FLBCP: Chapter 24

Chen Xi knew that his new boss was different from normal rich second generations. This bigshot with a different family background had incomprehensible hobbies and interests. Therefore, when the secretary told him about Cultural Tourism he immediately went to the program team to understand the situation.

Huihua’s public relations department immediately told Yao Bai about it after noticing the online trend. Yao Bai knew about this matter when he watched the variety show Cultural Tourism. He just hadn’t expected Zhao Yao to cause a big stir online with his face. Careful inquiries found that there was a lot of contribution from Pei Mingzhan’s fans.

Yao Bai asked Zhao Yao about it and Zhao Yao told him to leave this matter to Huihua to handle.

He knew that his brother didn’t care about this. If he hadn’t wanted to be on the camera when the program was recording, his brother would’ve spoken to the program team and have them not air it.

Since there was no problem, he would let Huihua’s public relations take care of it.

“President Zhao has been in the Bewildering Traces crew these days. I heard that he is a bit interested in filming and has been following Film Emperor Pei to learn lessons.” The secretary conveyed Yao Bai’s words to Chen Xi. “Should we suppress it directly or talk about it?”

Chen Xi turned his pen around and had a flash of inspiration. “You don’t need to suppress it directly. Have the public relations  team do this…”

The interested netizens came to the official Weibo of the Zhao Group and searched through the photos, only to find several photos of Zhao Yao. At this time, Huihua Culture suddenly posted an official Weibo with a photo of the meeting room that day.

Huihua Culture:

A while ago, the new boss came to the company for a meeting. I secretly took a photo [hehe].

Huihua Culture had recently been at the forefront of the entertainment industry. First, there was the high-level turmoil and the rich second generation injecting capital. There were all types of rumors and curses. It was said that the former boss Chen Xi made improper decisions and drove away many senior executives. The company was becoming more and more trash. In short, it wasn’t far from collapse.

These words spread and some of the fans of Huihua’s celebrities came to the official Weibo to ask about the situation. Therefore, the netizens discovered it the moment the Weibo released this photo of the meeting room.

[This is the rich second generation who gave money to Chen X? He looks good but unfortunately, he is blind.]

[Originally, I was happy for my brother to have such a handsome boss. However, I’m not so happy at the thought that the boss, who is a layman, is making decisions.]

[If you have the face to show the boss, let’s talk about all the artists being hidden first. If you want to go bankrupt, let my wife’s contract go!}

The discussion was hot and soon other netizens came to eat melons.

[Wait a minute? Isn’t this the little passerby brother of Cultural Tourism?]

[I know, Third Young Master Zhao of the Zhao group. A handsome and wealthy bigshot!]

[I would like to introduce to everyone, this is my new husband. We met on a blind date not long ago.]

[??? I was eating melons only to eat my own melon. My male god actually invested in Huihua?]

[Is Huihua’s new boss Zhao Yao?]

[Fu*k! I thought my little brother was an amateur but he turned out to be the boss?]

[Huihua’s new boss is enthusiastic citizen Xiao Zhao?]

S City’s film studio.

“Yes, Xiao Zhao, an enthusiastic citizen.” The assistant Lele read the comments on the Internet to Pei Mingzhan. “this is the name given by the fans.”

Pei Mingzhan laughed a few times after hearing it. “Very good. An enthusiastic citizen.”

The agent sat next to the two men playing a riddle and wondered, “Why have you been staying with the crew these days? Don’t you have few scenes? You have been asking me to send you documents all day long.” Previously, Pei Mingzhan wasn’t like this. He always sat in the office to deal with documents, rather than sitting in the RV, reading documents and listening to gossip.

“Huihua has done a good job with public relations. Chen Xi needs to help Huihua’s reputation after dealing with the internal affairs. It is courageous for him to use Zhao Yao’s name.”

Pei Mingzhan gave rare praise. “He is a talent.”

The agent opened his mouth. “Film Emperor Pei is wasting a lot of time in the crew. Don’t you see that the screenwriter next to you is planning to add a few scenes for you?”

Pei Mingzhan was casual. “Just add it. It won’t take more than a few days.”

The agent’s head was pained. “Surely you aren’t here for Zhao Yao? I heard you have been his tour guide in the crew these days. Why didn’t I know that Film Emperor Pei was originally so idle?”

Pei Mingzhan answered lightly, “It’s okay.”

At these words, the agent fell silent. He knew that Pei Mingzhan was playing with him and would answer any questions about Zhao Yao carelessly. The agent knew that Pei Mingzhan knew Zhao Yao before and they were playmates when young, but he didn’t talk much when asked for the details. The agent was really anxious to death.

