FLBCP: Chapter 29

The Zhao family’s old house.

Zhao Qizhen went home happily. Once he arrived home, he saw Zhao Ruihong and was really surprised. He glanced at Zhao Ruihong who was sitting on the sofa and asked his mother in a low voice, “Why did Zhao Ruihong come back?”

“I don’t know. Let your older brother ask her when he comes home.” Bai Chengxue looked at Zhao Qizhen. “Why did you come back now? Don’t you know to eat dinner at home tonight?”

Zhao Yao spread open his hands. “My older brother is so old-fashioned. He even wants us to go home for meals on the holidays. However, Zhao Yao hasn’t come back either?”

He finished by whispering to Bai Chengxue, “I’ve caused trouble for Zhao Yao. He must be suffering.”

Bai Chengxue was surprised. “What did you do?”

Zhao Qizhen sneered. “Didn’t he want to go out and set up his own company? I made it so he can’t do that.”

The two people talked quietly together. Zhao Qizhen felt refreshed after causing problems for Zhao Yao and was proud of his plans. He was just about to speak energetically when he noticed Zhao Ruihong looking at him from where she sat on the sofa not far away. He suddenly felt cold and sweaty. 

Then Zhao Ruihong withdrew her gaze and headed upstairs.

Once she left, Zhao Qizhen said, “I don’t like Zhao Ruihong. Tell me, she has been abroad for so many years. Why did she suddenly come back to China?”

“Just leave it alone.” Bai Chengxue told him, “She went abroad to open a fashion company and made it popular. There is one less person competing. Don’t tell in front of her lest you make a mistake. Tell me, what trouble have you caused for Zhao Yao?”

She had gone to the hospital a while ago to find Zhao Yao. She wanted to make him and Zhao Changshuo have a public falling out. Unexpectedly, Zhao Yao didn’t fall for it and let her words go in one ear and out the other.

Zhao Zhikai was the same. He heard that she went to Zhao Yao but failed to succeed. These days, he was putting her off with all types of excuses.

Zhao Qizhen picked up his phone and looked through it. “This is it.”

Huihua Culture’s PR department immediately started to deal with it. Pei Mingzhan didn’t know about it until his plane landed. It was too late to contact his studio so he first called Zhao Yao.

“For the crew’s situation, let Huihua make a joint clarification with my studio. The other crew members have been informed. “ Pei Mingzhan walked through the VIP channel of the airport and got into his RV before continuing, “The person who acted at this time is very strange.”

Rather than going home, Zhao Yao had asked the driver to send him to Huihua Company.

“It shouldn’t be the person behind the incident who released the news. The bigger the incident, the more disadvantageous it is for them. The Pei  family and Zhao family are both staring at this matter. They would be really stupid if they act now.” Zhao Yao was half in a good mood. Sometimes, not provoking didn’t mean he could save trouble. More people would think he was easy to bully and pinch him like a soft persimmon.

Zhao Yao thought about it. “Still, this isn’t all bad. I can take this opportunity to see how many people are stirring up things behind the scenes.”

It was true that the crane incident was hard to find out. This was an opportunity like Zhao Yao said but…

“I’ll take care of the crane.” Pei Mingzhan frowned. “Where are you now?”

“On my way to the company.” Zhao Yao held the wolfberry health tea that Mother Yao had personally cooked. The thermos was still radiating heat.

He said in a low voice, “It’s fine. It is easy to deal with.”

Pei Mingzhan heard calmness and no panic in the other person’s voice and asked with relief, “What are you going to do?”

“It isn’t hard to deal with this matter.” Zhao Yao smiled. “Just call the police.”

By the time he arrived at the company, Huihua had made a public statement on the Internet. They said they would hold accountable those who promoted provocation and spread false statements.

[IF you have time to post these useless things, it is better to clarify the accident.]

[The cast members have stated that they are all fine. How come you are still arguing about the crew’s affairs? It is just a video. Many things can only be guessed vaguely but your brain supplements are very strong.]

[What brain supplement? Didn’t you watch the crew pressure it to drop the hot search? Wasn’t no one really hurt at the scene of the accident? I don’t believe it.]

[There are group actors who said that an ambulance came for someone that day. I’m waiting for the crew to give a statement.]

Chen Xi told Zhao Yao about the discussion on the Internet. “In short, we have issued a clarification announcement but some netizens still feel that we are deliberately fabricating facts.

