FLBCP: Chapter 32 Part 2

Pei Mingzhan followed Zhao Yao’s gaze and found the prominent actions of the two people in front. They should be a couple.

Were these two people Zhao Yao’s acquaintances? It didn’t seem to be the case.

After three or four minutes, Zhao Yao was still looking over there. Pei Mingzhan couldn’t help asking, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s nothing.” Zhao Yao retracted his gaze. “I’m just a bit curious.”

“You aren’t paying attention to the movie. I thought my movie wasn’t good to watch.”

“No, your movie is very good.” Zhao Yao could remember the details of Jianghu. The reason was that the film’s plot was wonderful and a classic. Among Pei Mingzhan’s works that he had seen, Jianghu was still ranked first.

“Then what are you looking at?” Pei Mingzhan looked forward. “Just now, you were staring at them. Do you know them?”

“They are lovers.” There was a bit of interest in Zhao Yao’s eyes. “I was curious about why a movie theater would be a holy place for couples dating. It is dark, the movie is loud and people are all around them. getting close in such an environment…”

Wasn’t it very inconvenient?

Pei Mingzhan hadn’t expected Zhao Yao’s focus to be on this matter. “You are curious about this?”

“Yes.” Zhao Yao explained slightly. “Recently, I have been interested in the establishment of a romantic relationship. A long-term and stable marriage requires a foundation of trust. How can two people who are complete strangers in the beginning fall in love and get married, establishing a relationship of trust and sharing assets….”

Pei Mingzhan listened to Zhao Yao talking about the details of marriage and couldn’t help asking, “Is that why you went to the blind date meeting last time?”

Zhao Yao answered, “I want to see how other people go on blind dates because the marriage of some people starts from a blind date, not love. Yao Bai told me that seeing the right person is the first step.”

Pei Mingzhan asked again, “The books? Are they to form a theoretical basis?”

Zhao Yao nodded.

“Watching youth dramas?”

Zhao Yao explained, “They all say that it is sweet to fall in love.”

Pei Mingzhan finally understood the things he couldn’t figure out in the past. “What are you going to do with this research?”

He didn’t think that Zhao Yao was a person with no emotional intelligence. It could be said that Zhao Yao dealt with people in a very appropriate manner. Such a person would be cautious and smooth in practical manners. Then why was he studying emotional problems so carefully?

“There is value in research.” Zhao Yao thought this was a bit vague. “Or can you correctly distinguish between couples and how the trust relationship comes about?”

Pei Mingzhan was confused. “Isn’t this natural?”

“How can it be natural?” Zhao Yao found the right direction and continued to explain. “We know that some people easily trust, whether it is a friend or a partner. Yet it is difficult to explain how such a relationship is established.”

It was because he couldn’t understand the establishment of a trusting relationship that he chose to study it.

Pei Mingzhan frowned slightly. “Are you studying these things because you want to be in a relationship?”

“No, I mainly want to know how the trust between men and women comes about.” Zhao Yao knew that not all couples trusted each other. There were many people with their own agendas.

In the movie, the high point of the battle between good and evil was playing. The sound of the fighting overshadowed most noises.

The two of them were silent before Pei Mingzhan suddenly asked, “Do you like women or men?”

Zhao Yao was stunned and thought about it. “Gender is irrelevant to this matter. Whether the person is suitable or not is more important.”

“Really?” Pei Mingzhan suddenly smiled.

Zhao Yao wondered, “Why are you smiling?”

He didn’t think there was a problem with this view of love. Did Pei Mingzhan mind this?

Pei Mingzhan’s body turned sideways slightly. His shoulders touched Zhao Yao as he whispered, “You are curious about why couples like to go to the movie theater?”

He suddenly got close.

Zhao Yao was surprised but nodded anyway. He was really curious about this.

The man next to him suddenly approached. Zhao Yao could feel Pei Mingzhan’s shoulder touching his as this person approached step by step. He smelled the faint scent of mint from Pei Mingzhan. Then Pei Mingzhan’s voice was heard from very close to him. “What do you feel when I talk to you like this?”

Zhao Yao’s heart thumped and he answered truthfully.


“Hey Brother, watch the movie instead of whispering.” The girl sitting next to Pei Mingzhan patted him on the shoulder. “The two of you have been talking for a long time. This is the premiere. Can you concentrate on the movie?”

Pei Mingzhan pulled down his hat and whispered, “Sorry.”

