FLBCP: Chapter 19

Pei Mingzhan hadn’t slept all night yesterday, so his energy wasn’t restored when he came to the crew.

Director Cheng’s drama was called ‘Bewildering Traces’ and it was a suspense drama with a cold theme. The market for suspense dramas had increased in recent years but the popularity depended on the skills of the actors. The production team was pretty good and the main investment was Xingchen Culture of the Zhao family. The problem was that the management had stuffed in quite a few newcomers, which was the only hidden danger of the drama.

Pei Mingzhan was here to pay back a favor. He played a senior of the protagonist. He didn’t have many scenes but his role was very important. He had a great influence on the protagonist and was a standout character.

“Brother Pei, the newcomer introduced by the investor will be going through the interview process in a few minutes.” His assistant Lele entered the RV. “Director Cheng asked if you want to go over to take a look.”

“What role?” Pei Mingzhan endured the pain from his head and raised his spirits. “Is it a person from the capital side?”

“Yes, I heard that the investor personally took him over. Xingchen recommended people to us. As a result, Huihua made an additional investment these days. Huihua pushed this person. It should be determined internally but it seems Director Cheng wants to choose some other roles from the people being interviewed.”

“The person recommended by Huihua and Xingchen?” Pei Mingzhan frowned. “Did Chen Xi push them?”

“It doesn’t seem to be. I can ask.” Lele hadn’t investigated this matter. “I heard that it is a newcomer signed by Huihua. He is Mr Zhao’s lover and his backer is very big.”

Pei Mingzhan stood up. “Which room is the interview in? Or is it directly on the set?”

“It is the room with the production team. Brother, where are you going?” Lele hurried to catch up with Pei Mingzhan.


It was the first time Zhao Yao had come to a filming crew. The agent Xingchn had assigned to Ji Heyu hadn’t come yet but Director Cheng’s interview time was tight. Ji Heyu was a person who was bad with directions and he couldn’t come alone. By coincidence, Zhao Yao wanted to see what a filming crew was like so he took Xiao Ji.

His legs had improved a lot these days but he still chose a wheelchair for the convenience of going out.

Ji Heyu was a bit flustered when he heard he was going to audition for an acting job. “I haven’t acted before. What if my performance is really bad?”

“I’ve seen the script. You can just act like yourself.” Zhao Yao saw his nervousness. “There is no need to be nervous. It is just a small role for you to show your face. The responsibility of acting won’t fall on you.”

Yao Bai added, “Xiao Ji, your psychological quality is poor. Why don’t you feel nervous when singing on a stage but shiver when you have to act? I heard that Director Cheng is very strict and you haven’t acted before. Huihua has arranged a psychologist for you in case you collapse due to being scolded by Director Cheng.”

Ji Heyu listened to this and became even more nervous.

Yao Bai pushed Zhao Yao inside. There were many people outside the interview place. Some had come with assistants and some were alone. The crew heard that Zhao Yao had come in person and immediately sent an assistant director to follow him. Zhao Yao asked Yao Bai to take Ji Heyu to receive a number for the audition while he let the assistant director push him into the audition room.

As an investor, he also had a right to decide. Although he was certain that JI Heyu would win the audition, his presence would be sure to give that child Ji Heyu some courage.

By the time Pei Mingzhan came in, he saw Zhao Yao sitting with Director Cheng and talking. Zhao Yao had no expression on his face while Director Cheng smiled and looked very happy.

“Director Cheng.” Pei Mingzhan walked over.

Director Cheng hurried to introduce him. “Mr Zhao, let me introduce you to Pei Mingzhan.”

Zhao Yao nodded and smiled politely. “Director Chang, I know Film Emperor Pei.”

“We met some time ago when I was recording a variety show.” Pei Mingzhan sat on Zhao Yao’s left side. “I didn’t know that Huihua also invested in this drama.”

Zhao Yao replied, “I was also very surprised that you would come here to play a supporting role. I have been watching your drama during this period of time. You did a good job in Drowning.”

