FLBCP: Chapter 22

Yao Bai wasn’t very comfortable with the temperature in the studio. The fan and air conditioners seemed to just be decorations. After standing for a while, his back started to sweat. However, his brother was very calm as if the temperature had no effect on him.

Yao Bai gave a reminder. “Brother, Pei Mingzhan is here.”

“Mr Zhao.”

Zhao Yao noticed Pei Mingzhan coming over and nodded politely. “Is that it for your scenes today?”

“There are two left.” Pei Mingzhan glanced at the actors who were filming and saw that they were being taught by Director Cheng due to a problem. “There is still some time until the next one.”

Zhao Yao had seen Pei Mingzhan’s filming arrangements. The next few days were basically his rival scenes with the main character. If there were no accidents, he would stay at the studio for two or three days. Considering Pei Mingzhan’s private schedule, the crew would film specific scenes at certain times.

It was just that the timing was too coincidental…

“Why did you come today? There are no scenes for Xiao Ji today.” Pei Mingzhan sat down next to Zhao Yao and moved the fan on the side to a certain position. “The temperature is high these days. The studio is stuffy and it is easy to get heat stroke.”

“I’m not here for Ji Heyu.” Zhao Yao felt it was necessary to emphasize this in case there were strange rumors. He had seen the schedule and Ji Heyu wasn’t filming this week.

Pei Mingzhan nodded and took the ice bucket from the staff member nearby.

He put the ice bucket next to Zhao Yao. As he got closer, he smelt the faint smell of medicine and looked at Zhao Yao’s injured leg.

Zhao Yao glanced at the props and equipment around him and asked the staff to the side, “The weather hasn’t turned cold yet. It is easy for there to be equipment problems with high-density filming. Do you check the equipment for problems on a regular basis?”

The staff member answered, “Of course. Our props team and equipment team check it every team.”

The staff member had never seen an investor who cared so much about the crew. This issue was emphasized by Mr Zhao last time and he emphasized it again.

Zhao Yao noticed the large amount of sweat on the staff members around him and turned to look at Yao Bai. “Go out and buy something for them to cool off.”

Yao Bai responded in a positive manner before giving a reminder. “Brother, be careful here. Don’t bump into anything.”

The busy scene continued. Director Cheng pulled the main character to the camera and reprimanded him with a stern expression.

“The male protagonist is a newcomer and his acting is spiritual.” Pei Mingzhan noticed the direction of Zhao Yao’s gaze. “He just occasionally makes some small mistakes.s”

Zhao Yao looked at Pei Mingzhan.” There are some things on the set that I’m not clear about. Film Emperor Pei, can you accompany me?”

“Okay.” Pei Mingzhan smiled.

Everywhere on the set was busy.

“Old Wu, Old Wu.” The staff from the clothing department rushed over to ask about the situation. “They said to tell you to check the equipment. Your props team should be careful. Don’t let anything happen in the next two days.”

Old Wu was sitting on the ground while still holding a wire in his hand. He took off his goggles and replied, “Yes, don’t worry.”

The staff member left.

The colleague next to Old Wu sighed. “How many crews have I been with? This is the first time this small thing has to be repeated.”

“It is normal for the crew to be careful about props.” Old Wu yawned. He squinted and continued to be busy. “Hurry and check these. They will be used in the next scene.”

His colleague asked, “You didn’t sleep well again last night?”

“THe child was noisy and my wife called me in the middle of the night to talk to me for half a night.” Old Wu put on his goggles and said, “Work.”


The moment Yao Bai left, the matter of pushing the wheelchair fell to Pei Mingzhan.

He looked at Zhao Yao’s leg and asked, “How is the recovery of your leg?”

He had his agent inquire about Zhao Yao’s car accident. It wasn’t serious. It was just a fracture and it would be fine after rest and recuperation. Still, he couldn’t help feeling a bit worried every time he saw Zhao Yao sitting in a wheelchair.

“It’s almost healed. During this time, I can walk by myself.” Zhao Yao had been looking after his leg for a long time. He basically didn’t use a wheelchair at home and could walk on crutches. It was just that Yao Bai was worried he would be uncomfortable with crutches outside so Yao Bai asked him to sit in a wheelchair for a few more days. “I heard that you have been staying in S City during this time and your work has been reduced. Are there other arrangements?”

“I am busy with my own business.” Pei Mingzhan answered. “This should be the last time I join a filming crew.”

Zhao Yao paused. “You won’t act anymore?”

“I won’t act for the time being. I’m relatively busy.”

Zhao Yao had only recently started to follow Pei Mingzhan’s works so he felt a bit regretful when he heard that Pei Mingzhan wouldn’t act. “Being busy with your career is a good thing but you should pay more attention to your body.”