The girls were content to look back at the big screen.

Zhao Yao lowered his head thoughtfully and couldn’t help touching his ears.

The second half of the movie gradually entered the high point. The audience in the theater couldn’t help clapping due to the plot. This brought the atmosphere in the theater to the excitement of the world of Jianghu.  There were long sighs of dissatisfaction when the ending sound played.

After the movie, Yao Bai couldn’t help pulling Mrs Yao and saying, “This scene was really amazing. My dream of martial arts has suddenly come back to life.”

Mrs Yao rolled her eyes. “The toy knife you bought as a child is still in the storage room at home. Go back and find it.”

“I have the martial arts feeling, not the chuunibyou disease. I’m not going to wear a helmet and blanket like my cousin and pretend to be a superhero.” Yao Bai felt that his mother didn’t understand the romance of modern young people. “If I knew this previously, I would’ve gone to sit with Brother Yao. You have no mood.”

Mrs Yao clicked her tongue. “Hurry up and find a girlfriend if you want the right mood.”

Yao Bai ignored her.

The movie ended and fans in the audience suddenly noticed that Pei Mingzhan’s seat in the front row was empty.

“Hey, where did Pei Pei go?”

“It is strange. I noticed him over there at the beginning. How come there is no one there after the movie?”

“The crew is going up. He must be there. Let’s guess what he is doing backstage.”

“Old Pei in the movie is so handsome. I suddenly hope that he starts growing long hair.”


Fans were looking around for Pei Mingzhan. Suddenly someone screamed and everyone’s attention fell on the middle row. They saw two fans looking excitedly at a man in a hat. His clothes were the same as Pei Mingzhan when he had gone on stage before the movie!

“Pei Mingzhan!”

“Ohhhhhhh! Old Pei! When did you come back here?”

The scene was getting a bit out of control. Pei Mingzhan said something to Zhao Yao before getting up and leaving the theater. Meanwhile the girl sitting next to him looked sluggish. She had been sitting with Pei Mingzhan for so long! She also asked Pei Mingzhan to stop being noisy and to watch the movie???

The sharp-eyed fans recognized that the person sitting next to Pei Mingzhan was Zhao Yao. “Ah! President Zha!”

Zhao Yao’s attention was drawn back. He heard someone calling him and he looked up to find it was the boy from the couple. He nodded slightly, making the boy even more excited. “President Zhao, when will you open a Weibo?”

The boy asked this and the fans around him laughed. During this time, everyone was paying attention to Zhao Yao due to Pei Mingzhan’s matter. Opening a Weibo was one of the problems that netizens had. They were all waiting for the enthusiastic citizen Xiao Zhao to open a Weibo to interact with them.

“I won’t open a Weibo.” Zhao Yao simply replied. “If you have any feedback about Huihua, you can leave a message on Huihua’s official Weibo.”

One girl couldn’t help asking, “What if we have feedback about the boss?”

Zhao Yao patiently replied, “If the problem is more important, you can send a complaint through email. Huihua has a dedicated customer service to manage this.”

Yao Bai saw that Zhao Yao was surrounded by people and hurriedly broke through the encirclement to escort Zhao Yao. The security inside the theater also started to maintain order. The movie had finished playing and the crew had other things to do. Before the audience left, Zhao Yao had already left the theater under Yao Bai’s protection.

“It is too dangerous to sit with Movie Emperor Pei. You were almost surrounded by his fans.” Yao Bai stood beside Zhao Yao while Uncle Wang went to get the car.

Zhao Yao didn’t speak. He had clearly left the lively environment but he didn’t remember the second half of the movie at all.

Perhaps it was because he had seen it in his previous life but he was always distracted.

“Still, that is a different matter.” Yao Bai lamented. “This movie can’t lose. It is the best movie I’ve seen in recent years. Movie Emperor Pei is really a treasure in the circle. It is a pity that he is retiring from the circle. Brother, did you watch it carefully? That last fight scene was overwhelming. Who doesn’t dream of flying over walls and running on rivers and lakes.”

Zhao Yao was absent-minded. “Very good.”

Yao Bai praised it again. “It is worth investing in Bewildering Traces. This drama won’t lose with Movie Emperor Pei’s name attached to it.”

Zhao Yao nodded. “Yes.”

Yao Bai turned to look at him. “Brother, why are you expressionless after watching the movie?”

