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Chapter 238


The dark triangular weapon was so sharp that it could easily cut through a 100 year old tree. Snow White moved sideways to escape this attack but Andrei’s fist arrived as scheduled. The fist belonging to the tough Russian was rough and violent. It caused a large hole one metre wide in the ground.

Snow White exclaimed angrily, “How can you be willing to hit such a beautiful woman?”

She just finished speaking when Bai Ruoyao, who had fallen to the ground, covered his face and cried in a false manner. “Yes, fake Snow White, how can you be willing to hit me? I’m such a beautiful girl.” He also added a humming sound.

Snow White, “…Fu*k your mother!”

Snow White firmly believed that a beautiful princess should remain elegant and couldn’t swear. This was the first time she swore in her life but it felt refreshing.

Fu Wenduo smiled. “You are good at swearing.”

Tang Mo raised the small parasol. “It is good to swear.”

Tang Mo said this this but the three of them didn’t give her a chance to swear at Bai Ruoyao.

The fierce attacks made Snow White breathless. If it was Fu Wenduo or Tang Mo alone, Snow White would have a chance to escape. However, she was facing three top players. Even if she knew their abilities and props, she gradually fell into the disadvantage.

Snow White saw that the situation wasn’t good and wanted to run. Who would let her run away?

A small figure suddenly emerged from somewhere. As Snow White moved, she threw the red whip and tied it around Snow White’s arm. The princess stared at the red whip with astonishment and as she tried to get rid of it, she heard a female voice say, “I like you so much. Do you want me to die?”

Snow White blinked and reacted extremely quickly. “You are a good person!”

Chen Shanshan’s whip suddenly loosened and Snow White took the opportunity to flee. However, Chen Shanshan’s delay had been enough for Tang Mo to use I am the man who wants to be the Pirate King and he successfully tied up Snow White. This ability was like the red whip but without a spell to release it. For one minute after being tied up, no one could untie the rubber rope, not even Tang Mo.

Snow White was successfully caught by the four people.

The mission still wasn’t completed so Bai Ruoyao maintained the ‘Snow White’ appearance. He held up the hem of his dress as he stepped towards Snow White who had been subdued by his companions.

Snow White’s eyes were fiery. “Don’t use my face to make this expression. This is the biggest disaster in my life.”

Bai Ruoyao grinned. “Then watch me more.” He placed his face right in front of Snow White.

Snow White, “…”

“Dammit, I want to cut him apart. How could you put up with him?”

Tang Mo told her, “If you eat an apple, you can cut him as much as you want.”

Snow White, “…” This was the poison apple. She would die if she ate it!

As if hearing her words, Chen Shanshan said, “Snow White died quietly after eating a poisoned apple. Yet her skin was still rosy and his lips still bright. The dwarves thought she was dead and put her in a special crystal coffin. She didn’t actually die and when the prince kissed her, she woke up… Will you die?”

Snow White scoffed and changed the topic. “In any case, I won’t eat apples. Apples are the most disgusting thing in the world!”

Tang Mo nodded. “Everyone has a food they hate. I can understand. For example, I hate coriander.”

Fu Wenduo was surprised. “You hate coriander?”

Tang Mo wondered, “Do you hate it too?”

“No, I like it very much.”

Tang Mo, “…”

He suddenly thought about breaking up.

Fu Wenduo gave a low laugh and didn’t say anything else.

Tang Mo looked at this smile and raised his eyebrows. Then he told Snow White, “We respect your intentions. So before feeding you the poisonous apple, we will give you some more feed. It is your last meal. It should be delicious.”

Snow White asked, “Is it spicy rabbit’s head?” She hadn’t forgotten the rabbit she caught the day before.”

“…It is.”

Snow White shrugged. “Bring it over.”

The group took out a plate of food and placed it in front of Snow White. There really was a spicy rabbit’s head in the middle, the dish rich enough to seem like a real meal. Snow White was tied up by them. The six people glanced at each other and Bai Ruoyao was about to say, “Then I will feed her” when Tang Mo came forward.

The black-haired youth with a blank expression picked up the spicy rabbit meat and fed it to Snow White.

The beautiful maiden squinted. “Ah, this is the taste.”

Bai Ruoyao watched Tang Mo’s back with a suspicious look.

However, Tang Mo didn’t do anything bad and kept feeding Snow White. He fed her the spicy rabbit and a bit of salad. Finally, he picked up a white fruit that had been cut and its flesh peeled off. Snow White opened her mouth and ate the fruit.

She chewed on it and questioned, “The taste of this is so strange? What is it?”

Tang Mo put down the plate and smiled. “Sure enough, you don’t recognize it.”

Snow White’s movements suddenly froze as she understood what the other person meant. “You… how can this be an apple?!” She didn’t have a chance to hear Tang Mo’s answer as she stopped breathing and fell to the ground, astonished expression still on her face.

Tang Mo moved his hand and revealed a dagger with a gemstone. He looked down at the dagger and saw a sticky trace on it, as if it had cut something.

[ Prop: Snow White’s Apple Cutting Knife]

[Owner: Tang Mo]

[Quality: Rubbish]

[Level: None]

[Attack: Poor]

[Function: Very beautiful]

[Restrictions: No restrictions.]

[Note: Snow White, “You can eat peeled apples?”]

“Sure enough, you don’t know the apple once the skin is peeled.”

This was a prop that Tang Mo got from Mario’s hate. The dagger looked beautiful and was related to the black tower boss Snow White. On the other hand, it was extremely dull. Tang Mo had tried cutting his finger with the knife, unsuccessfully. Now Tang Mo found the real usage of the knife: peeling the poisonous apple.

