FLBCP: Chapter 31

Uncle Wang had already prepared breakfast when Zhao Yao woke up.

The apartment was quiet. Zhao Yao’s wheelchair was put away and he walked on crutches for the past two days.

“Young Master, you slept well today.” Uncle Wang served the hot, sweet porridge. The young master had woken up half an hour later than usual, which surprised him a bit.

“Really?” Zhao Yao was slightly stunned. He sat down and habitually turned on the TV of the dining room to watch the news. “Has Yao Bai has come today?”

“Xiao Bai called earlier and said the Bewildering Traces crew is almost done. He also found out who ordered the marketing account and water army.” Uncle Wang thought about it. “I think the name is Chiyu. He asked me to let you look online when you wake up.”

Take a  look online?

Zhao Yao opened his phone and saw that the app had pushed him a lot of news. He entered the keywords and searched. Then he noticed that Chiyu had many scandals this morning and all the shows they discussed with the broadcasting stations were withdrawn.

Zhao Yao frowned slightly. Chen Xi’s movements were so fast?

He called and Yao Bai took the call after some time.

“Brother, are you awake?” Yao Bai’s voice was a bit fast like he was walking.

“Is Huihua behind what happened on the Internet?”

Huihua’s employees were forced to work overtime during the holidays and the company was lively. The moment Yao Bai arrived at the office, an assistant sent him documents. He replied to Zhao Yao, “No, I just asked Old Chen about it. We only found out that Chiyu was behind it this morning. We originally intended to teach them a lesson but someone did it before us.”

Zhao Yao was puzzled. “Someone acted first?”

Yao Bai said, “Yes, I don’t know which friendly side is so cruel. You don’t know how cruel they are. All types of black materials were released. It was terrible. I became afraid when I saw it. Fortunately, Huihua is above board and there aren’t many black places.”

He told Zhao Yao about the situation of the crew. Now the police had enough evidence. After the investigation ended, the crisis was over and the crew could return to work.

The two of them didn’t talk long. Yao Bai was busy with work.

Zhao Yao looked at the reports on the Internet. Some of the gossip didn’t seem to be on the right track. Unspoken rules were common in the entertainment industry. If they were a competitive contradiction then it wouldn’t be done in such a manner. Chen Xi wouldn’t deal with Chiyu like this.

So who did it?

The moment he hung up, a call came in. Zhao Yao saw the name displayed on the mobile phone screen and asked, “Pei Mingzhan.”

Pei Mingzhan had just arrived at the company. “Good morning.”

Zhao Yao’s eyes remained unchanged. “Did you make a move against Chiyu?”

“Yes, I stopped both their projects.” Pei Mingzhan answered casually. “You were also right yesterday. Besides us, there are other people involved.”

“Did you find someone?” Zhao Yao knew clearly.

Pei Mingzhan only started the investigation last night but the Pei family didn’t move slowly. They soon found out that the main culprit behind this matter was Chiyu Culture, a competitor of Huihua Culture. In addition, the boss of Chiyu had a conflict with Chen Xi previously. They chose to make difficulties at this key time for Huihua.

After he found out, he used his contacts to stop Chiyu’s two projects. However, when he started, a group of people on the Internet started to expose Chiyu’s scandals, including the high level management inside the company, its dirty projects and even the artists involved in the storm. The way this group did things was different from the normal means in the circle. At first glance, it was done by outsiders.

The moment he woke up in the morning, the studio received a delivery of anonymous documents which was full of information about this group as well as payment. The money was a small matter but not many people knew that he was secretly investigating the people behind the scenes. In addition, this was S City. He wanted to know who came to help.

“A kind-hearted person came to the door to send information so I should be able to find out soon.” Pei Mingzhan smiled. “Thank you.”

“Oh, that’s good.” Zhao Yao calmly said. “Thank you for your work with the schedule.”

Besides, he wasn’t the one who paid EV. Pei Mingzhan didn’t have to thank him.

Pei Mingzhan opened his mouth. “Zhao Yao, do things need to be so clear between us? Every time we meet, we just say thank you.”

