FLBCP: Chapter 7

Zhao Changshuo took the documents given by Zhao Yao and checked them one by one. He cleared some dangers in advance before the meeting and had a preparatory plan in the face of the risks mentioned in the documents. Sure enough, at the second meeting, some people refuted his views according to the loopholes mentioned in the documents. Fortunately, Zhao Changshuo was prepared in advance and remained calm in the face of people’s questions.

Everything was just as Zhao Yao said. Zhao Zhikai wanted to push Zhao Qizhen straight to the top after realizing that Zhao Yao was unfit as a partner.

At the meeting, both sides were bickering. They were just about to vote when news came from outside the meeting. There were photos of Zhao Qizhen and other people having an extravagant night. The photos were tricky in angle and was triggered by a marketing account forwarding it, causing a hot discussion on Weibo.

Zhao Changshuo watched Zhao Zhikai’s assistant whispering in his ear while the original photo arrived on his mobile phone. He couldn’t help thinking that this was a matter Zhao Yao prepared in advance.

The Qichen meeting was originally something that many people within the group knew about. The speed of information dissemination on the Internet was extremely fast and all directors had their own news channels. Once they heard about Zhao Qizhen’s incident, they immediately sent someone to inquire about the result of the Qichen meeting.

Zhao Zhikai’s face was gloomy.

Zhao Qizhen denied it when he saw the photos. “This was just a party I had with my friends. Do you believe anything a marketing account says? This is malicious fabrication!” He was really surprised when he saw this photo. He also knew that he couldn’t be too ostentatious during this critical period. Once he attracted the attention of others or misbehaved, it would affect the choice of the person in charge of the Qichen Project. However, this photo was from three months ago so it was completely beyond his expectations.

The authenticity of this photo wasn’t important. Its appearance at this period meant that Zhao Qizhen winning the Qichen Project would arouse the suspicion of other directions. The interruption of the Qichen meeting the first time could be said to be due to a reason, but an interruption the second time would cause others to question it.

Zhao Changshuo looked down at the documents on his desk and couldn’t help thinking deeply. Zhao Yao was originally Zhao Zhikai’s puppet but now it seemed that Zhao Zhikai was used in turn by Zhao Yao.

This photo seemed to be pushed by someone behind the scenes. It was quickly broadcasted within the group. Zhao Zhikai’s assistant frequently received inquiries from outside the meeting. Zhao Qizhen argued about it at first but later, he had nothing to say.

“Second Uncle.” Zhao Changshuo called out. “There are urgent things to deal with so why don’t we determine the person in charge first?”


During the time when the Qichen meeting was turbulent, Zhao Yao was sitting in a small meeting room and talking to the doctor.

Just then, a VX message popped up on the phone. It came from a good public opinion maker in the circle whom he had contacted a few days ago. He was reporting on the progress of the work.

[The thing you asked me to do has been arranged and I will withdraw it in three days. The price will remain the same.]

Zhao Yao slightly lowered his eyes. This was originally the trump card he prepared against Zhao. Then he thought about Zhao Qizhen repeatedly taunting him during this period and decided he might as well do Zhao Changshuo a favor.

“Mr Zhao, you seem to be in a good mood?” The doctor sat on the other sofa and looked at Zhao Yao with a smile on his face.

“It’s ordinary.” Zhao Yao locked his phone. “You continue.”

He gained some sleeping aids when he went to the hospital with Uncle Wang a few days ago. Then Uncle Wang heard that Zhao Yao was recently suffering from insomnia and contacted a doctor for a home consultation.

“I probably understand your condition. In terms of your physique and current physical condition, it is recommended that you take a course of medication and observe the situation. However, the medicine is only an aid. If you want to cure your insomnia then you need to find the cause.” The doctor’s voice was slow. “You can pay attention to whether there were any sudden changes that had affected you recently. External environmental factors are also a reason. Has something unpleasant happened recently?”

Zhao Yao actually knew the reason and it could be said to have been made by himself. Environmental factors caused him to develop suspicion and he had too many things to think about. He had also consulted many doctors in his last life for treatment. Basically, most doctors suggested that he communicate with the outside world and relax. Fortunately, his body’s resistance to medicine in this life wasn’t so high. The sleeping aids were still useful but it would change if the insomnia was long-term.

He briefly talked about the situation. The doctor asked him to adjust his schedule and other physical factors first. Then he would look at the situation later.

Once Uncle Wang sent away the doctor, Zhao Yao pushed the wheelchair to the living room. Yao Bai was lying on the sofa and playing with his mobile phone.

The variety show in the living room was paused and the sound of Yao Bai’s phone was particularly loud.

“Hey, this circle is really messy.” Yao Bai sighed before noticing that Zhao Yao had come at some point. He was startled. “Brother, why didn’t you call me?”

Zhao Yao was looking at his mobile phone. “What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at this old Weibo marketing account talking about gossip.” Yao Bai remembered something “Brother, I thought about it carefully. According to the diversified development of feelings between men and women, it is no use just reading these emotional reference books.” Thinking about it carefully, Brother Yao’s behavior was no different from those meaningless public accounts that were forwarded by elders in their Moments recently. He was worried that one day he would hear ‘10 Things that Men Should Do’ or ‘Five Places to Go That Will Make Women Appreciate It the Most’ from Brother Yao’s phone one day.

“These days, young people who fall in love either go to a love forum to learn from other experiences or go to Weibo accounts that publish secret or private affairs.. Brother, the reference books you are reading are old books published a few days ago.” Yao Bai didn’t dare say that his brother was out of date so he had to speak euphemistically. “This era has become so fast. It is better to look at some big V accounts and Internet bloggers with high fan activity.” 

As he spoke, he helped Zhao Yao onto the sofa.

Zhao Yao told him, “Continue.”

Yao Bai picked up another mobile phone. “I just applied for a side account for you and helped you follow some accounts.” He opened Weibo and clicked on the home page. He saw that several bloggers he followed were posting wild crying emojis with the #Pei Mingzhan# hashtag. A glance on the home page didn’t show the private affairs or emotional long texts.

Yao Bai, “……”

“Brother, wait a minute. I’ll help you find the entry.”

“Pei Mingzhan?” Zhao Yao repeated the name. He felt it was a bit familiar.

“Brother, don’t you know Pei Mingzhan? The domestic film emperor who is currently very popular in China. Oh, by the way, we met him at the entrance of the company a few days ago and he helped pull your wheelchair back. At that time, I couldn’t remember who he was. Later, I saw the advertisement photo and realized he was Pei Mingzhan.” Yao Bai wasn’t a fan of Pei Mingzhan but he had heard many rumors about this person.

Zhao Yao was a bit surprised. “He is an actor?”

On the day of the meeting, he originally planned to get a bit closer to the blowing wind and rain, only to accidentally move to the edge of the stairs. Then he was pulled away by the young man. Pei Mingzhan was dressed in formal attire and Zhao Yao had thought he was coming to talk to the Zhao Group for cooperation. Unexpectedly, this person was an actor.

In addition, the name Pei Mingzhan was a bit familiar…

Yao Bai said, “He is an actor who is quite photogenic. I watched his movie last time when I had nothing to do.”

He picked up his mobile phone and searched for Pei Mingzhan. He found a photo enthusiastically recommended by fans and showed it to Zhao Yao. “His fans say that his beauty is a flourishing world. Look.”

In the photo, Pei Mingzhan was dressed in a slightly luxurious costume and the angle of the photo happened to just highlight his perfect side profile.

“It’s okay.” Zhao Yao looked at it for a while before commenting. “He looks much better than he does in the photo.”

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