FLBCP: Chapter 20

The investor came to the audition scene and started to inquire about the crew’s filming arrangements. This made the crew nervous. The assistant hurriedly took the just-printed schedule list to the wealthy backer. He saw the bigshot frown when looking at the shooting arrangements.

Director Cheng sitting next to him became nervous. Director Cheng had cooperated with many investors but it was the first time he had cooperated with Xingchen and Huihua. It was common for investors to come to the audition. If it wasn’t an important role, Director Cheng would let them do what they want. However, if they wanted to interfere with the filming arrangements…

Director Cheng had heard of the Third Young Master of the Zhao family but it was his first time dealing with Zhao Yao. There were many comments on Zhao Yao in the industry. Some people said he was a rich second generation who was ignorant and had no skills. Others said he was a superhuman and didn’t fall behind in the family property competition. He had only joined the Zhao Group for two years but the projects he was in charge of were thriving. He was a capable and ambitious person.

The Zhao Group involved few entertainment projects and even Xingchen Culture was only a small company under its umbrella. Now the right to speak for Xingchen Culture rested on this young man. In addition, there was Huihua Culture’s additional investment. Zhao Yao was the wealthy backer supporting the operation of the entire crew.

Director Cheng thought of this and became even more nervous.

“Why are there so many night scenes arranged?” Zhao Yao looked at the arrangement of the night scenes. It could be said that there were night scenes arranged almost every night and some were even pushed to three or four in the morning. It took such a long time to shoot. Could the actors survive like this?

Director Cheng’s voice gradually became lower. “The funds are limited and money for the venue is burned every day. It is common to have so many night scenes.”

Wasn’t it normal to shoot night scenes? There were also dramas with more night scenes than them. Their arrangement was a well-considered schedule.

“There are too many night scenes.”

Director Cheng and the staff were stunned.

Pei Mingzhan had seen the filming arrangements and knew that Director Cheng’s crew were actually relaxed. Considering the weather and other factors, the current shooting arrangements were very reasonable. He said, “Some scenes need to be shot at night. Moving them to the day will cause problems.”

Director Cheng also explained that the venue consumed money every minute and the actors would take turns to rest after shooting night scenes…

Zhao Yao didn’t understand filming but the intensive shooting schedule wouldn’t only affect the efficient operation of the shoot. It was also very demanding on the state of the actors, which had many potential safety hazards. “Control the weekly night scenes. Unless it is necessary for shooting, the other night scenes will be moved earlier.”

He handed back the document to the staff member. “Try not to drag it out to the early hours of the morning. If there are financial problems with the venue funding, you can directly report it to Yao Bai. At least for this crew, I don’t want to see the cast or crew tired from filming.”

The staff member took it in a daze. What did this mean? Adjust the schedule so they didn’t shoot early morning night scenes?

Director Cheng wondered, “Mr Zhao, what is your meaning?”

“Find me if there isn’t enough money.” Zhao Yao frowned slightly. “Is there a problem?”

Director Cheng hastily replied, “Of course not. Xiao Li, hurry and rearrange the schedule and send a copy to President Zhao.”

The staff members in the area who heard it felt a lot more comfortable. The lack of night scenes meant they didn’t need to stay up late as often.

Pei Mingzhan had a smile in his eyes as he joked, “Are you burning money?”

“The main investors are Huihua and Xingchen. Zhao Changshuo won’t miss this money.” Zhao Yao carefully examined Pei Mingzhan’s face. “Did you stay up late yesterday? Or is it insomnia?”

Pei Mingzhan saw Zhao Yao’s serious expression and answered truthfully, “Insomnia.”

“I’ll introduce you to a doctor later.” Zhao Yao was well aware of the pain of insomnia. As a long-term insomnia patient, he knew a lot about the treatment for insomnia. The most important thing was to follow the doctor’s diagnosis.


The crew had money and Director Cheng cheerfully put the staff to work as they prepared for the audition. The audition was for two important supporting roles in the cast as well as other minor roles, including one that Ji Heyu planned to try for.

