FLBCP: Chapter 27

Previously, Zhao Yao thought that an intimate action like kissing should be done after the relationship between two people had stabilized. As a result, Yao Bai said that these days, young people fell in love and kissed while waiting for the next base. The meaning had changed a long time ago.

“……” Pei Mingzhan looked at Zhao Yao’s rather serious face and didn’t know how to respond to him for a moment. “Can you take things from TV dramas seriously?”

Zhao Yao paused for a moment. “I read it in a book.”

“What book?”

Zhao Yao answered truthfully, “Love Psychology of Contemporary Young People. Do you want to read it? I can lend it to you later?”

Pei Mingzhan told him, “I don’t need it.”

Zhao Yao frowned. “I think your emotional drama is subtle and not very good.”

He remembered Pei Mingzhan’s performance in Drowning. The career plotline was good but the emotional dramas really made people not want to watch.

“Why?” Pei Mingzhan laughed when he heard this. For the first time, someone said to his face that he couldn’t act out emotional dramas well. He pondered over the works he had performed. There were only two that had emotional scenes in them. Which one did Zhao Yao watch to gain this wrong perception?

“It isn’t that bad. It is just that I don’t like to watch it.” Zhao Yao felt that he was wrong. Perhaps people had different ways of expressing things and it wasn’t that the acting was bad. “Maybe I like it to be more direct when it comes to these types of scenes.”

Pei Mingzhan laughed. “Do you like a straight ball?”

Zhao Yao asked again, “What is a straight ball?”

Pei Mingzhan explained it to him.

Zhao Yao suddenly realized that there was such a saying.

By the way, Pei Mingzhan seemed to know a lot of things that Yao Bai had never told him.

Zhao Yao asked another question. “Have you ever been in a relationship?”

Pei Mingzhan’s expression didn’t collapse. “What?”

At Pei Mingzhan’s age, he should’ve been in relationships, right? He knew quite a lot.

Zhao Yao repeated it. “In a relationship. Have you ever had a girlfriend or a boyfriend?”

Pei Mingzhan understood this time. “No.”

He paid attention to the expression on Zhao Yao’s face and spoke tentatively. “However, there was a first love.”

Zhao Yao was surprised. He hadn’t expected that Pei Mingzhan would’ve never been in a relationship at this age and that he actually had a first love. He wondered, “A white moonlight?”


Pei Mingzhan felt that he might need to get to know Zhao Yao again. “You don’t know a straight ball but you know about a white moonlight?”

“Isn’t your first love a white moonlight?” Zhao Yao had read a lot of things online these days. White moonlight was a vocabulary that appeared with high frequency so he understood it.

Pei Mingzhan didn’t understand even more. For the first time, he wondered if there was a generation gap between him and Zhao Yao.

The two of them kept talking. In order to avoid the generation gap in topics from affecting the feelings of both sides, Pei Mingzhan had to change the topic and he talked to Zhao Yao about what happened during filming. Zhao Yao didn’t ask many questions. It was mainly Pei Mingzhan who talked and he answered a few times.

Night wore on and it was just after 1 o’clock.

Pei Mingzhan gently pulled the thin quilt over Zhao Yao’s waist. The latter already had his eyes closed and was asleep. It wasn’t known if he was sleeping shallowly or deeply but his brow was furrowed slightly.

At this time, the phone in Pei Mingzhan’s pocket vibrated twice. He turned off the lights in the room and went outside to answer the phone.

The moment the door of the room closed, the originally sleeping Zhao Yao opened his eyes and glanced at the door with half-closed eyes.


“What is with your voice?” The agent on the phone heard Pei Mingzhan’s slightly hoarse voice. “Do you have a cold?”

“No.” Pei Mingzhan yawned slightly and sat down on the chair in the corridor outside the room to rest. “What’s the matter?”

“Didn’t you ask me to send the documents to your house?” The agent asked. “I’ve been ringing the doorbell for a long time so please open the door for me soon.”

