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Chapter 237

Time passed. The sky was dark and there was no meaning in the light.

Tang Mo still silently counted the time in his heart.

Fu Wenduo spoke in a low voice, “The day has two hours. The black tower is absolutely fair so nighttime must also be two hours.”

Tang Mo looked up at him. “She is far away.”

Snow White’s forest was very big. Once dark, it was hard to find a human in this dense forest. Fortunately, the black tower didn’t love Snow White enough to help her find people in this forest. She had to find them herself.

As her footsteps got further away, Tang Mo let out a relieved breath.

In the last three minutes, Tang Mo held the small parasol and prepared to go to the place where the seven dwarves had been caught. During the day, Chen Shanshan proposed that if the plan to poison Snow White went wrong and everyone was forced to separate, they would meet up at that place.

In the dark night, two figures moved.

With only 30 seconds left, Tang Mo and Fu Wenduo could see the seven dwarves tied to the tree. The seven dwarves were noisy and still blaming each other. Tang Mo was just about to enter the open space when bell-like laughter was heard behind them.

“I caught you.”

Tang Mo’s eyes narrowed. He reflexively opened the small parasol while turning. Countless vines caught him, preventing him from hurting the beautiful maiden. However, Fu Wenduo’s response was faster. Originally, Tang Mo was closer to Snow White. The moment Snow White spoke, Fu Wenduo grasped Tang Mo’s wrist.

Tang Mo was shocked. “Fu Wenduo?”

The dark eyes were filled with deep colours as Fu Wenduo whispered, “Trust me.” Then he used his strength and threw Tang Mo behind him.

“Fu Wenduo!”

Tang Mo shouted but he didn’t go forward to help. He saw dozens of vines tie themselves around Fu Wenduo’s left arm and worked together to pull Fu Wenduo in Snow White’s direction. At this moment, a red whip flew from Tang Mo’s side and firmly grasped Fu Wenduo’s arm.

“I like you so much. Do you want me to die?”

A weak female voice was heard and the red whip lit up. Originally, Fu Wenduo was trapped by dozens of vines and couldn’t prevent the vines from pulling him. This thin whip was only tied around his wrist yet Fu Wenduo was pulled towards the red whip.

In the middle of the forest, a short child tugged at the red whip and pulled Fu Wenduo back. She didn’t have to use force, just grabbing one end of the whip was enough. This was because it was a rare quality causality prop.

[Prop: A Loving Red Rope]

[Owner: Chen Shanshan]

[Quality: Rare]

[Level: 3]

[Attack: Extremely strong]

[Function: As long as the owner says ‘I like you so much, do you want me to die?’, any target tied by this red rope will be dragged to the side of the owner.]

[Restrictions: If the tied up target says ‘You are a good person’, the effect will be immediately released.]

[Note: Don’t look at me like I’m a whip. In fact, I’m a red rope. I’m so cute but my former owner was never willing to recite the spell.]

The vines couldn’t grab the red whip. Once they realized this, they let go of Fu Wenduo and directly attacked the owner of the whip. At this time, Bai Ruoyao and Andrei had come back. The two of them joined forces to fight off the vines and trees. Snow White was about to attack when a faint morning light rose from the eat.

Snow White saw it and screamed. “Ahhh, dawn? I actually didn’t sleep all night? My beauty, my milky skin, my silky hair… I have to make up for it with a beauty sleep!!!’  

As she moved, Snow White seemed to see the seven kidnapped dwarves. They shouted at her to save them but Snow White ran away, not even attempting to save the seven dwarves.

The seven dwarves were extremely angry.

“Damn it, damn it, I knew that bad woman didn’t care about us. If it wasn’t for making dinner, the washing and cleaning the house, she wouldn’t think of us at all!”

“I must change the rose petals she uses for her feet into cactus thorns!”

“I want to pour a pot of apple juice into her dinner!”

“I want to play the flute every day so that she can’t sleep and will become yellow-faced!”

The seven dwarves vented but they were still angry. They were so angry they ended up crying.

The baby-faced youth suddenly leaned over towards a dwarf and smiled. “You are even uglier when you cry.”

The dwarf Sneeze. “…”

The next moment, he cried even louder. “Why are humans and black tower monsters all perverted bullies?!”

Everyone suffered injuries and Fu Wensheng rushed to heal them.

The seven dwarves cried until their voices were hoarse and they fell silent.

Chen Shanshan heard the situation and spoke after a moment of contemplation, “The whole forest is helping her. Then all of us added up won’t be a match for Snow White. Her own strength isn’t weak. Her melee ability is high and there is the forest.” The short-haired girl looked up. “Snow White is the favourite of the black tower. The forest also helps Snow White. We have two days left. During the day, we can disguise as anything to poison Snow White…”

A light flashed in the little girl’s eyes.’ Yes.”