Any game would definitely have a way to clear it.

In Snow White’s game, this forest was her helper. Tang Mo’s group represented the strongest fighting power of the existing players. If they couldn’t beat Snow White than none of the advanced players could.

Was there really no way to clear the game?

Of course not.

A day earlier, Chen Shanshan said in a low voice, “The method the black tower gives to clear the game is that during the day, the player can pretend to be anyone. The disguise given by the black tower must be the most successful disguise and it can’t be seen through. That’s why Snow White didn’t discover it when Major Fu lied to her yesterday. It wasn’t until he secretly put apple juice that she noticed the abnormality. If even Snow White can’t realize this disguise, will the forest be able to?”

In order to verify this, the second day they didn’t attack Snow White and decided to test their guess.

The six people unanimously voted for Bai Ruoyao to be in charge of disguising as Snow White. The baby-faced youth felt helpless but didn’t object. Then he came up with the scene that Snow White saw in front of the cabin.

The forest couldn’t see through the disguise given by the black tower. Once two Snow Whites showed up, it didn’t know who to help and Snow White’s greatest help disappeared.

The dwarves were excited after seeing Snow White’s ‘death’ and surrounded her.

“Great, she is finally dead. I want to throw away her foot bath!”

“I’m going to kick all her makeup products!”

“I’m going to eat her favourite spicy rabbit, spicy chicken and boiled pork in front of her!”

Tang Mo’s group didn’t care about these dwarves as the child’s voice rang in their ears.

“Ding dong! China District 312 official players Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo, Bai Ruoyao… have successfully cleared Snow White’s poison apple game.”

The next moment, a loud voice made a global report.

“Ding dong! At 17:51 on June 24th, 2018, China District 312 official players Fu Wenduo, Tang Mo, Bai Ruoyao, Andrei Peterov, Fu Wensheng and Chen Shanshan have successfully cleared the fourth black tower!”

“Ding dong! At 17:51 on June 24th…”

It was broadcasted three times and the six people were stunned.

They only discovered now that three days and nights had passed in the outside world.

The game had only two hours in the day but outside the game, it was a whole day. Three days and three nights passed. It was June 24th and only tomorrow was left!

Everyone was silent before Fu Wenduo opened his mouth first. “Now there is only Guangzhou left?”

Tang Mo frowned. “We should hurry. With our speed, we can make it in time.”

There were a total of five treasure black towers in the world and three were in China, which showed that the black tower recognized the strength of the Chinese players. However, this was also a test for them. The greater the strength, the greater the responsibility. They had to go to the last tower.

The six people immediately left for Guangzhou.  They had just left the dwarves’ cabin and could still hear the dwarves’ complaints when a child’s voice spread all over the world.

“Ding dong! At 17:58 on June 24th, 2018, China District 3 official players Ruan Wangshu, Lian Yuzheng, Luo Fengcheng…have successfully cleared the fifth black tower!”

At this moment, the whole planet had a moment of silence.

The next second, the world cheered.

Nanjing, China.

A blond mixed-race boy sat on a flower bed and heard the report of the black tower. He twisted his head to look at the black-haired woman beside him. Ningning quietly raised her head and watched the black tower. She quietly watched, just like she had the past few months.

Berlin, Germany.

The battle four days ago caused serious injuries to the advanced players and they hadn’t fully recovered. They lay on the ground, feeling the ground’s pulse and laughing loudly at the black tower’s notice.

New Delhi, India.

In front of the New Delhi Gate, a river of blood flowed. When the voice of the black tower reached this land, it seemed gentle. The wind blew past the black blood that had dried up on the ground.

New York, USA.

After struggling to defeat Peter Pan, John and Bell heard the black tower’s announcement and their expressions darkened.

John was dissatisfied. “What is going on? It turns out the US doesn’t have a treasure black tower.”

Bell was also depressed. “Why is the black tower treating the US like this? Come and give us a black tower!”

John looked at his companion and suddenly smiled. “Then don’t cry, Bell.”

“You, you are crying! I’m not crying! Damn, Peter Pan is really strong. I’m dying from the pain.”

All over the world…

On the mottled ground, the scarred humans looked up at the giant black towers suspended high in the air. It weighed heavily on each person’s heart for eight months, the pressure making humans unable to breath. They were almost at the verge of extinction and collapse.

Now they had made it.

The humans cried while countless people sat paralyzed on the ground.

The seventh floor of the black tower was finally finished. The game was finally over.

Before this moment, they lost their parents, loved ones, friends and everything they had been able to grasp.

Now it was over.

Tang Mo stood in Snow White’s forest and stared at the black tower behind him.

Everything seemed unreal.

After a long time, he whispered, “…Is it really over?”

There was excitement that was difficult to express in Chen Shanshan’s voice. “It is the end.”

Five black towers, six days, the humans completed the tower attack mission given by the black tower.

The sun slowly fell, the setting sun covering the swaying trees with a layer of gold. Tang Mo relaxed the hand holding the small parasol and turned to stare at Fu Wenduo. Fu Wenduo was also watching him.

Their lips opened, the words hidden in their mouths unable to be spoken as a cruel and cold voice suddenly interrupted the global festival.

“Ding dong! June 24th, 2018, 2,118 black towers have disappeared.”

The world was silent.

The next second, Tang Mo stared at the black tower with disbelief.


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Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful novel. Getting a little emotional now that the adventure is almost over…


Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful novel. Getting a little emotional now that the adventures almost over. ;A;


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