Pei Mingzhan finally remembered about this matter. “I haven’t gone back. I’m at the hospital.”

“Really? Do you actually have a cold?”

“No, I came to see Zhao Yao and the time lasted a bit longer.” Pei Mingzhan originally came to see Zhao Yao after being busy at work. He ended up coaxing Zhao Yao to sleep just now and completely forgot his agent’s matter. “Bring the documents to me tomorrow at the hospital.”

“Are you going to stay in the hospital all night and sleep on a cold chair?” The agent was puzzled.

Pei Mingzhan pinched his brow. “By the way, when you come tomorrow, drop by the porridge store where I often eat and buy some porridge. I will send you the dishes to order later.”

“???” The agent was confused. “No, Old Pei, how is this on the way?”

The corridor of the hospital was a bit cold. Pei Mingzhan sat up straight against the back of the chair and answered casually,  “It is only half an hour down the road.”

“Last time, you told me he was a playmate when you were a child and I didn’t believe you. However, you weren’t so diligent to me when I was sick and hospitalized.” The agent thought about Pei Mingzhan’s actions these days. “The store boss must be sick of you. The porridge needs sugar but also boiled thinly, the side dishes need to be light…”

Pei Mingzhan listened quietly.

“Zhao Yao probably doesn’t know that his appetite is like this, right?” The agent complained one after another. “You postponed so much work to stay in the crew. Do you have to pay so much attention to a close childhood friend? I think that your entire body is floating with your first love around you.”

“Oh.” Pei Mingzhan smiled slightly. “Then you are really cruel to your childhood friends. Don’t you send over some food and drinks when they are sick in hospital?”

The agent was angry. “Pei Mingzhan! Old Pei, please face up to your own actions! Don’t change the subject…”

Yao Bai came to the hospital the next day and found that his brother and Pei Mingzhan had already eaten. He looked at Pei Mingzhan in a daze, his head full of the yellow waste he had filled up last night. “Film Emperor Pei, why are you here so early?”

Zhao Yao took a sip of porridge and explained, “He didn’t go home last night.”

Yao Bai trembled all over and the picture of a taboo relationship appeared in his mind. “Really? That’s exciting…”

Zhao Yao heard Yao Bai muttering something but didn’t care.

The temperature of the porridge was just right. He ate it together with the side dishes and quickly finished it.

Pei Mingzhan asked, “Another bowl?”

“I’m full.”

Uncle Wang studied the dishes from the side and took notes in a small book. Yao Bai sat down next to Uncle Wang, took chopsticks and tried some side dishes. He wondered, “Why can my brother eat this sweet porridge with salty side dishes? Sweet and salty…”

“I’m learning to make these side dishes…” Uncle Wang explained the process of these side dishes to Yao Bai. The other day, he asked Pei Mingzhan about the location of the restaurant and he went to ask the owner for advice. He planned to cook these dishes for Zhao Yao once he got home from the hospital.

After eating, Pei Mingzhan pushed Zhao Yao to go out for a walk.

Yao Bai was robbed of his job and had to sit in the hospital room to study recipes with Uncle Wang.

No, Pei Mingzhan was walking around the hospital at this time of day. Wasn’t he afraid that people would recognize him?

People were coming and going from the hospital. Pei Mingzhan wore a mask and hat and pushed  Zhao Yao to the small garden behind the inpatient department to cool off. September was coming and it had rained a few days ago. The weather was becoming cooler and the autumn wind in the morning was very comfortable.

“Is your Jianghu coming out soon?” Zhao Yao suddenly thought that nothing had happened to Pei Mingzhan and this matter might be about to pass.

Pei Mingzhan had been very busy these days because he had been doing the promotions. “Yes. Will you come to the premiere?”

Zhao Yao remembered some of the plot of Jianghu. The movie was really worth watching again so he replied, “I’ll go.”

The two of them didn’t stay for long. Pei Mingzhan was pushing Zhao Yao back when he accidentally bumped into someone’s shoulder in the corridor of the inpatient department. The report in his hand scattered all over the place and Zhao Yao obtained one.

