FLBCP: Chapter 33 Part 1

Chen Xi was really busy. He originally considered postponing a project so as to bump into the works of other companies and lose a good schedule. This could easily affect the publicity effect of the project.

It was just an idea. The company was going to find someone to ask about the recent traffic situation of the Internet platforms. Then the next day, Zhao Yao sent him the contact information of a person he could talk to about the schedule of the project. Chen Xi had investigated the situation. Right now, there were many projects that hadn’t been aired due to the suppression of various companies. The spare schedules were booked. In addition, the TV prime time slots were almost full these days. How could there be any free schedules?

He just had the idea of casually asking the person in charge. Then the person in charge told him to choose a time to take the project to the TV station. He said a slot would be free next month.

??? Really?

Chen Xi, who originally intended to postpone the time, had a motor added to his body and he rushed to Y City overnight to discuss the schedule.

Before getting on the plane, he remembered that he hadn’t told Zhao Yao about the situation. He temporarily sent a VX to Zhao Yao and asked: How did you know there was a free schedule?

President Zhao’s explanation was ordinary. He said that Chiyu’s project was kicked down and Movie Emperor Pei found the slot.

It was very casual, as simple as drinking water after a meal. He seemed to have no idea about the outside forces currently fighting for this slot.

Chen Xi sighed. He originally wanted to take the investment of President Zhao and do better in order to order President Zhao’s generosity. As a result, he made great efforts but it wasn’t as good as the resources sent by the boss.

There was a big tree behind him and he finally experienced the joy of being able to hug a thigh.

“Previously, a fortune teller told me that I was fierce in the past few years. There would be a bump in the road and I would go downhill for a while,” Chen Xi spoke emotionally. “As a result, I went downhill and met an immortal. I didn’t have to walk up, I was taken to fly all the way up.” He planned to delete the contact information of the fortune teller. This was a charlatan who cheated him out of his money.

Chen Xi’s secretary had followed him for several years and knew how difficult it was for Huihua some time ago. “Thank you to President Zhao. Otherwise, we would delay the project for too long. It would’ve collided with the next project and it wouldn’t be easy to arrange the schedule.”

“Right?” Chen Xi tidied up his suit and tie. “So this opportunity should be grabbed or President Zhao’s help will be useless.”

The secretary nodded before wondering, “In fact, I don’t understand why President Zhao suddenly wants to enter the entertainment industry. Based on his qualifications, it is sufficient for him to be successful in the financial world. There are many more profitable places than our circle. Why pick Huihua?”

“I am also puzzled about this matter but his mind has always been difficult to guess. I asked for the reason and he said that our circle is more relaxed and there is no need to care too much.” Chen Xi thought about it. “President Zhao is this type of person. He doesn’t like to be in charge of things.”

It was true that Zhao Yao really wasn’t concerned about such things. During this period of time, he had only been to the company a handful of times and Chen Xi had sent all the project books to him.

Chen Xi felt that perhaps even if the company’s three most important projects were placed in front of this bigshot, it wouldn’t be as interesting as the idol youth drama.

‘Sound’ had been confirmed and the Weibos of each contestant had been discovered. Ji Heyu previously had a side account to follow silly Weibos. Later, his agent applied for a new account and asked him to operate on it regularly.

Just as netizens were passionate about discovering treasure boys and girls, something was happening on Ji Heyu’s side.

The problem was with Ji Heyu’s Weibo post. There was a photo of him playing the guitar, which was taken before he entered the company’s dormitory.. There was originally no problem but some netizens discovered that half of a famous painting worth millions appeared in the background. Rumors that Ji Heyu was a rich second generation or had a backer immediately spread.

However, Ji Heyu wasn’t a rich person. The painting from a famous artist was just one that was hung in Zhao Yao’s apartment and completely didn’t match Ji Heyu. It could only be said that the eyes of the netizens were too bright. They could see patterns in this painting that was only half revealed and it was completely unexpected by Ji Heyu’s agent.

