FLBCP: Chapter 12

The Cultural Tourism crew had arranged a game session in the cultural park. Pei Mingzhan originally came here to see the situation because it was a hide-and-seek game. Previously, he had been slightly annoyed at the director group. He hadn’t expected this place to be holding a blind date meeting and for Zhao Yao to be here.

“Brother Pei, there should be clues in this place.” Xiao Xu, the female amateur who was his partner, looked at the cameras set up around them. “There are many cameras from the program group here.”

“There should be a clue.” Pei Mingzhan saw Zhao Yao being pushed to the square full of blind date tables. Then he looked at his partner. “There are many people here and we will be found soon.”

There were too many fans being blocked by security and it was easy to reveal their identity. In the game rules, they needed to find the NPC clues to set up obstacles for the catcher or eliminate the catcher.

“Then should we give up on this place?” Xiao Xu asked.

Pei Mingzhan beckoned to a camera. “The moment that people come over, shoot in the direction of that path over there. If necessary, go forward. Do you understand?”

He pointed to the cobblestone path on the other side of the cultural square.

The cameraman nodded.

“Old Pei!” The fans in the crowd called out. “We will help you!”

Pei Mingzhan smiled and waved to them. “Then I will trouble you. If people come over, you know what to do?”

“Go that way!”

“We will never expose you!”

After this, Pei Mingzhan spoke to Xiao Xu. “Let’s go into the theater.”

Xiao Xu was surprised. “There are too many people here. Isn’t it easy to be spotted?”

“It’s fine.” Pei Mingzhan’s gaze swept over the empty tables before he finally started walking. “Come with me.”


Yao Bai exerted his full strength from running short distances in university and brought Zhao Yao’s wheelchair into the blind date square. He looked left and right before finally finding an empty table to sit and rest.

“No wonder why there are so many people here. Why didn’t anyone tell me they were recording a show here?” Yao Bai wiped at his sweat. No wonder why his mother had been mysterious when talking about the blind date.  It turned out there were celebrities coming here to shoot a show.

Zhao Yao’s eyes swept over the crowd before withdrawing his gaze with no interest. He looked at the surroundings and found there were several empty tables on this side. The distance was a bit far if he wanted to observe other people. He gave a reminder, “Xiao Bai, let’s go inside again.”

There was no way to observe people here so he had to look inside.

Yao Bai firmly opposed it. “Brother Yao, that place is the organizers’ resting place. It is a dead end if we go there.” It was hard to find a place in the blind dating square. On the left was the celebrities’ fan group while the right was the organizers’ base camp. The goal was too big if he wanted to push the wheelchair to shuttle between the blind date tables. The best policy now was to find an empty table to rest at.

Zhao Yao observed the surrounding area, his voice flat. “We are also very obvious here.”

He was in a wheelchair so people looked over from time to time.

“I have observed it carefully. This place is a blind spot and it is hard to notice it from the left or right.” Yao Bai noticed the gazes of other people. “Brother, shall I help you sit on a chair? Let’s put the wheelchair away.”

He pushed Zhao Yao to the nearby table. “Here. It is the perfect location to hide and look.

“……” Zhao Yao was supported by Yao Bai and sat down. Then Yao Bai sat opposite him, the two of them separated by a vase full of roses in the middle.

“It is really hot. Brother, do you want to drink water? I’ll buy two bottles of water.” Yao Bai stood up and looked around. He was just about to leave when he found a man and a woman with a lively fan club who were clearly heading to their side.

“???” Yao Bai didn’t dare to move and his butt was stuck to the chair. “What is the situation?”

Zhao Yao glanced over. “They are coming to our side.”

Yao Bai said, “Brother, I see it too.”

There was a commotion. Pei Mingzhan deserved to be an actor with both strength and traffic. Simple and low-key casual wear could show a different type of luxury on him. As he passed by the blind date tables, many women stared at him. Many people even stopped talking and picked up their mobile phones.

This was the second time Pei Mingzhan had seen Zhao Yao. Unlike the young man who almost fell down the stairs last time, Zhao Yao’s face today looked much better. Pei Mingzhan walked over to the two of them. “I’m sorry, can you do me a favor?”

Zhao Yao was silent.

Yao Bai glanced in Ms Yao’s direction from time to time.

“Brother, are you recording a show? We are hiding so it is really inconvenient…” Yao Bai was worried. Ms Yao was staying with the fan club. He watched Ms Yao who seemed to be maintaining order.

“It is just right. We are also hiding.” Pei Mingzhan pointed to the team outside. “We are playing hide-and-seek and my partner and I need to find a place to hide. However, our goal is too big. You just happen to be two people. Why don’t we help each other?”

Pei Mingzhan’s eyes remained on Zhao Yao. At this time, Zhao Yao finally opened his mouth. “Yes.”

Zhao Yao remembered how Pei Mingzhan had pulled his wheelchair back to the building. He had indeed been a bit distracted at the time. If Pei Mingzhan hadn’t helped then there might’ve been a problem. Now that Pei Mingzhan had a request, it wasn’t a problem to help.