Drowning? This was something he had shot two years ago. He hadn’t expected that Zhao Yao would actually watch his previous drama.

Pei Mingzhan said, “After a while, Jianghu will be released. I’ll send you some tickets.”

Zhao Yao suddenly asked, “Are you here this time to film?”

This question was a bit abrupt so Director Cheng added, “Mingzhan has been busy with work recently. He came here to help me. It is estimated that filming for him will be over in half a month.” He had discussed the schedule with Pei Mingzhan’s agent. It happened that the crew was shooting in S City for half a month. During this time, Pei Mingzhan was busy in S City so he set the shooting time according to his schedule.

“I will basically be here for half a month.” Pei Mingzhan’s new company was here. He would go to the company every day in his free time in addition to filming.

Zhao Yao heard this. If Jianghu wasn’t released this year according to his memory… At present, it seemed that nothing major had happened around Pei Mingzhan. The only strange thing was that there were few works recently. He seemed to be planning to retire.

Was it because of illness?

Yet looking at Pei Mingzhan’s face, he was a bit tired but he didn’t seem very sick…

Zhao Yao said, “You don’t seem to be well rested.”

Pei Mingzhan replied, “I didn’t have a good rest yesterday.”

Why didn’t a young man take good care of his body?

Zhao Yao originally wanted to remind him to pay attention to safety during his recent trips. Then he suddenly thought of something else. If Pei Mingzhan’s incident was really an accident like  Yao Bai said in his previous life then the accident should occur in this half a month. Did something happen here?

If it wasn’t for Zhao Changshuo delivering the project to him, he wouldn’t know that Xingchen Culture had invested in this crew. Yet thinking about it, he did seem to hear in his previous life that there was a problem with a project under Xingchen Culture. He didn’t know if it had anything to do with Pei Mingzhan’s accident.

Zhao Yao frowned. Would Pei Mingzhan have an accident in this crew?

Pei Mingzhan saw Zhao Yao’s expression turn colder and thought about what Lele had inquired of other people on the way over here. It seemed that Zhao Yao really brought his little lover to the audition and he also personally attended to support his little lover.

Zhao Yao didn’t care about the surrounding situation. He had just invested in Bewildering Traces. If Pei Mingzhan had an accident in the crew then he would definitely lose the money he had just invested. In addition, this was Huihua’s first project after changing the senior management. If it suffered a blow then it would deal a hit to Huihua’s development.

“Now the sudden death rate among young people is on the rise. The acting industry sometimes reverses day and night. You should pay more attention to your body.” Zhao Yao looked at Director Cheng. “Has the shooting schedule of the set been determined?”

Director Cheng was taken aback and beckoned to his assistant to bring the shooting arrangements.

Zhao Yao’s expression was very good. This was no longer giving Pei Mingzhan a simple reminder to pay attention when traveling. If it really had to do with the crew he invested in then he couldn’t let anything happen to Pei Mingzhan.

He looked at Pei Mingzhan and made a decision in his heart.

He would save this man.

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2 years ago

Scouting a new talent and let him live at one’s home for a few days = he’s the new lover in the eyes of other’s.
Aw, poor Ji Heyu x’D

Yeah, save him so you won’t lose money xDD

Thx for the ch ٩( >ヮ<)۶

2 years ago

The “just come stay at my house even though I’m super rich and could just as easily pay for a hotel” waaaaas pretty sketchy. I woulda been concerned if I were Ji Heyu

2 years ago
Reply to  Sekstifire

Not when boss has a higher face value than him

2 years ago
Reply to  Sekstifire

I think it was because he wanted someone to be a buffer against Uncle Wang’s nagging? MC did mention that Uncle Wang would only stop pestering when Yao Bai was around, and since Yao Bai is not always there, he wanted Ji Heyu to be a stand in to get some temporary peace.

2 years ago

And that, kids, is how I met your father lmao

2 years ago

Zhao Yao’s motives seem a bit off but let’s save Pei Mingzhan!