FLBCP: Chapter 9

Chen Xi hung up the phone. This was the 10th call he received today. Some of them were from former competitors and some were deliberately inquiring about the situation in an attempt to lower the price to buy shares from him. Huihua was in a financial crisis due to a mistake in his decision making. If it wasn’t for the difficulty of capital turnover, he wouldn’t have done this.

“President Chen.” The secretary outside knocked on the door.

Chen Xi said, “Come in.”

The secretary handed a document to Chen Xi. “This is the information you told me to prepare before.”

Chen Xi took it and his expression became even sadder. Was it really possible that he would have to give up Huihua? The more he thought about the hard work he had put into it over the years, the less reconciled he became.

The secretary saw Chen Xi’s face full of sorrow and knew that her boss’ discussion with others hadn’t gone well. She thought about the phone call she received this morning and cautiously said, “By the way, there was a strange phone call just before the meeting. The person left a message saying that he was looking for you for something.”

Chen Xi waved his hand. “If they want to lower the price, don’t care about it.” He had been answering too many of these calls recently. He told the secretary to ignore any calls that came to inquire about the situation.

“The phone number is a local city number. It was also different from the previous calls inquiring about the situation.” The secretary handed a piece of A4 paper to Chen Xi. “He left his contact number and said he hopes to talk to you about cooperation. His boss’ surname is Zhao.”

Chen Xi was a bit surprised. “The last name is Zhao?” He looked at the phone number written on the paper.

The secretary nodded. “Yes, he hopes to talk to you in person.”


Backstage in the dressing room of a certain TV station.

The separate dressing room was quiet. At this time, the door opened and the agent walked quickly to the young man who was resting on the sofa. “Old Pei, don’t sleep. Something happened.”

Pei Mingzhan opened his eyes and sat up straight. “You’re so anxious?”

“It isn’t urgent. Just now, Director Cheng contacted me and said his drama is going to start next month. He would like to ask you for a favor.” The agent explained. “I have tried to reject all future work but it is a matter involving Director Cheng. I have to discuss it with you.”

Pei Mingzhan was promoted by Director Cheng when he first entered the entertainment industry and the relationship between the two of them had always been good. Director Cheng might not be a big director but he had good contacts in the circle. In the beginning, he helped Pei Mingzhan a lot. In the past few years, he hadn’t directed any dramas. He said there was a script he was honing. Meanwhile, Pei Mingzhan had been reducing his work in this period of time in preparation to fade out of the entertainment circle. Everything that should be rejected was almost done.

“There aren’t many scenes. It is an Internet suspense drama. The cast has two old drama veterans and the rest are new actors. I heard that the quality of the script is good but the overall team isn’t good.” The agent gave the script and information he investigated to Pei Mingzhan. “I know you have a good relationship with Director Cheng, even if you haven’t been in contact for many years. Director Cheng found me because he was probably embarrassed to talk to you. What do you think?”

Director Cheng did like to use new actors. If it wasn’t for this, he wouldn’t have discovered Pei Mingzhan’s talent at the beginning.

Pei Mingzhan took the script and looked at it twice. “Let’s take it.”

“In this case, you have to spare half a month to film next month.” The agent wasn’t surprised when he heard Pei Mingzhan say he would accept it. “Is your company still busy?”

Pei Mingzhan’s family background wasn’t simple. Entering the entertainment industry was a hobby and an accident. Now he got all the honors he deserved and he was willing to return to a normal life. He was finishing the work in the circle, taking over the family business while also preparing for his new company. In short, the schedule was full.

“It’s okay. I will finish the work on this side first.” Pei Mingzhan flipped through the script. “By the way, what about the thing I asked you to check the other day?”

“Are you referring to Zhao Yao?” The agent didn’t know why Pei Mingzhan was interested in the Zhao family. The Pei family didn’t communicate much with the Zhao family in business and their main industry wasn’t in this city. However, since meeting the Third Young Master Zhao at the Zhao Building, he suddenly became interested in this person.

Pei Mingzhan nodded. “What is he doing recently?”

“Isn’t it said that Chairman Zhao is dying? The Zhao family is fighting for the family property recently. I inquired. It isn’t a secret in the circle. They had a meeting on the day we went to talk about the termination of the contract.”

Pei Mingzhan closed the script. “He wants to fight too?”

“Zhao Yao? He isn’t fighting.” The agent was a bit puzzled when he said this. He told Pei Mingzhan what he had found. “Originally, the most promising heirs in the Zhao family were the Zhao’s oldest son and Zhao Yao. The outside world said the two of them were arguing. As a result, during the meeting last week, Zhao Yao suddenly stopped fighting and gave up the opportunity to Zhao Changshuo. Don’t you think this is strange?”

“His actions aren’t strange.” Pei Mingzhan smiled. “Then what is he doing now?”

“I heard that he has resigned and seems to be staying home to recuperate. You saw it last time. His leg was injured in a car accident and it will probably take a month or two to recover.” The agent asked, “I’m very curious. You had me inquire about the details of his car accident and asked me about the Zhao family’s situation. Now you are also paying attention to his daily life. He isn’t your competitor or partner…”

He thought of Pei Mingzhan’s sexual orientation and suddenly had a thought. “No, Old Pei, is it possible that you want to chase this person?”

