FV: Chapter 1

Rainbow: Hey everyone, so this is just something I picked up to lighten up my mood. I don’t know when updates will be. it will be whenever I’m free and in the mood for something light-hearted. This will be for a few months before I’m free enough to make things more regular.

This is a really cute and light-hearted novel that cheers me up whenever I’m in need of something easy and bright. Please keep the title and synopsis in mind and be aware that the children are a large part of the book and some chapters will be more on their plotline than the main couple. It is a combination of a child-rearing novel and entertainment. The children are also a CP but this won’t happen until they grow up (which will probably be in the extras).

[Lin Luoqing looked at the man in front of him in a panic. The sweat on his back almost soaked his clothes but he still didn’t dare to say a word. He just looked at the man in a cautious and frightened manner.

It was a very handsome man with slightly long hair that touched his shoulders. He waved his hand and the flame of the light disappeared with the movement. He raised his hand and took a puff of his cigarette. His beautiful phoenix eyes narrowed slightly and he had a small smile on his face.

His tone was melodious. His voice was soft and gentle but there was a hint of kindness.

“How did Mr Lin fall to this point?”

He seemed a bit puzzled and his eyes showed some innocence. “I remember that Mr Lin was brazen and confident when you humiliated my uncle. What did you say at the time?”

Ji Leyu’s slender fingers tapped on the cigarette and gray ash fell to the ground. He nodded as if he remembered. “You said my uncle, a toad, wants to eat swan meat. A disabled man doesn’t deserve a person like you. You said he doesn’t know how to pee and should look at himself like a dog. You said that even if you have to marry a dog, you won’t marry him.”

He blinked softly, his long eyelashes hiding the insidiousness of his eyes while his tone was as gentle as ever. “Mr Lin, since you said this, it is better for me to satisfy your wish and let you marry a dog.” 

Lin Luoqing raised his head in shock and stared at the other person with disbelief. He shook his head and apologized.

However, Ji Leyu was too lazy to listen to him. He leaned back against the chair, smoking and exhaling murky smoke.

His expression was casual and no happiness or anger could be seen. He looked at Lin Luoqing and said calmly, “Ah Hui, go and find a dog for him.”

“Yes,” Ah Hui replied respectfully.

“Wait.” Before Ah Hui could step out, Ji Leyu stopped him.

Lin Luoqing looked hopeful, eager for him to change his mind and let himself go. Then he heard Ji Leyu say calmly, “Find a few more. In any case, it is a marriage event. I should give Mr Lin a choice.”

He finished speaking and looked thoughtfully at Lin Luoqing, his tone gentle and mysterious. “I arranged it like this so Mr Lin should be happy. After all, this is your wish and I can rest assured.”

Lin Luoqing shook his head desperately and kept begging for mercy, but Ji Leyu didn’t look at him and smoked the cigarette indifferently.

Ji Leyu finished smoking the cigarette and saw that Ah Hui had brought back a few stray dogs. Only then did he gain some interest as he carefully looked at these stray dogs with dirty fur.

“This is Mr Lin’s marriage event and it can’t be hasty. Ah Yi, help me inform Mr Lin’s relatives, friends and classmates and see if they have time to attend Mr Lin’s wedding. If there is no time, we can also livestream it for them.”

Lin Luoqing heard these words and his face instantly turned gray. He knelt in front of Ji Leyu and kept beginning, crying that he was wrong and that he shouldn’t have humiliated Ji Yuxiao.

Even so, Ji Leyu didn’t listen to him. Ji Leyu stood up gracefully and looked at the stray dogs not far away with pity. “These dogs don’t have parents so Mr Lin can’t worship them. Fortunately, Mr Lin’s parents are still alive. I will let them come to help preside over the wedding.”

Lin Luoqing’s eyes were full of horror. Then he saw Ji Leyu stretch his arms and waist lazily. “The weather today is good and it is suitable for such a happy event. It is a pity that my uncle left early and couldn’t see such a happy event. Still, it doesn’t matter. I will help him see it.”

He cocked his head and looked at Lin Luoqing. It was only then that the fierceness of his eyes pierced through his bangs and directly into Lin Luoqing.

“Have a good rest and get ready for your wedding.”

Lin Luoqing fell to the ground, unable to say a word.]

Lin Luoqing closed the book and pressed a hand against his pained temples. A supporting character with the same name as him had appeared so he always had a subtle sense of strangeness when reading the text.

Fortunately, ‘Lin Luoqing’ should be offline soon.

He turned the pages. There weren’t many pages left, which showed that the villain Ji Leyu was finally going offline. The male and female protagonists were about to usher in the finale.