Zhao Yao frowned. “Did you get in touch with the marketing account that sent the video?”

Chen Xi sighed. “I contacted it. The person behind the scenes gave a lot of money and the account doesn’t want to delete it.”

Huihua’s current power wasn’t as good as before. They weren’t tough enough compared to some in the circle. Judging from the direction of guiding public opinion, it could be seen that there were traces of a water army. In other words, someone deliberately hired a water army to engage with Huihua.

The atmosphere in the meeting room was frozen and people in the PR department were busy.

Zhao Yao put the thermos on the table and limped to the meeting room’s podium. His voice calmly gave orders. “Huihua won’t carry the false accusations. We haven’t evaded any responsibility since the accident in the crew until now. Since netizens want to see a real report, we will release a real report. There are live videos shot by the crew. Comparing the  evidence we have to a vague video taken out of context, we are never at a disadvantage.”

The people present looked at each other and discussed it in private. Huihua’s senior management knew that there were many people involved in this matter but it was also related to rich families, so the investigation was done in private.”

“If we report the matter truthfully, the thing with the hook can’t be hidden.”

“However, there are online rumors that several people in the crew were killed as a result of this accident. Do we have to carry this slander?” 

“Huihua is just getting started again. If these things aren’t handled then any project cooperation in the future will be difficult.


Zhao Yao told them, “I think you may have overlooked a point. It is the crew’s responsibility to disclose the truth and the crew responsibility for safety.”

The moment these words came out, the other people in the meeting room looked at Zhao Yao to get an answer from him.

“If the cause of the accident is the crew then the crew is responsible.” Zhao Yao put the papers on the table aside. “However, the hook issue was caused by other reasons. The crew confirmed the maintenance with the merchant when renting the crane. Since something went wrong behind the scenes, concealing this can no longer be done…”

“Then we should be straightforward.” Zhao Yao spoke calmly. “Call the police.”

Call the police?

It wasn’t that the people present hadn’t thought about this. It was just that calling the police involved too many things. If it was poorly handled, the trouble might be greater. After the accident, the police had come to the scene to collect evidence but it was mostly the people from the Pei family investigating. This involved other aspects so the crew didn’t dare to leak too many things. Now that Zhao Yao said so…

Chen Xi told Zhao Yao, “It is easy to solve yet we are caught in a dilemma of hesitation. You are right. We will make it public. We will also seek the police to intervene in the investigation and do everything we should.”


“We were thinking too much before.”

“There is no way. This is the first time I’ve encountered something like this and there is also the interference of the water army.”

“Coming out at this time to make trouble, isn’t it specifically going against our Huihua?”

The people in the meeting were enlightened and turned to Zhao Yao. At this time, Yao Bai had already stepped forward to hand the wolfberry tea to his brother. He also pulled out a chair to let his brother sit down first.

“The report to the police is directly connected to Pei Mingzhan’s studio. We have evidence and the investigation these days hasn’t been in vain. As for the others…” Zhao Yao didn’t drink the tea, his eyes cold. “We have made a public clarification. Directly resolve anyone who spreads untrue rumors with legal means.”

“Yes, what’s wrong?” Yao Bai nodded. “Aren’t they saying that our Huihua lawyer letters aren’t scary? Let’s tell them one by one that Huihua doesn’t lack money.”

Chen Xi heard this and tears almost fell.

Yes, Huihua was now sitting with a god of wealth. This was nothing.

Bewildering Traces Drama: The statement is as follows [long picture].

The crew issued a detailed public statement late on the night when public opinion exploded. The picture and text illustrated the situation at the time and the cause of the accident, including the collapse of the props wall, the rental certificate of the crane, the maintenance period of various equipment and props, etc. It was all released in text form.

As for the video uploaded on the Internet and the false rumors, the Bewildering Traces crew explained it one by one. They also sent lawyer’s letters to the powerful marketing number and water army netizens spreading the rumors.

Bewildering Traces Drama: The above evidence as well as undisclosed evidence have been submitted to the police for processing. Please wait for the investigation result.

Actor Bai Xingqu: Please believe in the crew [love].// Bewildering Traces Drama: The statement is as follows [long picture].

The cast and some of the staff members of Bewildering Traces came out to forward it and stood in support of the crew.

