FLBCP: Chapter 21

Two days later, Ji Heyu’s agent came and Ji Heyu moved to the dormitory assigned by the company. Zhao Yao’s apartment suddenly became quiet. Ji Heyu left and he lost a drama watching friend. Zhao Yao was a bit unaccustomed to it.

Then his attention soon shifted to Pei Mingzhan’s other works. Just after watching Pei Mingzhan’s Drowning, he found that Film Emperor Pei really deserved his reputation. The transformations in the reversal scenes made him almost get carried away by the emotions in the work.

This feeling was very novel. Zhao Yao decided to see all of Pei Mingzhan’s works.

Yao Bai came to give materials and found that his brother had been watching less love variety shows and reading less emotional reference books. Instead, he started watching Pei Mingzhan’s film and drama works. Yao Bai was pleased since Pei Mingzhan’s works were more normal than the silly, sweet youth idol dramas. He didn’t have to worry about Brother Zhao losing himself in the blind date one day.

“Brother, what are you watching?” Yao Bai sat down beside Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao didn’t shift his gaze. “Searching for Immortals.”

Yao Bai glanced at the TV. He saw that the male lead in an ancient costume was fighting with someone.

“Mr Chen asked me to bring this to you. He said that you might not care but you should go visit Huihua once in a while.” Ever since his brother invested in Huihua and took the Xingchen team over, he had never visited again as if Huihua had nothing to do with him.

Zhao Yao spoke casually, “Once I start to care about some things, they will pop up endlessly. Chen Xi has the ability to do this without me worrying about it.”

Yao Bai glanced at his brother. Um…

There was no need to worry. His brother’s interest wasn’t in running the company.

Zhao Yao might not attend some meetings but he still had to read the documents. Yao Bai had recently started to get in touch with Huihua’s project. If Chen Xi had any small things, he usually came to Yao Bai directly. He brought the documents required by Chen Xi to Zhao Yao. Then he said, “By the way Brother, there is relationship gossip about you outside. Will you listen?”

Zhao Yao took the document and flipped through it smoothly. “Go ahead.”

“It isn’t just being said within Huihua. My former colleagues in the Zhao Group are also talking.” Yao Bai said with a smile. “They actually said that Xiao Ji is your little star and you invested in Huihua to raise him up.”

Zhao Yao frowned when he heard the ways. “They are so idle that any words are coming out?”

“There is too much exaggeration. Do you want me to read it to you?” Yao Bai briefly told Zhao Yao about the gossip being spread outside. The more Zhao Yao heard, the more he frowned.

Zhao Yao hadn’t expected this to happen. He treated Ji Heyu like his junior. In his last life, there weren’t any rumors about him raising a new employee in the company.

“It should be clarified and suppressed. Huihua’s team can’t even handle this well?”

“Yes, his agent told me about it as soon as he took over Ji Heyu. He naturally suppressed it.” Yao Bai said. “It will be over in a few days. I just wanted to tell you about the situation. However, there will always be some gossip in the entertainment industry. Brother, you should pay attention in the future. Xiao Ji is an honest person. If this was changed to a female star, he wouldn’t be able to be whitewashed. People can write whole articles about it.”

Yao Bai taught Zhao Yao about the entertainment circle. All sorts of stories about female stars, rich family affairs and wealthy backers emerged one after another.

After that, Yao Bai patiently explained, “You are still young and you have become a well-known diamond king in the circle in two years. Some people will follow you around on a variety of occasions. Some people will climb into your bed in the hotel  room, some will take photos at the party and some will come to the same neighborhood as you to create rumors about living together…”

Zhao Yao asked, “Have you read more novels lately?”

Yao Bai was crazy. “All literary creations are based on reality, okay! Why don’t you ask your older brother if a woman has ever climbed into his bed?!”

“Zhao Changshuo?” Zhao Yao frowned. “He lives in the old house.”

It wasn’t that easy for women to get past the security of the old house.

Yao Bai, “……” He was convinced. The explanation didn’t make sense.

“Speak to Huihua’s PR team and tell them to solve such rumors immediately in the future.” Zhao Yao’s eyes returned to the historical drama. “If they can’t even handle this little thing well, Chen Xi doesn’t have to pay them anymore.”

Zhao Yao came to his senses and found some new messages popping up on the phone’s VX. He opened the VX program and noticed that Pei Mingzhan had sent him a few more popular articles on insomnia.

Two days ago, Pei Mingzhan had gone to the doctor that Zhao Yao recommended. He didn’t have a problem with insomnia but he was too busy in the daytime and was a bit anxious. After coming back from seeing the doctor, he thanked Zhao Yao. Upon hearing the diagnosis, Zhao Yao knew that Pei Mingzhan only had occasional insomnia and it wasn’t a long-term condition.

 However, anxiety was always related to insomnia. Zhao Yao’s insomnia had also started with anxiety so he had reminded Pei Mingzhan with a few words. As a result, Pei Mingzhan occasionally sent him some recommended articles these past two days.

Zhao Yao picked up his phone and replied with thanks.

“Pei Mingzhan looks really good in ancient costume.” Yao Bai sat beside Zhao Yao and watched the TV. He was complaining about the stupid behavior of the supporting actor when he found that his brother hadn’t responded to him. His brother was staring at his phone in a daze.”Brother, aren’t you watching TV?”

The online publicity about Pei Mingzhan’s new movie was becoming more widespread and Zhao Yao occasionally thought about the production of Bewildering Traces. The time node of Pei Mingzhan’s accident was getting closer but there was no news about it at all.

