FLBCP: Chapter 33 Part 2

During the time that online public opinion was at its peak, Chen Xi came back from Y City after talking about the project. He told the PR department to just keep an eye on the hot search and be ready to suppress the black materials at any time. The main purpose was to wait for the broadcast of the second episode of Sound.

False statements could be clarified but Ji Heyu’s performance was important. If his performance in Sound was average, it would become a true story. This was a public impression that couldn’t be erased by any articles. Therefore, his performance in the program was important.

It was only when artists could stand on their own feet and bring more profits to the company that they could be supported by resources for a long time.

“We can only get a general sense of the situation while the show is unaired. What we think about the performance isn’t the same as what the public thinks. In the final analysis, the domestic entertainment industry is also a market. Some things might not be able to hold up just by spending money on marketing. In fact, they are still popular with the audience.”

Zhao Yao simply said, “Chen Xi is right. This is just the beginning. Huihua will have more artists in the future. The use of resources and timing of public relations should be considered. We can’t be too soft-hearted. Starting a company isn’t charity.”

“Isn’t it too hard for the artists in the entertainment industry to have others splash dirty water on them?” Yao Bai was indignant.

Zhao Yao had seen many such scenes. There were many cases of being pitted by opponents. If Chen Xi could deal with the incident decisively and wait then his vision was long enough. Zhao Yao said casually, “In fact, you should have some confidence in Xiao Ji as well as the management of Huihua. This wave of public opinion seems like a story but in fact, we can use the wind to rise up.”

Still, it all depended on Ji Heyu’s performance. Huihua could only give him a wish and it was up to him to take the opportunity.

During this conversation, the doctor helped Zhao Yao remove the plaster. He told Zhao Yao to pay attention this time and not to run or jump around.

“Thank you very much.” Zhao Yao stood up and walked around a few times. His heart was suddenly filled with emotion. He was walking well in this life and he also patiently recuperated after the fracture. He probably wouldn’t have to suffer from the aftereffects of the leg injury like in his previous life.

He couldn’t hold back from taking a few more steps in the room. Since his rebirth, he had been either sitting in a wheelchair or on crutches. It was rare for him to walk around freely like this.

Pei Mingzhan came back with the medicine and saw that Zhao Yao was already walking. He looked at it for a while before walking over to confirm the maintenance afterward with the doctor.

Yao Bai followed by Zhao Yao’s side, worried that he might not be able to walk without stumbling. However, Zhao Yao walked steadily and there were no problems.

The doctor told Pei Mingzhan what to pay attention to in the later recovery. “…Yes, you can do a hot compress before going to bed at night. The plaster might be removed now but the later maintenance is still important. After all, there are hidden dangers with injuries. However, if it is kept well then the pain is negligible. Therefore, family members should pay more attention.”

Pei Mingzhan nodded and felt emotional when he saw that Zhao Yao had come to the window. This was the first time he had seen Zhao Yao so happy during this period of time.

The doctor said, “Take the medicine on time and pay attention to other problems.”

Pei Mingzhan said, “Thank you, Doctor.”

On the way back, Zhao Yao walked slowly and Pei Mingzhan followed after him. Yao Bai was in charge of driving and headed to the parking lot first. There were relatively few people on the path Zhao Yao and Pei Mingzhan walked but the two men still attracted the attention of many pedestrians.

Pei Mingzhan wore a black hat and mask, covering most of his face. He even wore ordinary clothes. Fortunately, there were many patients at the hospital wearing a mask and hat. Few people paid close attention to Pei Mingzhan.

Zhao Yao asked, “You haven’t been busy lately? You always seem to have time to come to me.”

“Fortunately, my agent helped me get rid of a lot of activities. Now my main focus is on the company.”

Pei Mingzhan simply said, “There is some time to accompany you to the hospital. Your plaster might’ve been removed but you should pay more attention when walking at ordinary times.”