The hospital report had detailed values written on it. Zhao Yao glanced at it and only saw that the gender was written as ‘female.’

The man lowered his head to gather the report. “Sorry, excuse me.”

Pei Mingzhan handed over the few he had found. “There are many people in the corridor. Be careful when you walk.”

Zhao Yao also handed the paper in his hand.

The moment the man heard the words, he was stunned. He examined Pei Mingzhan carefully and felt that the man in the mask was familiar. “Pei Mingzhan?”

Did he recognize Pei Mingzhan?

Zhao Yao paused and glanced at the others in the corridor. It was only when he found that no one was looking this way that he put his mind at ease. He looked at the man in front of him. This person was young but there was a bit of tiredness between his eyebrows.

Even so, his back and shoulders were upright and he gave people an inexplicable good feeling.

Pei Mingzhan was stunned. “Brother Qi?”

“It’s me.” Brother Qi smiled and glanced at Zhao Yao. “Are you staying in this hospital too?”

Pei Mingzhan nodded. “My friend was injured. Brother Qi?”

Brother Qi looked at the calm Zhao Yao. It was only a quick look but he always felt that the young man in the wheelchair was looking at him.

“My daughter is in hospital so I have to run around.” Brother Qi explained to Pei Mingzhan. “Then I won’t bother you. I have something else to do.”

After Brother Qi left, Pei Mingzhan introduced him to Zhao Yao. “That person is called Zhang Qi. I met him several times when I was filming a TV series. He is a good actor but he seems to have encountered some trouble these days.”

“Trouble?” Zhao Yao was a bit curious.

“I heard that he offended management while filming and now he is being hidden by the company. His wife died in childbirth when she gave birth to their daughter. Now he is alone with his daughter and can only pick up dramas in private.” Pei Mingzhan asked his agent to investigate the situation after hearing this but Zhang Qi refused his help. He said, “I asked him if he wanted to come to my studio before but he didn’t agree. I didn’t expect to meet him at the hospital today.”

Zhao Yao was interested in Zhang Qi so Pei Mingzhan said a few more words.

Zhao Yao had a good impression from the man’s appearance just now. His facial features were three dimensional and his spirit had a special style. He looked very young and didn’t seem like someone who would already have a daughter. “Did you say that his acting skills are very good?”

“In the early years, he was nominated for an award but unfortunately missed out. Then he got into trouble with management and became like this.” Pei Mingzhan thought about it. “He is a method actor and has his own opinions and feelings. Usually, his acting gives off a different feeling from what is written in the script and the style is particularly obvious.”

Zhao Yao was thoughtful. An actor with an obvious style?

“Stylistic actors are actually easily limited but Zhang Qi is someone who can blend the characters with his style. It is really hard to meet an actor like him. I’ve been in the circle for many years and actors like him have long become famous.”

“Your acting also has a style.” Zhao Yao thought of Pei Mingzhan when he heard this. He had seen many of Pei Mingzhan’s works before and knew that this person could perform his own unique style as well as the character. “You are praising him so much that I want to invite him to an audition.”

“Audition?” Pei Mingzhan was surprised. “Do you have a new project?”

“Yes, have you heard of the Dream of Separation IP? It was bought by Huihua a few years ago. This time, Chen Xi intends to start his project. He originally wanted to find a traffic star to play the leading role but I refused.” Zhao Yao’s voice was light. “I want to find an actor with a good appearance and acting skills.”

“There are several such people in this circle.” Pei Mingzhan said. “I’ll ask my agent to give you their contact information.”

“Thank you,” Zhao Yao said. “However, it is hard to adjust the schedule. The project should start at the end of the year. The actors Chen Xi contacted already have a schedule at the end of the year.”

Pei Mingzhan had heard of Dream of Separation. “I remember the original is a group work and there are many supporting roles.”

