FLBCP: Chapter 23

Yao Bai came back with the hot milk tea and saw his brother drinking the iced milk tea, while Pei Mingzhan smiled and said something as he handed over a tissue.

Pei Mingzhan smoothly took away the other cup of milk tea from Zhao Yao’s hand, freeing up a hand for Zhao Yao.

The amount of milk tea was too much and Zhao Yao habitually tilted the cup when drinking. As a result, the milk tea overflowed from the surface where the straw had broken the lid and splashed on Zhao Yao’s body. He took the tissue that Pei Mingzhan gave him and wiped at his clothes. “Thank you.”

The cold and mellow aroma spread through his lips and teeth. The cool and sweet feeling suddenly filled Zhao Yao’s taste buds.

Zhao Yao used to like drinks. When he was younger, his fridge was filled with all types of beer and soda. Later, there was a problem with his body. It was more convenient for him to drink water so everything in his refrigerator was replaced with mineral water. Then as his physical condition became worse, his drinking water was replaced with warm water at the right temperature.

The recklessness of his youth was gone forever. He just hadn’t expected that after being reborn, he would be bewitched by Pei Mingzhan’s words to break his rule. Zhao Yao couldn’t understand it and could only blame his own self-control. His determination wasn’t good enough.

Yao Bai looked at the warm milk tea in his hand. He had just warmed it up and as a result, his brother turned around and drank iced milk tea.

Men were hard to guess and his Brother Yao was even harder.

“Oh, it’s raining!” Someone outside shouted loudly and the staff members hurried to move the props.

Zhao Yao heard these words and after seeing the busy staff members at the door, he couldn’t help thinking of his days in the care facility. He both liked and hated rainy days.

In his last life, he finished dealing with Zhao Zhikai and treated the remaining parties impolitely. He found the people placed around him one by one and didn’t take into account other emotions when dealing with them. Those who should be sent to prison were sent to prison and those who should be fired were fired. Later, the newly recruited assistants and secretaries were cautious when talking to him out of fear that they would make him unhappy and lose their job.

Still, Zhao Yao thought this was fine. He hoped everyone would be afraid of him so that no one dared to deceive him. Then he became seriously ill and was admitted to the hospital. The nurses dealt with him carefully and his subordinates didn’t dare say anything else when reporting work. Someone came to his ward every day but he didn’t feel any excitement.

The psychiatrist was right. He couldn’t build trusting relationships with people and he couldn’t make close friends.

During his illness, he always heard work reports that seemed to be told by a machine. Once he couldn’t get out of bed, he realized that he was alone.

Later, Zhao Yao started to like liveliness. He would have the nurses play documentaries day and night and have the secretary stay in the ward for a while. However, this made these people feel fear for no reason. They thought that had done something wrong even when he coughed.

Zhao Yao didn’t toss them and let them go.

The care facility was quiet day after day, except when it rained or thundered. Then it was unexpectedly lively.

The rain pounded against the windows and the smell of wet earth..

Nevertheless, he didn’t like rainy days because they reminded him of the dark, rainy day when his mother died of illness.

Torrential rain had come suddenly and the staff members were hurriedly gathering props and equipment. It was the same rainy day but it was a different type of liveliness. The busy figures of the staff in front of him gradually overlapped with the figures of the care facility. People were always different but Zhao Yao found that once a person died, they liked this type of noisy excitement.

“It is raining so hard!”

A staff member standing next to Zhao Yao looked at the situation with his hands on his hips. The heavy rain poured down and flowed along the eaves.

“Still, it was timely enough to cool down the studio. It was so hot.”

The rain and wind had blown away a lot of the heat. Pei Mingzhan noticed Zhao Yao’s expression and asked, “Do you want to experience the wind at the door?”

Yao Bai watched Pei Mingzhan doing his job and wondered why he felt that his brother and Pei Mingzhan seemed to have a close relationship? He asked Pei Mingzhan’s assistant doubtfully, “Brother, let me ask you something. Has my brother succeeded in chasing stars?”

Lele was confused. “What chasing stars?”

Yao Bai explained, “Chasing your Brother Pei. My brother has been watching his works recently.”

Lele was surprised. “Really? Mr Zhao has been watching my brother’s works?”

Yao Bai nodded. “Why would I lie to you? In addition, why would he come all the way to this  sauna to watch Brother Pei’s scenes?”

Lele hadn’t expected it. He thought that Mr Zhao came here for Ji Heyu but it was actually for Brother Pei?

The resourceful Mr Zhao liked to watch Brother Pei’s words and came all the way to the crew to chase a star?

The doorway wasn’t very big. Pei Mingzhan pushed Zhao Yao to a place where he could enjoy the coolness. The rain curtain in front of them was heavy and many group actors were walking outside with umbrellas.

“The rain can cool things down but filming might be delayed,” Pei Mingzhan said.

Zhao Yao felt the wind on his face and replied, “It’s fine if it is delayed. Just take a break.”

Pei Mingzhan wondered, “Why did you invest in Bewildering Traces? Huihua’s inside matters haven’t been straightened out yet. Why are you in such a hurry to invest in a project? Do you want to bring a newcomer?”