“Hmm.” Zhao Yao knew this. He would always pay attention when it came to his health. He didn’t need Pei Mingzhan to remind him. He couldn’t ignore hidden dangers just because he was young.

“Yes, what are you going to do after this? The Bewildering Traces crew has resumed filming and it will probably be finished by the end of the year.” Pei Mingzhan asked, “Have you found the main character for the project Dream of Separation that you told me you were planning to start?”

“Yes, I should’ve found it,” Zhao Yao answered.

He found it?

Pei Mingzhan wondered, “Is this project going to be handed over to the company? Huihua isn’t fully established right now. I thought you would go to the company later.”

“There is Chen Xi and there is no need for me.” Zhao Yao smiled. “In addition, I don’t know about things in this circle. It is better to leave it to others.”

Pei Mingzhan was surprised when he heard this. He had heard that Zhao Yao ignored the company’s affairs but he hadn’t expected Zhao Yao to fully let go of power. “Then what are you going to do?”

What was he going to do? In the past, Zhao Yao had often considered this issue. It ranged from the company’s short-term and long-term planning to the daily and weekly schedule. He basically arranged his time properly and implemented it step by step according to the plan. Yet since his rebirth, he didn’t want to fall into endless anxiety and imagination. He always deliberately avoided this. The only things he thought about were treating his illness and accumulating capital.

Pei Mingzhan’s question made Zhao Yao think for a while. He wanted to make money but it was difficult to get returns for the money he invested in a short period of time. This matter couldn’t be rushed…

Zhao Yao saw his healthy legs and suddenly said, “There is a place I want to see?”

Pei Mingzhan asked curiously, “Where do you want to go?”

“I didn’t get to go before due to my leg injury. Now that I have time, I should go and check out the situation.” Zhao Yao glanced at Pei Mingzhan. “Do you want to go to the amusement park?”

Once Huihua Culture stepped on the right track, various projects were waiting to be released. Originally, many artists contracted with Huihua chose to terminate the contract and leave. However, some artists with average achievements remained in the company. The elite team from Xingchen Culture soon arranged these people but now there was a problem that was a bit difficult to deal with.

“There are no spare agents?” The director in charge of the artist brokerage asked. “Didn’t you dig up two people last time?”

The busy person in charge answered, “It still isn’t enough. The newly signed Zhang Qi doesn’t even have an agent yet.”

The first resource arranged for Zhang Qi was the big project ‘Dream of Separation’ but there were no free agents to look after him.

The director asked, “What about Xiao Liu? Isn’t he only looking after Ji Heyu? Let him look after Zhang Qi as well.”

‘Xiao Liu is very busy now. Ji Heyu is being targeted by other companies and there might not be much time to look after Zhang Qi.” The person in charge sighed. It seemed he would have to suggest to President Chen that there weren’t enough agents at the company.

“Zhang Qi is still in hospital with his child so the work arrangements will probably have to wait until the audition notice.” The director said. “Let Xiao Liu take care of him for a few days. Then we’ll reduce the work when the company hires people.”

The agent Xiao Liu had a sad expression when he received the notice. The public relations had been done on time but there were too many water armies hired by opponents. All the dirty water was poured on Xao Ji who had become a shield for the Sound program.

The second episode of Sound was broadcasted immediately and discussion on the Internet was in full swing.

[To be honest, I don’t believe the program crew has nothing to do with capitalists based on the line-up of contestants this time.]

[Huihua seems to have also invested in Sound.]

[Hey, is a good variety show going to become dark?]

[Tonight, I’m going to see how much this Ji Heyu’s trailer has been repaired.]

[Little sister, maybe that voice doesn’t belong to Ji Heyu and was edited in.]

[You are poisonous. I see many of Ji Heyu’s black fans these days. I can’t watch my little brother staying silent while being slandered like this.]

[Staying silent is default agreement. Do you think netizens can’t see through these things?]