The Weibo was under the agent’s control. At this time, Ji Heyu was busy participating in the show. This photo had been reviewed before it was sent out and it was also before Sound was announced. The agent looked through Ji Heyu’s phone album to find old photos that could be used and saw this beautiful photo.

After asking about it, Ji Heyu said that he was practicing guitar at Zhao Yao’s house. Uncle Wang, the housekeeper, took a photo. It was later sent to him and he kept it.

The composition of the photo was very good. The agent confirmed there were no problems and posted it on Weibo. He hadn’t expected that half of the painting in the background would become a spear for people.

The agent immediately called Assistant Yao to confirm the situation. The result was that the painting was a real one worth millions. It was from Mother Zhao’s private collection.

Who would’ve thought that the decorative painting on the wall of the bigshot’s house could actually be such an expensive thing?!

It wasn’t a big deal because half a painting didn’t prove anything.

The key was that a well-known blogger engaged in painting identification accidentally saw this Weibo post. He forwarded it and said it really looked like the authentic painting. However, he had to look at the whole painting to determine it.

The moment this was said, some netizens came out and found that the painting was bought anonymously. A sense of mystery immediately rose and attracted the netizens. They started to guess if this little brother singing the high note was a rich second generation.

As some people were curious, others started to question if Ji Heyu was a vase.

The effect of the first episode of the Sound broadcast was good. The program team gave a lot of shots to Ji Heyu when they saw the trend of his popularity. Unexpectedly, it was due to this that netizens started to question if Ji Heyu had a backer. Some even went to Huihua Culture’s official Weibo and directly asked if Ji Heyu was sent to Huihua by Zhao Yao.

Huihua Culture made a quick decision and the agent also clarified in the comments. They responded to this matter almost immediately.

It was just that netizens were always curious about gossip. They couldn’t help digging deeply at the first sign and even the marketing accounts came out.

Gossip Little Brother: Let’s talk about the little brother of a popular variety show recently. It is reported that he is a contracted artist of Huihua Culture. He was originally a resident singer of a bar in S City It is said that he has something to do with the Huihua executives. [Photo][Photo]

One photo showed Ji Heyu playing guitar and singing on the stage of a dim bar.

The other one was downstairs of the Huihua company building where Ji Heyu was getting into a luxury car.

F*k, jhy?]

[I saw many sisters touting him as a rich second generation.]

[ wonder. To be honest, Ji Heyu hasn’t been showing off his wealth, right?]

[Ji Heyu’s Weibo has never marketed him as a wealthy person. I don’t know where the idea of a rich second generation came from.]

[Did he say there was a painting worth millions in the photo he took?]

[What can half a photo show? A single photo call tell it is an authentic work worth millions. Your eyes are better than the experts.]

[If he isn’t a rich second generation, will he sit in a luxury car?]

[Let’s not mention the second generation matter. Isn’t it true that Ji Heyu has a backer? People in my circle of friends say that Huihua hasn’t signed a newcomer in four or five years. Yet they signed an ordinary person from a bar?]

[Hasn’t Huihua changed the senior executives? What if they are carrying out reforms to encourage newcomers? This person hasn’t done anything. Why are you criticizing him?]

[I really want to say one more thing. I heard Ji Heyu was found by Zhao Yao. What do you think his relationship is with Zhao Yao?]

In the announcement from Sound, there were newcomers from other companies in the lineup. Ji Heyu was pushed to the forefront of the storm. Huihua issued a clarification statement in time but it couldn’t suppress all types of rumors. Some even pushed Ji Heyu’s signing with Huihua on Zhao Yao’s head and started to spread false rumors about the two of them.

Huihua’s PR department saw this and was angry. Apart from his poor weight, President Chen of their company could be considered a top handsome man. It was bad enough that they spread rumors but they also involved their god of wealth, President Zhao??

“Suppress all of it.” The department head was so angry that he was dizzy. “Find out who is behind this marketing account.”