The roles hadn’t been set by management and Director Cheng had already sent out a message to recruit people for the audition. Then Zhao Yao suddenly came. There might be an internal role already decided but the crew would also recruit a few more supporting actors.

Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao added each other on VX. Then Zhao Yao sent the contacts of a doctor to him. “Dr Tao is my attending doctor. I have recently received treatment at his place. You can find him for insomnia.”

Pei Mingzhan saw the profile picture of the VX account and asked, “You have insomnia?”

“Yes.” Zhao Yao simply responded. “People are coming in.”

Pei Mingzhan added the doctor’s VX account smoothly and looked at Zhao Yao’s face.

Zhao Yao’s face looked the same as usual. Pei Mingzhan didn’t think that he would have insomnia and even added a doctor’s VX. It was estimated that Zhao Yao’s insomnia wasn’t as simple as it seemed on the surface.

However, why did he have insomnia?

The first person to audition came in.

Ji Heyu’s interview position was very late. By the time it was his turn, there were already over a dozen people in front of him. He acted according to the script he had been working on with Zhao Yao for the past two days. The topic he happened to draw was also the scene he had prepared earlier. Zhao Yao was also sitting in one of the judging positions. He wasn’t nervous when he saw Zhao Yao. He soon finished the performance according to the situation and went outside to wait.

Director Cheng sighed with relief. He felt that this actor wasn’t bad. The traces of a newcomer were obvious but there was a bit of aura. He looked at the others. “If there is no problem then let’s pass him.”

Ji Heyu acted normally and his stage fright wasn’t obvious.

Zhao Yao asked, “Director Cheng, what do you think of Ji Heyu?”

Director Cheng thought about it before telling the truth. “Xiao Ji is still a newcomer. He should have a good path after two years of training.”

Zhao Yao glanced at Pei Mingzhan, clearly wanting his opinion.

“The feeling of his performance is good but it is a young performance. He will be better after following the crew a few more times.”

Pei Mingzhan paid special attention to Ji Heyu. He came to the audition scene to see what the newcomer Zhao Yao stuffed in was like. Pei Mingzhan hadn’t missed a thing about Ji Heyu’s performance during the entire process, including the three times he made eye contact with Zhao Yao.

It was a good performance. Huihua had really signed a good seedling. Just…

Zhao Yao heard Pei Mingzhan’s reply and felt a bit more at ease. The child Ji Heyu didn’t like acting but he had talent in acting. In the future, Zhao Yao could consider finding some roles for him.

Pei Mingzhan frowned slightly. His eyes stopped at the one inch photo of Ji Heyu on the resume and it wasn’t known what he was thinking.

The audition time was long. Zhao Yao followed the entire process because he was idle and had nothing to do. There were some famous actors who came to the audition. They just came here to audition because of their restricted acting path and had fallen into a vacant period of no resources due to various reasons.

“If there was no problem, we can talk about the actors for the other roles. If we aren’t sure, we can have them try again.” Director Cheng looked at the other directors. “I will leave the rest to the others.”

Director Cheng had managed everything all day. He planned to leave as soon as he finished the important supporting roles and leave the rest to the assistant director.

Zhao Yao watched the auditions and had a new understanding of how actors controlled their expressions. Yao Bai came in to pick him up so he didn’t stay long. He left after saying goodbye to Director Cheng.

“Brother Pei, shall we go?” Lele asked.

Pei Mingzhan easily entered Zhao Yao’s Moments and found that the last one posted was a few months ago. Then he switched back, found the doctor’s VX that had been added and told Lele, “Free some time the day after tomorrow. I’ll make an appointment to meet with a doctor.”

“Eh?” Lele was nervous. “Brother, are you in poor health?”

“No.” Pei Mingzhan got up and prepared to leave the room. “I’m just going to see what insomnia is like.”

Lele found it strange. His brother’s sleep quality was good. Why did he need to find a doctor for insomnia?

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2 years ago

I’m always envious when I read how fast those people in novels get their appointments for a doctor lol What’s with the waiting time of several month? Ah… they don’t exist for rich people xDD

Thx for the ch ٩( >ヮ<)۶

2 years ago

Pei Mingzhan did that to get the VX formally XD Smooth my dude.