[There is no need to go too far. The program’s style is the business of the crew. It isn’t controlled by the players.]

[A player might not be able to control it but can’t the management? Can’t the wealthy backers?]

[The person upstairs who is splashing dirty water knows that Ji Heyu has failed to pretend to be a B. I heard he is the favorite of President Zhao. Isn’t it okay to insert himself into the program using his relationship with President Zhao?]

#Zhao Yao Ji Heyu#

Xiao Liu saw this and almost shed tears. The netizens not only blackened Ji Heyu but also pulled President Zhao into it. He hurriedly called the PR department to let them suppress it some more. In short, it had to be suppressed until the second episode of Sound came out.

“Yes, that Xiao Ji.” Xiao Liu watched President Zhao and Xiao Ji’s hot search that was going up and down. “Contact the platform and push it down. It isn’t easy to take on President Zhao.”

“Yes, I see. It seems to be in position 47.” Xiao Liu was looking at the hot search position when he found that the hot search he had just seen was gone. “Wait, why can’t I see the hot search from just now?”

The second episode of Sound was aired on time. The TV was playing in the living room of the apartment while Zhao Yao stood in his cloakroom, wondering what to wear for tomorrow’s outing.

Uncle Wang had prepared many things for him. Uncle Wang came over and asked, “You really don’t need me to follow you tomorrow?”

Zhao Yao nodded and chose a more casual jacket. “I have an appointment with Pei Mingzhan. In addition, please tell the bodyguards that they don’t have to get too close.”

Uncle Wang was still a bit worried. “Young Master, your legs have just healed. There are many children at the amusement park and it can be a problem if they accidentally bump into you.”

Zhao Yao picked a good match with the jacket. “Don’t worry about that.”

Uncle Wang saw that he couldn’t be persuaded and had to give up. He heard the sound from the living room and gave a reminder, “It seems it is Xiao Ji’s turn.”

Zhao Yao retracted his gaze. “Yes, don’t worry. He won’t have much of a problem.”

He wouldn’t have given an olive branch at the beginning if Ji Heyu would become depressed because of this. In terms of voice conditions, Ji Heyu had a naturally excellent voice. Zhao Yao had asked others to investigate and a unique voice like Ji Heyu’s was rare in today’s entertainment circle. Moreover, Ji Heyu’s appearance met today’s aesthetic standards. He had a typical movie face and his performance in front of the camera wouldn’t be worse than others.

Zhao Yao looked at Uncle Wang. “Xiao Ji’s agent in the company is pretty good. Why do you think Chen Xi is giving such preferential treatment to a newcomer?”

Uncle Wang thought about it. “I guessed it was due to you.”

“That’s not true. Ji Heyu’s performance in the meeting room actually revealed his talent. There are many good-looking newcomers in the circle but newcomers with talent and condition like his are rare.” Zhao Yao said. “Chen Xi and Huihua’s internal producers are aware of Xiao Ji’s talent. Bewildering Traces and Sound is actually just to let him adapt to the stage. It is only when they can see the market effect that they can know what type of route his talent should take.”

Ji Heyu had several years of experience singing at bars. He had also been on stages like the blind date meeting. The few years of performance experience gave him a good head start.

Therefore, Chen Xi chose not to fight back in the face of the large-scale splashing of dirty water. The pre-existing conditions weren’t conducive to Ji Heyu. The doubts of the entire network would attract a lot of attention. As long as these people wanted to explore more, they would go see the second episode of Sound. Then Ji Heyu just had to play stably and the storm of public opinion would be the biggest help to send him up.

“Chen Xi is very bold and dares to gamble.” Zhao Yao couldn’t help praising it. “If something goes wrong with this or Xiao Ji makes mistakes, it will be a decision that will ruin his future.”

Uncle Wang wondered, “If it was you, would you do this?”

“Me?” Zhao Yao closed the closet. “I would probably bet more than Chen Xi.”

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