“Do I seem to be in a bad state?” Pei Mingzhan looked down at this time. “Every time we meet, you tell me to pay more attention to my body.”

Zhao Yao pinched his thumb and said simply, “Being healthy is important.”

The two people talked as they moved. Pei Mingzhan introduced him to the crew. Along the way, the staff members saw Film Emperor Pei taking Mr Zhao around and were surprised. Film Emperor Pei had been in the crew for several days but he often went to do his other work after filming. They hadn’t expected him to still be strolling around in the crew.

“The crew will change places after filming the scenes in S City this month,” Pei Mingzhan said.

Zhao Yao asked, “Are you going too?”

“I’m not going. My scenes will be finished in S City. They are mainly concentrated in the next few days and it is completed after that.” Pei Mingzhan wondered, “Mr Zhao, are you a local of S City?”

“Yes.” Zhao Yao asked another question. “You said that you are busy with your business. Are you also from S City?”

“No, I’m from H City,” Pei Mingzhan replied.

H City?

The Zhao family started in S City but Zhao Yao wasn’t born here. His mother was from H City. When he was born, the Zhao Group had a lot of competition and friction with business rivals. His father considered it and waited until Zhao Yao was two years old before taking him back to S City.

As a child, he often went to his grandfather’s house in H City to play. Later, his mother passed away and he was busy with his studies. He gradually didn’t return to H city.

After hearing Pei Mingzhan mention H City, Zhao Yao inevitably felt a bit kind and he said, “H City is a good place. My mother is from H City.”

“Really?” Pei Mingzhan looked down slightly. Zhao Yao had a small hair swirl on top of his head. It was small and very hard to find without looking closely.

A long time ago, a child’s tender voice asked him, “Why are there two circles on Brother’s head?”

The child lay on his back, grabbing his hair. There were often a thousand ‘whys’ emerging from the child’s mouth.

Pei Mingzhan retracted his gaze. The child had grown up and probably couldn’t remember clearly what happened when he was a child.


Yao Bai bought a lot of iced milk tea and cold fruit. Director Cheng waved his hand and gave the staff member a 30 minute break. Everyone sat down and talked with each other while eating.

Zhao Yao held a cup of iced milk tea in his hand but he didn’t drink it.

Pei Mingzhan looked at him. “You don’t like milk tea?”

“No, it is too cold.” Zhao Yao didn’t drink ice drinks or ice water. Even his daily drinking water must be controlled to a certain temperature and it couldn’t be too hot or too cold.

The milk tea cup was cold and drove away a lot of the heat.

“I forgot. Brother doesn’t drink iced drinks. He is keeping healthy.” Yao Bai hit his forehead. “I’ll go get some hot drinks from over there.”

He had prepared some hot drinks but they were over on the girls’ side.

“You don’t drink ice water?” Pei Mingzhan calculated the age. Zhao Yao was five years younger than him. He was already paying attention to such problems at a young age?

Zhao Yao changed the hand holding the milk tea. “Drinking cold water is bad for your body.”

Pei Mingzhan wondered, “Did the doctor tell you that?”


“You have a slightly different view on health. Paying attention to your diet is a good habit to have but if you refuse everything, you will lose a lot of the fun in your life.” Pei Mingzhan took the straw, pierced the cup and handed the milk tea directly to Zhao Yao. “Try it?”

Zhao Yao was stunned. After a pause, he took the milk tea from Pei Mingzhan.

From the age of 30, his body gradually developed problems from overworking such as weak physique, stomach problems… all of a sudden, all the hidden dangers appeared. The attending doctor told him that he had a lot of physical problems but it also had a lot to do with his irregular work and rest and eating habits in his youth.

A few weeks ago, the results of the examination showed that neither he nor Uncle Wang had any major problems.

However, this was just temporary. He was still young in this life and had a healthy body. He didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes.

Since then, he started paying attention to his daily life and eating habits. He didn’t touch unhealthy foods, let alone milk tea…

Pei Mingzhan saw that he was silently holding the milk tea and had to say, “Ice milk tea and hot milk tea have different tastes.”

Zhao Yao frowned slightly. “I’ve had milk tea before.”

Thinking about it, the last time he drank milk tea should be seven or  eight years ago.

Pei Mingzhan was surprised. “You don’t like to drink it?”

Zhao Yao answered, “No, I used to drink it often.”

He looked at the milk tea in his hand. Then due to Pei Mingzhan’s gaze, he had to take a few sips.

There was a burst of cold as it entered.

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2 years ago

Ahh, I’d love to have a milk shake now. Dunno why since they don’t even drank then lol

The mention of that Old Wu made me worried again :’D

Thx for the ch ٩(。˃ ᵕ ˂ )و

2 years ago

I also want some milk tea uwu perhaps with pearls too. It’s freakin 32 deg C here QAQ felt like 35 tho ffffff