After reading the documents for 30 minutes, the time gradually reached 10 o’clock. Pei Mingzhan still had a scene in the morning so after finishing the makeup, he was ready to go to the shooting scene.

Today’s weather was just right and there was a faint tendency to cool down.

Yao Bai pushed Zhao Yao through the studio, avoiding the messy arrangement of the set. He asked as he walked, “Are you angry?”

“Why should I be angry? Chen Xi is working for Huihua. His first consideration is how to save Huihua from adversity. Since I authorized him to handle it, I won’t interfere as long as his starting point is for Huihua’s sake.” Zhao Yao’s eyes swept over the venue and he didn’t see Pei Mingzhan. Was Pei Mingzhan not filming today?

Yao Bai had woken up this morning and received a report from the Huihua public relations department. On the Internet, he saw that his Brother Yao had become the signature mascot of Huihua Culture. Originally, many fans of the artists under Huihua were scolding the company for their inaction. As a result, all the scolding comments were at the bottom. The hot comments were the face fans asking for Zhao Yao’s private Weibo. Some netizens even asked if Zhao Yao still wanted to go on a blind date.

There were many Mrs Zhao shouting ‘husband’ in the comments and even their profile pictures had been replaced with the variety show.

Yao Bai took a look and saved a few handsome photos of his brother. Then he told his brother about the harem beauties in the Zhao family.

He thought his brother would say a few words due to his sullen temper. As a result, his brother wasn’t angry and instead praised Chen Xi. He completely got the focus wrong.

Yao Bai was quite happy to read the comments. In the past two years of work, he had helped Zhao Yao deal with many things but they weren’t as interesting as what he dealt with in the past two days. “I didn’t expect Chen Xi to do such a trick. I thought he would choose to directly suppress this problem.”

Generally, gossip involving the boss should be handled properly. If it wasn’t handled well, it would affect the company’s reputation and easily annoy the boss. However, Chen Xi was a capable person. He could think of such a trick to divert the attention of the netizens.

“Yes.” Zhao Yao responded flatly while his eyes looked at other places.

“Pei Mingzhan seems to have a special effects scene in the  morning and the wire is being adjusted.” Yao Bai knew his brother had a good relationship with Pei Mingzhan recently so he explained it. “The special effects will be done at a later stage but now is the physical performance. It seems they are shooting a very large scene with many actors.”

Zhao Yao gained a bit of interest, “Is that so?”

By the time Pei Mingzhan got out of makeup, Zhao Yao was talking with the director while the staff members next to him were checking the equipment.

Soon, Yao Bai pushed Zhao Yao over and greeted Pei Mingzhan in a very familiar manner. “Good morning, Brother Pei.”

Pei Mingzhan looked at Zhao Yao. “Good morning.”

“Yes.” Zhao Yao was in a wheelchair and could only look up at this person. “Let the staff check the equipment.”

“Haven’t they already checked it?” Pei Mingzhan wondered.

The crew would usually solve the equipment problems before calling the actors over.

Zhao Yao glanced at the others with a calm expression. “Check it a few more times.”

In his last life when he had gone to watch Jianghu with Yao Bai, the movie was postponed for one year. The reason for the delay was because Pei Mingzhan had died unexpectedly. Now Jianghu’s release time was approaching but Pei Mingzhan showed no signs of trouble.

Zhao Yao almost doubted if Yao Bai’s words in his previous life were false. Did something really happen to Pei Mingzhan before the movie was released?

Soon, the staff members came to help Pei Mingzhan with the wire equipment, Yao Bai watched Zhao Yao chat with Pei Mingzhan before Yao Bai stood aside to chat with the other staff.

Zhao Yao watched as Pei Mingzhan let people fiddle with him while still holding the script for the final emotional adjustment. Zhao Yao said with surprise, “You have a big heart.”

Pei Mingzhan looked doubtfully at Zhao Yao. “Why do you say that?”

“You trust other people very much.” Zhao Yao had never been attached to a wire but he knew that this equipment was very dangerous if one was careless. Meanwhile, Pei Mingzhan treated this equipment carelessly like he was wearing a piece of clothing. He didn’t care about how the staff members tied it to him and all his attention was on the script.

Pei Mingzhan smiled. “Really?”

Zhao Yao relaxed a bit while leaning back against his wheelchair. “It’s good.”

Lele listened to the two people talk and thought that Brother Pei had really changed when he met Mr Zhao. If it was changed to someone else, Brother Pei would’ve long chosen to be extremely inflexible when chatting.

