children. If he touched Ji Leyu’s head then he would also touch Lin Fei’s head.

Unexpectedly, Lin Fei also learned from it.

It was really rare that he could know the art of serving water with both hands at such a young age.

“Okay. Then I’ll accept it. Thank you, Fei Fei. I am very happy.”

Lin Fei nodded and smiled slightly. He felt that he was more tolerant than Ji Yuxiao. For example, Ji Yuxiao thanked him just now but he would’ve given a reminder about how Ji Yuxiao previously said they shouldn’t thank each other.

Therefore, it wasn’t only adults who could tolerate children. Children could also turn a blind eye to adults.

Lin Fei thought of this and felt a bit proud. “Then I’m going.”

“Okay.” Ji Yuxiao nodded.

Lin Fei turned around and walked out of the study, silently closing one eye where Ji Yuxiao couldn’t see. There was a childlike cuteness to him.

Aunt Zhang made a meal and Lin Luoqing called Ji Yuxiao and the two children to go downstairs together.

He had already packaged the purchased apples. He gave one when he met Aunt Zhang and then he gave Ji Yuxiao two apples, asking him to give them to Ji Leyu and Lin Fei with himself.

Lin Fei and Ji Leyu hadn’t expected to receive apples and looked at them in surprise.

Lin Luoqing smiled. “Happy Christmas Eve. No matter whether it is your father or uncle, we both hope you can always be safe.”

Ji Yuxiao nodded slightly. “Me too.”

Lin Fei looked at the paper box in front of him with a different pattern than the one he had given away and there was slight joy in his heart.

In fact, he had really wanted to give one to Lin Luoqing. Unfortunately, the teacher only gave one at that time. Now he had two and he could naturally give one to Lin Luoqing.

He secretly glanced at Lin Luoqing and wanted to give it to him when they returned to the room later.

However, he soon heard Ji Leyu saying in a brisk tone, “Here you go.”

He handed the cardboard box in his hand to Ji Yuxiao. “Dad, I will give it to you. Dad, you must be safe.”

“Yes.” Ji Yuxiao laughed.

Lin Fei, “……”

Lin Fei felt that Ji Leyu reacted too quickly to this type of thing every time.

He had just finished inwardly complaining when he heard Ji Leyu call out to him sweetly. “Brother.”

Lin Fei turned his head and Ji Leyu stretched out his small white hand, passing over the last box containing an apple. “Brother, this is for you. You must also be safe.”

His voice was soft and bright. His amber eyes were full of smiles and sincerity, as pure as a summer stream.

Lin Fei knew that he was never a pure person. But when looking at Ji Leyu like this, he was clean and shining like the stars in the sky.

Lin Fei’s heart suddenly softened again and he felt that Ji Leyu was indeed very cute. There were many shortcomings but he was very likable.

He took Ji Leyu’s box, picked up his own and handed it over. “This is for you.”

Ji Leyu took it happily and said, “Thank you, Brother.”

“You’re welcome.” Lin Fei also hoped that Ji Leyu would be safe.

Lin Luoqing looked at Ji Leyu, who had already opened the box and taken out the apple. He was a bit surprised in his heart.

He hadn’t expected that Ji Leyu would give Lin Fei an apple. It wasn’t that he didn’t know that they had a good relationship and it was normal for Ji Leyu to give him things.

It was just that Ji Leyu only had this last apple left. If he gave it to Lin Fei, he probably wouldn’t have an apple—if Lin Fei hadn’t given him an apple.

However, Ji Leyu obviously didn’t care about that and didn’t think about it.

He instinctively and subconsciously divided the apples in his hand among Lin Luoqing, Ji Yuxiao and Lin Fei, the family he acknowledged. He didn’t care if he was empty-handed so he could smile sweetly without a haze.

Most children were still at an age when they weren’t very clear about the order and etiquette of the world. They only acted instinctively and would inevitably want to occupy what they liked.

This was the nature of children. They were new to moral politeness and didn’t have a sense of selfishness or selflessness. They didn’t even understand what selfishness was. What was selflessness? Why was this being selfish? Why couldn’t they be selfish?

Lin Luoqing didn’t think Ji Leyu was moral and polite. He wasn’t like Kong Rong who gave away pears, humble and selfless.

