FLBCP: Chapter 10

Zhao Yao finished talking with Chen Xi and returned home. Along the way, Yao Bai said that he was going to invite a master to come to the house to take a look. He said that Zhao Yao’s actions went against the norm this month and he needed to check to see if Zhao Yao was possessed by something weird.

Zhao Yao never believed in mysterious things but his rebirth was hard to explain with science. It was impossible to say that there weren’t other strange things. In short, he let this person do what he wanted.

“Brother, what is your plan for the next trip?” Yao Bai didn’t forget that he was Zhao Yao’s assistant. However, since his brother’s resignation from the Zhao Group, the last time his brother went out seriously was to meet Chen Xi and discuss a collaboration that seemed like it could be overturned at any time.

Zhao Yao was lying on the sofa and reading a book.  He especially loved to listen to Uncle Wang talking in a place like the living room. Occasionally, there was the addition of Yao Bai and the two of them could chat in front of him for a long time. He mostly didn’t bother to pay attention to what the two of them were saying but he liked that it was lively. He felt a sense of authenticity from such an atmosphere.

Yao Bai saw him reading the book and repeated his question.

Zhao Yao heard it and answered, “Reading at home.”

Yao Bai was tired hearing this. “Brother, you can’t do this. I have no sense of accomplishment at all as your assistant. My conscience feels uneasy about taking your salary for doing nothing.”

Zhao Yao turned the page in the book. “If you have nothing to do, help me pay attention to the situation of Huihua. In addition, sort out the posts of these Weibos into a paper version for me. My eyes hurt looking at the phone for a long time.

Yao Bai heard this bizarre request and his eyes widened. “No, Brother, there is a sense of ritual scrolling down the Weibo that isn’t present in the printed paper version.”

Zhao Yao didn’t raise his eyes. “Aren’t you idle and bored?”

It meant he was finding something for Yao Bai to do.

Yao Bai retorted, “My dream day is to walk into the Zhao Building in high spirits and talk to the beautiful secretary sisters.” He didn’t want to lie on the sofa and watch love programs or idol dramas with Zhao Yao on a work day. At first, his brother had been serious about studying relationships. He watched blind date programs and read emotional chicken soup passages. Then in recent days, his brother found idol dramas from an unknown place and started watching them.

Every time Yao Bai questioned it, Zhao Yao would explain in a flat tone. It was so reasonable that Yao Bai couldn’t refute it.

This was no longer a creepy situation. His brother’s serious expression when watching these love strategies was completely indescribable.

Yao Bai said, “Brother, I really suspect that you’ve been possessed by something.”

Zhao Yao looked at the book. “I know that there is a mole on the right side of your ass. As a child, you were chased down three blocks by a dog. In university, a vending machine swallowed 20 yuan…”

Yao Bai was in a trance. “This thing is really powerful. It knows everything.”

Uncle Wang happened to hear the conversation between the two of them and spoke cheerfully, “Last time, I met Xiao Bai’s mother and she said that Xiao Bai hasn’t been home recently. Since you have time off from work, you should go home and see her.”

Yao Bai’s head hurt when he heard this. “My mother found you? I have recently been avoiding her. The moment I come here, she starts telling me which woman is good and which woman is looking for someone. Two days ago, she sent me a message about a blind date meeting in our community held by an aunt and insisted that I go…” He stopped halfway and turned stiffly to look at Zhao Yao on the other side.

Brother Yao’s eyes were no longer on the emotional chicken soup book. He was staring at Yao Bai seriously and asked, “Blind date meeting?”

Uncle Wang was a person who had seen the world. There were many relatives and friends keen on tying the red string at home. He was familiar with the words ‘blind date meeting’ and explained it to Zhao Yao. “Ordinary communities will occasionally hold some community activities. Blind date meetings are generally done by matchmakers. They draw red strings between residents in the same community and occasionally hold blind date meetings for these people to talk about feelings and see if they are pleasing to the eye for a while.”

Yao Bai’s body was stiff. “Brother Yao, a blind date isn’t a good thing.”

Just after he graduated from university, he heard the statements of countless relatives in the family about the matchmaking. Every holiday, he insisted on the theory that a man was still a flower at age31 but he couldn’t resist the strange sophistry of his aunts saying that early marriage would lead to early children and early grandchildren.

Zhao Yao was puzzled. “Isn’t it good to get along with someone early? A blind date isn’t the same as marriage. It is good to check it out when the right opportunity arises.”

Yao Bai exclaimed, “Brother! The blind date is just the beginning! Marriage is a grave! It isn’t possible!”

“There really is this saying.”

Yao Bai sighed with relief. He was afraid that his brother would want to see this blind date meeting on a whim. At that time, it would be Yao Bai who suffered and who was miserable.

He thought this thing was over. Then Zhao Yao glanced at the book before suddenly killing Yao Bai. “Xiao Bai, what time is that blind date meeting?”

Yao Bai, “……?”