The story of Dream of Separation was about several young people who entered the imperial court with ambition and planned strategies in the corrupt imperial court. It was a story of supporting the new emperor in a situation of domestic and foreign troubles. There was national enmity and family hatred in the story. Different people had different situations. The characters were vivid and three dimensional, so it was very colorful.

“Yes, this is why it is hard to find the main character.”

Zhao Yao knew this problem. Dream of Separation was from the perspective of the main protagonist but the story itself wasn’t about the main protagonist. It was played out by various supporting actors.

In his last life, many of the drama’s reviewers were focused on the supporting actors and there was little emphasis on the main character. One reason was that the traffic star’s acting skills weren’t very good and the most important thing was that this role itself was difficult to interpret.

Zhao Yao said, “Chen Xi originally wanted to find you but I thought better of it after seeing your recent schedule.”

“I’ve also seen and noticed this IP before. To be honest, I’m quite interested.” Pei Mingzhan asked with a smile. “Since Chen Xi asked you to find me, why didn’t you say anything? Maybe I would accept if you looked for me.”

Zhao Yao glanced at Pei Mingzhan and knew he was joking. “Second Young Master Pei is usually very busy. Now you seem quite idle?”

Pei Mingzhan replied casually, “It’s okay.”

Zhao Yao was calm on the surface but he was thinking about things in his heart.

He wasn’t alone in the hospital. Uncle Wang and Yao Bai were there for him alternately so it wasn’t necessary for Pei Mingzhan to stay the night. Zhao Yao didn’t think his relationship with Pei Mingzhan had reached the point of his relationship with Yao Bai. In addition, Pei Mingzhan had the capital of the Pei family and didn’t have to do this in order to repay his kindness.

When the two of them spoke last night, Pei Mingzhan deliberately slowed down his voice and speed in the second half. Pei Mingzhan wasn’t an actor with a serious professional background but his lines were very good. In addition, he deliberately adjusted his speed and voice which could easily make people sleepy.

However, Zhao Yao wasn’t an ordinary person. If his insomnia could be cured with a few words then he wouldn’t have been reduced to that point in his previous life. He just couldn’t figure out if it was necessary for Pei Mingzhan to act to this point?

As they got closer to his room, Zhao Yao suddenly spoke, “Since you are very busy, you can deal with your work first. If you have time to spend with me then you can handle a lot of work.”

Pei Mingzhan said, “It isn’t a waste of time to relax with friends.”

Zhao Yao was stunned. Were they friends?

It didn’t seem to be the same.

Chiyu Film and Television was a well-known company in the industry but the momentum in recent days wasn’t very good. In the beginning, they were prepared to market a new movie. As a result, Pei Mingzhan’s Cultural Tourism grabbed the hot search. When it was ready for the second publicity, the crew Bewildering Traces had an accident.

The boss of Chiyu sat in his office to look at the report of the new quarter, his expression not very good. “How did Chen Xi meet Zhao Yao?”

“Boss, in fact, Zhao Yao isn’t enough.” Chiyu’s senior management said. “I heard he has left the group after falling out of Zhao Zhikai and used his mother’s assets to invest in Huihua Culture. We don’t have to worry about the Zhao family. Zhao Yao is just a rich second generation and doesn’t have much ability.”

He knew that his boss originally intended to buy Huihua only to be blocked by Zhao Yao halfway. Not only did he get no benefits but he also lost a lot of money. Now Huihua Culture was gradually improving with Zhao Yao. Many works were being released at the end of the year and beginning of next year, some colliding with Chiyu’s works.

“What f**ing nonsense. Just now, Chen Xi grabbed a schedule slot from us.” Chiyu’s boss was angry but he was a bit afraid of the capital of the Zhao Group. “No matter what, Zhao Yao is still part of the Zhao family. His father hasn’t croaked yet.”

Just then, the secretary knocked on the door and entered. “Boss, there is a Mr Zhao who says he wants to see you.”

Chiyu’s boss was annoyed when he heard the surname Zhao. “Zhao? Which one?”

“It is the fourth young master, Zhao Qizhen.”

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