The staff member replied, “Supervisor, someone might be acting against her. There is more than one marketing account involved…”

S City’s private hospital.

The attending doctor confirmed the recovery of Zhao Yao’s fracture. Meanwhile, Pei Mingzhan looked at the examination report and checked the situation with the attending doctor from time to time. Today, Zhao Yao came to the hospital to remove the plaster. A few days ago, he had mentioned it while chatting with Pei Mingzhan and today Pei Mingzhan came to pick him up.

Yao Bai asked in a low voice, “Why is Movie Emperor Pei so active lately?”

Zhao Yao answered casually, “He said he was the reason for my previous injury and wants to follow the treatment. If there is a problem, it can be treated in time.”

Yao Bai didn’t understand. Brother Yao was hurt but it was just a scratch. It wasn’t a big deal.

How come the movie emperor was more active than him?

After talking to the doctor, Pei Mingzhan’s furrowed brow relaxed and he said to Zhao Yao, “I am going downstairs to get the medicine.”

Zhao Yao nodded.

Pei Mingzhan went out with the nurse.

Yao Bai was originally supposed to be the driver but now that Pei Mingzhan came, he was like an idle man. He could only sit with his brother and talk. He idly chattered about Xiao Ji’s black materials and the talk that Ji Heyu was a rich second generation.

Zhao Yao was a bit surprised. “Didn’t you suppress this thing before?”

“Yes.” Yao Bai had heard a lot of gossip about the entertainment circle since he started to work in Huihua. “How can I explain this to you? Sound is an old program. The ratings have declined in recent years and the new director has made reforms.”

“Domestic talent shows have been airing for the past two years and the old programs want to use new tricks. This publicity is biased toward the style of a talent show. Of course, the overall competition mechanism hasn’t changed or else Xiao Ji wouldn’t go there.” Yao Bai sighed. “It is because of this that things are happening. Netizens are still dissatisfied with the reforms of the new direction. The talent show fans have brought the talent show setting and the companies behind the players have started the marketing.”

Zhao Yao understood.”Xiao Ji happened to meet this.”

Yao Bai nodded. “That’s it.”

“The circle is quite exclusive.” Zhao Yao smiled. “Previously when Huihua was about to fail, other companies wanted to take the opportunity to divide up the resources. Now that Huihua is on the rise, they want to seize the opportunity to suppress Huihua.”

“I also wondered about this.” Yao Bai looked at Zhao Yao. “It didn’t end well when Chiyu messed with us previously. How come they still have the guts to touch our Huihua’s artists? Aren’t they afraid to become like HUihua?”

“You’ve made a mistake. The main target of the Chiyu incident is the Bewildering Traces crew. Several people were involved there. Meanwhile, it is different for Xiao Ji.” Zhao Yao watched the doctor remove the plaster and continued, “The Bewildering Traces crew offended several groups of people while acting against Xiao Ji will only offend Huihua. Moreover, in the current situation, Huihua is a company without a strong background.”

Yao Bai asked, “However, aren’t you the boss?”

Zhao Yao answered, “I am indeed the boss of Huihua. If I was still working in the Zhao Group, they would choose to avoid Huihua due to the Zhao family. However, I currently have no power in the Zhao Group. As long as my interests don’t conflict with the Zhao Group, they aren’t worried about the Zhao Group finding them. And…”

“What else?”

“There is more than one group suppressing Huihua. So many people are working together. Do you think it is easy to find someone to settle accounts with?”

Yao Bai suddenly realized. “So they agreed to act together?”

“Probably.” Zhao Yao smiled. “It is just that the means are still tender. It is really difficult for me to act against all of them but they are really thinking too much if they think they can use this to hold back the development of Huihua.”

Yao Bai felt a lot more stable after hearing Zhao Yao’s words. “Chen Xi said the same thing. This is just a small matter.”

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Thanks so much for the chapter!
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