The group discussed it and Fu Wenduo agreed with Chen Shanshan’s proposal. “This is the most likely way. We still have two days to experiment.”

The seven dwarves didn’t hear what they were saying but they saw the expressions on the faces of the players. Sneeze was just bullied by Bai Ruoyao. He let out a green snot bubble and said disdainfully, “Don’t dream about it. That woman’s terror isn’t something you can imagine. Any abilities and props that you’ve used in a black tower game, she knows them all.”

Love also sneered. “More than that, you want to lie to her to trick her into eating an apple? It is absolutely impossible. That damn woman has a keen eye for apples. If you give her durian and tell her it is a watermelon, she won’t find it strange. It is only apples and even apple leaves. She can smell apples from 100 metres away.”

“Yes, she hates apples the most.”

“As long as it is an apple, she definitely won’t eat it.”

“You idiots will die under her hand. She will wash her feet with all of you!”

The dwarves became more energetic as they saw the future of the players.

Tang Mo slightly smiled as he looked at the dwarves. “You just said that she hates eating apples the most?”

Sneeze replied, “Of course. She hasn’t eaten more than five apples in her life.”

“I see….”

Bai Ruoyao smiled. “Tang Tang, you are thinking of a bad idea.”

Tang Mo ignored him. “I have something. It has already been on my mind. Maybe we can also try it with this experiment.”

Chongqing Fengjie, Snow White’s forest.

A steel city showed through towering trees as the lush forest hid human civilization. The clear bird songs rang through the forest. In this way, the second day passed and night arrived.

Snow White stretched lazily as she woke up from her beauty sleep. She muttered, “Why didn’t those damn humans bother me when I was sleeping?”

Snow White felt something was wrong. She thought about it before walking out of the cabin and speaking to a budding rose. The rose was so excited that it shook happily. Snow white pouted and said something. The rose softly nodded.

Snow White frowned with confusion. “Did the nature of humans change?” The next second, she sneered, “There must be a conspiracy.”

Snow White was fearless despite knowing there was a conspiracy.

The protagonist of any fairy tale, didn’t they experience all types of difficulties before getting the prince and living happily ever after?

She was Snow White. This was her forest and she was loved by the black tower.

Any danger to her was no longer dangerous.

Snow White hummed as she moved through the forest to look for these stinky humans. Only this time, the players hid better. Snow White deliberately went to the empty space where the kidnapped seven dwarves had been. There were only a few rotten ropes left and the players and dwarves were gone.

The beautiful girl walked through the dark forest, which was both beautiful and dangerous. Anyone who saw this scene would be worried about her, worried that she would be attacked by beasts in the forest. Yet nothing hurt her along the way.

The thorns saw her and took the initiative to open a path. The tiger saw her and happily lowered his head. The king of beasts was like a big cat as he let her touch him.

She walked back to the cabin and the black tower was so fond of her that it was almost dawn. She should go back for a beauty sleep.

Snow White had just arrived at the cabin when she froze, her eyes wide as she stared at the man in front of the cabin

Snow White, “…”

Snow White, “Hehe.”

The little animals who came back with Snow White, “???”  

Snow White pouted, “What are you?”

In front of the dwarves’ cabin, a beautiful girl in the same white dress stood at the door like she had been waiting for many hours. She had a pair of bright eyes that were the exact same as Snow white, the same black hair and the same red lips. The only place where she didn’t look like Snow White was…

That damn smile that was out of place!

Snow White already guessed the identity of this person. She had seen him yesterday and accurately called out his name. “…Player Bai Ruoyao, what are you planning by taking my appearance? Do you think you can become the beautiful and lovely me? You are a knockoff!”

Bai Ruoyao blinked with disappointment. “Ah, you recognized that I’m not Snow White.”

Snow White, “…” Nonsense. If he was Snow White then what was she?

Bai Ruoyao’s mouth slowly opened as he placed an index finger against his lips. “Don’t be angry my beautiful princess. You are so smart and wise. Of course you can discern that I am a fake. But what does this mean? You can guess but this forest… can it identify who Snow White is?”

Snow White’s eyes narrowed as she understood the meaning of the other person. However, it was too late.

As Bai Ruoyao spoke, three figures emerged from behind the cabin and rushed to Snow White. The trees and vines reacted by blocking them. Then Bai Ruoyao suddenly covered his heart and flopped to the ground. “Ah, I am hurt. How can you hurt me, you fake Snow White!”

The movements of the trees and vines stopped. They couldn’t figure out which one was the person they had to protect.

At this point, Tang Mo, Fu Wenduo and Andrei had already reached Snow White.

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