Zhao Yao closed his eyes to rest. “The outside world doesn’t know that you have picked up Bewildering Traces. I only knew you were in the crew when Xingchen sent the project to me.  If Huihua wanted to bring a newcomer, they could put him in a current popular variety show or talent show. There is no need to spend a lot of money to invest. You should understand, right? This Bewildering Traces is worth investing in because of you.”

Pei Mingzhan was a guarantee of traffic. Even if the other actors weren’t very famous, there would be no loss of money as long as there was Pei Mingzhan.

Pei Mingzhan was surprised when he heard this. “Just like that?”

“Otherwise?” Zhao Yao wondered.

Pei Mingzhan smiled. “That’s fine.”

A young girl holding the camera happened to pass by and saw Pei Mingzhan standing at the door with his hand resting casually on Mr Zhao’s wheelchair.

The two of them were stopped in front of a rain curtain.

For some ghostly reason, she raised her phone and took a shot. Then she hurried away.


All of Huihua’s affairs were gradually getting on the right track. Huihua’s senior management was finally stabilized and the personnel changes were balanced. The projects that Zhao Changshuo gave to Zhao Yao were transferred to Chen Xi’s desk and several projects that Huihua had been stuck on were reviewed one after another. Everything was going well but various rumors in the outside world weren’t optimistic about Huihua’s current situation. Many people even called Chen Xi to inquire about the situation and ask if he needed help.

The Zhao Group was complicated internally and Zhao Yao leaving the group was nothing more than being swept out the door to the outside world. Chen Xi had heard many strange rumors these days. If it wasn’t for his boss sending him so many projects and several of them being IPs previously taken by Xingchen, he would’ve almost believed the nonsense of outsiders.

All his old friends advised Chen Xi to stop and sell Huihua while it still had a bit of reputation left.

However, Chen Xi ignored them. Huihua earned benefits when it met a boss like Zhao Yao. Now these people wanted to persuade him to turn back?

Turning back was turning around to become a pig.

Chen Xi finished arranging the work on this side. He had just finished a meeting and gone out when he saw the secretary rushing over.

The secretary said, “President Chen, it is like this. President Zhao is on TV…”

The moment that it was time for Cultural Tourism to air, Pei Mingzhan’s fans waited in front of the TV.

The moment the blind date scene was shown, the fans watching it laughed loudly.

[Seeing Old Pei’s happy steps as he walked toward the matchmaking table, I can tell how excited he is in his heart.]

[Forgive my child. It’s been almost seven years since he debuted and there isn’t even a scandal. Mom has been worried.]

[I’m laughing to death. The program crew is even recruiting relatives on the Internet.]

[How come we didn’t run into a show recording when we were on a blind date in our neighborhood?]

When Pei Mingzhan walked through the blind date square to join a table, the fans finally knew where the fascinating smile from the official Weibo came from. The directors of the Cultural Tourism group set up suspense and even added a suitable BGM to make the scene appear pink.

As a result, Pei Mingzhan went up to a table in the square, talked to one of them and sat down in separate groups of two.

[Why is there a table for two men at a blind date meeting??]

[The passerby brother has a story.]

[Old Pei? Are you sure you can hide? Two men are so obvious!]

[It isn’t a question of hiding… are a passersby’  face value so high now?]

[F*ck, who is the little brother sitting with Old Pei?]

[The little brother has a wheelchair next to him. Are his legs bad?]

[This face value… is he a newcomer pushed by a company?]

[This smile?? Old Pei is smiling at him.]

[!!! I want all the information about this little brother in five minutes!]

The netizens were familiar with the routine of variety shows promoting people. Some were real plain people while others were newcomer reserves from TV stations or those pushed by entertainment companies. So when they saw Zhao Yao sitting with Pei Mingzhan, netizens started to search for this little brother’s Weibo. As a result, no one found it for two days and no entertainment company claimed this person.

Just as the fans were about to give up, a netizen posted a photo. The photo showed the interior backdrop of a company. Other employees were eating takeaway while a young man in the corner was holding a can of Coke in his hand and looking at his phone.

[This little brother looks a bit familiar. He is like the former team leader of my project.]

The netizens who were searching with no results rushed over.

[Is it really an ordinary person?]

[Insider, is your company still hiring? Or is your project team short of people?]

[I’m dead. He looks so handsome in this shirt!]

[If my project team leader looks like this, I would be willing to work overtime every day!]

[How can he have this type of aura when carrying a Coke?]

The fighting power of netizens was extraordinary. They suddenly flocked to this netizen’s Weibo. Some even saw the company’s internal logo from the photo sent by the blogger.

The blogger who sent the photo just wanted to say that his former team leader looked a bit like this ordinary person. Unexpectedly he attracted so many netizens. He quickly replied: [It isn’t necessarily my former team leader. I don’t think my team leader is someone who would join the entertainment industry and he left his job. It is convenient to say more. Please don’t ask!]

At this time, someone found a publicity photo of a charity activity done by the Zhao Group in S City. The handsome ordinary brother stood in the photo. He was dressed in a black suit and his young and confident face stood out among the philanthropists.

The netizens: ???!

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