“The person who said it first wasn’t me.”

The new company was located in the central business district of S City. During this period, there was a succession of employees coming to work and the initial operation had started. It was morning and many employees were walking around outside the glass door. The new employees saw Pei Mingzhan sitting in his office and glanced at him from time to time.

“Brother Pei seems to be in a good mood today?”

“I was killed several times this morning by his smile.”

“Why is he smiling again? I doubt that I’ll be able to do my work well in the future.”

“Have you read Weibo?”


The fans outside the door quietly watched the situation in the office while the person involved was still talking on the phone during working hours.

“Yes, it’s me.” Pei Mingzhan was helpless. “Have you had breakfast?”

“Yes.” Zhao Yao mixed the porridge with a spoon while thinking about it for a moment. “Did the Strawberry platform slot open up?”

“Yes.” Pei Mingzhan was surprised. “Do you have a project you want to take that spot?”

Zhao Yao suddenly thought of the two projects under Huihua that had been looking for a platform to discuss the schedule. Since Chiyu’s matter had passed, it wasn’t impossible to rob the vacant schedule. “I’d let to bother Movie Emperor Pei for a recommendation.”

It was only when Zhao Qizhen came to the company that he knew how big this matter was. It was just small gossip when he woke up yet by 19 o’clock, it directly exploded on the Internet. Chiyu Culture hadn’t expected it so their temporary public relations couldn’t deal with the overwhelming scandal.

After Zhao Qizhen’s people checked the matter, they discovered that there were several groups of people behind it. Chiyu Culture couldn’t be saved at all.

In the office, Zhao Qizhen smashed the mobile phone and stared at the black materials on the computer screen. He had just called Strawberry Station but the TV station manager turned down his invitation for dinner on the grounds of temporary business.

There was a knock on the door. Zhao Qizhen’s anger was filling his heart and he shouted rather rudely, “Come in.”

Zhao Zhikai walked in and saw the broken phone screen on the ground. He put the mobile phone on the desk and asked with a frown, “I heard you are making trouble for Zhao Yao?”

“It just so happened that a friend of mine had a conflict with Huihua on a project so I helped him.” Zhao Qizhen smiled. “Who knew that his opponent was Third Brother. If I had known this, I wouldn’t have become involved.”

Zhao Zhikai placed a hand on his shoulder and said after a while, “You can’t be on bad terms with Zhao Yao right now. There are still people in the group who have a relationship with him. I know you don’t agree with Zhao Yao but it has become a big thing. You have to endure it.”

Zhao Qizhen said, “I know.”

Zhao Zhikai nodded with satisfaction. “As for Chiyu, you had better not get involved in his matter. In the final analysis, the Bewildering Traces crew has the Zhao Group’s investment. Zhao Changshuo can’t ignore it if things are passed to his side.”

“What? The Zhao Group also invested?” Zhao Qizhen was surprised. He knew that the main capital behind it was Huihua but he didn’t know their own group was also involved. “Didn’t all of our group’s projects in this area stop?”

“It was stopped by Bewildering Traces previously belonged to our Xingchen Culture. It was recently given to Zhao Yao by Zhao Changshuo.” Zhao Zhikai patiently explained. “However, there is Pei Mingzhan and this project won’t lose money. We won’t withdraw our investment for the time being.”

Zhao Qizhen was stunned. The boss of Chiyu hadn’t mentioned this management matter and he ended up being involved!

Just then, a name appeared on the cracked mobile phone screen. Then it rang. It was the boss of Chiyu calling.

Zhao Qizhen saw this and immediately hung up. “I understand. I won’t be involved in this matter any longer.”

In the office of Chiyu Culture, the boss of Chiyu saw Zhao Qizhen hanging up on his call and knew that this life-saving straw he grabbed wasn’t going to save him.

He shook his head. “This time it is really over…”

Chiyu had a lot of scandals break out and netizens were busy eating melons. The artists’ house had collapsed and projects were delayed. It suddenly occupied more than 10 positions on the hot search.

[What day is it that so many houses collapsed?]

[This circle is really messy. Who did they offend that this was directly released?]