Pei Mingzhan had been running around doing activities recently. In particular, the contracts with various projects were reaching the late stage and his workload this month was completely full. In mid-August, he had arranged the world for the second half of the month. In addition to the projects in the entertainment industry, he had to take over the Pei family’s company in S City.

In addition to helping him with these things, his agent was also gradually helping with other work matters. At this time, Pei Mingzhan had just finished a business activity and was riding in an RV to the new company.

The agent saw the situation and was worried the itinerary was too full, but Pei Mingzhan was happy with it. He wasn’t tired with this schedule and still had time to deal with documents while sitting in the RV.

The agent sighed. “I really don’t know what your body is made of. If those young artists encountered this situation, they would be crying miserably to their fans.

“Do you mean that I’m not a young artist?” Pei Mingzhan’s eyes were fixed to the documents but he still had time to joke with his agent. “27 is indeed not as good as these small newcomers.”

“You have become more shameless over the years.”

Then he added, “By the way, didn’t you tell me to pay attention to Huihua’s side? I heard that Chen Xi had an intersection with a rich second generation recently. It seems the contract was negotiated and is about to be signed.”

Pei Mingzhan turned to look at him. “You are quite well-informed. What happened in the past few days?”

“The people in the circle kept staring at Huihua and Chen XI’s little moves can’t be hidden by others. The moment he came out of the club with a contract, the news had spread in the circle the next day. He talked with that person and didn’t accept anyone else’s cooperation proposals. It should be that he is determined to sign the contract.”

The agent sighed. “Didn’t you want to dig out Chen Xi before? It seems you have no chance this time.”

Most of the Pei family’s industry was related to entertainment so Pei Mingzhan had been concerned about Huihua’s matter. Other people had been thinking about dividing up Huihua’s resources but Pei Mingzhan wanted to dig up Huihua’s boss Chen Xi to work for him. However, Huihua found a wealthy backer before he could talk to Chen Xi about this proposal.

Pei Mingzhan didn’t react much after hearing this. “Huihua can’t hold on a second time. If Chen Xi finds the wrong partner this time, it will be difficult for him to save Huihua again. It is even more difficult to deal with the high level people inside Huihua. This person will have to do a reshuffle.”

The agent’s shoulders shrank when he heard this. “I think you are easier to get along with as an artist. Of course, it is best if Huihua is fine. In Director Cheng’s suspense drama that you took last time, there are many Huihua artists signed. It will be difficult to promote later if Huihua fails to recover.

After talking about this, he remembered business. “By the way, don’t forget the variety show tomorrow. It was signed a year ago and you are a guest. It just happens to be filming in S City.”


Zhao Yao asked Yao Bai about the blind day in XX community. The latter kept silent until Uncle Wang was ready to give the VX account of Yao Bai’s mother to Zhao Yao. Finally, Yao Bai gave in.

The blind date meeting in XX community was scheduled for the weekend and Uncle Wang didn’t come. The location was a small cultural park theater outside the community where Yao Bai’s mother lived. Yao Bai drove Zhao Yao to the community, parked the car, helped Zhao Yao into the wheelchair and handed him a mask.

Yao Bai was already fully covered because he was afraid of meeting his mother at this occasion. “Brother, promise me. If we meet my mother, we will turn and leave.

Zhao Yao nodded. This matter had nothing to do with him. After all, the person pushing the wheelchair was Yao Bai.

The blind date meeting was really lively. The matchmaking aunts arranged the eats early. There was one table and two chairs set with roses. This setting filled the small, shaded cultural theater outside the community. The small cultural theater was surrounded by trees and the trees were equipped with awnings to block most of the sunlight. Yao Bai originally thought there would be few young people at this occasion. Unexpectedly, he entered through the theater entrance with Zhao Yao and saw many young people sitting inside.

It was said they were worried that not many young people would come this time so the blind date meeting also joined up with enthusiastic citizens of several nearby communities. At a glance, there were at least 30 tables in the small theater.

“You didn’t want to come when I called you. Are you waiting until you are 27 or 28 to get married?” A middle-aged woman’s voice was heard not far away. It wasn’t small and it was accompanied by her daughter’s protest.

The young woman wanted to cry. “Mom, free love, do you understand? I just graduated from university and I’m not in a hurry.”

The middle-aged woman was full of anger. “You aren’t in a hurry but I’m in a hurry. Go and take a look. If you meet someone good then go up and chat to them, you know?”

“It is really hard for young people these days. Free love and economic independence is a fantasy. Before looking forward to the future, you will be forced to face the grave.” Yao Bai sighed from beside Zhao Yao. “It is too miserable. If I go home, I would probably be pulled out like this by my mother.” His mother was the resident administrator of the blind date meeting in the community and she was very keen on this matter.

The middle-aged woman saw Yao Bai and Zhao Yao who were stopped at the entrance and whispered to her daughter, “You see, that young man came despite his injured leg. Look at you. Your mother had to pull you out the door to go on a blind date.”

Yao Bai, “……”

Zhao Yao, “……”

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