FLBCP: Chapter 11

S City had a deep cultural heritage. ‘Cultural Tourism’ was a domestic tourism variety show that was recently broadcasted on Strawberry Channel. Every episode invited several stars and amateurs to travel together. The new episode was scheduled to be recorded in S City and this job had been signed for a while. At that time, in order to cooperate with the promotion of Jianghu, Pei Mingzhan had signed with this popular show.

“Today’s itinerary is basically walking around several famous scenic spots in S City. The director group roughly gave me the process and there should be a few mini-games.” The agent chatted with Pei Mingzhan in the dressing room. “The recording should end in the afternoon. Do you want to go back to the company or go home to rest after work?”

The makeup artist had finished the makeup and the people from the director group came from outside to urge him.

Pei Mingzhan opened his eyes. “If we finish early then go to the company.”

The agent nodded. “In any case, today’s recording is outside. There will probably be fans following you in several scenic spots. Please pay attention to safety.”

In addition to the four permanent guests and regulars, all the other guests of Cultural Tourism were temporary guests. The guests of this episode were mainly Pei Mingzhan and the supporting actors of the Jianghu crew. They were warmly welcomed by the others as soon as they arrived at the recording scene.

Pei Mingzhan had a smaller schedule this year and less exposure in public. This time, they heard he was going to record a cultural tour and many fans waited at the recording site early. The director group had to strengthen security.

The opening was a routine inquiry and Pei Mingzhan cooperated with the host to answer a few questions. The director group then transferred to a local site recording. The first location was the cultural park in the southern district of S City. The person who was in a team with Pei Mingzhan was a young woman wearing glasses. She looked quiet and gentle. Every time Pei Mingzhan asked her questions, she would always take a while to answer.

The director group of Cultural Tourism went to the venue in advance. Soon after arriving at the place, a crew member ran over. “Director, I‘ve contacted those holding the event at the cultural theater.”

“Okay.” The director looked through the script. “Once the guest group is engaged in activities, pay attention to the situation there. Have you discussed the materials and cooperation with them?”

“After discussing, the organizers are happy to hear about the publicity on TV.” The staff member answered. “It is just that the flow of people for the blind dating meeting is more than expected.”

The director thought about it. “Pay attention to security and don’t let anything go wrong. Cooperate with the guests and pay attention to safety when playing games later.”

The crew had set up a small game in the cultural park. It was a game of hide and seek and many NPCs were set up. It just so happened that there was a blind date activity at the cultural park. The crew had discussed it with the blind date meeting held in the theater. An administrator from the organizers was responsible for the clues of the blind date meeting.

The staff member answered, “Okay.”


Yao Bai pushed Zhao Yao to enjoy the shade under the small shed on one side of the theater. From time to time, he looked at the organizers in the middle of the theater out of fear that Mother Yao would suddenly appear.

Zhao Yao’s eyes stayed on the nearest table. There was a man in his 30s who looked like an office worker. He came to the blind date with a briefcase. He was dressed in formal clothes on a hot day and there was sweat on his bright forehead. After a while, a woman came and sat down. It happened to be the daughter of the middle-aged aunt who had just shouted at the entrance.

“I said that Old Wang’s son is good. He earns an annual salary of 200,000 and has a house and a car.” The middle-aged aunt sat down on the bench next to Zhao Yao and looked at the table with her daughter. “She just looks a bit worse compared to him.”

Yao Bai, “……”

The middle-aged woman noticed the two of them and spoke enthusiastically.  “Oh, isn’t this the young man just now? Why don’t you go and see the situation? There are many beautiful girls here.” Her eyes fell on Zhao Yao.

Zhao Yao ignored her. Instead, he looked at the table not far away. The man and woman had started to talk awkwardly, their expressions different. He judged the facial expressions of both sides rationally. Then the surrounding voices suddenly became lively, forcing him to look away.

Yao Bai rolled up his sleeves as he talked to the aunt about the needs of young people for a normal relationship. “Your daughter seems to have just graduated. Are you so anxious for her to find a husband?”

The aunt answered, “If I don’t urge her to find someone, she will always be single. I’ve seen it all. What if she meets someone she likes here? You young people don’t understand. You are young and your standards are too high. Wait until you are 30. Then finding a good husband or wife won’t be easy.”

Yao Bai told her, “You can’t say this… how can our times be compared to yours?”

“Why can’t we compare them?”

Their argument affected Zhao Yao’s observation of others. From time to time, he was attracted by the aunt’s voice. Finally, he could only listen to the two of them arguing their respective theories.

Yao Bai finally couldn’t argue at all. He was gradually defeated and invaded by the aunt’s theory. Finally, the aunt noticed the quiet Zhao Yao on the other side and said, “How is your leg?”