[Ahhhh, I’m going crazy. My baby actually has a girlfriend.]

[It’s strange. What day is it today? I saw that Sunshine, which was heavily promoted on the platform, suddenly had its advertising withdrawn and its Weibo deleted.]

[It is really strange!]

[I just checked. It seems they are all from Chiyu Culture… (shh)]

As the hot search was full of black materials, the official publicity of a domestic music program released many publicity photos of its contestants. The melon eating netizens were tired of melons. They suddenly saw the clear flow outside the field of melons and clicked in to see the situation.

[Wow, the official announcement!]

[Cubs, Mom is coming!]

[This year, there are many players who look good. I am filled with a lot of expectations.]

The music program ‘Sound’ was scheduled for mid October. The tutors were a well-known music king and top music producer in the industry. There were previous rumors about it so the official announcement soon attracted the attention of the majority of netizens. Firstly, this program had been airing for several seasons and the mentors had real strength. It took into account both traffic and strength. Secondly, there were many young brothers and sisters with a high appearance value in the player lineup. It was a great deal higher than the previous players and attracted a lot of attention.

[??? Was the production team of Sound changed?]

[I almost thought it was the official Weibo for an audition show.]

[I wasn’t interested in Sound before but this time, it is too good!]

[No, didn’t they focus on strength before? What is this idol setting?]

[Why are netizens so angry now? What if players have both strength and appearance?]

Zhao Yao was isolated from the noise outside and watching a TV drama at home. After returning home, he selected Pei Mingzhan’s work again. Uncle Wang was worried that the air condition in the room was too cold so he gave Zhao Yao a blanket to cover his legs and a glass of warm water.

Uncle Wang asked, “What would you like to eat at night, Young  Master?”

“It is still porridge.” Zhao Yao didn’t shift his gaze but he suddenly added, “Can you make the cabbage dumplings brought by Pei Mingzhan last time?”


“Then just this.”

During this time, Uncle Wang had already noted down everything Zhao Yao liked to eat. The moment he mentioned cabbage dumplings, Uncle Wang turned to the corresponding page in his notebook. “Okay.”

He would make sweet porridge and dumplings for dinner while adding some salty side dishes.

Zhao Yao nodded and continued to watch TV.

The mobile phone placed on the sofa rang. Zhao Yao saw it was Ji Heyu’s VX. Yao Bai’s memories only contained the youth idol dramas from a few years ago and most of the recommended TV dramas were out of date. Last time, Zhao Yao talked to Xiao Ji about youth dramas and found that Xiao Ji knew more about TV dramas than Yao Bai. Therefore, he added Xiao Ji’s VX in order to receive a lot of drama reviews and recommendations. During this time, Zhao Yao collected a lot of good dramas.

Xiao Ji: Brother, I’m going to join the group and record during this time.

Zhao Yao: Okay. Jiayou for the recording.

Xiao Ji: Thank you for your support. I’ll try my best to make money for you!

Zhao Yao saw this and thought that Ji Heyu was really a bit naive. His personality did play a role but Zhao Yao felt this person’s talent and appearance conditions were sufficient to enter the entertainment industry. There were reasons for the investment.

Before he could reply to Ji Heyu, he received a few more messages from the other person.

Xiao Ji: The program team is collecting my phone. I’ll send you this month’s guide first. [October Drama Chasing Guide][Top 10 romantic movies of the year]…

Faced with the very good Xiao Ji, Zhao Yao had to wonder if this person was clever or naive.

He silently bookmarked the links sent by Ji Heyu and planned to wait until he finished watching all of Pei Mingzhan’s works before looking at them.

Zhao Yao closed the chat box with Xiao Ji and saw a message from Pei Mingzhan.

Wang Shun brought him fruit again. “There doesn’t seem to be enough cabbage at home. I’ll go out and buy it later.”

“That’s just right.” Zhao Yao read the message and sent a reply. “Once you come back, go to the parking lot and pick up Pei Mingzhan.”

Pei Mingzhan had a bit of sweat on his forehead as he came out of the supermarket.