Lin Luoqing had read it all night and he was sleepy now. He looked at his watch and found it was already more than 1 o’clock in the morning. It was time to rest.

He put the book down on the bedside table. He planned to get some sleep first and read the rest tomorrow.

After all, he really didn’t want to see someone with his name marry a dog. No, it might not be one dog but a bunch of them!

Ji Leyu, that abnormal person, could do anything. If he asked ‘Lin Luoqing’ to share a bridal room with the dog, Lin Luoqing felt that he really wouldn’t be able to sleep tonight. This wasn’t a car to the kindergarten, it was a car to the zoo! He wanted to jump off the car!

Lin Luoqing couldn’t help shivering. No wonder why the female lead didn’t love this pervert. How could normal people like abnormal people? They wanted to run away from them!

He pulled open the quilt and lay down, hoping that he could have a sweet dream. Even if he didn’t have a sweet dream, it was fine as long as he didn’t dream about something that shouldn’t be dreamed about. For example, love between a human and dog!

Lin Luoqing shook his head. He turned off the lights, closed his eyes and slowly entered dreamland.

Once Lin Luoqing woke up again, he couldn’t react for a while.

He stared at the bookcase in front of him and blinked. Then he blinked again. If he remembered correctly, he fell asleep on his bed in his bedroom last night. How could he now…

Lin Luoqing looked at the bookcase in front of him. Surely he hadn’t sleepwalked and ended up in someone else’s house?

He was wondering about this when he suddenly heard a cold voice from behind him.

“That’s enough!”

Lin Luoqing was startled and looked around. Then he found a cold-face man sitting behind a desk that he hadn’t noticed.

The man was very handsome, with deep eyebrows, a high nose and thin lips that were slightly pursed. It was as if someone had taken ink and oil paint and painted him one by one. It made people forget anything conventional.

Lin Luoqing didn’t notice his gaze changing as he secretly wondered, ‘Who is this? The owner of the bookcase?’

So he was sleepwalking and ended up caught by the owner?

Was it time for him to apologize now?

He shouldn’t have done anything he shouldn’t do… right?

He thought about it and was about to speak with a rare guilty conscience. Then he heard the other person say to him, “I never said I would marry you, let alone know that your family was going to change the person. You can rest assured, Mr Lin. I, Ji Yuxiao, won’t have anything to do with you. You don’t have to come here and demonstrate your sincere conviction to die.”

What sincere conviction?

Lin Luoqing listened to him and asked in disbelief, “My sincere conviction to die?”

Ji Yuxiao smiled mockingly, “Of course, you don’t really want to die. You just want to humiliate me and express your disgust with me. I understand.”

Lin Luoqing, ‘…I don’t understand!”

Why did he want to humiliate this person? Express his disgust?

He didn’t even know this person!

I don’t know who you are!

“You just said that you are…”

Ji Yuxiao sneered. “Lin Luoqing, you still aren’t going to stop? I told you that I won’t marry you. Can you get lost?”

“Get married?!” Lin Luoqing stared at the person in front of him. Why did they need to get married?!

What the hell was this?

He carefully recalled what the other person said when speaking for the first time. Then something passed through his mind like lightning. Lin Luoqing looked up with horror and disbelief. “Ji… Ji Yuxiao?”

Ji Yuxiao frowned, his long and narrow eyes filled with dislike and disgust. It seemed like his eyes would be dirty if he kept looking at Lin Luoqing.

“What do you want to say?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing: QAQ.

Lin Luoqing felt that he didn’t want to say anything now, mainly because he didn’t dare to say anything!

He understood that he wasn’t sleepwalking at all. He had actually transmigrated into a book and it was the dog blood romance he had read before going to bed. He transmigrated into the Lin Luoqing with the same name as him. Not only that, he directly transmigrated to the time when the original owner of the body humiliated Ji Yuxiao.

The law of transmigrating into a book of the same name really wasn’t false but couldn’t it choose a more reliable node to transmigrate to?!

Lin Luoqing was almost going crazy!

In the book, the original owner mistakenly thought that Ji Yuxiao, who got injured accidentally and couldn’t use his legs, decided to give up on his half brother Lin Luojing and marry him instead. Therefore, he came here early and humiliated Ji Yuxiao mercilessly. He spoke cruel words like, ‘I will marry a dog before I marry you.’

This was why Ji Leyu humiliated him after Ji Yuxiao’s death, making him pay for his previous humiliation of Ji Yuxiao.

Of course, this wasn’t the only time the original owner had humiliated Ji Yuxiao and Ji Leyu but the retribution for this time was particularly severe.

Lin Luoqing panicked in an instant.

