FLBCP: Chapter 30

[I suddenly felt a bit distressed for Xiao Zhao.]

[It is worthy of the enthusiastic citizen, Xiao Zhao…]

[I’m a bit distressed but also amused…]

[How is your crew? The person who was most seriously injured was actually President Zhao.]

Some netizens went back to the widely circulated gif and the photographic evidence shown by the crew. Then they found something they had missed.

[Hey wait, Old Pei in the gif seemed to be pulled by a figure. I just compared it and found that the person looks a bit like President Zhao…]


[The official Weibo said he saved someone. So did he save Old Pei??]

In the middle of the night, Huihua’s clarification went on the hot search.

The news on the Internet soon reached some people in H City. The person sitting in the office hadn’t shaved and his expression was very bad as he called someone. “The Pei family has found out about the Second Young Master’s matter. Now the shareholders won’t protect us. What should we do?”

“What? In addition to the Pei family, there is the Zhao family involved? The Pei and Zhao families have no communication at all. How did the Zhao family get caught up in this?” The middle-aged man was furious. “You told me that as long as Pei Mingzhan doesn’t go back to H City, the Pei family won’t touch our project. Now that Pei Mingzhan isn’t dead, if he comes back to take over the business of the Pei family then we can’t hide what we’ve done.”

It wasn’t known what the person on the other end of the phone said but the middle-aged man’s face suddenly turned white.

At this time, someone came in from outside the office and spoke to him. “President Zheng, the Bewildering Traces matter is on the hot search again…”

The man called President Zheng heard this and almost fainted. “Who has no eyes and is bringing things up at this juncture? Don’t they know that the Zhao and Pei families are now investigating?!”

The secretary hurriedly explained, “It isn’t our people. It seems that the opponent of the capital behind the Bewildering Traces crew did it.”

President Zheng’s eyes were gloomy. “Then what are you doing here? Hurry and deal with this matter!”

He originally joined forces with a shareholder of the Pei Group. He heard that Pei Mingzhan was going back to H City to inherit part of the Pei family’s business, which was bound to affect some of them. These industries weren’t under the direct supervision of the Pei family and it was nothing for them to make small moves. However, if Pei Mingzhan was parachuted above their heads then some things couldn’t be hidden…

He originally wanted to start against Pei Mingzhan but Pei Mingzhan’s public activities were reduced and his itinerary was kept secret. He couldn’t find a time to act. It wasn’t until he found out a while ago that Pei Mingzhan was filming in the crew for several consecutive days that he asked someone to act against the crane and pretend it was an accident. He didn’t expect that the person couldn’t do it cleanly. In addition, there was the combination of the Zhao family’s forces and the Pei family directly checked the crane. They were about to find him…

He gritted his teeth. “Someone is actually looking for trouble at this juncture. If I find out who did this…”

The Zhao family’s old house.

Zhao Changshuo heard a knock on the door and looked up to see Zhao Ruihong leaning against the door of the study. She held her phone in her hand like she was pressing something.

“Did something happen?” Zhao Changshuo closed the document and looked at Zhao Ruihong.

Zhao Ruihong quickly tapped to send something on the phone. She heard Zhao Changshuo’s question and casually replied, “I don’t know what little moves the fourth child and Aunt Bai are doing but they talked to each other as soon as they came back. You better watch out for yourself.”

Zhao Changshuo spoke indifferently, “Zhao Qizhen has been working under Zhao Zhikai recently.”

“Zhao Zhikai?” Zhao Ruihong looked at Zhao Changshuo when she heard the words. “He just fell out with Zhao Yao and can’t wait to get together with the fourth child?”

“There is no way. Zhao Yao isn’t fighting so he only has Zhao Qizhen left.” Zhao Changshuo lowered his eyes. “Don’t worry. His hand hadn’t reached me yet. As for Zhao Qizhen, he can’t make any waves.”

“Really?” Zhao Ruihong went into the study and put her mobile phone in front of Zhao Changshuo. “I saw something interesting. Haven’t you been helping Zhao Yao clean up the mess recently? Then you should look at this. His company’s crew is on the hot search again.”

Zhao Changshuo took the phone and glanced at it.