Was it something that would happen on the set or outside the set?

None of it was known.

Zhao Yao was a bit flustered. He had deliberately made himself not pay attention to these things but the quality of his sleep in the past two days had decreased. His signs of insomnia were also aggravated. He found himself unable to control his own thinking. He wanted to get rid of this habit but he found it more and more difficult to control. He didn’t want to become crazy again because of insomnia in this life so he couldn’t ignore any inducements.

“Let’s go to the crew tomorrow.” Zhao Yao locked his phone screen.

Yao Bai was stunned. “Eh? Isn’t it good to have the air conditioner at home? It is so hot on the set.”

Then he thought of something after he finished speaking. “Brother, are you going to see Xiao Ji? Don’t go. We just suppressed this rumor. If you go to the set then it will seem like the rumors are true.”

The wealthy backer went to the studio to support the star. The overbearing president novels were written like this.

Zhao Yao paused. “What are you thinking about? If you are worried about this, pick a day where he isn’t scheduled to film.”

Ji Heyu was playing a supporting role. The characters in the play always followed the main character’s schedule. Ji Heyu didn’t need to be on the set every day.

Yao Bai responded positively. “Okay. However, the set is a bit far away from us. I’ll come over early tomorrow.”

It would take half a day to go back and forth. He didn’t know what his brother was thinking. The set was hot and stuffy. He didn’t understand why his brother wanted to go there.

“Wait a minute.” Zhao Yao slightly frowned. “Is the crew’s hotel close?”

Yao Bai paused with the phone in his hand. “Brother, what do you mean?”

“It will take a while and it is quite troublesome to go back and forth.” Zhao Yao spoke nonchalantly. “Let’s stay in the hotel for these two days.”

Yao Bai, “???”


Zhao Yao said he would stay in the hotel so he stayed in the hotel. The publicity for the release of Jianghu was becoming more intense. If something was really going to happen to Pei Mingzhan in the next few days, it was better to go to the scene and stare at it himself rather than telling others to pay attention to the crew. It just so happened that Ji Heyu’s scenes were delayed for next week. It wasn’t a problem for him to stay a few more days.

Yao Bai was worried about the crowd at the hotel arranged by the crew. Occasionally, the stalker fans of the actors would fall. It wasn’t very safe so he asked for his brother’s opinion.

Zhao Yao wondered, “Does Pei Mingzhan live in the place arranged by the crew?”

This was outside Yao Bai’s knowledge so he had to call and ask. “No, Pei Mingzhan stays in a hotel slightly further away but that is only when filming night scenes. Other times, he lives in his apartment in the city.”

He owned a house in S City which was closer to the city.

Zhao Yao nodded. “Then live near Pei Mingzhan.”

“What near?” Yao Bai thought about it and asked, “No, Brother, have you started chasing stars?”

“It is the same hotel as Pei Mingzhan.” Zhao Yao answered before continuing, “What chasing stars?”

Yao Bai thought about how Zhao Yao had been watching Pei Mingzhan’s works these days and now wanted to stay in the same hotel as Pei Mingzhan. He couldn’t avoid thinking in the wrong direction. “No, it’s fine as long as you are happy.”

The next day, Yao Bai packed the luggage and went with Zhao Yao and Uncle Wang to a high-end hotel near the set. It was far away from the place arranged by the crew. They wouldn’t run into any of the actors getting off work but the good thing was that the safety factor was high and it was more comfortable.

Uncle Wang stayed at the hotel to arrange things while Zhao Yao asked Yao Bai to send him to the set.

The staff members at the set heard that Mr Zhao was here and hurriedly sent someone to follow him.

Various equipment was placed around the shooting scene. Zhao Yao didn’t bother the people filming but found a cool place to watch the shooting situation not far away. In addition to the people who were filming, there were many actors sitting nearby. Some were reading the script while others were resting with closed eyes.

The temperature in the studio was high and fans were blowing.

The last time that Zhao Yao came here, the studio wasn’t fully set up. Now there were people standing in the studio and the staff were busy performing their duties. The air was full of all types of smells and there were small movements of the directors and actors…

It was lively but he didn’t hate it.

Zhao Yao soon noticed the distinctive Pei Mingzhan. He was leaning against the equipment, holding a bottle of mineral water in hand while staring solemnly at the shooting venue.

The venue was very quiet. There were only the heartbreaking roars of the actors who were filming.

Zhao Yao’s gaze stopped on Pei Mingzhan’s body. The man in front of him was dressed differently than usual. He wore loose, casual clothes and his makeup was also biased toward a middle-aged person. There was a beard on his face and it looked like he hadn’t shaved for a few days.

Actors were really amazing. It was just costume and makeup but Pei Mingzhan could completely become another person.

“Brother, Mr Zhao is here.” Lele gave a reminder.

At this time, Pei Mingzhan shifted his gaze away from the field. Indeed, he saw Zhao Yao at the resting place on the other side.

Why did he come here?

Pei Mingzhan asked, “Is Ji Heyu filming today?”

“No.” The assistant flipped through the filming schedule. “He finished filming two days ago and his scenes with the main character are scheduled for next week.”

Then Zhao Yao didn’t come here for Ji Heyu.

Lele glanced at Pei Mingzhan doubtfully. He found that Brother Pei seemed to be paying too much attention to Mr Zhao recently. He heard that the two of them had known each other before but based on the situation, they didn’t seem to be familiar with each other.

“I’ll go over and take a look.” Pei Mingzhan handed over the things in his hands to Lele and walked to Zhao Yao.

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