He had just finished reading the scene of Ji Leyu’s revenge last night and still had a deep impression of the stray dogs. He didn’t want to have a relationship with those dogs in the future.

Once the time came, the dog might still be a good dog but a person would definitely not be a good person!

Therefore, Lin Luoqing could only put on an awkward and polite smile to try and save his future.

“I think there must be a misunderstanding between us.” Lin Luoqing’s tone was gentle.

Ji Yuxiao sneered. “Mr Lin must be joking. What can I misunderstand? I am just a toad who wants to eat swan meat. A disabled person actually dares to grab onto a star like you. I am so shameless. I have no face. Even without a mirror, I should pee and look at myself. You are right. A cripple like me is naturally not worthy of you. You don’t need to worry. We won’t meet again in the future.”

Lin Luoqing, “!!!!!!!”


Was he so amazing?

The ruthless words were already over?

The flag had been raised and he needed to be a dog’s husband?

Lin Luoqing shook his head and his refusal was written in capital letters on his face. He rushed up to Ji Yuxiao and grabbed the other person’s arm, speaking in a pained manner, “What are you talking about? How can you belittle yourself so much? Don’t say that about yourself!”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao looked at his hand indifferently and said coldly, “Let me remind you, these are the things you just personally said to me.”

Lin Luoqing immediately put on a worried and very bitter expression. “I was deliberately trying to anger you so I said something cruel. How can you take it seriously?”

“You deliberately want to anger me” Ji Yuxiao chuckled. “Then you got your wish.”

“I didn’t mean it.” Lin Luoqing looked at him and found a new excuse for ‘his’ words. “I thought we were going to get married so I wanted to test your temper in advance and see if you are prone to domestic violence. That’s why I deliberately picked such inappropriate words.”

Ji Yuxiao silently looked at him, eyes clearly saying, ‘I am quietly watching to see what you make up.’

Lin Luoqing didn’t care about this and deliberately showed his professionalism and dedication to acting. He smiled softly and deliberately brought out two points of shyness. “Isn’t it because they all said that you were very powerful at school? I was afraid I would annoy you. Then what if you hit me? I’m certain I can’t beat you so I wanted to explore if you have the possibility of domestic violence in advance.”

He lowered his head and approached Ji Yuxiao with a serious expression, “You might not know it but the most serious problem with modern marriages is domestic violence. Therefore, my worry is very reasonable.”

Ji Yuxiao listened to this nonsense and couldn’t figure out this person’s current attitude.

“So what did you determine?”

“I naturally want to marry you,” Lin Luoqing answered quickly.

Ji Yuxiao was actually the younger brother of Ji Leyu’s late father and Ji Leyu’s uncle. Since the accidental death of Ji Leyu’s parents, he adopted Ji Leyu and became his adoptive father. This meant that Ji Leyu’s affection for Ji Yuxiao was so deep that even after over 10 years, those who humiliated his uncle would pay the price.

Then if he married Ji Yuxiao, he would also be Ji Leyu’s adoptive father! He would be able to watch Ji Leyu grow up and if Ji Leyu dared to let him marry a dog, he would pull Ji Leyu to Ji Yuxiao’s grace and ask if his favorite uncle was a dog in his eyes!

Yes, Ji Yuxiao was in poor health. Lin Luoqing remembered it was written in the book that he unfortunately passed away a year after his legs were injured.

This meant he only needed to get along with Ji Yuxiao for a year. One year of marriage could be exchanged with peace for a lifetime! It was a bargain! He wasn’t a man if he didn’t do it!

Lin Luoqing thought of this and his expression became softer. He reached out to pull Ji Yuxiao’s arm.

Ji Yuxiao lowered his arm and mercilessly avoided it.

Lin Luoqing wasn’t embarrassed. He simply took advantage of the situation to help massage this person’s leg. “You might not believe it but I’ve actually secretly had a crush on you for a long time.”

Ji Yuxiao, ‘…I really don’t believe it!’

Lin Luoqing shook Ji Yuxiao’s thigh, his tone bright and innocent. “So you marry me. Okay, Brother?”

Ji Yuxiao looked at him in a complicated mood.

Lin Luoqing saw that this person was silent and continued his acting skills. He constantly shook Ji Yuxiao’s leg. He had just shaken it when his hand unknowingly moved upward and inadvertently touched something that shouldn’t be touched.

Lin Luoqing was stunned for a moment. Ji Yuxiao immediately removed his hand and said coldly, “Don’t touch me.”

Lin Luoqing stared at Ji Yuxiao and suddenly had a question. Regarding Ji Yuxiao’s situation, could the car start or not if they got married? Could Ji Yuxiao depart? Did his engine still work?