The aunt looked at Zhao Yao. She thought this young man was handsome but she deducted some points for his leg. “Now a young woman’s eyes are different and there is no need to linger here. Go to the theater to see other women. Your condition isn’t a problem. What if you encounter true love?” Her eyes were on Zhao Yao’s legs.

Zhao Yao was calm. “You misunderstood. I just got a fracture from a car accident. It isn’t a disability.”

The aunt was overjoyed. “Then why are you still sitting here? Should I recommend people to the two of you?”

“I have a few things to ask you.” Zhao Yao looked up at the middle-aged woman and spoke sincerely. “You just said that 30 years old is an important node…”

The aunt found this young man even more pleasing to the eye. She moved from the side of the bench to right beside Zhao Yao. She raised her fingers and counted them carefully. “I see that you are also young. Let me tell you…”

Yao Bai saw that it was wrong. “No, how are you guys…”

The aunt continued, “A man has accumulated capital in his 30s. It isn’t easy for women to get married and have children when they are old. There are many problems with a large marriage…”

Zhao Yao nodded. “You continue.”

“……” Brother, how can you nod this way!

Yao Bai hadn’t expected it. He had just withdrawn from the battle only for it to change to his brother and aunt discussing it. The two men exchanged blows. One was like a brainwashing speech and the other nodded quietly from time to time.

There was clearly a sunshade to block the sun and the sunlight didn’t shine here. However, Yao Bai’s back was wet. In the second half, he was powerless to stop the conversation. He sat on the other side, holding his head and wiping the sweat on his forehead with paper towels.

It was hopeless. Asking a master to come and exorcise evil spirits wouldn’t save his Brother Yao.

Yao Bai felt it was a pity. This was clearly an excellent, aspiring young man but he had to come to this dating square and suffer due to a person with traditional ideas.

Then there were loud noises from outside the blind dating square, accompanied by screams. This made the surrounding people glance at the entrance of the square. Yao Bai went to a spacious place to see the situation. He saw a bustling crowd coming and many staff with camera equipment walking around the periphery.

“What is the situation?” Yao Bai asked the young man next to him.

“Do you know about Cultural Tourism? I heard that their program crew has come here to shoot.” Yo, it seems to be a big star. What does that fan sign say?”

Yao Bai looked out and could only see the security personnel coming to separate the fans. Then several stars walked out of the crowd and walked up the path in their direction. Fans were holding up signs with several names written on it but he only saw Pei Mingzhan.

It was really strange. How could they come to a blind dating scene when recording a show?

“Brother Yao, people recording a show are coming. Should we avoid them?” Yao Bai walked back.

Zhao Yao hadn’t spoken yet when the aunt became excited. “What? A star is here? Who?” She stood up and looked out.

Yao Bai answered, “Pei Mingzhan.”

“Oh, my daughter loves watching his works.” The aunt stopped talking to Zhao Yao and turned to look at the stars.

Yao Bai saw it. “Now star chasing doesn’t distinguish between men and women, the old and the young.” He noticed that Zhao Yao’s was ordinary and said, “Brother, don’t listen to the aunt’s words. You shouldn’t carry those words to women.”

“It is basic politeness to listen to people.” Zhao Yao was calm. “There might be inherent prejudices in her words but they are the views on marriage of people her age. I should listen. By the way, who did you say was here?”

“Oh.” Yao Bai was relieved to know that Zhao Yao wasn’t really listening. “Pei Mingzhan.”

Pei Mingzhan? Zhao Yao found that he was hearing this name a bit more often recently. He suddenly thought about the matter of Pei Mingzhan. If Jianghu wasn’t released smoothly in October, it meant that Pei Mingzhan should have the accident in September. Then considering the release arrangements of the theaters…

“Fu*k?” Yao Bai suddenly saw a lady in blind date coveralls to the crew and sweat flowed more freely down his forehead. Wasn’t this his mother?

“Brother, a strategic retreat!” Yao Bai pushed Zhao Yao’s wheelchair and went inside. However, the path leading to the back of the square was a pebble road that wasn’t good for pushing wheelchairs. He pushed his brother into the square without thinking and ran all the way to an empty table, sitting down directly.

At this time, Pei Mingzhan followed the program’s crew to the path next to the crew. He happened to see a wheelchair moving quickly not far away.

Pei Mingzhan frowned slightly. Zhao Yao? Why was he here?

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2 years ago

Me: Wow Zhao Yao zones out a lot when other people are talking.

Zhao Yao: It is basic politeness to listen to people.

By the way, who did you say was here?

Me: ಠ_ಠ