Before he became Pei Mingzhan’s assistant, he thought that Brother Pei was a serious actor. After getting along with this person, he found that Brother Pei took everything seriously and his personality wasn’t as good as it seemed on the surface. He maintained a proper distance with everyone. His gentleness and politeness gave people a great impression but in fact, his personality was cold. His heart was like a mirror and he never talked nonsense with others.

This was the first time he had seen Brother Pei talk to people like this and it was weird.

“It is better to leave these things to professionals who are more familiar with the various equipment than I am.” Pei Mingzhan explained. “You’ve seen other people use the wire before. It isn’t comfortable at first but later it will be fine.”

The set had many hidden dangers. There were piled up props and equipment and staff walking around…

Zhao Yao’s eyes narrowed slightly. “I say you have a big heart but if someone wants to harm you, it couldn’t be simpler.”

Pei Mingzhan paused and looked into Zhao Yao’s eyes in a slightly serious manner. “That is on the premise that someone wants to harm me. Zhao Yao, vigilance is a good thing but it will be very tiring to live if you are wary about everything.”

The staff members finished tying the equipment and walked away. There seemed to be something else happening on the other side.

It was before filming started and Zhao Yao had nothing to do, so he replied to Pei Mingzhan. “That’s fine.”

“You have come to the crew and paid close attention to the issues of equipment and props these days. Other  people only check them a few times but you aren’t at ease and have to check them four or five times.” Pei Mingzhan expressed his observations. The current Zhao Yao was far from the Zhao Yao in his memories. There seemed to be a very heavy heart pressing down on this young body.

He simply said, “Being too cautious is putting pressure on yourself. Tell me, how can you fully master 100% of things in the world?”

Zhao Yao was startled. “Is that so?”

“Brother Pei, are you ready?” Just then, a staff member yelled out from a distance.

“Still, being cautious is a good thing. I’m not so big-hearted as to ignore any checks.” Pei Mingzhan pulled at the equipment to check the stability of the equipment. Then he told Zhao Yao. “I’m going to shoot first.”

”Old Wu, Old Wu,” The props team walked around and put out the prepared props.

There was a temporarily built props wall in the studio. Currently, it was a special effects scene. Most of the special effects would be added later but some effects required the props team to prepare them in advance.

Old Wu, who was in charge of the props wall, walked over and put the props wall back with the other props to avoid affecting people’s filming. He saw Zhao Yao watching the situation and asked in a low voice, “President Zhao is still here?’

His colleague answered, “Yes, President Zhao has been here for the past few days. He seems to be very concerned about our crew.”

Old Wu yawned. “I’m going for a drive first.”

On the other side, Yao Bai helped pull Zhao Yao’s wheelchair back. “Brother, be careful. They will be flying around. We should stand far away to watch.”

Zhao Yao looked at the props next to him and then Pei Mingzhan’s position. “These props are to be used in the next scene?”

“IT seems they will use the props for several scenes today.’ Yao Bai moved a small fan over to blow cool air. “There is a foam wall or something. There are quite a lot of things.”

Filming on the field was still continuing. A hanging wire was needed due to the action scene. Some actors weren’t used to the feeling of weightlessness at a high altitude but Pei Mingzhan had a very good sense of balance and his solo shots were particularly good. Previously when Zhao Yao watched the other actors filming, it usually took them several attempts to pass. Meanwhile, Pei Mingzhan could always grasp the camera and control his emotional performance to achieve the best results.

There was a strange sound when the wind passed. Zhao Yao looked up and saw various props placed in the distance. Shooting equipment were placed around it and the actors and staff were staggered at various distances. Zhao Yao was in a wheelchair so from his perspective, there was always a strange feeling of depression from the irregular placement.

Zhao Yao was inexplicably a bit uneasy in his heart. He looked at the props and equipment around him, thinking that when the scene was over, he should have Yao Bai talk to the crew about the placement of props. He suppressed the weird sensation and refocused his attention on filming.

After 30 minutes, almost all of Pei Mingzhan’s shots were taken. The director and screenwriter seemed to be discussing something. Pei Mingzhan temporarily removed his equipment and stood aside while the makeup artist touched up his makeup. He saw that Zhao Yao was still in the original spot and spoke to the makeup artist before walking in Zhao Yao’s direction.

Just then, there was a sound like someone had knocked down something.

The temporarily erected pile of props shook slightly. There was the sound of the crane and the loose steel wire was flung out instantly—

Bang! There was a loud noise.

“Run away!”

“What happened?”

“Something fell down!”

The sudden change caused the props wall to fall down and the crew ran away quickly.

The warning sounds were overwhelmed by the noisy set. Zhao Yao’s expression suddenly changed when he saw the hook dangling high above him.

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