[Oh my god…]

[This is the first time I’ve seen such a long statement from a crew.]

[Netizens really have nothing to do when idle and have to take care of everything.]

[This evidence can’t be taken out casually. At first glance, the investigation was carried out during the suspension of work. The crew aren’t police officers but they were very diligent in the investigation.]

[In fact, the attitude of the Bewildering Traces crew has been very good. They immediately made a statement when the accident occurred and the actors came forward to report they were safe. There was nothing wrong.]

[I am an industry insider. Based on the above statement, the age of the equipment has no problem. According to the texture and color of the released props, the props and equipment of the crew are fine.It can be said that all these items have just been put into use.]

[Pei Mingzhan’s studio has also issued a statement!]

Online public opinion was suddenly reversed. The people who came out this time weren’t just the actors of the Bewildering Traces crew. There were also some staff members. They posted their work cards to prove themselves and said that the crew was telling the truth.

Ping Ping is Plain and Clever: I didn’t expect the crew to be forced by online public opinion. I will use my professional ethics to say that all of the things in the crew’s statement are true. The treatment in this crew was very good. The management was worried we would be too tired shooting night scenes and deliberately delayed the shooting deadline. You know, renting the film and television studio burns money but the boss wanted us to have more time to rest. Apart from specific scenes, our usual filming time never exceeds 11 p.m.

Handsome Guy’s Long Legs: [Pixelated photo] Posting my work permit in case anyone says I am a water army hired by the crew. The shooting schedule really surprised me. I have been with several crews but it was my first time seeing such generous management. The relationships in the crew was also very good. President Zhao stayed in the crew for days and before every filming, he would repeatedly emphasize the issue of equipment and props. The scene when the accident occurred was a special effects scene. As I was placing the wire on Brother Pei, President Pei kept emphasizing the need to check the wire (although I had already checked it six or seven times…) [holding head.jpg]

Little Immortal Never Gains Weight: [Screenshot] x9 . Sending nine images. Every time the boss was in the crew, our treatment was really excellent. There was iced fruit and iced milk tea every day. It was that time of the month and the boss’ assistant kindly prepared hot milk tea for me, which saved my life. In addition, President Zhao loves to maintain good health. Every time milk tea was brought for the crew, the assistant brother would prepare warm milk tea for President Zhao. He said that President Zhao doesn’t like to drink too hot or too cold…

Children Don’t Have a Question Mark: Seeing so many colleagues come out to talk, I’ll do it too. The shooting of night scenes never exceeded 11 p.m. because the alarm clock left by President Zhao’s assistant would ring just before 11 o’clock… I have to say that my work and rest were adjusted by the assistant brother during this period. I didn’t feel dizzy and I feel a few years younger.

The staff members came out to speak for the crew and some of the netizens realized they had been used by the marketing account.

[Junk marketing account. What type of immortal crew is this?]

[I feel that the atmosphere of the crew is so good. What’s wrong with all this?]

[President Zhao has started to maintain his health at 23 while at 27 years old, I stay up late every day and drink iced cola…]

[Looking at the photos, I thought President Zhao was a cool brother. I didn’t expect him to be a gentle and friendly little cutie. He is worthy of being my husband.]

[He is so low-key… I can’t even find his Weibo.

[I also saw a staff member’s roast chicken photo. I heard that Comrade Zhao saw they were late for dinner so he had his assistant prepare a late-night snack for them.]

[What magical management is this? Why didn’t I encounter it when I was in the crew?]

[I heard that their boxed lunches are also… (gulping).]

There was a reversal in the online comments. The Bewildering Traces crew didn’t deceive anyone but some netizens felt that some details were clear. They posted on the official Weibo, asking them to answer the questions and try to clear up the confusing rumors. Many marketing accounts rushed to delete their Weibo posts but Huihua had already submitted the evidence to the police and lawyers.

Piggy: There is one thing I don’t understand. How can the crew explain the ambulance at the scene? Someone from the studio said there was an ambulance at the scene and there seemed to be someone in the ambulance… @Bewildering Traces Drama.

Bewildering Traces Drama: The ambulance was for President Zha. He was scratched by a prop when saving people.//Piggy: There is one thing I don’t understand…

The melon eating netizens were shocked as soon as these words came out.

[Oh my god.]


[Wait? The person who was in the ambulance was President Zhao?]

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