FLBCP: Chapter 14

The pressure from the outside world was increasing and even the senior people in the company started to sneer that Chen Xi had found a rich second generation to invest, saying that he was treating Huihua’s future as a trifling matter. However, Chen Xi didn’t take their words to heart. He went back and found a lawyer to check the cooperation agreement with Zhao Yao from beginning to end. Then he found that the agreement didn’t have too many taps. It was a beneficial agreement for Huihua.

He also checked. This Zhao Yao was the third young master of the famous Zhao Group. He was backed by a towering tree. This was simply a pie falling from the sky. A bigshot had descended to help the poor.

Despite the pressure from the top, Chen Xi still listened to his inner thoughts. In the end, he decided to cooperate with Zhao Yao.

The agreed upon place was still the previous clubhouse. Chen Xi came with the re-drafted contract and met Zhao Yao and his lawyer.

Zhao Yao thought that Chen Xi was going to raise the conditions. Then he saw the content of the contract and was a bit surprised. “I have some other people discuss with me about making a profit but I have never seen anyone push away their own interests. Don’t you want to be the boss?”

Originally, the benefits were within a reasonable range but now Chen Xi had taken the initiative to give up some benefits.

“I’m not suitable to be the boss. Sometimes when the boss is involved in too many things, he worries too much when making decisions.

Chen Xi added, “Mr Zhao, your promise is enough to completely buy Huihua. Since you trust me, I’ll be straightforward.”

“The boss is just a title. Huihua is my hard work and I hope it can be better. Now Huihua’s management needs to be completely recognized or it doesn’t matter how much money is invested. In the later stages, it will be dragged down.”

Zhao Yao wasn’t surprised by Chen Xi’s answer. In his last life, after the rich second generation invested in Huihua, it took a long time to reshuffle the company so it could stand up again. Chen Xi also became famous in the industry because of this.

“I respect your opinion and you will retain your rights.” Zhao Yao was calm. “Since we have decided to cooperate, you are my person. The cancer that is the management should be pulled out. If you want to dig away someone from another place, discuss it with me. I can act as a villain.”

Chen Xi was very touched. “Mr Zhao, I am very grateful.”

“Don’t worry about thanking me.” Zhao Yao casually said. “I am a businessman by nature. Investment doesn’t mean poverty alleviation. I don’t like to manage things now. In the final analysis, I am cooperating with you for benefits. Just make money for me and it is easy to say anything.”

Yao Bai followed Zhao Yao out of the clubhouse. He hadn’t expected his brother to spend money like this. When separating from Chen Xi, this person had kept thanking Zhao Yao but his brother’s reaction was flat. He acted as if investing such a large sum of money was like drinking a glass of boiled water.

If Yao Bai hadn’t seen the amount of money, he would suspect that his brother had only invested tens of thousands of yuan.

“Brother, the outside world’s evaluation of Huihua isn’t very good. It might be an old company but times are changing fast and a good resource base is easy to be wiped out.” Yao Bai talked while pushing the wheelchair. “I think it is too cheap for you to negotiate such a friendly contract. I think it is fine if you convince Chen Xi to give up some profits.”

“I’m not lacking companies. I just want the words that exist under Huihua’s name and Chen Xi.” Zhao Yao answered. “Chen Xi is a smart person, starting from the idea that he doesn’t want to be a boss. He will shuffle Huihua’s management without me needing to remind him. He just lacks a person to cooperate with.”

“This high-level turmoil… you previously had me buy Huihua’s stock and now you are discussing a cooperation agreement. Have you actually planned this a long time ago?”

Zhao Yao rubbed his fingers together. “Pay more attention in the next few days. Once the news comes out, Huihua’s reputation will fall again. Chen Xi will probably grab the stocks being sold at a low price. We also can’t let it go.”

“Eh? Isn’t this a cooperation?” Yao Bai thought naively.

Zhao Yao glanced at him. “I don’t want to care about Huihua’s many issues. I want to work with Chen Xi because I trust his ability. However, Xiao Bai, I am essentially a businessman. I won’t let go of things I can easily control completely.”

“Will Chen Xi have other ideas?”

“Chen Xi also understands this and he should have made plans.” Zhao Yao said. “As long as I don’t care about this matter, the two of us will continue to cooperate.”

Yao Bai wanted to say something else but the phone in his pockets vibrated.

He spoke to Zhao Yao before answering the phone. “Hello, I am Zhao Yao.”

The person on the phone said a few words. Yao Bai’s expression suddenly became strange. He looked down at Zhao Yao before responding, “Okay, wait a moment.”

He moved the phone away and told Zhao Yao, “Brother, it is Ji Heyu. He said he is looking for you for something.”

“Ji Heyu?” Zhao Yao heard the words and ordered, “Then make an appointment with him.”


The official Weibo of Cultural Tourism released new promotional materials. Rumors of Pei Mingzhan’s withdrawal from the circle were on the rise and news of him recording a variety show had spread in the fan circle early on. Now the Weibo of Cultural Tourism released a short highlights video and a behind the scenes video from the perspective of the staff. In addition, there was a promotional image. In the photo, Pei Mingzhan was sitting at a round table. There was a vase with roses by his hand and he seemed to be talking to the person opposite him about something.

Fans in the comments section had long exploded.

[This smile? Are you sure it is Pei Mingzhan?]

[How can he be laughing like this?]

[Wooo, my brother hasn’t retired yet. He is still working.]

[This behind the scenes video is killing me. I didn’t expect my brother to be well-versed in the routine of variety games.]

[I’m dead due to this poster. Who is Brother Pei talking to? I’m dead due to this smile.]