Yao Bai saw Zhao Yao nodding and had to ask, “How can we help?”

“Our goal is too big and it is easy for us to be found when sitting together.” Pei Mingzhan pointed to Xiao Xu. “There is an empty table right beside this one. Can I trouble one of you to pretend to be on a blind date with my partner?”

Zhao Yao looked at the man sitting in front of him and couldn’t help examining this person’s appearance. His deepest impression of Pei Mingzhan was the Jianghu he had watched in his last life. The movie was an ancient costume style. Now Pei Mingzhan was wearing casual clothes and his temperament was even more natural.

Pei Mingzhan’s temperament was very special. Even though his action of coming forward and asking for help was very abrupt, Pei Mingzhan couldn’t hate this person. He even appreciated it a little bit.

He didn’t know where this feeling came from.

“We’ve met once.” Pei Mingzhan removed the vase in the middle of the table while also taking off the microphone on his collar. “Pei Mingzhan.”

Zhao Yao replied politely, “Zhao Yao.”

Yao Bai followed Xiao Xu to sit at the small table next to them. Xiao Xu saw Pei Mingzhan talking to Zhao Yao and couldn’t help asking Yao Bai curiously, “Do you know Brother Pei?”

“How can we know him?” Yao Bai’s focus was on Ms Yao in the crowd. “We’ve seen him once. So why did you come this way?”

There were many empty places on the other side. Why come here?

Xiao Xu said, “Brother Pei brought me here to hide. He said that this corner isn’t obvious.

Yao Bai realized. This was the Feng Shui treasure land that he had found. No wonder why it was seen by someone else.

Xiao Xu watched Pei Mingzhan and Zhao Yao curiously. The two of them hadn’t spoken much but she always felt that Pei Mingzhan’s attitude toward Zhao Yao was a bit different.

Soon, there were other celebrities on the other side of the theater.

Zhao Yao’s attention was attracted by the people at another table. The place Yao Bai found had a table where a man and woman were talking happily. He didn’t hear the content of their words but his eyes glanced between their faces from time to time, as if judging from their expressions if their conversation was harmonious or not.

Pei Mingzhan was a bit surprised that Zhao Yao would be in such a place. In addition, his current actions showed he was very interested in the people at the next table. Pei Mingzhan asked, “Is it someone you know?”

“I don’t know them.” Zhao Yao answered briefly. “They look very satisfied with each other.”

Pei Mingzhan’s gaze shifted slightly as he followed Zhao Yao’s actions to look at the people at the blind date table. They looked very satisfied with each other?

The fans didn’t reveal Pei Mingzhan’s position. The new celebrities just slightly looked at the blind date square before being attracted by the bait Pei Mingzhan set. They went straight to the cobblestone path on the other side of the square.

Zhao Yao came back to his senses when the phone rang. He picked up his phone and saw the name ‘Zhao Zhikai’ displayed on the screen. Since the Qichen meeting last time, Zhao Zhikai’s secretary had contacted him many times but he never answered. Zhao Yao knew Zhao Zhikai’s temperament. He stood on Zhao Changshuo’s side in the middle and this was actually hitting Zhao Zhikai in the face.

Zhao Zhikai thought he was a little white rabbit easily controlled. He hadn’t expected Zhao Yao to do this. People like Zhao Zhikai were actually very arrogant. Once something went beyond his control, it was easy to arouse his hostility and disgust. Asking the secretary to contact Zhao Yao was the only concession. He was waiting for Zhao Yao to bow his head. However, Zhao Yao didn’t fall for this at all. Zhao Zhikai couldn’t wait and could only call Zhao Yao himself.

Zhao Yao looked down at his phone thoughtfully.

Pei Mingzhan wondered, “Aren’t you going to answer the phone?”

Zhao Yao set this person on the blacklist and turned off the screen. “There is no need.”

He glanced at Pei Mingzhan and requested, “Sorry, can you change the position of the vase to your left side? It is blocking my view.”

Pei Mingzhan followed Zhao Yao’s eyes and found he was looking at another table of people. Pei Mingzhan had to ask. “I am curious. What are you looking at?”

Zhao Yao put his phone upside down on the table and answered in a light tone, “I’m looking at their blind date.”

Pei Mingzhan was stunned. Looking at their blind date?

The celebrities responsible for catching the guests left and the crowd decreased. The NPC arranged by the crew kept glancing in Pei Mingzhan’s direction. Under the guidance of the director, he stayed at a place where the celebrity guests must pass and was waiting for the encounter to be triggered.

“Brother Pei, the people are gone.” Xiao Xu hurried over to find Pei Mingzhan after seeing the others leaving. “Should we continue to look for clues or leave this place?”

Once Zhao Yao heard Xiao Xu’s voice, he also noticed several people walking around, including Yao Bai’s mother. “If you are looking for someone, there are your staff in the back there as well as the organizers of this event.”

Pei Mingzhan gave him a surprised look. “Thank you.”

Zhao Yao explained, “You helped me.’

“It was an easy matter.” Pei Mingzhan had an indifferent expression but he couldn’t help saying, “There is no need to be so polite between us.”

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