“Is that right?” Zhao Yao carefully recalled the plot of the movie but he found he could only remember the scenes from his previous life. For today’s scene, he could only remember the words that Pei Mingzhan whispered in his ear. He couldn’t think of the other contents of the movie.

“Why?” Yao Bai was confused.

Zhao Yao looked at Yao Bai for a moment. “You get closer.”

“What?” Yao Bai approached obediently.

Zhao Yao cocked his head and whispered in Yao Bai’s ear. “What do you feel?”

“Huh?” Yao Bai’s face was stunned. “You should speak louder?”

Zhao Yao’s expression became clear. “It’s fine.”

“Is there something I missed? Why can’t I keep up with your rhythm?”

What was fine? They were watching the same movie but why did this person feel different when he came out?

The movie theater event ended and the audience who left the movie theater went online.

Jianghu was highly acclaimed and the hot discussion on Weibo directly caused it to rush to the top of the hot search.

[Ahhhhh I declare that I can do martial arts again! I usually don’t like martial arts movies wooo.]

[Really, I recommend for everyone to go see it at the theater. Pei Mingzhan deserves to be the movie emperor. He made his character come alive!]

[In my dream, Pei Pei rode a white horse to marry me.]

[Woooo, I am particularly sad when remembering that Pei Pei will stop filming in the future.]

[Ahhhh don’t mention sad things. At the very least, he hasn’t retired yet!]

Many fans shared their experience of watching the movie and directly brought the discussion to the highest point. Fans also started to go to Pei Mingzhan’s studio to cry. They hoped that Pei Mingzhan wouldn’t retire. In such a lively scene, there were some fans who focused on President Zhao’s appearance at the premiere.

It was because President Zhao was too mysterious. All news about him only came from the Bewildering Traces crew or Huihua’s official Weibo. Even the most recent photos were the work photos of the crew. The older photos were publicity photos from the Zhao Group.

The netizens dug at the cracks in the wall and made up a rich 23 years of life for President Zhao based on this small amount of information.

[The new serial is coming today sisters. President Zhao watched the movie!]

[I thought today was only for Pei fans. I didn’t expect there to be a surprise!]

[Ahhhh I didn’t lose money. Old Pei actually sat in the back with President Zhao to watch the movie!]

[What’s wrong with Huihua’s official Weibo? Even a big event like watching the movie can only be found from netizens’ gossip?]

[@Huihua Culture, the wages are deducted. You don’t even know your own boss’ itinerary!]

[It is too miserable. Let me ask if President Zhao is going to open a Weibo? It is good to show even a bit of your daily life. I want to see the daily life of the rich.]

[The sister upstairs, please don’t think about it. Just now, a brother in the theater asked about Weibo and President Zhao said to find the official Weibo.]

[Is this true? I don’t believe that President Zhao doesn’t have a Weibo. Which young person doesn’t have Weibo these days?!]

It was after a holiday and the popularity of the hot search wasn’t diminished. In addition to the hot searches about Jianghu, the first trailer for ‘Sound’ went on the hot search. It was a well-known music show in October but in addition to the audience accumulated over several seasons, many new followers were curious about the lineup. In particular, the publicity photos released by Sound some time ago attracted a large set of face fans and talent fans.

The teaser video was posted on Weibo tonight and people joined the discussion.

[Is this it? Look at the form of this trailer? Are you really planning to do an idol audition show for Sound?]

[The player lineup has too high a face value. The strength feels bad.]

[Ahhhh look at my family’s Brother Bai. He can sing and dance. He is a good stock and you won’t lose money!]

[As a talent show fan for many years, I probably know who the show will promote based on this teaser video.]

In addition to the netizens who didn’t feel optimistic about the show, there were those who were focused on the faces of the players.

[Who sang the high note at the end? It sounds pretty good.]

[Hhhh this face value is the type I like. He is a sunny and handsome boy. The facial features are too photogenic.]

[I looked him up and he is called Ji Heyu. He seems to be a newcomer of Huihua.]

[Is it the Huihua I know? Wasn’t it going to close down a while ago?]

[It hasn’t closed down and has frequently been on the hot search recently. By the way, aren’t Huihua’s artists all actors? Have they started to switch to singers?]

[2333 he might have a backer. As far as I know, Huihua doesn’t sign new recruits.]

[Hey, didn’t Huihua change its boss? Signing a newcomer as soon as the boss is changed? The amount of information is a bit big.]

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