He had never been this type of person and etiquette and morality had never been a constraint for Ji Leyu. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have pushed Ji Xin into the water without any burden and guilt while disguising himself as a victim.

Therefore, this wasn’t something he did out of a sense of morality. It was done due to family feelings.

Ji Leyu didn’t care about morality, but he cared about his family. It was far more than Lin Luoqing expected and it was even more than Ji Leyu cared about himself.

This was probably the aftermath of the car accident. He lost his parents overnight and only Ji Yuxiao remained. He was unwilling and unable to bear the pain of losing Ji Yuxiao as well, so he poured all his feelings into Ji Yuxiao.

Later, Lin Luoqing married Ji Yuxiao and brought Lin Fei to live with them. Ji Leyu accepted him and Lin Fei and accepted them as his new family. Therefore, he also poured his feelings into Lin Luoqing and Lin Fei.

The two of them might not receive as high a proportion as Ji Yuxiao but they were family. Ji Leyu didn’t want to lose anyone else, so he also loved them both the way he loved Ji Yuxiao.

He had three apples in his hand and he gave all three away to them. He didn’t care if he might not have them or if he couldn’t eat them because the apples were far less important than his family.

Lin Luoqing suddenly felt a bit distressed for Ji Leyu who grew up alone in the novel after Ji Yuxiao left him.

He didn’t dare to imagine how Ji Leyu felt after he knew that Ji Yuxiao had left, but he seemed to understand why Ji Leyu frantically got revenge on everyone who hurt Ji Yuxiao.

It was too painful. Due to the pain, something had to be done. Those who hurt Ji Yuxiao were naturally the first choice.

In fact, he didn’t need to be so crazy and perverted. Morality might not be able to restrain him but his family could. It was just like him. Ji Leyu held the apple in his hand and smiled brightly, no different from most ordinary children.

He loved his family. As long as his family was alive, he could maintain the appearance of a normal person in the world. This was his only constraint and his only bottom line.

From this point of view, Lin Luoqing suddenly felt that Ji Leyu might not become like his novel self again. It was because Lin Luoqing wouldn’t let Ji Yuxiao die and he and Lin Fei wouldn’t die.

They would be healthy and safe together, so Ji Leyu could always maintain the bottom line of the world for them.

Lin Luoqing gave him a piece of tenderloin. “Let’s eat. After eating, I’ll go and grab my apple and we can eat them together.”

Ji Leyu nodded happily. “Yes.”

After eating dinner and the apples, they went back to their bedrooms. Ji Yuxiao had work to deal with so he returned to his study.

Lin Luoqing didn’t bother him. Tomorrow was Christmas. In addition to buying gifts for the two children, he also wanted to give Ji Yuxiao a gift. Therefore, he wanted to search on the Internet without being seen by Ji Yuxiao. This made him return to his bedroom.

Ji Leyu was walking toward Lin Fei’s bedroom with his school bag when he saw Lin Fei facing away from him, seemingly closing the door.

“Where are you going?” Ji Leyu asked him.

Lin Fei was almost frightened by his sudden appearance and the hand holding the box couldn’t help tightening a bit. He inexplicably had the feeling of being caught. As he turned around, he calmly and quietly hid the hand holding the box behind him, his tone as calm as ever. “I’m going downstairs to get some fruit.”

“I’ll go with you,” Ji Leyu said immediately.

Lin Fei looked at his school bag. “Go and do your homework. I’ll check it when I come back later.

Ji Leyu, “……”

Lin Fei stepped aside, glanced at his door and motioned to him, “Go quickly.”

“I got it.” Ji Leyu pouted, his eyes full of reluctance. He didn’t forget to say while passing by, “Then grab me one as well.”

“Yes.” Lin Fei nodded.

Ji Leyu carried his school bag into his bedroom.

Lin Fei couldn’t help sighing with relief. He finally knew how Ji Leyu felt when being caught by him every time. It was really terrible.

He looked down at the cardboard box in his hand. Alas, it was really difficult to secretly give something to someone.

Especially when that someone almost bumped into him. It was just… embarrassing.

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Lin Fei turned around and walked out of the study, silently closing one eye where Ji Yuxiao couldn’t see. There was a childlike cuteness to him.

Ahhh why is Fei Fei so cute. He loves to read so he knows many idiom and view it childishly 🥰. And him getting first hand experience on Xiao Yu’s fright of being caught lol.

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