His assistant Lele escorted him to the car while dealing with the fans following him from behind.

He had temporarily come to the supermarket to buy vegetables and wore a mask and hat to avoid fans. As a result, the fans recognized Lele beside him.

He got into the car and the agent complained, “What’s wrong with you? Why do you need to go to the supermarket to buy food yourself? How come I haven’t seen you cook any meals for me?”

The movie emperor went to the supermarket to buy vegetables when he was idle. He didn’t have the consciousness of a star at all. Previously, he went to the hospital and wasn’t afraid of being followed by paparazzi at all.

“It is probably because you forgot. You ate hot pot at my apartment last month.” Pei Mingzhan took off his hat. He had just been delayed by taking photos and signing autographs with fans. “How did it go?”

The agent wondered how hot pot could be compared with actual cooking. Even so, he opened his phone page to show Pei Mingzhan. “Your brother acted very quickly. Originally, your family had investigated almost all of it. This matter burst out temporarily and that person didn’t hide his tracks when cleaning up Chiyu. Now he is caught by your brother.”

Thanks to the mail delivered to the studio this morning, it saved more than half the time finding the clues. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have caught the person so quickly.

“It is so easy to find out that it is possible it was just a scapegoat pushed out.” Pei Mingzhan searched through the bag to confirm the ingredients. “However, it isn’t difficult to check since the handle is caught.”

“Your brother has the same idea. He has found clues and this matter should be resolved soon. However, I didn’t expect that these people couldn’t help acting against you. The crew’s matter was indeed our negligence.” The agent spoke while looking at Pei Mingzhan and suddenly found that the other person’s expression was a bit ugly. He wondered, “What’s the matter?”

Pei Mingzhan pinched his brow. “I bought less cabbage.”

The agent, “……”

Was life important or was cabbage important?

Weibo was very lively. Chiyu started to suppress the hot search but the effect wasn’t obvious. There were still two entries hanging high. The player publicity of the Sound program also aroused heated discussions and occupied a high position on the hot search. In such a bloody storm, the agent’s worry about the movie emperor buying food going on the hot search didn’t appear. However, another entry about Movie Emperor Pei was rapidly rising.

A Weibo entry was on the front page. It was the post of a staff member in charge of shooting the behind the scenes of the Bewildering Traces crew.

Today I’m also Trying to Move Bricks: [Photo] Cheer for the production crew! 

The photo was of a rainy day. In the busy background, many staff members were eating fruit. The middle of the photo contained two people, one tall and one short. The standing person had a hand on a wheelchair while the seated person had his head slightly tilted. The two of them were looking at each other and talking.

The reposts of the Weibo rose rapidly and the attention of many Pei Mingzhan fans was attracted here.

[Ohhhh Sister, you’re good at taking photos!]

[Old Pei’s Weibo has been growing grass for a long time. I can’t believe I found such a beautiful photo from the Weibo of a netizen.]

[I said they knew each other! Pretending to be a passerby during the Cultural Tourism recording was just a deception!]

[I got that.]

[Take more photos, Sister!]

[Ahhhhh, I can see. It is Brother Pei and President Zhao!]

[This photo is glowing!]

[It’s over. After more than 20 years of silence, the urge to support a CUP has come out again…

[I’m dying. Why doesn’t President Zhao open a Weibo? I’m ready to call him Husband.]

[Xiao Zhao’s side profile is absolutely amazing.]

[Oh my god, this is the first time I’m becoming a fan. Sisters, what posture should I use to enter the circle?]

[I want to ask which products of the Zhao Group are easy to use. I can’t help wanting to give my husband some sales…]

The netizens even rushed to the Weibos of Huihua Culture and the Zhao Group to ask them to urge President Zhao to open a Weibo. The first time the staff member in charge of Huihua’s official Weibo went onto Weibo, he got stuck. Then he saw the requests of many netizens and had to run to his superiors.

The phone call was transferred to Chen Xi’s office where the secretary told Chen Xi about what happened online. Chen Xi looked blankly at the signed artists list on his table. Why did his boss become popular before his own artists became popular?

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