“However, things should be over. I haven’t seen him for several years but he has learned to handle things faster.” Zhao Ruihong continued. “It has only been two or three hours. The crew’s PR team has handled it so quickly. The people under Zhao Yao are very powerful.”

The crew’s public statement was on the hot search. The response was timely and the handling of the matter was almost over.

Zhao Changshuo frowned. “This matter should be over.”

Who was still bringing this matter out at this time?

He called the secretary. “Yes, it’s me. Tell me about the Bewildering Traces crew…”

Zhao Yao didn’t stay in Huihua. He left the matter to Chen Xi and returned home to rest.

He came home and went to his study to read.

Yao Bai handed the things he brought home to Uncle Wang. “Has my brother finished watching the TV series? Why isn’t he watching it today?”

“I don’t know why but the young master has started reading those books again. He said that his theoretical foundation isn’t solid enough.”

Uncle Wang also wondered about it. “He asked me to buy many books on the Internet the other day.”

Yao Bai asked, “Are they meaningless books?’

“This time, he changed to search keywords.” Uncle Wang didn’t understand it. Most of them were keywords such as straight ball and white moonlight. It should be researching a change of thinking.

Yao Bai didn’t stay long and left. By the time Uncle Wang brought warm water to Zhao Yao, it was already 2 o’clock in the morning.

Zhao Yao didn’t feel sleepy after taking the medicine so he read the message that EV sent him.

EV:  I’ve checked this matter. The water army and marketing accounts were done by Chiyu. Did your Huihua have any trouble with them? Why did they suddenly meet with you?


Zhao Yao had never heard of this company. Was it a competitor of Huihua?

He typed back: What else did you find?

EV: It wasn’t difficult to check but when I checked, I noticed that Zhao Qizhen seemed to have met with the boss of Chiyu.

Zhao Yao frowned. Zhao Qizhen?

EV: By the way, when I checked Chiyu, I found that several forces were checking them at the same time. I don’t know how many people this Chiyu has offended that made so many people check them all night.

Zhao Yao: Who else is checking?

EV: I was the first to investigate, followed by Pei Mingzhan’s studio. There was also movement from your older brother and a group of people from another place.

Zhao Yao: Do you know them?

EV: I’ve heard of them but we don’t usually intersect. It happened that they ran into my little brother while they were investigating the matter. It was only then that I found that this group of people are from H City.

Zhao Yao: It is just right. Tell your little brother to keep an eye on it.

Sure enough, it wasn’t strange if Chiyu was pushing this matter. Chiyu didn’t know that someone was trying to make a move on Pei Mingzhan. They got accidentally involved in such a situation and became a thorn in their side.

Zhao Yao slightly pinched his forehead. Still, it was just right. He could use this to directly find out who wanted to harm Pei Mingzhan.

He thought up to here before suddenly starting to wonder why he was worrying about Pei Mingzhan again.

Then the phone rang. EV had sent him a new message.

EV: No, Brother, why are so many bigshots looking at your company? Don’t do anything big. My studio will compensate you at that time?

Zhao Yao suddenly felt a bit sleepy. He picked up the crutches to the side and planned to go back to his bedroom. As he walked, he replied to EV: Really?

EV was an old fox. After seeing this message, he immediately backtracked: Oh, not at all. However, if you add some money then our studio will investigate even if we are smashed. What do you think? Do you want to consider applying for another card?

Zhao Yao: There is no need.

EV: Oh, why don’t you do a good business?

Zhao Yao opened the door of the room. He thought about it before sending a message to EV: Once you find out, send it directly to Pei Mingzhan’s studio. The money they will give you will be no less than mine.

The air conditioning in the room was just right. Zhao Yao lay down on the bed. As he closed his eyes, he suddenly thought of Pei Mingzhan talking beside him that night.

The other man’s voice was calm and orderly. His words weren’t particularly interesting but somehow, he always listened patiently.

After talking to Bai Chengxue about his plan for Zhao Yao, Zhao Qizhen happily returned to his room. Once he woke up the next day, he received a call from the boss of Chiyu. He picked up and asked, “What?”