“What are you thinking?” Pei Mingzhan tapped the script against his agent’s leg. “I knew him before.”

“Can’t you just ask him if the two of you know each other?” The agent glanced at him. “You make it sound like you’re asking about a blind date.”

Pei Mingzhan ignored this and answered casually, “He probably doesn’t remember me.”

The agent was a bit curious when he heard these words. He wanted to ask a few more questions but he heard the staff of the TV station calling out to them. Pei Mingzhan threw the script to the agent, took a jacket from the assistant and walked out.


Chen Xi finally called the person. The man who answered the phone wasn’t the person surnamed Zhao but the assistant. The assistant heard he was looking for Mr Zhao and handed the phone to another person. The person who answered the phone sounded young. Chen Xi suspiciously made an appointment to meet this person. Now he was sitting in the appointed place and waiting.

The location was decided by Mr Zhao and it was a well-known clubhouse in S City.

Chen Xi came over in advance and glanced at the time occasionally. One minute before the agreed upon time, the waiter pushed open the door.

A man came inside with a wheelchair. There was a handsome young man sitting in the wheelchair.

Chen Xi quickly stood up while looking at the person in the wheelchair.

He had been in the entertainment industry for many years. What handsome men and beautiful women hadn’t he seen? For the entertainment industry, the most indispensable thing was a beautiful face. The person in front of him was wearing casual clothes and his face was a bit sickly, but ChenXi’s heart inevitably thumped when his eyes swept over this person.

There was an excellent appearance and temperament that couldn’t be copied. Such a good seedling was uncommon in the entertainment industry.

After looking around, he regained his senses and asked a bit uncertainly, “Mr Zhao?”

“Hello, President Chen. I am Zhao Yao.” The young man nodded and greeted him.

Zhao Yao? Chen Xi felt this name was a bit familiar but he politely came over and shook hands with Zhao Yao. “Hello, I am Chen Xi.”

The place of conversation was changed to the sofa in the meeting room. Before Zhao Yao could open his mouth, Chen Xi somewhat anxiously inquired about this matter, “You wanted to negotiate face-to-face. This is the situation of Huihua.” He handed the documents to Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao accepted it and took a closer look. The important points of Huihua weren’t mentioned in the documents but the things written on them weren’t too different from what Zhao Yao had inquired about. It could be seen that Chen Xi had come here with full sincerity.

The situation that Huihua encountered this time was really difficult. First of all, it didn’t have many resources. Secondly, there were other companies in the circle watching and waiting to see how Huihua responded. If they couldn’t turn things around in this period of time then the situation would be really difficult to resolve. Chen Xi didn’t want to go to this last step so his first idea was to cooperate. 

Yao Bai waited beside Zhao Yao. In fact, he didn’t know why Zhao Yao was interested in Huihua but during this period of time, his Brother Yao had shown too many abnormal behaviors. The investment in a project was a relatively normal behavior. On the opposite side, Chen Xi was still chattering about Huihua’s situation but Yao Bai was wondering how to invite a master over to look at the Feng Shui without the master being swept out by Uncle Wang.

Everyone present had their own thoughts while Zhao Yao calmly picked up the coffee and took a sip.

He listened carefully to Chen Xi’s words and probably understood what the plan was. Capital injection and cooperation was also Zhao Yao’s idea. Huihua was a company with decent resources and a good reputation. In addition, Chen Xi was a capable person. If it was before, Zhao Yao might’ve waited for an opportunity like the other people coveting Huihua. However, from his current point of view, he preferred to be a hands-off person.

Chen Xi spoke until his mouth was dry but he felt a bit lost when he saw that Zhao Yao on the opposite side didn’t move.

It was true that he was the begging party in the current situation. Higher conditions could easily make others lose patience. Chen Xi finally said, “We can discuss the specific cooperation.”

Zhao Yao waited until Chen Xi finished speaking before pushing the contract to Chen Xi. “I probably understand the situation and your thoughts. These are the terms and conditions I am proposing. President Chen, you might as well take a look first?”

Chen Xi saw the contract and took it carefully. After reading through it, he found that the conditions weren’t much different than what he proposed and it could even be considered much better than what he expected. He said with a bit of excitement, “Mr Zhao, I need to consult with my lawyers.”

“That’s fine. Once you decide, please contact me again.”

Chen Xi heard this and asked his inner question. “Can I ask why Mr Zhao wants to invest in Huihua?”

Huihua might be a long-established company but it still had a long way to go compared to the other big companies in the circle. Now a lot of the company’s artists had left and there wasn’t much of an advantage when investing in Huihua. It might even be a waste. The young man in front of him didn’t look like a reckless person. He was even mature beyond his appearance. Chen Xi felt that Zhao Yao had considered it carefully before handing over the contract.

Zhao Yao wasn’t surprised by Chen Xi’s question and answered bluntly, “President Chen, it isn’t that I want to cooperate with Huihua. Rather, I want to cooperate with you.”

Cooperate with him?

Chen Xi paused for a while with the contract in his hand and stared at Zhao Yao in amazement.

“Huihua is worth my investment and you are a good partner.” Zhao Yao smiled. “This is my sincerity.”

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