Both legs were injured. Could the third leg still be majestic and powerful?

At that time, would their marriage exist in name only or would every step be implemented?

It was really confusing.

“Do you really want to marry me?” Ji Yuxiao suddenly asked.

Lin Luoqing hurriedly nodded. “Of course.”

It didn’t matter whether his engine was good or not. This marriage had to happen!

It was only when it was over that he could escape from Ji Leyu’s death note!

“I need time to think about it,” Ji Yuxiao told him seriously.

“How long will it take?” Lin Luoqing was worried. “Is one hour enough? If one hour isn’t enough, is one night enough? Or I will ask again tomorrow.’

Ji Yuxiao, ‘…You really want to marry me!’

What was this?

Ji Yuxiao was curious. Why couldn’t Lin Luoqing wait to marry him at this time?

It certainly wouldn’t be due to some nonsense about secret love.

“I will tell you when I’ve thought about it.”

Lin Luoqing took out his mobile phone without hesitation. “Brother, let’s add each other on WeChat. This way, you can easily tell me at any time.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Lin Luoqing had already pulled up his WeChat QR code and handed it over. “This is my QR code.”

Ji Yuxiao, ‘…This is too active. It is too different from when you first entered through the door!’

Ji Yuxiao gave him a piece of paper and a pen. “Write down your phone number. I will call you.”

“Yes.” Lin Luoqing finished speaking before realizing that he didn’t know the original owner’s phone number. He turned and smiled at Ji Yuxiao. “It is too strange to write down a phone number. Brother, what is your number? I’ll call you.”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao felt that this person was too diligent!

One who was unaccountably solicitous was hiding evil intentions. He was certain that Lin Luoqing definitely wasn’t committing adultery. Then it was most likely theft.

Still, what did he have here that was worthy of Lin Luoqing’s thoughts?

Ji Yuxiao mentioned his phone number. Lin Luoqing called it and heard the phone ring.

He hung up and gave a reminder. “Remember to save it.”

“Yes,” Ji Yuxiao responded.

Then he calmly issued an order to dismiss the guest. “You can go.”

“Go now?” Lin Luoqing had exquisite acting skills. “I can’t bear it. Can I stay a bit longer?”

He blinked and had an innocent and pitiful look.

Ji Yuxiao thought this person was really interesting? What was the purpose for all the pretense?

Or was he already convinced that Ji Yuxiao would never be with him so he deliberately pretended to be affectionate in order to occupy the moral high ground?

Ji Yuxiao thought up to here and deliberately hooked his finger to let Lin Luoqing approach.

Lin Luoqing didn’t know the reason so he leaned over. Then he heard Ji Yuxiao asking him, “You really don’t want to leave?”

Lin Luoqing nodded hurriedly.

“Why don’t we do something?”

“What is it?”

“We are getting married. Let’s test our suitability ahead of time.”

Lin Luoqing, “!!!”

Lin Luoqing looked at him in shock. ‘F*k, a beast!’

No wonder why Ji Leyu was so abnormal. Ji Yuxiao also wasn’t a good thing!

Checking the suitability at the first meeting. Was this a request that normal people could make?

Ji Yuxiao saw the shock on his face and smiled. “Didn’t you like me for a long time? Aren’t you happy when your male god is inviting you to explore the mysteries of life?”

Lin Luoqing, “……”

Lin Luoqing’s lips slowly curved in a smile. “I’m happy. I’m naturally happy. Brother, it is just…”

He silently looked between this person’s legs. “How is your engine?”

Ji Yuxiao, “……”

Ji Yuxiao gritted his teeth. “I injured my legs, not my third leg!”

Lin Luoqing wasn’t very convinced. Could Ji Yuxiao really be unscathed in that area?

Both right and left legs were damaged. Could the middle leg be fine?

It was unscientific.

Seeing his suspicious gaze, Ji Yuxiao’s expression changed. “Do I need to open the box for you now to inspect the goods?”

The author has something to say:

Luoqing: !!! No need!

Luoqing: I was flustered at the time.

Luoqing: Can you really start a car as soon as you come? No way, no way!

Hancheng from next door: Hey, what is this?

Qingqing from next door: Yes.

Luoqing: Cool! My brothers!

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Lmaoooo!! “I injured muy legs not my third leg!” So funny

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I am very happy to see Hancheng and Shenqing in the author note! Love them.

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For those who don’t know who hancheng and qingqing are. Please note the reference “The Supporting Male Character Just Wants to Be a Tool Man” which is another novel from the same line.

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Low-key idk how specific they meant about marrying a dog in the beginning but it was kinda feeling like animal abuse.

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Aeanbelle Frost
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