The voice on the other end of the phone was urgent as he told Zhao Qizhen about the turn on the Internet.

It was only then that Zhao Qizhen realized that Huihua had made a public statement in the middle of the night. At present, public opinion had completely reversed and the marketing account had deleted the video. Netizens saw the situation and weren’t taken away by the water army. Moreover, Huihua directly called the police instead of acting according to their original plan.

“Don’t panic. They won’t investigate things so quickly. If they really find you, just act like you don’t know. It is just the marketing accounts sending the video and nothing else.” Zhao Qizhen thought it was a big deal but if he thought about it carefully, it was normal to do public relations based on Zhao Yao’s ability. “Isn’t it within our expectations that Huihua will come out? If he sends a lawyer’s letter then act according to the original plan.”

The boss of Chiyu looked at the secretary in front of him. Before calling Zhao Qizhen, he had received several calls from friends in the industry, asking him what he did because people were now checking him. At that time, he knew that online public opinion started to reverse. It wasn’t just that. Other people behind the scenes had already found his side.

It wasn’t as simple as pouring dirty water on the opponent…

Zhao Qizhen heard up to here and his expression changed. “What do you mean? Someone is supporting Zhao Yao?”

How was this possible? Zhao Zhikai and Zhao Yao had fallen out. Apart from Zhao Changshuo in the Zhao Group, no one else would intervene in Zhao Yao’s matter and cause trouble.

Moreover, in his impression, the relationship between Zhao Changshuo and Zhao Yao was normal. In the past, they didn’t even greet each other when they met. He heard Zhao Zhikai say that Zhao Changshuo and Zhao only superficially stood on the same side. In addition, Zhao Changshuo’s recent attention was all on the Qichen project. How could he care about Zhao Yao’s affairs?

Previously, Bai Chengxue had become angry at the hospital. Then these days, Zhao Zhikai said openly and secretly that Zhao Qizhen wasn’t as good as Zhao Yao. He had been suppressing his anger since the Qichen meeting until now. If Bai Chengxue hadn’t asked him to be steady, he would’ve given Zhao Yao trouble.

It hadn’t been easy for him to hear that something happened to Huihua that was under Zhao Yao. He had planned to teach Zhao Yao a lesson. First, he could vent his anger. Secondly, he wouldn’t constantly receive Zhao Zhikai’s back-handed words. So how could there be someone helping Zhao Yao?

“It isn’t the Zhao family. It is the Pei family from H City.” The boss of Chiyu read the messages sent by his friends. “You said that no one would intervene with Huihua. Now it’s good. The contract I made with the platform is directly ruined and the schedule on Strawberry Platform isn’t available.”

The Pei family?

Zhao Qizhen suddenly remembered a person’s name and gritted his teeth. “Pei Mingzhan? Since when was his relationship with Zhao Yao so good that he would care about this?”

The boss of Chiyu asked, “What do I do now?”

Zhao Qizhen told him, “You have to deal with the evidence related to you first. I will see if I can help you with the platform.”

The boss of Chiyu hung up. He sat silently in the office with a pale face.

Seeing the situation, the senior management of Chiyu didn’t know if it was good or bad. One of them had to ask, “Boss, what did the fourth young master of the Zhao family say? Can he help solve this matter?”

“If it wasn’t for you saying that the fourth young master could help us solve Huihua, I wouldn’t have moved against the Bewildering Traces crew at this critical time?” The boss of Chiyu threw the document in his hand at the senior management. “Now the schedule with Strawberry Platform has been lost and the people of the Pei family has become involved.”

The senior management looked dumbfounded. “What? Which Pei family?”

Just then, someone knocked on the door. The secretary came inside in a panic. “Boss, it isn’t good. We have a project that has been returned.”

The boss of Chiyu abruptly stood up. “What do you mean?”

The secretary said with difficulty, “They said that our content needs to be corrected so they won’t pass us now…”

Then a supervisor hurriedly walked in and told the boss, “Boss, an accident also happened on this side. Suddenly, there are illicit materials about our artists that appeared. There are also several hot searches. Someone is acting against us.”

The eyes of Chiyu’s boss darkened. “It’s over, it is really over.”

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