[Doesn’t the Cultural Tourism variety show have matching amateurs? Seeing this scene, he should be talking to his amateur partner, right?]

[No, it seems to be a passerby.]

[What type of passerby can get the smile of the demon king?]

Lele, Pei Mingzhan’s assistant, looked at the comments area under Cultural Brigade and compared the promotional photo to Pei Mingzhan working in front of him. Yes, it really wasn’t similar.

Fans who had been following Pei Mingzhan for a long time knew that Pei Mingzhan’s smile was a business smile. It was polite. He seemed to be close to everyone but in fact, it was just a nodding acquaintance. Thus, Lele was very surprised by this promotional photo. He hadn’t expected the crew of Cultural Tourism to capture such a smile.

The agent briefly explained the rest of the work while Pei Mingzhan almost finished reading the documents in his hand. The agent glanced at the assistant Lele before saying, “The response from Cultural Tourism is good and the director group is excellent at publicity. The feature trailer hasn’t been released yet but it has already diverted a lot of attention. Even so, there are some fans concerned about your withdrawal. What do you think?”

“We will have to say it sooner or later. Follow the original plan.”

“That’s fine. Your current works are enough to last another two or three years.” The agent thought about it and estimated that by that time, Pei Mingzhan’s career would be on the right track. “By the way, did you meet an acquaintance at the Cultural Tourism show?”

Pei Mingzhan turned to look at him.

The agent handed him the promotional photo that Lele had been watching just now. “This photo is quite right. To be honest, I am still wondering if I should help you contact a script with an elite persona. After all, you are too good at playing the intellectual type.” 

Pei Mingzhan took the phone from the assistant and saw that the promotional photo had captured the corner of Zhao Yao’s wheelchair and him moving the vase with roses. At that time, Zhao Yao was staring at the man and woman on a blind date at the next table.

“Lele, do people your age want to fall in love?” Pei Mingzhan suddenly thought about what Zhao Yao had said about blind dating on that day.

Lele froze. “Where? It is nice to be single now. It is just that my family is urging me so much. They always want me to find a girlfriend when I just graduated.”

Pei Mingzhan nodded at the words. “What about a blind date?”

Lele answered, “Yes, but a blind date is a small thing. I can deal with it.”

The agent hit Pei Mingzhan’s leg with one hand. “What do you mean by people his age? You are only three years older than Lele. Lele doesn’t have time to find a girlfriend at this age. You should ask the university students two years younger than him if they have time to fall in love. Do you know, the two fresh meats under Old Li’s hand just have their love affair revealed and he has a huge headache.”

“I don’t have to worry about you. There has never been any gossip after so many years.” The agent looked pleased. “Artists these days have too many ideas. Once you quit later, I don’t know how I  will look after a newcomer.”

The agent thought to himself, ‘Pei Mingzhan is a man dedicated to his career. The flowers outside have nothing to do with him.’

At first, there were indeed female artists who stirred up rumors and wanted to be tied to him on the hot search. However, Film Emperor Pei was a prince and these things were suppressed to death by the Pei family’s public relations before he could even do anything.

Pei Mingzhan wondered, “Isn’t it good to come to my company?”

“I am interested. I will receive a high salary if I work for you. However, it is incomparable to the sense of accomplishment of finding and training a newcomer.” The agent said. “Still, let’s talk about it later. It is hard for any newcomer to attract my attention right now. I might as well work for you.”


Zhao Zhikai called Zhao Yao again only to notice that his phone number had been blacklisted by Zhao Yao. During this time, he wanted to leave Zhao Yao hanging for a while and wait until Zhao Yao came to his door to ask for help. As a result, he was still playing with Zhao Changshuo while Zhao Yao had resigned and moved out of the office.

Zhao Zhikai had ambitions. The Zhao family’s business might be in his older brother’s hands but he wanted a share in this battle.

In his older brother’s plan, it was impossible for him to take over the family business because his older brother wanted to leave it to one of his sons. The heir would only be chosen from among the three sons of the Zhao family.

Zhao Zhikai originally liked Zhao Yao and his cooperation with Zhao Yao had been very happy. All the preparations were done, only for Zhao Yao to suddenly say that he would withdraw from this competition. This was equivalent to wasting Zhao Zhikai’s months of arrangements.

Apart from Zhao Changshou, Zhao Yao wasn’t the only one in the Zhao family. He wanted to push Zhao Qizhen to the top. He had everything ready and was just waiting to squeeze Zhao Changshou out of the competition at the meeting. He didn’t expect that all the plans he prepared would be seen through. Zhao Changshou seemed to have eyes in the back of his head and could see through the traps one after another. Zhao Qizhen’s messy things also surfaced. Zhao Zikai was caught off guard and he had to hand over the Qichen project to Zhao Changshou.

Zhao Zhikai didn’t believe that Zhao Changshuo was so capable. If Zhao Changshuo was so good, he wouldn’t have been suppressed by Zhao Zhikai some time ago. After carefully eliminating possibilities, the only thing he could think of was Zhao Yao. He couldn’t help suspecting that Zhao Yao was behind Zhao Changshuo.

Zhao Qizhen was a real idiot but Zhao Yao was clever.

Zhao Zhikai had to re-establish contact with Zhao Yao but now Zhao Yao completely refused contact with him. Not only was his secretary unable to make an appointment but his number had even been blacklisted by Zhao Yao.

“Mr Zhao, will the afternoon meeting be postponed?” The secretary asked.

Zhao Zhikai dropped his phone on the table and spoke with a gloomy expression, “Postpone it. Send me a copy of Zhao Yao’s address and inform the driver to wait for me downstairs.”

It seemed there were some things that needed to be clarified in person.

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